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  2. Symphonie

    Pharmacy Assistant

    Basically, le clerk touche uniquement aux médicaments prescrits pour faire payer le patient. Le tech est à l’accueil, crée les dossiers, prépare les Rx, etc. C’est un assistant technique en pharmacie —>ATP
  3. PreDent2018

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    I used Bootcamp, crackthedat and DAT crusher. Personally I found crackthedat to be a waste of money. DATcrusher seemed to be the most accurate representation of the real DAT.
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  5. Title. More applicants too and more interview spots.
  6. https://news.ontario.ca/maesd/en/2019/01/affordability-of-postsecondary-education-in-ontario.html Restoring financial sustainability to OSAP Under the previous government, OSAP had grown into a program that was fiscally unsustainable. A recent report from the Auditor General notes that by 2020-21 OSAP could cost the province over $2 billion - a 50 per cent net increase from spending in 2016-17. In fact, the cost of OSAP is already $2 billion in 2018-19 alone. The Auditor General's report also highlighted concerns with the way OSAP was administered under the previous government. The report supports the urgent need for financial sustainability, so future generations of Ontario's students can access financial support for postsecondary education. For the 2019-20 school year, OSAP will: Continue to provide grants to students with the greatest financial need; Ensure that students who receive OSAP are those who have shown they have financial need and eliminate the non-needs-based portion of the Ontario Student Grant; Increase the share of funds going to low income families from 69 to 72 per cent; Ensure 82 per cent of grants will go to students with a family income of less than $50,000, up from 76 per cent under the previous government; Reduce the family income thresholds associated with eligibility for the Ontario Student Grant, provide some provincial loans to low-income students and increase the per-term cap for the Ontario Student Loan; Base the calculation for student financial assistance on a contribution from students that reflects the recent increase to minimum wage and increase and restore parental contribution rates back to 2017-18 amounts; Make the computer allowance reflect a one-time purchase, rather than an expense eligible for each year of study; Change the definition of independent student for Ontario aid to a student who has been out of school for six years, up from four years, with parental income factored into the OSAP needs assessment for students up to six years out of high school, to address concerns outlined in the recent Auditor General's report; Change the grant-to-loan ratio to a minimum of 50 per cent loan from Ontario for students in second-entry programs (e.g. post-graduate college certificates, graduate degrees, law, etc.) at publicly-assisted Ontario institutions and for students attending institutions outside of Ontario; Maintain the current $25,000 annual income threshold for the Repayment Assistance Plan, ensuring that students can get on their feet after school before they need to start repaying their loan; and Align Ontario's repayment terms with that of the federal government by charging interest during the six-month grace period, to reduce complexity for students.
  7. Je te conseil vraiment d'aller faire ces programmes à l'UdM pour pouvoir bénéficier du 0,5 supplémentaire lors de ta prochaine admission.
  8. liuqiba

    More females than males in medicine?

    Found it for those interested: https://journals.lww.com/academicmedicine/Fulltext/2017/06000/Are_Female_Applicants_Rated_Higher_Than_Males_on.46.aspx an interesting discussion about true differences in performance or perhaps the self-fulfilling prophecy...
  9. liuqiba

    More females than males in medicine?

    Interestingly, from listening to Dr. Walker's podcast at U of Calgary, he stated that they found women perform significantly better than men in the MMI format. I think he mentioned they published (or were going to publish) the data, I'll see if I can find it. Perhaps a more natural ability to express empathy?
  10. It's okay! I was not expecting an interview based on my stats This year they did not release the interview cut offs but last year they did. Not entirely sure why.
  11. I’m a bit worried as I have many experiences but felt I wasn’t able to show them as well on my personal statements with such a small character count- I do feel they are shown well on the CV. Does anyone know if both documents are evaluated equally?
  12. Sorry to hear that. I haven't heard of any success stories, but there is no harm trying. Just tell your friend to be prepared for a re-write. I have no clue how scores are calculated, but I have heard many who had scores just barely above the passing mark. 4 points may seem "little" on the surface, but it may actually be quite far away from the passing mark in reality.
  13. rmorelan

    More females than males in medicine?

    Quite true - that is a big part of it. There is also persistent biases to several other fields (high technology fields for instance) towards men - there has to be a counter point to that somewhere, i.e. women have to be going somewhere. That isn't to imply cause and effect mind you - it is more complex than just men/women prefer different fields and/or squeezed out of others. A more useful statistic I think is what this the ultimate acceptance rate/number that apply into medicine of applicants by gender. If those are the same you don't have an institutional bias at acceptance/interview stages at least.
  14. bins

    Vancouver vs Toronto vs Edmonton???

