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      Incoming med student? Discussion on Orientation topics: eg. financial aid (loans, LOC's), insurance, etc.

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    • I just read in the applicant information package that: (I) INTRODUCTORY LEVEL COURSES. Any introductory level courses completed beyond the numerical maximum allowed by the degree granting institution for the four-year degree will not be considered in the calculation of the UAA. Students delaying the completion of a degree and taking additional credit units in order to meet application requirements must be enrolled in upper level courses. I can't find information about this. Does anyone know what the numerical maximum of introductory level courses allowed at usask is?
    • Should we study all the cpso topics for mccqee1?? Or certain specific section of them.Im going through them and it's pretty overwhelming
    • So it sounds like you have 3 possible routes: 1. Do a course-based Master's. 2. Do a 2nd undergrad. 3. Stay with your current job and just keep on applying. I don't think any of these routes are bad decisions. The con of being in debt from doing a 2nd undergrad is scary to me though. Also, the con of applying when you're 27 isn't a huge deal for me personally because you'll always see older applicants/acceptees. Late 20s and 30s is not that uncommon!  Consider your current career and the prospect of becoming a doctor...which would you rather have? How much do you like your current job? Are you able to quit your job and easily find another one if you don't get in to Med school? Do you think it's possible to do a combination of any of the routes (i.e. stay in your job while applying, and if it doesn't work out, do a master's or 2nd undergrad? or stay in your job while applying, and if it doesn't work out, go back to school part-time?) It's really hard for anyone to say if you can get an interview or not. Although 85% is below average for GPA, you'll honestly see applicants with all kinds of GPAs get in (there are quite a few people in the low 80s). At the same time, it's hard to say how much improving your GPA 1-3% is gonna help with your application, versus improving MCAT and ECs (i.e. more employment hours and other activities). So basically you have a lot to think about, but whatever decision you come to, I don't think it'll be a bad choice. Just try your hardest in whatever decision you make, and if it doesn't work, try another route  You've clearly already put a ton of thought into this, so maybe just quickly skim over our suggestions, and just go with your gut! Good luck!!
    • No one can ever give a definitive answer on ECs. We dont have all the scoring rubrics, and even if someone did, they'd be NDA protected.  Security Jobs are notorious for being dead end jobs with few advancement opportunities. They can be interesting (I spent an event back in the day talking life with an older security guard) but you may have your hours assessed as being less impactful if an evaluator thinks all guards do is sit and watch cameras.  The reserves, on the other hand, look a lot better and are designed to advance people. There are downsides to military service, as with anything, but I would think this opportunities very nature is better for demonstrating CANMEDs. 
    • I've read on previous posts that usually about 12 people are on the waitlist and about 5-7 usually get offers. They'll tell you your spot/rank on the waitlist about 2 weeks after decisions I hope that helps
    • How should I write my OMSAS entries? What are your thoughts on this entry below? Prepared financial budgets. Hired and supervised a staff of 20 volunteers. Worked with my team to successfully run a camp.
    • Am I the only one who is disappointed these are less "philosophical" ?
    • To me, working is problematic and unnecessary regardless of your financial situation. Firstly, in my case at least, I found med school challenging and I was literally always studying. I had no time for my ECs that I enjoyed, working was out of the question. Moreover, earning money would have been a zero sum gain, even in summer. This is because my bursary would have been reduced by the amount of my earnings, so even if I had the time, there was really no point working during school or in summer.
    • Cookie-cuttery won’t cut it!
    • You will likely have a hard time due to visa issues. For Canadians TN visa makes it easy to work there.
    • Toronto is super saturated with dentists. If you want to live more comfortably and find a stable full-time job you may want to look at other cities. I hear this is also similar to Vancouver. Everywhere else in Canada seems to be okay.
    • U of T does not look at a CV. Only if you mentioned something in your personal statement might it show up. U of T breakdown for acceptance is primarily grades then interview (and a smaller percentage for other factors)
    • It doesn’t matter. Google CanMEDS competencies, as this is what is important. Ftollow your heart regarding optional career path as the determining factor.
    • Happy to help, man. I think we have it amazing in medicine. Of course it's hard, but why shouldn't it be? We are dealing with the most precious thing that people have. And we are rewarded amazingly for it.
    • You can pay off 4 years worth of 25k/year tuition in one year as an attending and keep the change while you're at it. It ain't that easy as a BSc or BA grad. You'll be looking at about half a decade or longer depending on how you manage your finances in the latter case.
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