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  2. Mike5534

    Reference Lettre

    Has anyone had their references verified yet?
  3. Wonder if there'll be a reactionary increase in Radiology applications next year for 2020. Happened just a few years ago when there was a nadir and everyone was saying the golden days for Rads were irrefutably over. Also interested to see how this relatively newfound interest in Pathology will trend!
  4. mdent

    perdu dans le CRU

    Salut, petite question, est ce que pour les demandes dadmissions cest toute lannee qui va compter dans la CRU ou toutes les session jusqua la session d’automne (par exemple si j’applique cette annee, est ce que cest slmnt ma session d’automne qui compte pour l’admission ou ma session d’automne et ma session d’hiver)? Merci bcp!!
  5. LittleDaisy

    quebec and carms

    I did my medical training in Quebec French schools, the majority of my classmates all prefer to stay within Quebec. I only left because of the bills 20 & 130 and the overwhelming politics. Regardless, as per posts above, only a small portion of French medical students choose to match OOP. McGill is another story. I don't think that you should target Quebec medical students per say, rather than why each province's Ministry of Health is so stringent on financing potentially more residency positions? I don't see why financing more Family Medicine positions in first round of CaRMS in Ontario would be so hard for the government to do?
  6. Which schools say that? Or was it just an ORPAS thing?
  7. Symphonie

    perdu dans le CRU

    Oui les cours préparatoires comptent dans ta CRU. Tes cours en langue française compteront aussi, mais j’ignore avec quel IFG. Ma réponse ne concerne que l’UdeM.
  8. Do you know when Western posted this policy on their website? I am wondering about those that completed second degrees before the policy was posted (if they did not know about second degree course level requirements)
  9. Aetherus

    quebec and carms

    From purely legal stand point, there is absolutely no way to ban anyone from going through CaRMS based on geography if they have the appropriate credentials. All North American MD schools are licensed by the same body abd therefore are considered equivalent. That is way USMG can apply in the first iteration. Your suggestion is also inflammatory and would only temporized the problem without addressing the root cause. Not to mention that it would cause a lot of other problems.
  10. Hey! For anyone looking to get 1-on-1 help, I'm an upper year student at UBC offering mock MMI sessions for this application cycle. I'm hoping to take around 10-20 students this time around like last year. If you'd like to know more information please shoot me a PM. I'm going to do things a lot structured this time around and have planned sessions specifically geared towards improving important qualities I feel medical schools are looking for. I have helped students prep for schools across Canada last year both MMI and traditional formats. I prefer to have these sessions in-person but I am available through Skype. If anyone is looking to get a head start on things, let me know, I would be able to start helping before the holidays! Thanks!
  11. dumbebell

    MMI partner (online practice)

    I am interested as well
  12. For McMaster it is 90% not 95%.
  13. Salumer


    Hi guys, If anybody is aware of any interview preparation resources, plZ share. Thank you
  14. KeyzerSoze

    Advice On Dropping A Course

    Well I ended doing fine in anatomy but I ended up getting 80 in another course (pharm) lmao. So that's 30% of my mark gone. If I drop it I lose weighting for UofT, and I won't be able to stay in med sci anymore, but I REALLY don't want an 80 in a full year course. Ugh. Christ, look at my neurotic ass. Devastated at an 80%. Like I think I need a drink tonight after finding out I got an 80.
  15. destiny deoxys

    Science biomed

    Exact, pharmaco je dirait pas non sauf lol
  16. Neurology! In demand. Highly flexible. Lots of hopsital demand...or setup your own clinic pretty much anywhere and have a 6 month waiting list in no time.....or so I've heard :P.
  17. Yes definitely anyone in medicine is doing great compared to others. I've met more than a few recent FM grads who are a bit disillusioned by city based practices, definitely FM is still doing great no doubt, but i think some people have overexaggerated expectations etc. Thats all. Hence why i said it depends on how you want your practice to be.
  18. Salut tout monde! J'aimrais de clarifier quelque choise et j'éspere que qqn peut m'aider. J'ai mal compri quel sont les cours univérsitaires comptes dans le calcule de CRU. Par exemple, est-ce que tous les notes prèts en concidération de n'est port quel program? Meme si j'ai GPA 4 sur 4 en BAC de science et puis j'ai pris quel que courses dans le programme de certificate de la langue francaise (je ne suis pas fracophone) dans une universite et si ne fait pas bien dans ces cours cela va diminuer le CRU? De plus, est-ce que les cours preparatoires sont inclues dans le calcule de CRU? Merci bbc!
  19. You can, but the problem is you will find it a very uphill battle to find a residency in Canada. The competition is very fierce and there are many people that are more preferred by program directors. It is very possible that you will not find a residency that will take you and your skills will get worse and worse. It is very common for physicians who immigrate to Canada to never work as physicians again.
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  21. tere

