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  2. Ohh! That's interesting. I guess they are now starting to review every app.
  3. Ok suivi concernant les admissions. Les notes de l'automne 2020 et l'hiver 2021 ne vont pas compter pour l'automne 2021, mais devraient compter pour l'automne 2022 selon l'admission.
  4. Actually, I just went through the posts in previous years. It happens every year, I guess the fact that CASPER rejections have gone out means that the admissions committee is looking at our profiles and therefore changes are taking place.
  5. Hmm mine is gone too! That’s interesting- I had just checked it a few days ago.
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  7. Hi Guys, Today I logged in to my Dal Online account to see if my MCAT was received but I am not able to see my application, instead it takes me to a general application page to start a new application. Do you guys experience the same issue? Thank you!
  8. Mais j’ai entendu que je dois faire 3 ans non? Si je fais un bac? De quelle manière pourais-je appliquer après un an?
  9. L’indice de force de biomed et kin est rendu assez bas selon, les personnes qui ont appliqué dans les doctorats cette année (et qui ont été refusés). Pour neuroscience je n’ai aucune idée appart le fait qu’un gars de ma cohorte dit avoir rentré au DMD avec 4 / 4.33 (il était sur la liste d’attente). Il m’a d’ailleurs dit que neuroscience était vraiment difficile. Pour avoir une chance avec ces programmes, il faut désormais viser un gpa de 4+.
  10. À partir du Cégep, l’université va juste considérer ta première et ta troisième session. Cependant, lorsque tu vas réappliquer en tant qu’universitaire, ta 4ieme session va venir s’ajouter à ta cote R ce qui va compter comme étant ton score collégien. Puisque tu vas avoir fais des cours à l’uni, tu vas effacer tranquillement ta cote R pour la transformer en cote R universitaire. Enfin, si tu appliques l’an prochain ayant fait 1 session universitaire (5 cours de 3 crédits chaque), ta cote R universitaire représenteras 30% de ton dossier et le 70% restant sera ta cote R.
  11. oui c'est ce que j'ai reçu aussi comme réponse mais ma cote R n'est pas assez haute pour ces programmes. C'est pour cette raison que j'essaie d'envisager d'autres options
  12. J’ai finis ma première session avec une cote r de la 30,001(automne 2019). À cause de sa j’ai décidé de me forcé beaucoup plus lors de ma deuxième session et grâce à sa j’ai pu avoir des supers bonne notes. Malheureusement, le covid est arrivé et ainsi ma cote r n’a pas pu être comptabilisé et je n’ai pas pu finir ma session avec d’autant bonnes notes dû à mes limitations électroniques. À cause de tout sa je voulais savoir si ma 4eme session(Hiver 2021) allait être comptabilisé par les universités lorsque je vais appliquer en médecine pour me permettre d’augmenter encore plus ma cote r ou si seul ma première et troisième session vont seulement être comptabilisé. merci
  13. Queens approach is they have a the 2 year GPA or your total undergrad GPA, and they assess based on the higher one. I think ottawa is just one type of GPA: last 3 full time years (I guess if your years weren't full time then they would look at your total undergrad GPA, but it's not like they calculate two and then assess the higher one). Guess I'm not qualified for Ottawa oh well.
  14. Hey everyone! Wondering what everyone thinks my chances are of getting an interview at Mac (IP Ontario) GPA: 3.76 CARS: 131
  15. Just curious, for those that got an R - had you done Snapshot yet and would that be part of this?
  16. We had the same difference last year in this prompt- I believe it's normal and intentional! It does give a bit more flexibility in how your structure your answer compared to the others but it doesn't hurt to keep a what I learned/how it will help in medicine loose structure in there. Try to answer the prompt as it is written, much like I would suggest for the other prompts!
  17. 30 year grad/ practitioner, former uni instructor and ad com member here, borrowing a member's account to comment. Let me say that from every aforementioned perspective of mine, passion in applicants and practitioners is key- our patients deserve no less. As a practitioner, the difference between those of us who love what we do and those who do not, rests primarily with whether or not we quite literally 'love' what we do. Loving what you do requires passion- yes it does. For those entering this career with the attitude that 'it's a job' but that they will nonetheless be truly dedicated to it to the extent required to be an excellent practitioner in our Canadian system, you are doing your prospective patients and the profession a disservice. I see far too many that are in this for all the wrong reasons- money, prestige- who are burned out and resentful, and complacent in their practice. Are those characteristics you as a patient wish in your physician? Our system requires extraordinary dedication and long, irregular hours given we could use many more of almost every specialty to meet Canada's needs, and I've yet to see the confluence of a satisfied, dedicated and excellent practitioner and one who chose medicine because 'it's a job'. If you lack passion, you will in all likelihood succumb to burnout, dissatisfaction and that will reflect in your practice. As an instructor/ ad com member, I can say that we are inundated with ample academically qualified applicants, and we ought to begin screening for demonstrated dedication and passion to healthcare from amongst them. Over my career, I have seen an evolution in the attitudes of medical students which has brought us to exactly where we are now- too many in this for all the wrong reasons. I see far too many students who look at medicine as what it can do for / "owes" them, ( money, prestige, 'regular' hours....) rather than what they can do for it. I have taught students who say they "like medicine", but "not the not patients"- preposterous, yes, and entirely too common now. The profession and those we serve ( who, I might add, also pay us) deserve much more. So please, to those of you with whom this is resonating, leave the competition for those who would are both academically qualified and passionate. Given the numbers of applicants to medicine, there is no reason whatsoever our system can't have both. I have two children, both of whom thought they would like to become physicians. My son, quite honestly, for all the wrong reasons- and I steered him away. He is now happily studying finance where he can dedicate himself to making all the money in the world. On the other hand, when my daughter, who is a compassionate and caring soul, expressed her interest in medicine, I encouraged her to do her undergrad in a health profession, for exposure to healthcare both as practice and as a system. She has proven to herself now as an RN to those with whom she works, and to those she serves, and she is ready to begin medical studies for all the right reasons.
  18. I got in to Ottawa without getting invited at Mac, with high GPA and CARS. So you might still have a shot at Ottawa there.
  19. Just a counter point though, I didn't get Mac last year with high GPA and CARS but still got invited to Ottawa. So don't despair, you might have a shot at Ottawa still.
  20. Bad look to leave it blank. use the personal email. Read the manual it says they will follow up if they need to. Ofcourse your file will suffer from more scrutiny but that’s not a bad thing. Just means they are going to go hard when it comes to fact checking your top ten.
  21. There are certain experiences I have in my top 16 that only my parents would be able to verify. For people who've used their parents or another family member, how did the UofA respond? Were they okay with it or did they ask for other sources of verification, documentation, etc.
  22. J'avais 35.66 et refusée Je dois vraiment améliorer mon CASPer.
  23. Okay same yeah thats what i was thinking but im not really sure
  24. Did anyone else hear back? any IPs or OOPs?
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