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  2. You crazy haha. Although tbh your first score was probably better since more programs care about the verbal.
  3. Je connais des personnes qui ont appliqué en médecine et qui ont reçu leur refus mais je ne sais pas si en médecine vétérinaire aussi ils donnent les refus plus tôt? Sinon ça va sûrement être en début mai qu'on reçoit nos réponses
  4. Frederick Sanger

    Looking for a MPI Coach

    I have been running a group in Toronto and have some 300+ hours of practice giving feedback to 100+ people. If you like, send me a message. I'm happy to coach.
  5. Ben non, je pense pas qu'ils sortent aucune réponse avant mai, l'année où ils avaient sorti leur réponse avant, ce fut le bordel. Je pense tout simplement que Cmon90 voulait dire que peut-être vers la fin mars on aurait une idée de quand les réponses seront émises. De toute façon ils ne doivent même pas avoir tous les résultats de Casper en main, moi je l'ai fait le 5 mars donc...il faut malheureusement attendre.
  6. Meridian

    Weird EC's?

    You could include them as ECs but I would not include the name "sniper" or maybe even "Call of duty." I would also combine the first 2 as it is too similar. So something like: Online game community - administrator, GFX artist, moderator Hockeybuzz.com - moderator, blogger - member base 10,000
  7. Leah4sci videos on YouTube. Online MedEd Osmosis Youtube in general.
  8. Butterfly_

    Weird EC's?

    I find your EC’s hella interesting and awesome. They also allowed you to build important skills. Most importantly, the ECs make you standout :)! I’d totally put them on there. I had weird ECs too: pigeon farming, travel agent. Worked out just fine Good luck on your application!
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  10. Does anyone know when is the target date of admission/rejection for the IMG program? I think in the presentation they said the 19th. Can anyone confirm if that's true?
  11. les décisions de médecine vétérinaire 2019 sont déjà sorties?
  12. Anatomical Pathology: Diagnostic Radiology: Sherbrooke (March 15) Emergency Medicine: Family Medicine: McGill - Gatineau (March 14), Dalhousie (March 15th), Ottawa (March 15, March 16), Saskatoon (March 15), Sherbrooke - Moncton (March 16), Queen's (March 18) General Pathology: Hematological Pathology: Internal Medicine: NOSM (March 17) Medical Genetics and Genomics: Medical Microbiology: Neurology: Neurology-Pediatric: Neuropathology:  Nuclear Medicince: Pediatrics: Psychiatry: Sherbrooke - Moncton (March 15) Public Health and Preventive Medicine: Vascular Surgery
  13. Premed_Girl

    Please help with school list for USMD!!

    I've applied to Canadian schools already but would like to get my States application prepared for next cycle as well, that's why I need help putting together a list Also, just because I have the GPA doesn't mean that I will get into those schools and want to maximize my chances for the next cycle. Do you have any suggestions?
  14. medhopeful11

    IP Waitlist 2019

    Does anyone know if they email or call to inform you a spot has opened?
  15. Mellow Pharaoh

    Weird EC's?

