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    The slow decay of dentistry

    Every new graduate from my school I know has lined up a job before or right after graduation. Some full time. Golden Horseshoe region. YMMV
  3. Hey everyone, I was looking for some advice on what my best options are, which schools to look into applying to (Canada and States chances) and whether it's worth it to take the MCAT. I want to go into med but I don't know what my chances look like. I'm currently doing an MPH at UofT and during my clinical rotations in the hospital I've realized I really have a passion for medicine and I think I'll regret not going into med (I always wanted to go into med but I never felt competitive enough). I'll be a Registered Dietitian (hence the clinical rotations) soon. My undergrad GPA is: 3.68 (1st year: 3.59, 2nd year: 3.35, 3rd year: 3.88 , 4th year: 3.88) Nutrition and Dietetics has a lot of subjective courses and that's what brought my GPA down and I had lots of borderline percentage grades that reflect poorly on the GPA scale. Any help is appreciated.
  4. You've got a tough decision ahead, no doubt, so before I give advice, I just want to be clear: you finished a Masters, and now you are considering officially taking a year off to get paid to complete 2 major projects which will likely result in meaningful publications. Taking the year off is the only real option because your school doesn't have summers, and it's not likely you could complete that work and your 2nd year of med school at the same time. Is that a decent summary? The answer depends on a couple of things. First, are you doing the research because you care about the research, or because you think it will help your career? If you actually like/care about the research, then stop reading here and take the year off. If you're doing it for your career, consider each of these variables: -How close is the research to your clinical field of interest? If it's far off, or if you're not sure where your clinical interest lie at the moment? -How much will you be able to expand your academic network by completing this, and will that network be relevant for your residency match? -Are you in a rush? I started medicine after a basic science PhD. I thought I SHOULD be in a rush. 10 months out from residency, I realize that even for me, adding a year wouldn't really make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Hope this helps. Also, I've PMed you. You'll see why
  5. Today
  6. That made sense. By the looks of it, going for any health care profession in fact, is somewhat of a financial suicide if one is coming back here. The reason that I asked this question is me being curious on how Canadian students that want to come back to Canada deal with this debt. I am also asking this because I had a chat with a D4 who stated that few of his colleagues made from 150-180K USD, so after taxes that would be 100-130K$ USD, which in relative terms can be comparable to a Canadian student's debt from a Canadian school. It seems if one goes that route, he will end up having a total in assets that's comparable to a starting engineer, for example. Really puts things in perspective.
  7. I got into Med school at both the universities, wondering what your thoughts are? Which one is better and where should I go?
  8. I mean.....sort of ha. Of course it is complex but really the canadian dollar's value is based on how much other countries want our goods relative to how much we want theirs. The key is to buy something from a Canadian supplier you need Canadian dollars and Canadian dollars are limited in supply. It takes a bit to get your head around (well it did for me) but dollars are just another limited commodity that is affected by supply and demand. So when our interest rate goes up for instance IF everyone else's was lower then people would want to buy our bonds, which requires Canadian dollars, which would drive up the cost of those dollars (more demand, same supply) and cause a relative increase in value of our dollar to other countries. If however all the countries the world - or at least the ones that are at our level in terms of stability - have the same interest rate then nothing changes from an increase directly. If people want something we have - in many cases that is oil as an example- then our dollar will raise. If someone - say the middle east for instance increases production though, people don't want our oil as much as they can get it elsewhere, and our dollar can falls. It is very complex interaction of a ton of forces. That all being said, and I will say it again, NO ONE has any clue what is going to happen in the short term with the economy, interest rates and so on. It is just because the markets are not ruled solely by logic - people are "dumb panicky animals" and behave irrationally. That causes things to move in all kinds of ways that even the best experts cannot follow (which is why most mutual fund companies by a landslide underperform the market with costs considered - it isn't a problem you can solve by doing math) The best you can do is the long term average which we are actually not that far from - say 1.25 US to Can since 1990. The swings are dramatic through. Still when you are sitting exactly at around the average point you cannot be too optimistic things are going to dramatically rise.
  9. You sound passionate about doing this and therefore, if I wee you, I would do it - in the knowledgecthatcitvmsy not impact my career path or opportunities in the future. Life is long, it is only a year, and so long as med school will bectherecforvyouvaftervthis year, you will love with no regrets. i entered Med school with absolutely no research experience. With a fellow student, one summer, in three weeks, we did a literature review and were published. This pro ed to be of no help when CaRzmS came along. As a resident, I had a 2 month research rotation, and it proved to be very productive in terms of publications. I have since attended international conferences and made presentations. This is all to say that we each create our own path and there is no one right path for any of us.
  10. Hello everyone.I would very much like to get some opinions on the matter of taking a research year during medical school.I am a current first year medical student in the US (but a Canadian citizen-graduated from Mac) and I am currently continuing doing research from my Masters project along with my first year classes. I am finding it quite difficult to manage time between both commitments and fear it may get worse into the fall where the course load at my institution is higher.I completed my Masters in Biochemistry (bioinformatics specifically) and was writing an algorithm for a publication where I would be first author (likely in a higher impact journal). In addition, I was offered to head statistical analysis for an upcoming clinical trial which will be published this year as well. I would like to note that my research work would be paid.I don't want to lose the opportunity to complete these projects that I am very passionate about, but at the same time, I would be essentially be delaying graduation from medical school by a year. I understand there are opportunities to do research after graduation as well, but I feel I would miss the boat on some of these potential first author publications that I have already invested a lot of work into. Additionally, my school does not have summers off, so this voids the opportunity of engaging in this research during that time.As of now, I feel I would regret the opportunity of not completing these projects and making a productive research year which would also involve international conference presentations. However, I feel as though insight from others who are perhaps free of any personal biases will help me make an informed decision.I look forward to hearing your advice and experiences on this matter.Thank you.
  11. Neji3

