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Thoughts On Ryerson's Biomedical Sciences Program?

General Premed Discussions Yesterday, 07:12 PM
Hey everyone,    One of the programs that I never see anyone really discuss is biomed sci at Ryerson. Has anyone here attended the program or is also applying? How does it stack up to other 'commuting' uni programs such York kin in terms of attaining a high GPA? Although I am aware that...
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U Of A- Calculate Scores

Dental Student General Discussions Yesterday, 06:36 PM
Hey everyone! Good luck in this stressful time as we approach interview invites next month!   How does the U of A calculate scores to rank people? All I can think of that makes sense is:   (((GPA/4.0)*100%)*0.50) + (((DAT/90)*100%)*0.25)= interim score    What do people think?...
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Uot Psy - Exchange 27 Jan. For 03 Feb.

CaRMS and CaRMS applications Yesterday, 04:16 PM
UoT - Psychiatry   Looking to change my interview date on 27 JAN to 03 FEB.   Please and thank you !
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I Have Helped 18 People In Mmi, And 17 Got In. $110/hr

For Sale/Trade Classifieds Yesterday, 02:37 PM
Resident at uOttawa, extensive teaching experience of MMI (3 years), full course package. Almost extreme results (17/18). Also, I have entered medical school on first attempt, and entered my top choice in a competitive specialty for residency. Skype sessions only. Email me at chucktsai1212@gmail....
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Mcgill Interviews Regrets/invites 2017

McGill Medical School Yesterday, 02:33 PM
**Copied from previous threads**   As has been stated, this thread isn't for discussion, but for stats only!  TIME STAMP: XX:XX Result: Invite / Reject wGPA: MCAT: PS/VR/BS/WS ECs:  Year: UG (what year), Masters, PhD IP/OOP/International: Letter of EC: Yes/No
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