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  2. aspiring dentist

    Hors programme

    Bonjour, Est-ce que qql saurait comment les cours hors programme comme ift1800 sont pris en compte pour le calcul de la CRU ? Merci d'avance !
  3. I am a third-year student and contemplating which program to pursue before applying to medical school. My question is, for those who are familiar with both programs at McGill, which one would look better in my med app? That's normally a detail I would normally not care about, however, to me it comes down to this difference. I love both biochemistry and IHI, and literally, have no preference in the courses offered because I'm interested in the biochemistry "stream" of IHI and therefore will be taking the same courses regardless of which program I end up doing. Biochemistry is definitely known to be among the hardest life sciences, and thus a good GPA in the program might make my application look good. On the other hand, IHI is known to be a small exclusive program, which would give me an advantage when applying. Please let me know what you think!
  4. Eudaimonia

    Pre-Interview Score Breakdown

    I don't think I've ever seen descriptions of the score breakdown mentioned, but ABS for Ottawa isn't new. They just expanded it this year to include all 48 entries as opposed to only the top 3 in each category.
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  6. Persephone

    Weird Question

    Getting over the negative thoughts does not have a simple answer. But one thing to think about is that the admissions office probably recognizes what a daunting goal applying to medical school must seem to premeds and that nervousness is normal. If you're getting really nervous when you go in there it might be helpful to inquire as to why? Anxiety, nervousness and insecurity are all totally normal. Another suggestion is that I highly recommend finding a counselor you click with to help you work on those things, we could all use one and I personally have found counseling to be invaluable. We can be really hard on ourselves as premeds and that doesn't always serve us well. In fact there's evidence that shows that being compassionate and kind to yourself actually helps you do better. Here's a really great article that talks about why: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/22/smarter-living/why-you-should-stop-being-so-hard-on-yourself.html
  7. Check the difference in price between a new booking made in short notice and a reschedule. Those gold/bronze periods. Worst case book a September date in case nothing opens up, you can still apply to Ontario schools if you really won't be ready ahead of your preferred date
  8. Aloès

    Pharmacie 2018

    Est-ce qu'il y a un groupe Facebook pour la nouvelle cohorte de pharmacie à uLaval?
  9. If you were me, would you wait and hope for an August spot (the more ideal option for various reasons)... or book a late September spot right now?
  10. damn. medicine isn't worth it that much to do something drastic like that.
  11. all quebec does is complain. let them leave canada imo.
  12. People will cancel - check often.
  13. gangliocytoma

    Queens or UofT MAM

    @dantheman24 Regardless of where you choose, you'll have great schooling. If you have any questions about Queen's shoot me a message.
  14. gangliocytoma

    Queens or UofT MAM

    Sounds a lot like how Queen's does their curriculum LOL. Online DIL (directed independent learning) prior to a lecture. Also have cases that we work through in class during lecture and connected cases in our FSGL (facilitated small group learning) where we go through cases with a faculty member in groups. They try to incorporate clinical skills with relevant things you are covering in blocks. I.e. newborn examination/adolescent interview/toddler assessment while Peds block is running.
  15. Does anyone know how the pre-interview score was calculated this year, considering the novel implementation of the ABS as a scorable component of the application? Thanks!
  16. MarkAdams

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    Just wanted to let you all know I got an email at 10:34 today with an offer. My cGPA was a 3.97. Best of luck to the rest of you all.
  17. Bonjour, Est-ce qu’il y a une façon de voir son score aux MEMs si on a été admis, ou si seulement ceux sur la LA y ont accès? Si oui, comment? Merci!
  18. You'd need to check each school's last MCAT date requirements on their websites, I think Dalhousie and maybe Alberta (?? not sure) might need an MCAT written earlier than September if you're thinking of applying to those schools. Same with OMSAS when the cycle opens, but in previous years your MCAT would be alright as long as your scores are released by November 1st. People do drop/rearrange their exam dates closer to the date, you just need to be diligent and keep checking every day haha. If money isn't too tight, you could just book an MCAT date in September in your town and then switch dates (and pay whatever the fee is) when you see an opening on the website
  19. Hello! So this happens to more people than you would realize. Each school has a cutoff date about when you can write for the score to still be in on time. I think this is generally a couple weeks ahead of time if not more, but call your schools of interest to double check - they'll know the cutoff! You have the option of writing elsewhere, if the travel cost isn't an issue. If it is, religiously check the test dates in your area. It is likely someone will cancel or switch dates and a seat will open up. This is not guaranteed, of course, but happens in many larger areas, so it depends on part on where you write. You still have time to play with so you should be able to find something!
  20. LIM2018

    Waitlist Support Thread

    I am on the WL, and at least one verifier was checked - but having followed up on that (to try and give myself some peace of mind early on), I really don't think it means anything.
  21. crisronaldo

    Queens or UofT MAM

    To the OP you can also find more about the curriculum structure and the major changes that happened at uoft on their website http://www.md.utoronto.ca/Annual_Report/look-ahead/foundations http://www.md.utoronto.ca/foundations-curriculum-courses-components-themes "In addition to content being delivered through lectures, it is thematically linked and integrated across multiple learning activities that involve various modalities such as small, expert-led group seminars, case-based learning, small-group workshops, community placements, and clinical skills sessions. To enable greater depth of content exploration, students will be introduced to content through online materials and other resources prior to their classroom sessions.Each week has a full day that is unscheduled, and available for self-study, and special activities such as clinical skill development." Hope this helps. Best of luck, you've got a bright future ahead of you.
  22. Hey guys, I am in need of advice. I was just about to book my exam for the end of August. I have a strict study schedule and I will not be ready before mid-August. I feel like a huge idiot- all the spots are already filled in my area. I thought I was booking far enough in advance. For various reasons I am unable to travel to an exam centre out of town. If I write at the end of September, what is the likelihood of my evaluation being ready by October 1st (in time for me to submit my apps)? What do you think is the likelihood of someone switching their exam date closer to the time? Should I hold off and check the AAMC website daily? Here I was thinking I was so organized and on schedule... ugh. Thank-you for any advice.
  23. MMI 2017

    Waitlist Support Thread

    I know of a person whose verifiers were checked after they sent the offers but they are on WL
  24. Snoop_doc123

    Waitlist Support Thread

    Didn’t hear anything today. And my verifiers haven’t been checked at all. I don’t know anyone on the waitlist whose verifiers have been checked. Do you guys know anyone?
  25. DMD2BE

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Is anyone planning to drop McGill DMD OOP for med?
  26. Hey guys i got accepted off the IP top third waitlist around mid April. But I will be rejecting my seat on Monday for medicine. Best of luck!
  27. Can you please describe your volunteer and work experience? Feel free to PM me about it if you like.
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