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  2. I've run out of classes to study for, now there's no more distraction for the last month! :-( Time to get back into old hobbies and movie marathons, I suppose. Hang in there, everyone!
  3. so nervous feeling my chances are really low as an IMG, but trying to stay positive at the same time
  4. I made a poll for this in the hopes that it would help estimate the number of panel interview invitations/waitlists/rejections... Conspiracy gang, feel free to answer this to help you speculate (and also decrease response bias in my very scientific, rigorous study lol...)
  5. Hi @PhD2MD I was just accepted into this program - I'm wondering if you gained insight into the value of this degree beyond what is posted here. If you don't mind me asking did your relative end up pursuing this degree? If so, what line of work are they in now? Thank you in advance :-)
  6. Family medicine in a FHO setting can pay very well, 5-600k is very doable in a group practice setting with minimal call (one evening a week) and 30 hours a week.
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  8. WOW, Well, I feel like this statement was mainly for: 1) Current applicants who are taking pre requisites to fulfill any requirement for this cycle; since some courses are pass/fail, I believe Schulich will now allow any "Pass" grade as sufficient for meeting the requirement. 2) Future applicants - same idea, pass/fail will either not be used when calculating GPA and also can be used when fulfilling a requirement. I don't think it will change anything (admission criteria) for this cycle. If anything, the release of offers will be delayed, because it seems that the admission committee is working on coming up with a plan regarding COVID-19 and are not yet making any decisions regarding current applicants.
  9. Lol. I'm sure what they're advertising to the general public is accurate and at the very least a clear representation of this year's cycle. Your quote says that the Admissions Committee "reviews individual Panel Interview performance." I feel like that means there's more to the panel than screening for red flags. Screening for what else then? Probably people who are know-it-alls, don't seem to appreciate other people's opinions, etc. By screening out individuals (probably more than a few), does that not affect ranking? It does. If they screen out applicants #23, #29, #42, #58, and #65 from their rank order list, then the ranking is impacted. I thought this was pretty obvious, am I missing something?
  10. molarmania

    Moving away

    I have a friend at UBC dentistry and he tells me that living on a campus on the other side of the country isn't as difficult as it seems. He flies home around twice a year (once for the holidays and once for reading week) and so he just has to organize his reunions with old friends around this timeframe. With that said, I've heard that you can easily make new friends by finding people from the same province during orientation
  11. I feel the exact same way haha. My 3rd cycle now and seeing people with 70+ TFRs not getting in is kinda demoralizing honestly
  12. I interviewed with Ottawa this cycle and used some friends/family (to be honest, didn't even see their supposed restrictions). Obviously if you can have someone else reasonably verify, then great, but otherwise I think it is fine given context of the activity. OMSAS also doesn't ask you to specify your relationship with the verifier.
  13. Hello! this is a question for the current first years: Do you guys still have your practicum happening despite the whole COVID situation? or how is your faculty handling this? UBC is still making us go but I wanted to hear if that was the case else where as well! I dont have any UofA friends so i didnt know where else to post this haha!
  14. I'm not sure how they can ''fairly evaluate" admissions standards for the current year, given how the ultimate class size is still going to be around 50 people
  15. An update from the Schulich website: Statement to Current and Prospective Applicants Regarding Covid-19 We hope that you and your loved ones are keeping well through this challenging time. We understand that along with all of the uncertainty, the current situation provides added concern for you about the effects this could have on your current or future application to the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Program at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. Please be assured that we are carefully deliberating with our Admissions Committee and putting together a plan. This plan will address our current applicants and our assessment of the current academic year as it relates to Admission conditions around prerequisite and degree completion and potentially registration requirements. For our prospective applicants, we will also be taking into consideration assessment of this current academic year and potential effects on our policies including academic average calculation, prerequisite, degree and DAT requirements.Although Admission requirements vary provincially and nationally we are ensuring that our Admissions Committee decides best practices and the best way forward to address all of the circumstances, which are beyond all of our control, affecting our Admission policies. Our decisions will be carefully deliberated upon, balancing the varied accommodations in grades and degree requirements by different universities with ensuring Admission standards can still be fairly evaluated and upheld for all applicants.We plan to share this information with you as soon as it is ready.At this time, we can only assure that we are mindful of your worry and that we are diligently working on our plan. Please continue to visit our website for updates.Please take good care,Our Admissions Team
  16. Yeah I know we're speculating but there's NO WAY 15+ people on this forum are talking about getting panel invites yet they should only be giving up to 60 interviews if we are all ranked for first offers... I am sure we are all ranked high but idk if it's top 60/250 interviewed or they ranked everyone already (also very very possible) and we are in the top 100/500 already... WHOOOOO knows
  17. Very highly relevant. My non-trad background continues to be relevant even for jobs after residency.
  18. No, not yet. I suppose they didn't want to ruin our long weekend lol
  19. Looking for a roommate to share a large 2 bedroom apartment near Bathurst & St. Clair, Toronto, starting April 15th. The apartment is an 8 minute walk from St. Clair W subway station. Rent is $1100 per month + hydro & internet. Unit will be shared with a female U of T Physiotherapy student. Please email lauren.collins095@gmail.com if interested!
  20. Moi j'estimes avoir ~34.0 donc si je me fait accepter et cette année ressemble à l'an passé, peut être je peux avoir le mien vers fin Mai/début juin. C'est juste pour ça j'avais demandé. Mercii
  21. Lol true. The direct email explicitly says that the rank order is made from file + MMI. And prior to making offer decisions they review the panel. The proper response to this is clear: do your freakin best on the panel. then wait. lmao
  22. I can relate to this in a big way. I check this thread neurotically, and I feel low key responsible for others because I started it lol. I heard a quote the other day that has helped. "If it is out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind too." I hope everyone experiences some freedom this weekend.
  23. Y'all need to chill. As a user pointed out, COVID is taking a chunk of everyones time. Acceptances and applications in general are definitely low priority compared to seeing patients, dealing with curriculum changes for their current students, and the administrative nightmare that this pandemic brings/staff working from home. Enjoy the weekend, take a deep breath, things will come when they come. Good luck to y'all,
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