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Choix Ulaval

Laval University Medical School Today, 08:28 PM
Désolé pour le repost - J'avais publié le texte suivant dans un autre thread mais pour ne pas "hijacker" ce thread-là je le réécris ici: J'ai fais une demande d'admission à l'UL et mes 2 choix sont DMD et PharmD. Je n'ai pas l'intention d'enlever DMD parce que c'est ce qui m'intéresse le plus (et...
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Are Canadian Med School Admissions On A Rolling Basis?

General Premed Discussions Today, 08:24 PM
Hi all,   This may have been asked before but I couldn't find any post about it. I'm planning my MCAT test date and was wondering if admissions here in Canada are on a rolling basis like the US? Thanks in advance!
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Réponse Pour Physiothérapie 2017 Déjà Sortie

University of Sherbrooke Medical School Today, 07:07 PM
Bonjour,   Est-ce que c'est normal que j'ai déjà reçu une lettre d'admission en physio aujourd'hui? Pourtant, nous ne sommes que le 24 février 2017 seulement. Je ne sais pas s'ils ont fait une erreur, car si je ne me trompe pas, la date limite pour postuler en tant que candidat collégien est...
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Fun Anesthesia Blog Now Online

The Lounge Today, 07:03 PM
Hello All,   I'm in Anesthesia if you couldn't tell from the username.  It's been a bit since I graduated and have been out in practice.  I find that I have some time sitting in surgery sometimes trying to stay awake and alert.  So I decided to start a blog and write down some...
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How Competitive Is Admission At U Of T?

Nursing Discussions Today, 06:07 PM
Hello, everyone!   I have applied to both U of T and Mac this year (although Mac told me to not bother applying since I only had upper year psychology courses) and am just wondering what sort of chance I stand of being accepted. I see some people don't hear back until June, which doesn't see...
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