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  2. garceyues

    OMSAS confusion

    I do not have my MCAT score yet. Will this effect my ability to select/see that option? I do not see the "My reports" area in the drop down menu on the MCAT reporting site.
  3. This. And I think there might be an online version of the dentalschoolexplorer book some where online
  4. I'm really surprised. Usually the NPs play nice with residents. It's impossible to address as an individual. If you complain to the university, they don't really care. They give you lip service but have no interest in really fixing the problem as they care more about academic staff than residents or med students. And if the staff finds out about the complaint you are at very high risk of retaliatory vindictice actions (by that staff or others) or being specifically targeted with in the future. And that risks your future career. Unfortunately the safest thing overall in most situations is to shut your mouth and take the abuse so that you can finish residency and move on with your life.
  5. I would say the content on DATCrusher is much better than bootcamp, especially because crusher is meant for the Canadian DAT and has printable PAT generators which are significantly better than bootcamp’s generators. lol In fact I had 7-8 biol and chem questions on the real DAT that were from Crusher. Besides Crusher, there's also DATDestroyer which is an amazing learning tool that truly helped me master the chemistry section.. @Anita1010 Most of the resources out there are meant for the American DAT so I would be careful with what you choose since there are differences between the American and Canadian DAT. And I would recommend gooing on CDA's website and checking out the list of topics that will show up on the Canadian DAT and then do content review on those topics regardless of the resource that you use. Once you've done your main content review, I would recommend doing practice tests every 1-2 weeks leading up to the Canadia DAT. Best of luck!
  6. Resident. Yeap it did happen. I am off-service for general surgery, and the NP in question was fairly senior. I didn't take it personally. They are definitely even worse with the medical students. It's very difficult to address intimidation in clerkship & residency, as you know that these individuals are evaluating you and are above you, which is unfortunate.
  7. Are you a resident or a med student? I can't imagine an NP ever yelling at a resident. Med students on the other hand.... Either way, medicine has way to many self important moody dickheads. It's worse in academic centers in my experience. It would never be tolerated in most other industries.
  8. Today
  9. Hi! On Omsas, it says that your entries will be sorted chronologically within each category, but as I am entering in my stuff, its not being chronologically sorted. Will this happen only after Ive submitted it the application or do I have to now go back and manually do it myself? Thanks for your help!
  10. thanks @vino ! How about my MCAT?
  11. So what I'm getting out of this is that no matter what, we have to in some way put either hr/month or hr/week. There is no choice to do total.
  12. medicineandchill

    Inputting Number of Hours on Application

    Sorry, I'm just a bit confused by this. Is it okay to put total hours in general (ie. 285 hours) for volunteer work and then for work say 8 hrs/week?
  13. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Course Level Question

    Hey, thanks for the reply. I am not in a coop program. Am I ineligible to apply to Ottawa then?
  14. SomethingCool

    Omsas scale

    UWO alum here, This I am sure has been answered time and time again but to find your OMSAS GPA, you generally take the grade in each class in the year and divide by number of credits. That's for OMSAS, some other schools use your average in %. When I calculate GPA, single semester courses count as 1 and full year courses count twice (look at the example below). With your grades (your 6 credits is a full year presumably, I'll refer to it accordingly) this is how I'd do it using the OMSAS scale for uwo: Course 1 = 94 (full-year, count it twice) = 4.0*2 Course 2 = 80 = 3.7*2 Course 3 = 82 = 3.7 Calculate the GPA for each course, then at the end divide by 10 (where each single semester course contributes 1 to the denominator and full-year courses each contribute 2 to denom) If my assumptions on your credit hours are correct, your omsas undergrad gpa for that year is 3.79. For cumulative GPA you do the above for each year, summate them, and then divide by total number of years. Now I'm just curious, why are you getting your grades in lecture/semester hours and not as 0.5 and 1.0 credits? Whats your major?
  15. VictorLin0725

    Residency based on University Location?

    Ha, great place to live for sure...just not my cup of tea
  16. En ce moment, je suis en kinésiologie dans le but d'augmenter mes notes et j'ai quelques questions à propos des cours que j'ai et surtout des examens. Je vous demande s'ils y a des personnes qui puissent m'éclairer Mes cours sont les suivants: Physiologie de l'exrcice, Anatomie fonctionnelle, Intervention individuelle et de groupe, Méthode de recherche en kinésiologie
  17. Kin1822

    Cours Kinésiologie

    Est-ce que tu te rappelle un peu de la répartition pour chaque examen (choix multiple, développement long ou court, problème de statistique)?
  18. I had the same experience, but was yelled by the NPs in surgery. I didn't take it personally, but I could see how surviving in an high-stress environment with heavy workload could change one's personality.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Seriously yeah.... It's truly a loser behavior to belittle more junior trainees. Talking about which, I just got yelled at by a staff recently for no good reason. That staff is known to have wild mood swings changing by the fraction of a second, so I didn't really care. As a junior resident, I still get amazed every now and then by some people in the medical profession (negatively speaking in this case).
  21. JohnGrisham

    Paying for US med school tuition?

    Is ontario not giving you anything? My friends seem to get quite a bit OSAP and half-grants built in, much more than 60k over 4 years BC is giving the poster above you. Thats <15k per year, and i dont think BC gives much in grants.
  22. and many of the mean I wouldn't say are in the middle of no where either - but each to their own
  23. The Ace of Spades

    Residency based on University Location?

    Hey now... I'm actually quite fond of the prairies...
  24. dumbebell

    Omsas scale

    So how will this given year be counted? 6 credits: 94 6 credits: 80 3 credits: 82 3 credit: 92 3 credit: 81 3 credits: 82 3 credita: 82 3 credits: 80 If I avg them, its 84.6!
  25. Does anyone know if you can submit your application before your references upload their letters? Will they still be able to upload it if you do submit, or should I just wait?
  26. Yah, to be honest it is kinda discouraging when you see the gpa average for some of these students, and I was there before I got into pharmacy, Thanks for the support though
  27. drager

    OMSAS confusion

    If you go where you can see your mcat scores on the mcat reporting site. There is tab on the top called "My reports" from the drop-down menu, there is something called send scores electronically. From that page, search "Ontario", it will have the abbreviated OMSAS spelled out, click and send scores.
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