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      Incoming med student? Discussion on Orientation topics: eg. financial aid (loans, LOC's), insurance, etc.

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      Doing your basic sciences? Share links on the basic sciences and the USMLE Step 1.

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    • Je sais pas c’est quoi leurs critères, mais si je me fie à mon expérience (ayant fait le CASPer 3 fois haha), je dirais essaie de ton mieux de répondre aux 3 questions, mais tu dois t’assurer qu’au moins une des 3 questions soit élaborée au complet (des fois avec ta réponse élaborée tu risques d’avoir déjà répondu à une autre question dans ta réponse à telle question)! Ceci étant dit, si tu ne réponds pas aux 3 questions, tu risques de manquer des parties (quoique ce soit pas la fin du monde, les évaluateurs savent que ton temps est limité), mais si tu es capable de répondre aux 3 questions au complet mais que tes réponses restent superficielles, c’est pas mieux  
    • Salut!  C’est mentionné ds leur site, à la section « processus d’admission », ça dit que Le questionnaire nous sera envoyé par courriel !   Pour ce qui est de la date limite , c’est à remettre au plus tard le 5 janvier !  voilà ce qui est écrit ds leur site :  Les candidats universitaires* ayant acquis, au 1er novembre, 12 crédits et plus contribuant à la moyenne et inscrits au test de jugement situationnel doivent obligatoirement remplir le questionnaire autobiographique et payer les frais de 25$ exigés pour l’analyse par la Faculté de pharmacie. Le questionnaire sera disponible à la fin du mois de novembre. L''information sera communiquée aux candidats à leur adresse courriel personnelle.L’analyse du questionnaire autobiographique sera faite uniquement sur réception du paiement de 25$. Veuillez noter que le seul mode de paiement accepté sera par carte de crédit via la boutique en ligne.
    • Hey, do you mind sharing where you got that information from? Was it from the WebEx? I wasn't able to attend so I'm not really in the loop about CASPer scoring 
    • Saluuut question derniere minute un peu par rapport au casper !  Je sais pas si quelque me repondra mais est ce que cest mieux de répondre moyennement aux trois questions ou avoir une seule vraiment bonne reponse?    merciiii
    • I released my MCAT through AAMC but was never prompted to enter my AAMC ID on Minerva. Did I miss anything and/or is there something I need to do for them to get my score? 
    • Can you please clarify what you mean by an "early letter"? Also, I have heard of staff asking the student to actually write the letter and send it to them. What should I do in this situation?
    • Salut, Juste pour être sûr, la date limite du questionnaire autobiographique est après la date limite de la demande d'admission n'est-ce pas? En d"autres mots, est-ce qu'on le recoit seulement apres avoir déposé la demande d'admission ou il faut le trouver à quelque part sur le site de la faculté et l'envoyer avec la demande?   Merci!
    • Hi everyone,  I looking for some opinions. I am applying to Western Dentistry this year and I'm scheduled to redo the DAT this November. For my November 2019 DAT, I scored: BIO: 21, CHEM: 21, AA: 21, RC: 21, PAT: 24 I decided to retake the DAT in hopes to boost my application as I thought last year I could do better without having the burden of midterms during the DAT but now I am unsure. I originally thought UWO only looked at AA and RC but now with them looking at PAT, I'm hesitant on retaking it. I looked at the average of accepted students for the class of 2024 and its RC: 21, AA: 21, PAT 20 my GPA is ~90.5 (best 2 years) What do you guys think?
    • FM in most FFS settings is not slower paced haha.      I would take a day in GIM clinic over FM clinic  any day. Better paid, more time to think and digest, and not rushing onto the next one.     When GIM clinics are "time limited" it's because they want to make more money and/or they have a large list of patients they "need to see".  
    • How many undergraduate years/credits do you have for that GPA?  What was your last year GPA?  Course loads? You'll need a strong MCAT to prove to yourself you can even handle medical school to be honest, even then not a gaurantee. Think wisely and honestly.
    • I don't have an answer to your question but according to this article, the average FHO doc in Ontario billed 400k for a roster size of 1300 and worked 3.5 days a week a few years ago. I assume the 400k is from their FHO practice only...Assuming overhead of 25% they'd take home ~300K before tax. This was before the government wanted to impose claw backs so maybe things aren't as rosy now, but 150k for 1000 patients seem low. Also pretty surprised that the government is allowing docs to hire NPs unsupervised to do their work and pocket the billings... since they're so concerned with bringing costs down.
    • hoping to get into tier 1 of carribean schools but i probably cant cuz i have a 2.6 gpa. this wasnt due to academic failure etc it was just cuz i was working full time and didnt really care for trying that hard in school until my last year where i knew i wanted to be a dacta. right now i dont have mcat but i am planning to write in next few months and hope that will save my chances
    • I know some of the buzz words like non-judgemental, advocacy, collaboration...is there any list of buzz words?  
    • I know some of the buzz words like non-judgemental, advocacy, collaboration...is there any list of buzz words?
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