    quebec and carms

    I'm not disputing what you're saying and I'm fully aware of the changes that have occurred. Nonetheless, to be completely accurate and precise, the changes (and OPs proposed ban) are (and would) most effecting McGill rather than other QC grads. Even your bolded statement doesn't capture the difference in migration across schools (63% staying In-province for McGill vs 94/99/99 for other three). While many McGill grads will be bilingual, this isn't a necessity; the same can be said for grads of French-speaking programs. In short, ultimately these types of measures would more harm the English-speaking minority in QC; however, minorities seem to be taking flack these days.
  22. la marzocco

    quebec and carms

    I have always been an advocate for that each province should themselves maintain a 1:20:1 ratio. But, you need to be aware of the political climate that has been driving Quebec grads out of the province with numerous controversial bills (Bill 20 and Bill 130). This has been a major driver as to why things have changed in the past decade in terms of interprovincial moves.
  23. tere

    quebec and carms

    I don't think there's much to be balanced about - it was a pretty inflammatory post. My point was pretty simple - if you actually look at the numbers, there's hardly any QC graduates that do leave, except perhaps McGill graduates. The logic you are suggesting can also applied to USMGs within the AFMC document. In either case, there's only a marginal effect. As a side, the current QC premier and other politicans have long been unhappy about med grads leaving QC (esp McGill) and have in the past suggested financial penalties. So perhaps there's some common ground between the OP and premier. https://www.ledevoir.com/politique/quebec/357986/les-medecins-qui-quittent-le-quebec-doivent-rembourser-l-etat-dit-legault Perhaps a more constructive way to look at the issue is to look at the provincial ratio of residency spots/med students. UBC and Memorial are famously 1:1 and Ontario is about that. NS is well above that at about 1.5:1, if I recall correctly.
  24. MSc/Graduate level coursework are not included in the GPA calculations for OT/PT schools in Ontario but it does makes an impact. On the school's website, it states "we will certainly be interested in your prior success at the graduate level and encourage you to apply" so talk about your MSc in your personal statement and how this has prepared you for OT/PT school.
  25. la marzocco

    quebec and carms

    You can't just ban graduates from a particular province from entering carms outside their province. Quebec medical graduates are more bilingual than anglophones from ROC so that's why they can match ROC as well as to their francophone schools. And tbh, they have to write an English language test for some residency programs in ROC as well (e.g., UBC). If your French is up to snuff, by all means apply to the 3 French schools for residency, no one is stopping you. We need to stop this divisive language. To that end, why not each province administer it's own match then? You really go against the grain of ensuring mobility across the province and ensuring the best match between candidates and programs nationally. To be balanced, I understand @#YOLO's logic, @tere. The report released by AFMC reads: "There is a higher proportion of Quebec graduates who match outside of Quebec than graduates from the rest of Canada who match to a residency program in Quebec." Read the notes please: "Compared to all other provinces, Quebec has the lowest percentage of its matched applicants leaving to a position outside Quebec in 2017; almost 90% of Quebec graduates matched to a residency program within the province." Please stop misinformation and be happy about the vibrant bilingualism this country offers.
  26. To your recommendation, I just the career centre to no avail.
  27. I am currently finishing an MSc coursework-based Kinesiology after obtaining a BSc Honours kinesiology degree from the University of Waterloo. I was wondering if having a Masters degree aids in admission to OT or PT in any of the Ontario school programs, or if the it makes no impact on the schools decision for admission. Thank you in advance
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