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  2. JohnGrisham

    IMG and CARMS residency

    Or you can buy your way out of the contract. Not that i agree with ROS anyways, but if you can buy your way out...whats the point?
  3. Hi there, Wondering about what clinical rotations are available at Queen's and how they are assigned. Are they tough to get in Kingston itself? What are the rotations in Kingston - KGH, I presume, mainly, any at the HDH? What are the odds that I will need a rotation outside of town, car, apartment, etc. Thanks in advance
  4. dentdreams101

    dent Mcgill

    Salut! est ce que il y a du monde qui sont acceptes en med dent a mcgill, mais qui attendent des reponses de U de M?
  5. Alex.M.D

    DMD 2019

    I havent gotten back anything from MedP McGill. I was accepted into Med so I guess they took off my name off the waiting list. Best of luck to you all.
  6. haenurplaza

    Pharmacie ou Optométrie?

    Merci beaucoup de ta réponse! De plus, si t'es en opto, j'aimerais aussi savoir certaines choses de plus si ca te dérange pas (i.e. combien d'heures de cours par jour à peu près, comment les stages sont évalués, s'il y a de l'APP, combien d'élèves par classe en moyenne, comment est la dynamique de classe, etc.) Merci encore, ce serait super si tu peux répondre à mes questions!
  7. LawStudent24

    Opto 2019

    Félicitations à tous les nouveaux admis ! Voici votre groupe Facebook où on va vous transmettre toutes les infos importantes pour l'année, notamment concernant les activités d'accueil !! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2373803102851462/ Pour ceux qui attendent encore une réponse, il ne faut pas se décourager. Les réponses s'echelonnent durant tout l'été, et certains sont même acceptés après le début des cours. Hésitez pas si vous avez des questions !
  8. Thank you for your kind words, everyone. I'm so grateful - and in part relieved it's not just me. Honestly, it's been really challenging watching everyone around me get in. I'm happy for my friends, I'm happy for my acquaintances, but there's a huge narrative about "having one interview but making it count" or how easy it is once you have an interview/how it just basically guarantees an acceptance as long as you're not a shitty human being with a bad/boring personality. Honestly, I've had so many weird responses to everything that just crush my heart a little bit. Two people laughed when I told them I didn't get in and then told me to tell them the truth. That was awkward. A few other acquaintances told me how they got in and how "Yeah, it's basically impossible to get an interview but once you do you're set, unless you're like, a keener with no personality". I get it. I'm happy for you but man, do I wish you'd stop talking right now. I don't share anything until I'm asked but I'm just so tired of people saying that kind of stuff to my face. I know it's not the truth but it just feels like people are laughing about me and how insanely dumb this is, that I couldn't even get in with so many chances given to me. I'm so, so relieved it's not just me, as ridiculous as that might be. Some part of me was just really questioning if there is something incredibly obvious wrong with me, if it's funny to even try to apply again given that post-interview rejections to this extent aren't the norm, if everyone else is seeing something I've been blind to. I couldn't afford an interview coach this year but I guess since I'll be working this year, it'll be an investment in the next year. I've wanted to do medicine for...4 or 5 years now. You guys are right - I have a better read on that than admissions committees do after 1 hour each and this represents a snapshot in time. With luck and practice, maybe things will change. Who knows? Maybe things will even work out this year. I have a shot on two waitlist (for the last school, a better waitlist exists so I doubt it'll go this far). But realistically, any Canadian school is a great school, and two of them would be okay with me, and who knows where things will go in a few weeks. If not this week, then next year. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.
  9. Almar14

    DMD 2019

    Bonjour, j'aimerais savoir ceux qui sont universitaire et qui se désistent de DMD Ulaval! Un de mes bons amis est 2e sur la liste! Hâte de voir! Bonne chance à tous!
  10. veveve

    Opto 2019

    Je pense qu’on a encore des chances d’avoir une offre. Ceux ayant reçu une offre ont jusqu’au 25 pour l’accepter ou la refuser donc des places devraient se libérer!! Ne perd pas espoir
  11. Today
  12. Girly

    Opto 2019

    Donc à ce stade c’est soit refus ou LA... os de chance d’avoir une offre ?
  13. Monkey D. Luffy

    Where are you at underprivileged population?

