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  2. Hey guys! Interviews should be out within the week if I'm not mistaken! Good luck to all ! And share the news, good or bad.
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  4. IP / OOP / International Result: Invite / Reject / Waitlist for Interview cGPA: sGPA: DAT (PAT and MDT): ECs: Year: UG (what year), Masters, PhD
  5. All the schools that I am familiar with will look at your entire transcript(s). You don’t apply with a particular degree; you typically have to send every transcript from every post secondary institution that you have attended. Different schools have different policies about how they calculate GPA from this (some drop your worst year, some use the most recent two years, etc). Look at each school you’re applying to and read about what they require you to send for transcripts and how the calculate your GPA - it’s typically pretty clear.
  6. I'm not afraid to admit it... I still like watching Naruto - G
  7. Je n'ai pas compris comment tu as obtenu 73% pour les MEM c'est quoi les chiffres pour ta regle de 3 ?
  8. Hey I missed this I want to really make sure it is clear that this is NOT unique to the centre but perhaps this one had it a bit worse because it is a harder program or maybe just bad luck - it lost a resident give or take once a year for a while there. There were 5 or 6 actually ( an update due to it now being 2020) that I know of that for a variety of reasons left the program. Most switched to other programs (going either to family medicine one way, or to other highly competitive ones the other way - it was funny like that). That was my residency program - and I would not say it is an easy program. The program is tough, the 2 hours of teaching daily is tough, and man the call is tough. They have worked to find solutions to that and done a good job - no one likes to lose a resident. However on the flip side the residents there were trained extremely well (I am biased here of course but there is objective evidence for it) . The residents come out and match to top fellowships without issue, there is a perfect pass rate for well over a decade on the boards (so long that no one seems to remember the last failure) .....the residency program is respected is what I am getting at, and that helps with the hiring down the line. The school is hard but if you get through it you are well trained - which in the end is a good thing. Now on this side of things - almost done my fellowships and entering the staff phase I can be glad for the pressure applied. 4 years ago doing a lot of radiology call and getting the squeeze probably not so much. Point is to reinforce the idea that radiology is no longer a walk in the park - not during training, and not after. You will work and work hard but if you do there are rewards in the end.
  9. that is true - and although I think the solution is probably better that the respective subspecialities should "get off their asses and do their job" if I may be blunt, there should be some way of dealing with the cases you are mentioning. I think the issue is that while you may look at the imaging from a stroke perspective you cannot by desire, training, or agreement to take on the risk of reading the entire study (miss that 2-3mm PComm aneurysm while you are worried about the M1 clot in the middle of a busy stroke code and when it burst after growing for 10 years you are in big trouble). The government doesn't seem to like to be charged twice for the same thing - a prelim and a final read in this case. and thanks ha - it is growing as a field because it has to. Both of the major trauma centres in TO as of this year now have full emerg radiology groups, and soon both will operate 24/7 with full staff coverage.
  10. Lorsque UdeM va recevoir tes résultats, la tâche va disparaître dans 2-3 jours, des fois plus! L'année passée, j'avais fait le CASPer bien avant de faire ma demande à UdeM (je l'ai fait en mi-janvier et j'avais seulement appliqué en fin février, vu que je ne savais pas quelle priorité mettre pour mon 2e et 3e choix), et la tâche est restée active dans mon centre étudiant pendant un bon bout quand même avant de disparaître automatiquement!
  11. Sure, I certainly don't disagree with addressing relativity for consults that are undervalued for the time spent. However, you'd need to create a new billing code for what you describe, as the current MRI codes include more than just looking at the images and making a management decision. The obvious point that you already mentioned is that the formal written interpretation takes on full legal responsibility for flagging the lung mass seen on the spine MRI localizer views (which may be curable at an early stage, but not so much if missed and the diagnosis is delayed). I just saw a case of this a couple of weeks ago. There's also everything that goes into running an MRI department and ensuring quality of the imaging performed. This includes supervising and training technologists, developing and updating protocols and policies, staying on top of and up-to-date with safety issues, managing technical failures, attending numerous hospital meetings to deal with process and capacity issues, protocolling requests (including the time spent taking many phone calls from people upset about wait times, and in the worst case scenario having to choose which outpatient in the waiting room to send home when there's an emergency add-on, etc.) These are all included in the professional component of the service.
  12. Bonjour, J'ai fait une demande pour médecine à l'Udem et à McGill. Quand j'avais fait le CASPER pour McGill j'ai indiqué de transmettre aussi le résultat à l'Udem. Or mon centre étudiant m'indique que j'ai une tâche à accomplir. C'est marqué « Tâche : Examen CASPer - Médecine » avec le statut « Lancé ». Suis-je le seul dans cette situation et est-ce que c'est normal? Est-ce que l'Udem recevra bien mes résultats de CASPER? Merci!
  13. I'm studying at Bois de Boulogne and just got my first R score: 34.68 What are my chances so far of getting into premed at a school in Quebec? What can I do to improve my R score and improve my chances of getting accepted? J'étudie à Bois de Boulogne et je viens d'obtenir ma première cote R: 34.68 Quelles sont mes chances d'être accepteé en medecine à une uni au Quebec?
  14. I would agree that that sort of "emergency radiology" is ideal (and I hope your field grows). My point still stands though, what of the many cases where management decisions are made based on a subspecialtist's interpretation? It's still quite common, and not just in neuro/stroke. Should that work continue to go unpaid? Especially when there are major discrepancies in relativity? And it's not just with rads. For example, many acute decisions are made based on ECGs, but billings go to a cardiologist who interprets them much later. It's a recurrent theme. Perhaps it wouldn't matter so much if relativity wasn't skewed so heavily.
  15. Thank you! I was thinking cardiology general ward ... however I've heard from a 4th year, cardiology is a tough elective to impress on/get a letter from (and at Ottawa's heart institute it'll probably be even more complex patients than usual) and that I should consider other electives. Any thoughts on that? Second choice would be heme. I've applied for an ID elective at Western.
  16. Mac doesn't offer electives in July/August and I'm pretty happy with my confirmed UBC electives in September onwards. Otherwise Mac would have certainly been my top choice along with Ottawa given how close it is to Toronto. Think I should reconsider given my location preferences and perhaps just change up my UBC elective to accommodate Mac's blackout period?
  17. As long as it’s not something detrimental I wouldn’t worry about it. Consistency is often good
  18. I think a consistent evaluation can be viewed as a positive thing, as long as it's not a big red flag. I wouldnt worry about it.
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  20. Depends on what you are getting. do you get her EMR bonus? Do you get an EMR and any help (ie PA or NP support). How many patients can they book for you an hour? Do they pay for a dictation service? depending on perks 15-30 percent is the standard
  21. Depends, how many credits were you enrolled in last semester? My understanding is that you need at least 30ch across the entire year, unless they changed something recently! So if you have at least 18 last semester you'd be ok
  22. Is it customary to send thank-you emails to the PD and program coordinators after interviews? It’s for IM.
  23. Apparently they all wrote the same thing for my "weakness"...I mean I acknowledge that it's kind of a blatant thing about me if you know me but still...how will this come off lol
  24. Is there an option to choose or not to disclose your USMLE score? So if you intend on just passing it, PD's won't even know you took it?
  25. Definitely interested, meeting at the University of Calgary or over Skype works for me as well.
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