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    • Well, the numerous 19-20 year olds that get into UBC medicine after 2nd or 3rd year of undergrad who very frequently have many high school activities would beg to differ.

      If you omitted entries, when you had blank space, then you made a mistake and missed out on points.  

      With the UBC medicine application, if you have space, and an activity to slot in that space, put it in.  Don't overthink it and omit an activity. The big caveat being if you are maxed out on space and need to pick and choose between activities - but many applicants are not in this position.   I'd fully disagree with the bolded. Reviewers are reading thousands of entries, they are bored by everything already. Don't exclude something because you think its boring, or doesn't have enough hours, or is from a distant past. There is no true distinction between entries.  Plenty of people are doing activities that are more worthwhile in high school then other people are doing during their masters. It's all a spectrum.

      Algorithm for entries: Do you have space? Put it in.  Do you have more activities than spaces? Rank based on your perception of strengths/weakness of your app overall, taking into account length of involvement, hours, impact etc etc.
    • Bonjour, ce message s’addresse à ceux qui ont de l’expérience avec l’application en médecine et ne détenant aucuns crédits de cégep et seulement des crédits universitaires hors-Québec.  Si je me souviens bien, sur le site U laval ils listent les prérequis et à la fin il y a une clause qui dit quelque chose comme « ou n’importe quel formation jugée équivalente »  Je poursuis un bacc en sciences biomédicales et j’aurai 84 crédits au moment d’appliquer. (Bacc de 120) 2 questions: 1: les prérequis en physique comportent de 3 cours, mais aux états, tous ces sujets sont couverts en deux cours, soit physique I et physique II. Est-ce que quelqu’un s’est fait accepter auparavant dans une telle situation?  2. Ma plus grande question... les prérequis en math me semblent être l’équivalent de calculus I et II. J’ai fait un cours appelé algèbre collégiale pour calculus, et calculus I, mais pas calc II. J’ai vraiment aucune envie de le prendre si je n’ai pas à le faire puisque ça fait tellement longtemps que j’ai pris le premier. Est-ce qu’ils sont un peu plus flexibles avec les prérequis pour les diplômés hors-Québec? Quand un prérequis est manquant, est-ce qu’ils nous le laisse savoir? (Genre, pas en juillet après avoir été acceptée puis être obligée de se désister à cause du cours manquant?)  UL et Sherbrooke m’ont dit de les recontacter en Aoust/Septembre pour pré-évaluer mon dossier, mais j’aimerais bien savoir si il y a quelqu’un d’autre sur ce forum qui a deja ete dans une situation similaire. En général, quel est le processus pour les applicants avec prérequis en cours? Quand faut-il soumettre une preuve que c’est réussi? 
    • I’m planning to get my teeth whitened/ bleached before I begin dental school (starts in a few months). I’m still undecided about this. My teeth are good, and don’t really “need” it (I feel my teeth lack lustre) but I want to look my best before I start and want to make a good first impression on everyone I will be meeting soon. I feel like getting my teeth whitened will give me that extra confidence. I also know that the whitening/ bleaching process can make your teeth sensitive. Although it may be temporary, I don’t want to start having issues with my teeth just before dental school begins (Am I worrying too much?). Another thing is that perhaps once I become a dental student, I can get my teeth whitened free of cost. So, is it worth spending around $250 on a whitening/ bleaching procedure a couple of months before dental school?  All of your thoughts and advice is much appreciated! 
    • I don't know why you would want to. It's already an underpaid field and you want to do more underpaid work
    • Anyone know if they'll let us know when/if there is an official waitlist? 
    • Hi all, I'm an MS4 interested in radiation oncology. I've been offered electives for the same 2 week period at both UBC and Ottawa for RO. I already have another 2w elective booked at Western and several weeks in the prairies. I'm having a hard time deciding between the ottawa and UBC electives. I would prefer to attend UBC over Ottawa due to its geographic proximity to my family, but I've also heard that UBC rad onc tends to mainly match their own students. If I had to move out east, Ottawa would likely be my city of choice, so I'm also hesitant to give up that elective.  Does anyone know how important doing an elective at either of these two institutions is for matching RO there, or if it would even be worth doing an elective in BC given the lower likelihood of an OOP candidate matching there? My decision is further complicated since I already purchased non refundable tickets to Ottawa and my wallet hurts just thinking about having to let those tickets go to waste. Appreciate any help!
    • Just got accepted today, 12:20 pm. IP 2nd Tier waitlist. Cheers and good luck!
    • Selling brand new (in original packaging) Ophthalmology Yanoff and Duker 5th edition.  I found it helpful when doing electives. I was gifted another one.  Listed on website for $454.99, selling for $300. https://www.elsevier.ca/ca/product.jsp?isbn=9780323528191  
    • Sounds good. I guess that the only good thing in academics, is that you have residents covering calls for you overnight and during the weekend. You won't be paged overnight by nurses for a new admission, new consult or for medication orders. It's totally different when you do admissions yourself in ED while being constantly paged by ward patients issues, compared to reviewing admissions in the AM and see the new patients for 10-20 minutes while delegating the tasks to your whole team before you run to the clinic.  The pay difference justifies when you become a more senior staff, and trusts your residents and fellows, and let them run the show.  Working in community as a GIM is very lucrative but also very tiring and demanding. Can you imagine a whole CTU team with 1 staff, 1 senior, 2 juniors, and 2 clerks covering 20-30 patients with endless work; while 1 GIM staff covering 20 ward patients on a daily basis while doing ER consults?  When I did ER in the community, the GIM in community seems to be burnt out overnight, and would have a higher threshold for admission. 
    • Tu fais comment pour payer les interets mensuellement alors ? C’est un probleme avec RBC
    • awesome thanks! i was thinking it would be more like 17,000 per year so that is good to know!!
    • RBC est sans doute dans le top 3 en raison de la pertinence et de l’expertise des conseiller financiers vis à vis les besoins des professionnels de la santé. Personnellement, je suis en médecine dentaire et j’ai ouvert ma marge avec RBC. Tu devrais baser ton choix selon ce critère et aussi les « perks » de chacune des institutions. Ce que j’entends par ça c’est pas le montant maximal utilisable, mais plutôt les cartes de crédit par exemple. Sur ce point-là Scotia mène le marché ; les offres changent souvent d’une banque à l’autre, mais rien t’empêche d’ouvrir une marge à une institution X et d’ouvrir un compte chez une banque Y pour avoir les avantages que celle-ci t’offre sans nécessairement y ouvrir une marge. C’est ce que j’ai fait avec CIBC, car ils offrent en ce moment la carte Adventura Or qui est pratique si tu voyages. En général ça revient pas mal au même, mais je te dirais que pour avoir eu un compte avec Desjardins avant ; leurs conseillers ne sont pas tant « habiles » avec le parcours des MD/DMD/PharmD bref ce n’était pas avec eux que je me sentais le plus à l’aise!
    • Not to mention the politics behind the job hiring process, which @NLengr has already mentioned in previous posts.  Myself, I really wanted to be in academics during med school but now in residency and hoping to get engaged in a year or two, it's difficult to keep delaying living your life. Most general jobs can you give you some semblance of work-life relationship depending on how you organize your practice. It's tough honestly. If you don't want to do general/comprehensive in your specialty, you probably have to go the academic route and deal with all the politics, hierarchy, etc. In the community, you can make substantially more and not have to deal with some of this, which seeing some of the infighting I see, is really nice to avoid...
    • Ok well all of these are hideous except the grey one imo