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  2. Thank you for the advice. It's hard to start school at this age with young kids and a busy home life. I've been doing some prep work on my own prior to classes started, trying to refresh my brain, clear out all the cobwebs and rust. It's been going well, but I'll be darned if there aren't some days where I just feel like I've put myself on some kind of fools errand. And I haven't even 'officially' started yet. Ah well, the motivation and advice from yourself and others helps remind me of why I've been holding on to this dream for so long and how worth it it is to me. So, back to the books!
  3. No... unfortunately it was 127... Tho it seems like that shouldn't have mattered.
  4. Your best shot is at your home school. Despite having absolutely horrendous applications for FM for our home school, most of the specialty students who didn't match to their first choice discipline were able to back up into it at our home school. Almost all the few remaining unmatched ones were able to find 2nd round spots. Most of these people had at most 2 weeks of electives in FM. I advise ranking all programs though still since you can usually transfer into FM—and hey, maybe you'll end up liking the specialty you originally wanted (unless it's a terrible lifestyle specialty, cuz if you don't like it now you're probably going to hate your life as a R1). In terms of extra spots I'd advise checking out the 2nd round availabilities in the last 2 years.
  5. No email OOP GPA 4.0 MCAT 523 was hoping maritime connection was compelling enough guess not, perhaps it was CASPer cutoff best of luck to those with invites!
  6. Given you said there is no overlap between FM and your specialty of choice, is there any other reasonable backup specialty, even if your CV is not geared towards that field? Is FM genuinely your second choice of career? I can't advise on programs, but as you said, FM programs in popular locations will be competitive. There are other less competitive specialties from which it might be easier to transfer into FM than the other way around. With regards to applying to something that is obviously not your interest on paper, I was told once that you can make the point in your personal statement "yes, I like {my first choice}... and I also like FM." Probably our FM posters could comment more on how effective this is likely to be.
  7. Would you rather do family, than re-apply the following year to the speciality? Thats a question you should ask yourself, because obviously you spent a lot of time and energy to that field. You can always apply to those family programs the following cycle if you really would be okay with them, rather then unmatched a 2nd time. if the answer to the question is yes, then do what archenemy said and apply to some FM programs this year. If not, i dont think its worth spreading yourself even further thin to programs you wouldn't be happy with (based on what you said about middle of nowhere), acknowledging that you would rather be in "UBC/toronto/calgary" but feel you wouldn't have a strong app for them and not apply this current year.
  8. My two cents: apply first and decide later. You can choose not to rank the FM programs if you change your mind after interviews, but not the other way round. The downside is that you lost a few hundred dollars (nbd). Good luck!
  9. J'AIMERAIS TLM ca devenir professeur à l'Université (ou meme au CEGEP pour un bout de temps jusqu'à ce que j'obtiens assez d'experience pour l'Uni). Mais le truc c'est que tout le monde me disent toujours que c'est dur a trouver un job...
  10. Was feeling confident about matching to my first choice specialty anywhere across the country this year, and so wasn't planning to backup. But as the carms deadline gets closer, I find my anxiety about going unmatched skyrocketing. I've now decided to put in a last minute app for family but have no idea how to go about this, with only 1 month left to gather sufficient reference letters. For context, I have 4 weeks pre-carms of IP urban family and 1 med ed family project on my CV (not published or presented). My electives and research are completely geared towards another specialty that has no overlap with family in terms of scope/practice model/etc. My letters for family will not be of great quality and will all be from third year. So there is likely no point applying to places like UBC/Toronto/Calgary. I was wondering what are some programs where I have a decent shot, without being in the middle of nowhere? Any advice would be really appreicated, as my school's advisors have not been helpful AT ALL and most of my friends are either going for surgical specs or family/IM
  11. No email OOP British Columbia No maritime connection GPA 4.0 MCAT 517 (129/126/131/131)
  12. Nutrition te donne définitivement les meilleures perspectives d'emploi/stabilité puisqu'il s'agit d'un programme professionel. Par contre avec un PhD en biologie tu peux être professeur à l'Université, c'est donc plutôt relatif. À ce que j'ai entendu les DESS en biomed sont supercontingentés, donc le 3.0/4.3 est très théorique et ça prend beaucoup plus que ça. En fait c'est qu'un DESS est un programme de cycles supérieurs, et selon la politique de l'UdeM c'est la cote minimale pour être admis aux cycles sup.
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  14. I asked about this whole doing my PhD. I would have been supported by both sides, and I had connections in not departments, but the MD admin was adamit that I should just finish my PhD first, then apply. I might have been further along in my PhD though. If you just started, things might be different.
  15. Does anyone have an idea of how well you need to perform on Casper to get an interview if you have a 3.89 cgpa and 128 cars? I’ve been studying and practicing a lot but i feel that my answers still lack depth, and it just makes me really anxious that I’ll have to wait 2-3 months before getting any indication as to my actual performance. thank you!
  16. Hi there, Wondering if anyone in the Ottawa area would like to meet for some MMI practice. PM me if interested!
  17. Faudrait vérifier avec l’udem directement. Je sais juste que c’est une possibilité je ne suis pas responsable du programme.
  18. You mean a situation where you are a current PhD student and would like it to be *incorporated* (can't think of a better word right now) as the PhD portion of the MD-PhD? I remember asking this to a student in the program (MD-PhD) 2 years ago and I was told that it was possible depending on some circumstances, but when I asked the same question to an admissions person the same year but at another information session about 2 weeks later, I was told that they do not accept that anymore and apparently it was new-ish policy at the time which is why the student didn't even know about it... so I don't think so. But don't take my word for it, maybe they changed the policy again or whatever, you should contact them directly, their email is in this page https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/programs/mdcm-phd
  19. C'est SUR que je me contenterai pas d'un bac seulement. je veux aller plus loin Est-ce que vous pouvez elaborer sur le DESS pour devenir perfusionniste? Dans le site de l'udem ca dit qui faut un 3,0/4,33 au premier cycle pour etre admis, ca a l'air un peu bas pour un emploi assez exigeant de meme.. pouvez vous en elaborer et expliquer tout ce que vous savez sur ce parcours si possible? merci
  20. Anyone here from Vancouver that wanna prep together?
  21. Avec juste le bacc je dirais nutrition sans hésiter. Sinon sciences biomed y’a possibilité de faire un DESS après pour devenir perfusionniste. Sinon ça prend une maîtrise pour avoir un emploi pas pire!
  22. Et au niveau de nombre de bons emplois offerts (si jamais je finis par jamais entrer dans mon programme de reve de Dr de premier cycle).. Qu'est-ce qui est meilleur pour trouver un job? Nutrition? Biomed? Biologie ?
  23. Ce qui rend le programme peut-être plus facile que d'autres c'est que tu peux vraiment choisir les cours en fonction de tes intérêts. C'est évident que c'est plus facile d'avoir de bonnes notes dans un cours qui nous captive que dans un qui nous endors! À noter qu'il n'y a plus les fameux cours "bonbons" que tout le monde prenait pour avoir de bonnes notes car il y a eu de nouveaux professeurs récemment qui ont repris ces charges de cours (qui allaient un peu à la dérive à mon avis).
  24. Oui oui biensûr! Quand je dis c'est "facile" on s'entends que c'est sous-entendus que l'effort doit être là haha Disons pour quelqu'un qui est pret a tout pour entrer dans un programme de Dr de 1er cycle et qui etudie 24/7 c'est facile un 4.1/4.33 aussi, ca cote bien en 2019? un 4/4.33 donne quoi? un 4.33/4.33 donne quoi? MERCI
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