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Mcmaster Pt Vs Queens Pt

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Discussions Today, 03:14 AM
I am trying to decide between these two programs and do not know much about either city. Wondering if anyone is able to speak to their experiences in the programs ( what they thought of the layout, the PBL and self directed portion of Mac's program etc), as well as the general living experience....
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Should I Rewrite The Mcat?

General Premed Discussions Today, 01:27 AM
Hey everyone, first time poster.    I'm struggling to decide whether or not to rewrite the MCAT this summer because of my CARS score (126).   (127/126/131/131) (515) - taken in 2015 cGPA: 3.96   Diverse, and some long-term ECs (filled in all slots)  Ontario resident Compl...
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Scotiabank Loc

University of Western Ontario Medical School Today, 12:57 AM
I just wanted to reiterate (as many people on these forums probably already know) that if you need to start looking for a line of credit, go talk to Rod McFadden at Scotiabank. He made setting up my new LOC and switching banks super easy and stress free, and he's very accommodating in regards to...
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Importance Of References

University of Ottawa Medical School Today, 12:49 AM
Hey everyone,  I was wondering if anyone knows when references are looked at. Would that be before or after interviews? I'm afraid my references weren't that great! But I did receive an interview and am currently waitlisted. Just wondering about what I should look further into next year!...
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Canadian Dental Student At Pitt Dental. Ama!

Dental Student General Discussions Yesterday, 11:42 PM
Hey guys, I'm a Canadian dental student (from Ontario to be specific), and I'm heading towards finishing my first year at the University of Pittsburgh school of Dental Medicine. I remember having a ton of questions before I started, so feel free to ask me anything
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