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  2. Does anyone know why I am not able to upload documents to my UofA OT application? I submitted the application in December and want to upload my transcript and CV, but can't seem to do so when I click on the "upload file" icons. Would anyone be able to help me out with this issue? I thought it'd be quite easy to do so since it says this on the application website: Once an application is submitted and paid for, applicants and referees may continue to upload any outstanding documents until 11:59 p.m. MST on the January 31st application/document deadline. This includes transcripts, CV/Resume, Letter of Intent, Department Checklist, and Reference Forms. After that deadline, the portal will close and any incomplete applications will not be considered for admission. Thanks!
  3. RicardoKaká

    Elective Location - Surgery

    Thanks for your response Bambi. I have been following your posts and you give genuine advice for those interested in pursuing surgical specialties. I find it difficult to spread myself broadly but I suppose after CC3 perhaps I’ll have a better understanding of my interests and the system to help tailor my elective approach. Side question: how important do you think shadowing physicians in the two different fields are? Most of my colleagues are shadowing quite routinely. Although I did this in first year to get a better sense of my interests, in second year with EC involvement, research and studying for upcoming exams, I find it difficult to find time shadowing. Thanks again!
  4. RicardoKaká

    Elective Location - Surgery

    Yes, Otolaryngology I was trying to preserve some level of anonymity, but I guess for the sake of the question, more transparency is required.
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  6. I got an interview for Mac and I was wondering if anyone from Western or London would like to prep with me! They say practicing with a stranger is good!
  7. I got an interview invite for Mac! I was wondering if anyone wanted to practice for the MMI with me since a lot of people recommend doing so with a stranger. I go to Western so if you go there I would be down to meet up, and if not we could skype! PM me if interested.
  8. Hi everyone. I have made a group for interview preparation. We focus on the MMI and the MPI format, so I thought that people that have received invites can benefit from it. You can find the link to join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/373678853384142/
  9. MD.VA

    Interview dates

    Historically it comes out a few days before the posted date - either Monday or Tuesday
  10. Meridian

    U of T medical student convicted of rape

    I assume you really meant that you like to see rapists get what they deserve. Otherwise, why are you wishing to be a med student yourself ?
  11. PharmaLife

    Interview dates

    It's clearly indicated on their website: January 25th
  12. medium fundamental

    Pursuing A Second Degree? What You Need To Know.

    You prereqs can be taken from any point in your schooling. So no, your prereqs don't have to be retaken with the second degree (assuming they are not over 8 years old!). Your second degree will be the degree used as the basis of admission from which your degree cumulative GPA will be calculated and evaluated (ie the one for which you input all the grades in the academic workbook). In the same academic workbook, you will also put your prereq courses and they will be used to calculate your PrereqGPA. source: https://mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/selection-process/academic-evaluation (under the "For university-level applicants" tab, then check "Performance in the basic sciences")
  13. chou

    Uqtr C'est Ici!

    Pas si pire à mon avis.. Car si tu fais un calcul inversé tu trouvera que ta part d'université originait d'environ un 35 (si on prend vaguement 33.5 (entre celle de Laval et de UdeM pour ton total) [78% de 35 + 22% de 27,9 ] =33,5 Donc 35 de Cote R/Laval pour un 4.17 c'est pas mal, donc le 4,3 devrait être un 36.5 = Cela correspond à l'étalon de Laval pour BioMéd. Donc c'est bel et bien considéré comme "BioMéd" peut-importe d'ou il vient ton diplôme.
  14. Bambi

    Elective Location - Surgery

    I would think you would want to do electives where you think you will apply as they will get to know you otherwise than on paper and this will be helpful. You need not spread yourself across the country, but if for example you are in TO, go for an elective out West so all will see that you are truly flexible in location, but pick the location where you will likely apply. There is no way to judge where lightning will strike, I believe there is always a home school advantage. Also, think about where you will want to practice, have family and friends. Networking is important at all stages so consider this aspect as well. It is important to be flexible, I applied to one surgical specialty and 2 other fields, all of which I considered would make for a stimulating career, and I left it to others for the ultimate decision. Obviously, I had to rank my choices but in reality all 3 were equal in my mind. Good luck!
  15. Lactic Folly

    Elective Location - Surgery

    Is this surgical subspecialty typically more competitive than gen surg?
  16. RicardoKaká

    Trying to prep for the CARS section.. tips?

    Id do a low-yield practice test and check your baseline then go from there. As an engineer I'm certain you favour efficacy. Why do more work if you have to? If you have a high baseline, chances are you dont need to overprep for the CARS section. Some other resources to help practice and stimulate the CARS mentality are things like Khan Academy. There are lots out there. If you have extra $$ you can also look into NextStep, Kaplan, TPR, Prep 101 and buy some of their passages/tests. Id try not to use AAMC material and too many practice exams though. But doing 1-2 low-yield ones may help establish your baseline and future planning. Hope that helps - I did my MCAT years ago so I apologize if there are better prep companies out there these days
  17. Wondering thoughts on elective cap for 2021 graduates and elective location whilst pursuing two surgical specialties (GS + 1 surgical sub-specialty). As someone who is interested in two surgical specialties but doesn't have ties to any place in particular for residency, what would be the recommendation for elective selection/location? Currently I am equally interested in General Surgery and a surgical sub-specialty. Would it make sense to equally distribute my electives across the two fields and spread the electives across the country? Note: I am an M2 and thus things could definitely change depending on the programs/schools I am interested in, but just looking for some advice on how someone would organize their electives in the above scenario. Much thanks!
  18. Not to derail the thread or anything but there are some medical schools I know of in Australia (University of Sydney, University of Wollongong, and Griffith University) and also some Canadian schools like McMaster which don't require any pre requisites (why is this? It's a bit puzzling to me). Those Australian schools do need the MCAT but mac only requires CARS. How do students who come from non science backgrounds or hardly have any orgo/biochem/physics manage in med school?
  19. Nemo27

    Manitoba FM dates

    I received the confirmation as well.
  20. JohnGrisham

    Ontario FM more competitive this cycle?

    Not true, has happened in prior years at a number of programs where they do not interview all that apply.
  21. Good luck all, you can do this!
  22. moonwalker2099

    Manitoba FM dates

    Update: Received an email about an hour ago regarding details.
  23. Lactic Folly

    Electives for FM

    3 electives in different fields at your home school makes sense, no need to spend extra to go away for diversification. But 3 electives in the same city in the same field might cast doubt as to the level of interest in other programs.
  24. doodobro

    Skype Interview Practice

    Interested! Where are you located?
  25. Hey guys, I'm planning on writing my MCAT in about a year (currently 2nd year here). I've heard lots and lots about CARS being the hardest section on the exam, and that it's also the hardest section to improve on. Here's a bit about me: I simply don't read a lot of books (and have not in the past). Given the nature of my undergrad (engineering), I was also not forced to read a lot of textbooks. Are there any advice that you guys could give me in order to get myself ready for the CARS section of the exam? Would doing lots of CARS example questions be enough, or should I work on polishing the fundamentals (and start reading humanities passages from now and on). Any tips are welcome
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