    UofT/UWO Waitlist movement

    I know of someone who will be rejecting their offer at UofT soon! So one more move up the waitlist! Good luck to all!
  12. OodleNoodle

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Just received an offer off the waitlist this morning to hamilton campus! Will most likely accept
  13. FYI, at least in my case, I wasn't given the full 300k with Scotia. Instead, I was given 300k - x, where x is the value of my student loans - $60k. Funnily enough, my non-Scotia credit cards didn't affect it. Also, for me at least (with AB loans), they included 2018-19 student loans in that, so if you're right at the limit and can wait a bit before applying for your student loan (which isn't even disbursed until September...), then I'd suggest doing so
  14. Bambi

    MMI/Casper Question

    To give another perspective: Your friend cheated « off you « during the exam - and this makes you a co-comspirstor in the cheating, I.e., you participated in the cheating as he did it with your knowledge. Should somebody have seen and reported this - it could very likely result in expulsion of you both! So, the ancillary issue you need to st least consider, whether you talk about it or not in your answer, is should you not report him, you are as guilty as him in the eyes of the administration should you not have reported him. Therefore, out of your own self-interest, morality and ethics aside, not reporting him can derail your entire future; for what? Loyalty that may or may not be returned if the roles were to be reversed. Considering the above and the ethical issues involved, and considering you are now responding to a MMI scenario, failure to report in a timely manner is tantamount to watching another doctor act negligently with s patient, not stepping up to the plate and letting the patient deteriorate or worse, all for the sake of loyalty to a colleague! To repeat, in real life, you claim you wouldn’t rat out your friend, even in the knowledge that you could be expelled as you participated in the cheating! I would like to see you explain to your parents and your s.o. (who then becomes your ex) how you threw your future away over being loyal to a friend who was unworthy of it. By indicsting you would not report him, by being involved in the cheating even in an involuntary manner but not coming forward, I would not be impressed with your answer and might not give you a passing grade all things considered. All the above is food for thought.
  15. IMislove

