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  2. Applied6times

    2017/2018 waitlist thread

    Hey guys, I’m IP and was accepted this morning as well. Just posting because I know how hard the wait is and how unsettling it is to have questions that are unanswered. So yes the IP waitlist has already moved, and deadline to reply is June 4th. So hopefully you guys hear something around that time. Good luck everybody!
  3. Comment est-ce possible qu'il y a 205 membres?
  4. Félicitations à tous les nouveaux admis, allez rejoindre le groupe facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1845023398865511/ Bon courage à ceux sur la L.A !
  5. That is true! Will tomorrow be the day? I haven't heard anything from others on the waitlist and personally no, maybe tomorrow?
  6. Ceux qui ont été refusés catégorie universitaire, vous estimez votre CRU à combien environ (ou votre GPA programme).
  7. meddent2018

    DMD 2018

    LA collégiens pour moi
  8. T'en fait pas trop, on peut toujours appliquer l'année prochaine! Moi aussi j'ai été refusé, on est dans le même bateau!
  9. isitlunchtimeyet

    2019 Application

    I'm applying too and would totally be down to Skype!
  10. J'ai eu ma lettre de refus ce soir. Bonne chance à tous ceux qui reste
  11. journeytofreakingMD

    not sure what to do - give up?

    Thank you all for taking the time to reply to this! It's so appreciated <3, you guys also gave me that kick to hopefully kick ass in my MCAT and work hard af during 3rd year
  12. TopChef

    Pharmacie 2018

    Félicitations!! À combien évalues-tu ta CRU ou ton GPA/Programme sans être indiscret?
  13. bon enfin mon refus, bonne nuit mes sympaties aux autres refusés, bon courage pour ceux encore dans l'attente
  14. Today
  15. ZelelXV

    Pharmacie 2018

    Je suis 32e sur 112 pour pharmacie. Maintenant, je dois décider si je veux être nutritionniste ou pharmacien haha
  16. Lettre pour confirmer l'inscription sur la LA. Impossible de savoir le rang pour le moment..... Toujours le rond bleu mais lettre reçue en date de ce jour.
  17. I wish I'd really done that, i.e. cross off a few things.. But like you both, it's been well over 10 years I think since I had a "vacation" of more than a week or two or so - even a week of pure vacation somewhere seems like a luxury - even more so than visiting family during christmas holiday say. otoh, sometimes it seems best to move ahead with whatever seems the most rational choice at a given moment and also solo vacations don't have the same appeal to me at least.. the summer before med school I had no expectation of being accepted and thus had employment and even coursework lined up, which I didn't feel was fair to break with the company, given that I was a new hire and had just been trained, which was an investment on their part. Wasn't so much the company per se, but the staff, etc.. who I felt would be left in the lurch.
  18. Butterfly_

    What should we do the summer before medical school?

    I was initially thinking of quitting my job in late July. However, from reading all the above comments, I’m now thinking I should quit at the end of June instead. I’ve worked full time for most of last 6 years since I graduated in 2012. I kinda feel like a kid again now that I’m talking about summers and back to school, lol. Since I’m also moving to another province (though not sure which one yet at this moment), I’m definitely planning a Canada roadtrip/stuff moving trip. Like Persephone, I’m also going to try and rent a place beginning August 1 so I can settle in and get used to the new city! And in the midst of all this, I wanna squeeze in a trip to Cuba and Hongkong/Japan. Sounds a little insane, but I have a strong gut feeling that if I don’t travel my heart out now, I won’t be able to do it until I’m finished med school! Writing all this has me feeling all giddy right now! This summer is gonna be crazyyyyyy!!!! And I still can’t believe I’m going to medical school.
  19. Dentforlife2017

    DMD 2018

    Haha Vraiment!! Udem fait dur en ta!! J’aurais pu dormir depuis presqu’un mois déjà loll s’ils me l’avaient envoyé avant :((
  20. CantConcentrate

    Backpack colour

    The poll is super tricky - I think the exact wording is something to the effect of "what colour would you like?" No way they actually go with what people vote for year after year (or else we would have gotten red grrr).
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