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  • Posts

    • Hey I have participated in CaRMS selection for  UofT Family Medicine. Unfortunately, the selection committee does not give any merits if you are a UofT med student. Before the interview, they send out the list of potential candidates, to make sure that there is no conflict of interest. The interview is blinded, i.e, I don't know where you did your medical school, where you did your electives, etc. They do this on purpose to prevent the interviews being biased (giving more points to a candidate from UofT, or having done substantial FM electives). For the file selection, you do get more points if you have done FM electives or a broad range of electives.  The selection process is very transparent, please PM me for more details! 
    • Have there been talks about having a MANDATORY SERVICE to pay back cost of training? I'm very familiar with the Singaporean model. That would be very interesting to see how it would be received (probably not very well)
    • Hello everyone, I have a been a nurse for 3 years, I have all prerequisites, and I'm seriously planning to apply to med school next year.  I hope that those who were trying to get into med school from RN got in, and was wandering if you had any advice for me. Thank you
    • Thanks for the clarification...keeping fingers crossed
    • This is my fourth time applying to med school and I feel like I am not ready and will likely not make it this year. I had received some suggestion from others to take one year off from reapplying and really looking forward to everyone's opinion. I had already applied but fear if I don't get in, it might go against the 5-year rule. 
    • They actually explicitly say to disable grammarly and other add ons that may interfere
    • Sorry, I misunderstood. By II do you mean second round invites? I received the first round interview invite (I'm assuming based on the date/time) on Thursday at 2 PM. I'm not sure if second-round invites have gone out yet. Deadline for confirming interview time is the 26th of October so I wouldn't give up hope yet! 
    • Hello, I was accepted to UofT with a GPA on the low end of that range! I'm not fully sure how they weighted my GPA, but it was for sure under 3.9 and likely closer to 3.8.  For getting the interview, I have to assume that it was some combination of my essays and my research background. I had one published paper at the time, which was probably unusual in the undergraduate pool. Looking back at my essays, I'm not thrilled with them, but I had a strong community service background to draw on and I think that building that storyline of my life was helpful for the reviewers. After the interview, I don't think your GPA matters as much as the rest of the factors.  I would recommend that applicants try to resist the urge to follow a "standard" premed path (unless you happen to be very passionate about hospital volunteering, I guess). Realizing that my GPA was a little bit on the low end for Ontario schools, I definitely felt pressure to try to conform better in other parts of my application. In the end, I chose not to pursue that tug. My research was nice, and I suspect gave me a leg up, but plenty of people in my class have no research background at all. If you're interested in research, don't be afraid to approach small labs with newer profs - I got a lot of opportunities (that my friends in big name labs with superstar PIs didn't get) just because I had face time with my PI and I asked about them. I cared about community service for my own marginalized population, so it wasn't a chore to put in lots of hours and initiative the way that, for example, volunteering with the science outreach program that all my undergrad friends volunteered with. I think the parts of you that matter will come through if you give them the path.  Good luck!
    • When I signed up it said the latest date to write the Casper for Western's OT admissions was January 20th just so you know.  Some dates run into March for other programs but OT (at least at Western) is January 20th!  Also, you don't need your ORPAS number when you sign up (it asks you) but if you want to work on your personal submission some more just choose to input your phone number into the other box
    • Try to align with evaluators that like you. It helps if you're attractive.   If nobody likes you don't take it personally. Medicine has a lot of meanies. Just put in the required hours and study for step 2 ck at any opportunity.
    • Very nice, all the best for the folks who got II. Does anyone know if there is any hope for II? or is that it?  
    • Hello,

      Have any of you been accepted to UofT, or at least called for an interview with a lower GPA between 3.8-3.89?
      If so, what other aspects in your application do you think made up for it?  Thanks in advance!
    • Interesting. Do you know of people who've gone this route? Is it possible to find work as a non certified FM physician? I assume that merely prescribing medical marijuana isn't gonna cut it
    • Oui, je suis d’accord, mais je pense qu’ils veulent juste tester leurs formules vu que c’est la première année. Ils On sait tous à quel point c’est dur à suivre les classements avec les différentes pondérations. On a l’impression que quelque chose qui vaut disons 10-20% a l’air d’avoir un plus gros impact sur le classement qu’un autre élément qui vaut peut-être plus. Je sais pas si je suis clair, mais en gros je pense qu’ils savent pas trop comment intégrer ça encore et qu’ils veulent pas changer le profil des gens acceptés de manière trop importante d’un coup. 
    • Joke is on us, we would have gotten paid as upper year residents to do a PhD following medical school as part of our training. At least that is how it works in Alberta with the Clinical Investigators Program.