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    • fwiw, last year I got my confirmation email 2 business days after accepting the interview offer (which I accepted the day I got my invite).
    • I did all this because my airway are very small and I have sleeping apnea. I went to different otolaryngologist and specialized doctor and they all said that the first thing I could address to fix this problem is to expand my airway (both via some functional rhinoplasty or expanding the palate, I didn't want to have rhinoplasty). I have a severe TMJ too and I choose this doctor (he is a gnathologist) because he actually helped me a lot when I was younger when I had problem biting. Acutally I don't know how or why but my front teeth are closing the gap kinda quickly. With normal braces the gap will be closed completly while manteining the skeletel expansion I did, and also while giving more simmetry to the arch (this is what he said). Basically the relationship will exatly be the same expect a wider and broader palate and some changes in the tipping of the molars.
    • Another thing that comes to mind is diversity. Especially if you are used to the staggering multiculturalism in Vancouver, Prince George will be quite different.
    • Hello! 2nd year OOP student at U of M here. My class (2022s) actually filled up all 5 of our spots. I got my offer off the waitlist about 2 weeks after the initial offers were sent out (mid-June I think? It's a bit of a blur now). The 5th person to accept got his offer sometime in July which is fairly late. I don't know if anyone was on the waitlist below him, although it's quite possible. So I wouldn't say acceptance is guaranteed. However, the 2023s only had 3 OOPs accept (i.e. they for sure went all the way down the list and still didn't fill 2 OOP spots). I don't think failing the interview is terribly common. I know USask failed over 40% of OOPs interviewed but I think U of M only fails people like 2+ SD below the mean of all interviewees (including IP). They have a fairly rigorous red flag review process as well that results in some of them getting dropped. My hunch is that the introduction of the CASPer is actually decreasing the number of OOP people accepting their offers. In the past, U of M was a good option for people that had great MCATs and GPAs and lacked extracurriculars/had poorer CASPer performances that prevented them from getting into other schools. Given the astronomically low odds of getting an interview at U of M as an OOP, the people that do get interviews now probably have great CASPer scores and are competitive at other schools that look at it (McMaster, McGill, Ottawa, Dal, etc). This is in addition to the fact that they probably have great GPAs and MCATs as well. TL;DR I wouldn't say that your odds of getting accepted are 100%, but I do think they are very high post-interview compared to most other schools. The major hurdle tends to be pre-interview rather than post-interview. Best of luck to everyone and let me know if you have any questions ! Waiting it out was hard enough before COVID hit. 
    • Hey! sorry I know you wrote this a long time ago but I’m in this boat too now. My school doesn’t give A+‘s. An A is 4.0. Did they use correct scaling when they knew your school didn’t have A+ on their scale? thanks
    • Does anyone know if an “in province” applicant is someone who is a resident of Alberta, or someone who went to post-secondary in Alberta? The website is not super clear. 
    • Salut, pour ce qui est de la demande de CRU, j’ai eu la même idée que toi. En fait, j’ai envoyé en médecine sachant très bien que je n’avais pas mon 60 crédits accumulé. Suite à mon refus vers le 7 mars, j’ai fais une demande de CRU et ils n’ont pas voulu me donner l’info sous le prétexte que l’examen de mon dossier s’était arrêté au moment où ils ont remarqué que je n’avais pas de grade universitaire. Donc aucune cote n’a été calculée selon les gens de l’admission.
    • When I did this, uOttawa med was really not picky about it at all. I accepted offer for grad, got offer to med, rescinded grad offer, accepted med offer within the deadline (in that order). Someone on the waitlist for my grad program ended up getting in so worked out on all sides. Grad supervisor was incredibly understanding and wished me all the best (he already knew that I would potentially be in this position). I confirmed ahead of time with uOttawa med admissions that this was acceptable. Never a bad idea to double check with them by email just in case! 
    • Paying back 100k "over a few years" on a PT salary/billings, is 33k/year. Very unlikely unless they are living at home with no expenses and putting the majority of their after-tax income to debt. 
    • Two new users, going back and forth about a specific foreign school.  Seems almost like promotional spam. @rmorelan
    • Do you see telemedicine getting incorporated into FM practice after COVID-19 is behind us? 
    • Hello, the link isn't working.... Would you be able to repost it again by any chance? 
    • Bonjour, j'ai une drôle de question, mais est-ce que tous les refus en médecine permettent de connaître notre CRU ? Je m'explique : je dois faire tous mes cours du cégep préalables en sciences, mais avant de faire tous ces cours, ce qui impliquerait beaucoup de temps et d'énergie, j'aimerais savoir si j'ai au moins une ''chance'' d'être considérée avec mes notes. Est-ce qu'ils me donneraient ma CRU sachant que je n'ai pas les préalables requis lors de l'application? D'autre part, avec un Bacc en sciences infirmières à 3.51/4.3 (DEC-BAC) + Maitrise de l'UdeM (donc bonification de 1.5 total), à quel point j'aurais une chance de passer la première étape?  Je trouve cela bien dommage, car je termine présentement le programme IPS et je me découvre une passion pour la médecine, et j'ai l'impression d'être ''pognée'' avec mes notes du bacc qui remontent quand même à presque 10 ans. Merci et au plaisir!
    • That's super helpful and reassuring to know that they were able to pay everything off relatively fast. Do you know if those PTs had difficulties with the practical and written exams back in Canada? That's one of my biggest concerns for sure.   Thank you for the response!
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