    Premier Sniper League 2014-2015 Player base of 300 Online Call of Duty based community for competitive e-sniping, Moderator, Lead GFX Artist, Administrator. - Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Managing Tournaments & rankings, spectate matches and review match results (esp. when dilemma's between teams arise), designing logos and banners, creating update videos, reviewing & uploading content, managing staff, upholding bans on hackers (not joking with this as it got to such a bad point that a ban list was needed lol), and managing the website. Competitive Sniping League 2017-2018 Player base of about 1,000 Online Call of Duty based community for competitive e-sniping, Moderator, Lead GFX Artist - Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Managing Tournaments & rankings, spectate matches and review match results (esp. when dilemma's between teams arise), designing logos and banners. I feel like both of these experiences really introduced me to new people, exposed me to unique experiences, and taught me a whole lot about leadership & responsibility. Not to mention the skills you pick up are something that I'll have forever (design and familiarity with C4D/Photoshop is something that was expanded upon after I was introduced to it back in 2011 by a fellow competitive player). They also taught me a lot in terms of dealing with people and being able to decipher problematic situations. Not to mention you have to grow a thick skin in order to take on the heat from some people that can be a pain to deal with (*shudders* remembering some horrific Skype calls I've gotten). Hockeybuzz.com 2013 - Present Member base of 10,000 Hockey Forums website to discuss, blog about, and read everything about hockey, Moderator, Blogger - Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Moderating posts and posters, as well as writing up blogs. This experience has led me to create bonds and ties with people that have a common interest in Hockey, as well as upholding responsibility in creating a good environment to discuss hockey-related matters. It has given me a platform to develop and get better at argumentation, as well as develop my passion for Hockey. The question remains though. Do you think these EC's are too weird to include or exactly what a unique EC would consist of? Any input would be appreciated!
  16. Si tu vas voir dans les autres forums, tu pourras voir que j'ai déjà parlé de mon refus à uLaval! Je m'attends à être convoquée à l'udem. Aucune idée si les refus ont commencé à sortir pour cette université, mais je n'ai vu personne poster pour dire qu'ils avaient eu un refus!
  17. Good luck this week everyone
  18. hopefuldentist22

    Selling a Kaplan Course

    Selling a Kaplan course worth $2499, fill out your bid here https://goo.gl/forms/SIHfv75Y9cOv2DaY2
  19. You probably have little chance at this stage, however, applying anyhow is a good idea, if for no other reason, to immerse yourself in the application process with which you become intimately familiar! The devil is in the details and it is helpful to have one application cycle under your belt so as to make you a more informed applicant when it is really important. Applying is a marketing mission and one learns how to improve the application from experience. Therefore, I recommend that you go for it!
  20. Mansi@30

    Why is everyone here French?

    could you please explain your question..?
  21. hero147

    Deferring Graduation Opinion

    It is a little bit late but you could have also applied to Canada and US at the same time. The Canadian match happens first so if you didn't match to ortho (or a backup) this year in Canada, you still would've had a shot in the US. Just something to think about for the coming year. And I think you'd have to reach out to your supervisor or program to determine whether or not delaying your masters would be feasible. I think these are on a very university and program specific.
  22. I have read posts about similar feelings among med students as well. The "goal" was to get into medicine and after that, they did not find much motivation. This, combined with long hours + some unsatisfying rotations did not make for a great experience. However, this is just the experience of select few that I have read online. In your case, I think it would help to do some introspection about WHY I want to do medicine (rather than what if I do medicine). You also have not finished your master's degree yet, so most of your view of your profession comes from select few placements. Maybe take some time to explore areas of your field that you enjoy and gauge whether you see yourself working in that area + being happy in that role. Pursuing medicine is something that you should think about long and hard as it is an important commitment (time-wise + financially + emotionally). You don't want it to end up being the same thing as your master's program (getting in and feeling like you've already reached your goal). Just two cents of someone who also completed a master's degree in health field + worked in that area + is now applying to medical school All the best! You can PM me if you want to talk about it further.
  23. TechToMD

    FM in Canada Vs USA

    This. Especially because family medicine in Canadian rural community even just 1-2 hours out of Toronto unlocks emergency medicine and a lot of other practice options without any +1.
  24. I get that you obviously feel wronged but being cynical doesn't help in this person's decision making. I feel that there's so many negative posts recently... if people don't want to contribute beyond cynicism why contribute at all? - G
  25. Je suis vraiment désolé pour ton refuse, est-ce que tu déposé demand aux autres unis?
  26. I am a second degree student. I have three years of school already. I have 3.9 gpa in my first year, 3.7 in my second year and 3.7 in my third year. The reason it's not a higher is because I also work part time as a health care professional. Do you think I have a shot at any med school in Ontario or otherwise or coming in for a fourth year would be wise? Thank you.
  27. I personsally found khan academy very helpful for supporting my self-study as someone without a science background.
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