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  2. Bonjour ! Je me demandais simplement s'il y en avait qui avaient aussi appliqué en pharmacie à l'université Laval, qui sont encore dans la liste d'attente et qui pensaient peut être éventuellement se désister?
  3. Tu parles d'utiliser tes mains pour aider... c'est exactement ce que nous faisons en physiothérapie, et dans le milieu public, nous devons avoir énormément de connaissances médicales (pathologies, systèmes, pharmaco, biomécanique, anatomie...)... si tu n'y avais pas pensé, je t'invite à investiguer le domaine!
  4. Hahahahahahahahahahaha I second you. I am ALSO on the waitlist so the stress is REAL! Hahahahahaha but I feel you. I wish I didn’t check this thread 10 times a day! Argh
  5. Someone in my class got in a day after classes started
  6. Avec les cours de commerce, psycho, science, littérature,... Je peux vous garantir que j'ai déjà pensé à étudier ou faire carrière ds des domaines différents. Je crois personnellement que j'aurais de meilleures notes en linguistique ou psycho qu'en physique ou chimie, par exemple. Pour certains le prog peut être difficile que d'autres (ou plus facile). Je ne suis pas du type à sous-estimer un prog, un cours ou un travail à faire. Je donne mon 100% peu importe la chose. Je suis allée voir la conseillère d'orientation (il y a quelques temps) et elle m'a dit à peu près la même chose que vous. Je comprends votre message et merci pour la sincérité. Si jamais (j'espère pas) la médecine ça ne fonctionne pas, je vais voir les autres opportunités qui m'intéressent aussi (certaines ds votre liste). Pour mes raisons, oui je veux vraiment utiliser mes mains et mon savoir pour être en contact avec le patient, mais j'ai aussi une raison personnelle et autres. C'est toutes ces raisons qui me motivent constamment. Merci
  7. I am so thrilled to be getting a backpack. I do wish the colour was a bit more neutral so I would get more use out of it... oh well. Positives... We'll be able to spot our classmates from miles away and it won't get confused with any of the other bags in my closet.
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  9. Or...maybe its because not everyone who is on the waitlist is on this forum? Lol. I'm telling y'all there's no benefit in constantly asking people here whether or not they received a call, because a good portion of your class are not on here. And people who receive an offer or who are going to decline and are on the forum will most likely post on here without prompt anyways. Geez I'm getting second hand stress from reading these posts.
  10. I also used astroff. It was nice to get a feel for what the exam is like and their prompts were kinda a similar vibe as CASper
  11. Gotta agree. Seems a little easier to tie to personal experiences this year, but harder to make really stand out... the most obvious answers to these questions seem pretty cookie-cuttery imo, so seems like the real challenge will be making them unique and stand out.
  12. The summer after your first year is still technically your first year. So I'm pretty sure it will not be used in a GPA calculation that takes your last three years. If you're applying this cycle and have 2nd, 3rd and 4th year complete then this would be the case.
  13. There is one set up for both OT/PTs: https://www.facebook.com/groups/631612647696294/
  14. I personally love it tbh - all the past years just look so boring to me!
  15. For argument sake: let's say they revoke your offer (which I'm 100% sure they wont), the next person on the waitlist to receive admission will need to rush and get this report done well after their proposed deadline. So logistically it doesn't make sense if they revoke you. They're probably just putting some pressure to get it done asap. I wouldnt worry
  16. Still figuring out exactly how we're going to get them to you guys but it'll definitely be during/very close to orientation week so that you guys can show them off along with everybody else
  17. https://www.cma.ca/welcome-medicine it varies school by school, but they have a list here of how each school is getting theirs
  18. Anyone know if they're shipping the backpacks to us this year? (Maybe through DHL )
  19. If you want to make money, do something else. I know lots of people with just Bachelor's degrees in actuarial science, computer science, engineering, business, applied mathematics, and information technology, who came out of school with six figure salary jobs, or close to it. Trying to justify spending 8 years or more in school, and taking on six figure levels of debt, just for a salary that you can make out of skilled trades or a 4 year Bachelor's degree is pretty damn naive. If you want to pursue pharmacy, physiotherapy, optometry, etc. because you'd actually enjoy doing this kind of work, then that is valid. But do not pretend that you are going to be wealthy or upper class on a pharmacist's salary. No one thinks "I need to make money " so I will go into optometry, physiotherapy, or pharmacy. There are many careers out there where you can make 80-120k without going through all the schooling and testing that is required of these fields. The ceiling in pharmacy is also much lower than many other careers out there. Most pharmacists are solidly in the upper middle-class. Students coming out of computer science programs landing Big N and Silicon Valley jobs are getting paid 100-150k starting with bonus and stock options. Students coming out of business school and landing jobs in finance, investment banking, and consulting are making six figure salaries with bonus and stock options. You can do a few online or college-level courses and go into UX design, information technology, developer roles, etc. and make over six figures. There are lots of people working in sales jobs in the technology, medical devices and business industries who make over six figures. Go on forums like redflagdeals, wallstreetoasis, etc., and read up on people's journeys to the 100k+ club. Most of them are not healthcare professionals. Pharmacy is most definitely not worth it if you just want to make money. You are not entitled to a high salary just because you are in 100k+ debt and have a professional degree. Employers are investing in unique talent and skills. They are investing in people who will help them become richer - which is why those working in the technology, business, and corporate legal fields make more money than most other people in Canada. Employers are also investing in skilled workers who can do jobs that not everyone wants to do, but needs to get done regardless. In all of this, a pharmacist or someone with a pharmacy degree really does not bring much to the table, given the limitations in skills they have as it is a highly specialized field. There is a saturation of pharmacy jobs, and a constant flood of new graduates and immigrants entering an already crowded marketplace.
  20. Has anyone created a facebook group for the entering class at Queens PT?
  21. CMA be like: "2020 est déjà une année tellement particulière, now let's make it even more memorable!"
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