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  2. For sure, I guess I was just curious if med schools view different types of research differently. I suppose since I'm coming from a non hard science background I just have so many doubts about my application.
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  4. Personally I only used the Kaplan book the first time around and only scored a 20AA and then I used DAT Bootcamp as well as DAT Destroyer and it helped raised my scores. As the other poster said I believe DAT Bootcamp was worth the money for me and had wished I had used it the first time around.
  5. You don’t need to stand out in medical school. Just be yourself, work hard and life will unfold.
  6. Bambi

    McGill vs UBC

    If you have the choice, where would you prefer to practice? That is where you want to go to medical school.
  7. On another note, do you just put the level of education you had when you first started the activity or do you put all levels of education? For example, I worked at a cafe from my first year of undergrad to my third year of undergrad. Do I put "1st year BSc" or 1st-3rd year BSc"?
  8. medicineandchill

    Inputting Number of Hours on Application

    Same!! I've been putting totals for volunteer hours but per week for work. Not sure if this is accurate or not!!
  9. medicineandchill

    "Comments" section on OMSAS?

    I have been putting my verifiers' emails in that box. Should I not do that and put their relationship instead?
  10. So I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone yet but I may have an issue with my referee... So I had asked them to write me a reference back in June and they had agreed. I tried to reach out to them around August to figure out where they were at and get an update but I received no reply. But I decide to trust them and wait it out. A couple weeks go by and I finally cave and find someone else as a referee. The original referee ends up contacting me so I keep them as a referee. Fast forward to this past Saturday where I attempted to get an update again, and the original referee doesn't reply again. Again I wait it out until today when I call them and they don't pick up. At this point, I am getting worried and so I contact the backup again and remove the original as a reference. The original ends up contacting me again and I explain to them the situation, they end up explaining their circumstances (which I obviously can't go into too much detail about), which ends up making me feel terrible as I should have trusted them. So now what do I do? I have possibly ruined my relationship with this person forever. Is all their progress lost on the reference forms? Is it possible to get it back? I apologize for the long post or if this belongs elsewhere. Any advice is appreciated. What would you guys basically do in my situation?
  11. Two of my verifiers were contacted tonight. I feel like it is early in the application process but UBC could do things differently and get right to it. Are the applications reviewed alphabetically? Has anyone else received notice from their verifiers about the university getting in touch? Let me know what you think.
  12. Use 5th year university or non-degree. Either one works.
  13. I would still put it under research since you can further elaborate your role in publishing the teaching case. If you put it under other, you won’t have the opportunity to express your role in the project.
  14. CardiacArrhythmia

    Project title is too long for the box?

    Abbreviated as much as you can, or simply shortern the title and ensure that your verifier is aware of it.
  15. CardiacArrhythmia

    "Comments" section on OMSAS?

    Is that the comment box that is under the verifier section within the sketch entry? If so, that comment section is used to tell admissions the relationship that the verifier has with you, and any other comments such as if English is not their native language, etc.
  16. Heparin


    If money isn't a big issue go for it, your chance is zero if you don't apply.
  17. LittleDaisy

    fam med vs gen dent salary

    For starter, the office rental cost is so high in downtown Toronto. I don't know many new grads who want to start a practice in Toronto, unless they are geographically limited 2nd to familial reasons. I have read over your previous posts, you have to compromise somewhere. If money is a priority to you, then I don't think that you will be very happy in family medicine. As you are the MRP at the end of day, you have to deal with a lot of <<small>> issues, lab follows-up, Rx renewals and urgent phone calls for patients who worry you, etc. You have a lot of dedicated time that are not OHIP-billable. Perhaps you could consider other specialties with higher money earning potential, just my two cents If you just go a bit further, 1h within GTA, with a good FHO practice, you can easily bill 30 k and up as a GP.
  18. Aconitase

    med vs dent salary

    The problem is doctors salary is very wide depending on specialty choice. For GPs and dentists they are similar
  19. Finished UG with around 3.7 GPA. Some research experience in wet lab and psych lab but no pubs whatsoever. Long-term volunteering at local hospital in various departments and volunteering with seniors in a Long-Term Care Facility. MCAT is hopefully min 125 in each (yet to get results back but worried for CARS). BUT, imo I have a killer GPA explanation/ life story.... Should I apply? Does UofT really consider these life stories and really consider explanation essays. Oh and my references should be stellar as well, from what I have been told.
  20. booradley83

    fam med vs gen dent salary

    Again; the average means nothing; the median is more relevant...............regardless; talking to dozens of GP's in the GTA; the average is nowhere near 30k monthly................anybody billing 30k and up is a superstar.......................maybe different in rural areas..........or areas outside of GTA.......................
  21. Hey all, Will be probably emailing OMSAS about this but figured I'd also get some opinions here. As a part of my Master's degree I authored a teaching case (real-world narrative that presents an issue w/ relevant background information but does not suggest solutions) that will be used to teach future students and will be published in my program's case book (an internal publication). I wanted to know where this should probably be entered into the ABS. I was thinking "Other," because I'm not sure it fits in the "Research" section. The teaching case is based on the research project I am currently working on at as a research assistant and I did have to do a substantial lit review to write the case, however it is far from a traditional research publication. Any thoughts you guys may have would be super helpful. Thanks in advance!
  22. What do we do if the title of our research project doesn't fit into the box??
  23. Hey guys, Last year I was in a MMI practice group where we practiced MMI questions and it worked out really well. Some of the people got accepted last cycle so I'm find more people who would be interested making a group for this year as well. We could also try to practice for CASPer as well if possible. We communicated via WhatsApp so I can make a group chat and you can just PM me on here if you're interested in joining. The more people we have the better so people can set up their own meeting times with other members
  24. At the very bottom of the page for a separate Sketch entry, it has a box saying "Comments". What is this for?
  25. Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could clear this up for me. In my first year I took 4 FCE in the fall/winter and 1 FCE in the spring. In my second year I took 4 FCE in the fall/winter and 0.5 FCE in the spring. In my third year I took 5 FCE in the fall/spring. I am currently in my fourth year and am registered for 4.5 FCE as that is all I need to complete my degree. Will the course from my second spring year count towards making this year eligible to give me 3 full time years to use to apply for Ottawa? Also, does the level of the courses I take in my 3rd or 4th year matter in the admissions process? Thanks, and hope everyone's admissions are getting along well!
  26. vicpremed

    MCAT score still not shown?

    I contacted OMSAS about this because I was concerned too, and they told me that they would begin downloading scores in October. They said as long as you released your scores to OMSAS specifically, they should be able to retrieve them!
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