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    Or the email is being finalized because admin stuff can take time too. Best of luck though. Queen's class full email was sent out last week, so its getting there for all schools. Best of luck though, you never know what can happen until August!
  16. The US has been raising their rates as well so I wouldn’t expect CDN to skyrocket.
  17. It's dangerous to assume that a hike in the overnight rate to be an indication of good economic standing. The BoC has one simple mandate: to keep inflation within the target range of 1-3%. Inflation has been running quite high in the 2.5% region. The general more expensive tuition in the states + rising interest rate will already crush you, even if you assume USD:CAD is 1:1.
  18. I mean, isn't that the case in almost all professions? Well... Shit.
  19. Fair enough. The things that is looking optimistic is the increase of the prime rate in Bank of Canada, which in my understanding, is an indication of good economic standing. Wouldn't that mean that USD: CAD would start to creep up to be even? I am neglecting the fact that interest rates are increasing as well, which applies to student loans, but if that would be the case, why would it still be a problem?
  20. Not sure about your first question, but all schools will look at ALL your sections in the american dat. if you tank the Ochem and physics sections it will be reflected in the academic average of your exam which is what schools will look at. You have to do well in every section just like the canadian dat.
  21. I am planning to write the American DAT at the end of summer to apply to some Canadian Dental school upcoming school year. The major reason why I am writing the American DAT is due to the fact that some schools don't seem to accept the result for the November Canadian DAT for that year's application cycle. I am not sure if writing an American DAT is a common practice but I couldn't find the answer to two questions I had. 1. If I write my american DAT at the end of August, can I write the Canadian DAT on November? DAT guide from ADA states that one can only write the DAT every 90 days. I wasn't sure if this rule applied to both Canadian DAT and American DAT. Who should I contact to get more detail on this matter? 2. American DAT has Ochem and QR in addition to the topics offered in Canadian DAT. Do Canadian schools look at these section or completely ignore them? Again according to the DAT guide from ADA, I have to complete all the section of the test and can't skip anything. Would schools care if I dont do well on these two sections? I would rather focus on sections that are also in the Canadian DAT.
  22. MDwishing

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    If the email hasn’t been sent out yet then the class must not be 100% finalized, otherwise we should have gotten it.
  23. FeelingTheBern

    MMI/Casper Question

    I think you should enter the MMI being yourself. You could either be someone who's willing to overlook the rules (with good intent and reasoning) or someone whose by the books - just like in real life. Whatever your line of thinking is, you'll provide a better answer if you think like yourself. I don't think there is a correct answer per se, but you would need to justify which ever answer you choose. For instance, lets say you decide to rat them out. I would say something on the lines of: Understand why they are cheating in the first place If they have a good reason - advocate for them to talk to the prof to write the exam on another day No good reason = convince them to confess to the prof of their own actions (i.e. don't jump the gun and rat them out) If affects the grade of everyone in the course if the overall grades were to be bell curved Some people in the course may be depending on a good grade for academic scholarships for tuition It's unfair for those who studied hard, and unfair for those who didn't study and are willing to accept the consequences of their actions After all attempts, I would tell the prof in private as you are advocating for yourself and the rest of class but acknowledge this would negatively affect your friendship and you are willing to accept that. You could also decide not to rat them out. I would say something on the lines of: Understand why they are cheating in the first place Talk to them about other options besides cheating Try and help them see the repercussions and how it could be unfair to others Suggest you could form a study group for subsequent exams so everyone can keep each other focused and improve If they still decide the cheat Suggest that you've done the best you could convincing them, and that you won't ever understand the circumstances they are under (i.e. sympathize) Ratting out your friend doesn't mean that there couldn't be others in the exam who are also cheating and ruining it for everyone Also suggest that they may be a very good friend, who's a good person and helped you a lot in the past - their one mistake/action shouldn't be a reason to ruin a good friendship over. I know other people in the forum would suggest there is one right answer over another, but it really comes down to what you honestly think about the situation and why. I always advise people to be the best version of themselves in the CASPer/MMI and not try to play games (i.e. what would the interviewer want to hear?). My two cents.
  24. caramilk

    important question

    Yes, with at least 4 courses each semester for that academic year with any remaining courses made up. No, they just count for credit. From what I understand, whenever you take a pre-req (summer or academic year) it must have a grade of at least B now. But since it was taken in the summer, it will not contribute to your WGPA calculation.
  25. Does Ottawa U ONLY assess the years of UG you carried a full course load in?? Also, do the pre reqs, if done in the summer, count towards GPA? Or any summer courses for that matter? Thanks Haha Confused Sad
  26. bigboydyo

    MMI/Casper Question

    do mention that you have reasons to not want them to turn themselves in (you care about them and their professional life and don't want them to face the massive consequences of being caught) but ultimately you have more reasons (of greater magnitude; ex.: can't let someone that cheats become a doctor and possibly destroy someone's life) for telling your friend to turn themselves, and you should conclude that it's better to tell them to turn themselves in (or at least encourage them to do so). Compassion/empathy are important in MMI/CASPer, but professionalism is also pretty high up there.
  27. The 2 questions that should be in the back of your mind each day are, "Can the patient go home?", and/if not "Can I go home?". A yes to either is almost invariably a good thing.
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