    My parents were very supportive but didn't have the means to provide me any financial help. I was personally fortunate to be able to get a couple of grants/scholarships so that I didn't have to work during school (but I did either work full time or do paid research every summer). If I didn't seek out and eventually win those scholarships, I would have needed a part time job while studying and avoiding this situation at all costs was my main driving factor. It was discouraging to see peers that didn't have to plan out these things at all and could solely focus on GPA, volunteering, etc. while still getting to go on nice vacations during their breaks to "de-stress" while I had to go back to work, but ultimately you just need to focus on yourself (I know, easier said than done). Put your head down and work smart for a few years, and once you get in you are set for life. Plan out some days every week or two to spend on yourself to maintain your own mental health so you don't get burnt out. Unfortunately I think that's the needed mindset for us minority of people that get in from disadvantaged backgrounds. It's challenging, and unfair, but it is doable. Happy to chat further if you have any questions or need to get anything off your chest.
  14. haenurplaza

    Opto 2019

    25, donc ce samedi!
  15. veveve

    Opto 2019

    Je sais c’est Ordinaire de leur part... mais quand on y pense, la liste d’attente contient un nombre fixe de personne donc ils doivent attendre de savoir si accepte/refuse leur offre pour après savoir qui va être sur la liste d’attente et finalement ils vont envoyés les derniers refus (ceux qui ne font pas parti de la liste d’attente). Je ne pense pas qu’ils font exprès, je pense juste qu’ils veulent laisser la chance à tout le monde et attendre d’avoir le plus de réponse possible!
  16. Girly

    Opto 2019

    Mais s’ils avaient d’autre refus à envoyer pourquoi ils ne l’auraient pas déjà envoyés ? Pourquoi attendre ?? Tout ça est vrm weird
  17. Being in a rural location when you have no desire to be there is terrible. I live that reality every day. The solution to rural healthcare is likely some mix of increasing primary care (family docs mostly and NPs in the case of small remote villages) and reducing infrastructure and concentrating specialists (honestly, rural healthcare where you try to offer advanced care in rural areas is a HUGE money pit that is likely unsustainable in our current system). That's the conclusion myself and many of the other physicians in my province have come to. Unfortunately, political will is lacking because the needed action is political suicide (need to be re-elected, gotta get that sweet pension).
  18. hiyayosup

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    Dude...You're freaking me out...
  19. ROS agreements vary by province. The Ontario one is very very loose in its rules. Also, with the exception of Northern Ontario, what is called "rural" in Ontario would hardly qualify as rural in many other parts of the country.
  20. Je me pose la même question!
  21. veveve

    Opto 2019

    Malheureusement je pense que oui. Il y a 2 ans j’ai reçu le mien le 19 et là c’était la fds donc c’était fermé :/
  22. Girly

    Opto 2019

    Est-il encore possible de recevoir un refus ?
  23. How is the coursework at Western? It seems like others I speak to from other schools say coursework is heavily theoretical and research based versus practice. Is this similar at Western? Have you had a chance to enter placements? If so, how are placements determined? What do you enjoy about placements. What can be improved? How is the program culture? How does your cohort and faculty get along. How is it organized? Any other major highlights or concerns you can share? Thank you for your consideration. Take care.
  24. MedsHousing.com

    St. George Housing

    You can try www.MedsHousing.com as seen in CFMS (Canadian Federation of Medical Students ) "Review" Journal. Also recommended in the UofT PGME orientation manual and multiple medical schools across Canada and US. It is a local Canadian startup. The ads are screened as best can be given the tools. You still must do your due diligence. There is also a private FB page " to join "MedsHousing Canadian Roommate Board" . You can post and connect with other medical trainees. FYI: You must answer the screening questions to be accepted.. Re scammers: There are literally hundreds of creative scammers. They are very skilled. Here are some tips to ferret out scammers: ALWAYS Google: phone numbers if provided email addresses (you may find they have posted on multiple housing web sites in various countries and cities) *Red Flag* Google the landlord or contact name Ask for a SKYPE or Facetime conversation and tour google the text used to advertise. Often it is copied directly from a sales ad or a legitimate rental site. use your common sense. If there is a view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background and the listing is for Edmonton *Red Flag* ALWAYS Google the address and see what comes up ask for references of multiple previous tenants (medical is ideal) ask for proof of ownership or written approval of owner to rent or sublet (often bylaws in condos do not allow for sublet or AirBNB) also a classic scam is as follows: Scammer rents an AIrBNB. They take photos and post on Craigslist and kijiji for an unreasonably low price=encouraging crowds to want the property. (frequent in Toronto and Vancouver) Scammer offers appointments. Scammers may have friends line up to put pressure on prospects. Prospect feels pressure, fills in lease, pays first and last or a deposit, returns move in date and no such property exists. We have run into many people who have been scammed this way. Google "Rental scams CBC " Rental scams AirBNB" and you will see the creativity of these criminals. good Luck! Happy to answer any questions.
  25. AcceptMePlz123

    OT University of Manitoba

    I haven’t started the program yet. But I got accepted with a 4 yr Bsc (hons), GPA of 4.0, and work experience with adults living with disabilities. I found everyone very friendly at the interview. I applied only to U of M because I’m in province and I want to stay in Manitoba.
  26. Hi everyone! Saw this on a lot of the other threads for various schools and wanted to make one here.
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