    Second that Edmonton is too cold. From my experience (having a bunch of friends from Vancouver and living in Toronto), they've both got big city vibes to them. But I would say Toronto is better than Vancouver if you're looking for an exciting big city. Canada is stupid big and my friends in Vancouver miss out on being able to travel to Quebec (Montreal). Toronto can get a bit like a trash dump sometimes in terms of impersonal big city feel, but it is very lively and has a SHIT TON to do there. I'm from Ottawa and I travel to Toronto 5+ times every year. Toronto also has the advantage of having some of the best research and hospitals in Canada. I'm not sure about Vancouver. It is lacking on the nature, especially compared to Vancounver, but it's not bare... it has a beach, a boardwalk, a few large parks... but you won't find much green downtown. I got in a few lovely bike rides down the beach! Also, I'm biased but you could also consider Ottawa definitely not a big city, but it's "boring" reputation is becoming more and more wrong. It is also a quick stop to Montreal if you want to go to any large concerts or festivals. It's also much cheaper. It has a decent nightlife, I've always found new stuff to do, and it's a very beautiful city with a lot of green. If you want more detail about Toronto or Ottawa, I can tell you! I just didn't want to write an essay. EDIT: My friend just looked at me and laughed and said Toronto does everything better than Vancouver. She's from Vancouver.
  15. yampotato

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    how do you guys study for the PAT section?? I've used DATbootcamp, DAT crusher and crack the DAT for the Novemebr 2018 test. But I don't think I can afford DATbootcamp this time, so I only have DAT crusher and crack the DAT, is that enough? What other resources should I use?
  16. 1D7

    More females than males in medicine?

    There are more women than men in university (especially in premedical/health type degrees), so it's not abnormal to see more women than men in medical school.
  17. I was just curious. I was looking at some medical school stats and have noticed that over recent years although it is almost equal there’s been more females than males in medicine. This isn’t meant to be a sexist comment I’m all for it but I was just curious as to why that might be. Are they purposely trying to get more females in or are females just starting to become more interested in medicine than males?
  18. sympatheticsystem

    U of T medical student convicted of rape

    Why are you getting so upset, like I am genuinely confused. And yeah I figured as much, + the court process was a really long time and I had an inkling that her status would give her some kind of advantage over me, even though I was really pushed to do it. And I mean you can’t really say that someone you personally works harder than someone you don’t but alright, like I said I’m sure she works very hard. But hey man there are also people who work 3 jobs to make a living... they dont work hard? If we’re talking ignorance that’s a pretty ignorant comment in my personal opinion. But I’m getting confused with stories now, before you said she hates it and blames you for not warning her about it but now she’s less salty than you and does everything for her patients. Oh well, but eh, teach their own; enjoy your dinner man! And thanks! Sorry if I struck a nerve or something because apparently I did
  19. deeman101

    U of T medical student convicted of rape

    I am an advocate of medical trainee wellness and I do not think it's appropriate to destroy a individual for not knowing better. But if I were to totally shatter someone (and believe me I've been taught by the country's best), it would be for someone displaying the same level of ignorance and hubris as you. As that is the qualities in a physician that actually leads to patient deaths. As you are not a medical trainee yet, it's not really worth my time. I'm glad you didn't die. But just try suing your doctor. You'll see how rigged that system is and how strong the CMPA is. There's a reason why physician lawsuits have an astoundingly low conviction rate in Canada. And that's mostly if someone actually dies. But this is now going into the flaws of Canadian health care, which is totally another can of worms. Ironically it's the surgeons that have the most liability from lawsuits because you literally have to physically and intentionally harm someone to really be in hot water. I mean like inscribe your initials on the liver intra-op as an "I wuz here!" Everything else is attributable to the fog of medicine and clinical judgement. My wife does work hard. Harder than any janitor you or I know. She is literally one of the best doctors I know and has saved hundreds to thousands of patients from morbidity and mortality and is a role model for medical students and residents in any specialty. She works 12+ hours a day and constantly thinks about whether she had done all she can for her patients even after coming home. She even manages to be less salty than me even though we both are about equally fed up with the BS of medicine. She's finally home from clinic so I'm going to have dinner with her now instead of wasting more time with you. Good luck in life!
  20. Medapps

    Retaking MCAT

    I only see 7 day trial on their website
  21. Wow! Reading that article, you can't help but see the dark side of all this.
  22. dockerr

    2019 MMI Prep

    I tried emailing and got no reply. If people want to email me at mahonr@myumanitoba.ca I can set up an iMessage/kik/Whatsapp group!
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