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Tuition Tax Credits And Stipend From Ubc Med

General Resident Physician Discussions Today, 05:30 AM
I was just looking through my CRA online account and realised that I was never given any tuition tax credits for the years 2013 and 2014 (when I was in 3rd and 4th year med). In 3rd and 4th year med I was paid $200-300/month by the faculty as a stipend. I claimed my tuition for those two years bu...
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Mcgill Mmi Interview Video - Plus Post-Interview De-Stres...

McGill Medical School Today, 02:23 AM
HELLO EVERYONE!    Just wanted to touch base on how some of you are doing, post-interview and all. I realize that this is a stressful period, filled with uncertainty, excitement and self doubt. I did the interviews twice before I was accepted so I feel ya.  Here are some tips and r...
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Cru Podiatrie

General Premed Discussions Today, 01:08 AM
Avec quelle CRU êtes-vous entrés en podiatrie ??
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Cru Bac Terminé Administration

General Premed Discussions Today, 01:03 AM
Hello!   J'ai terminé mon bac en admin (profil comptabilité) avec une cote de 3.7 sur 4.3 et comme je ne peux pas faire de demande d'admission cette année, je n'ai pas de moyen de connaître ma CRU (sauf à ULaval avec leur table étalon) donc je me demandais si parmi vous certains avaient étud...
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