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    This thread has run its course, and is going to be locked. Ian PS: Canadian family physicians are most definitely NOT overpaid, and are critical to a well-functioning Canadian healthcare system. Change my mind.
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    Considering Med

    How is that sad? Is OP not allowed to want those things? Just because they didn't write a long paragraph about their calling/empathy does not mean they don't have these things - they're already a PA. Genuine question. Why is it that every time I see you posting anywhere, you never have anything constructive to say? It's always labeling, finger-pointing, and "sad"? That's a lot of bitterness and hatred (under some other topics).
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    I do not think Canadian family physicians are overpaid. The us is definetely underpaid. Yes, when converted in CAD us family docs make more. But you also have to take account for that you live in the US and spend USD. In desirable locations (cali, nyc), 250 k is nothing once you take out taxes and cost of living. So your spending power does not necessarily increase significantly. Second, there is way more medical legal problem and the stressors of being sued daily is a big negative IMO. Thirdly, in the US family med tend to be a dumping ground for the uninsured and medically complex. So patients often come with multiple medical problems that you need to address in 10-15 min in order to meet your "productivity quota" further exacerbating the stress. Then you bill their insurance/medicare/medicaid and pray that you get reimbursed for what you billed. Last, in many areas of us (east coast, midwest), there is no culture of going to family docs for primary cares. Many will goto specialist directly or goto internal med docs who specialize in primary care. So competition for patients may be a problem. Don't get me wrong, there are sweet spots for family docs in the US but they are not the norm. Things are changing slowly but overall from a lifestyle and income perspective I think Canada overall is better. When it comes to specialist who are procedure heavy (ie ortho) its another story entirely. source: USMD grad, working in Canada
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    Surprisingly, OMSAS actually does what is called in academia: a hard round down, so you'd end up with a 3.90. I'm sorry for your loss.
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    Don't worry ... I didn't apply those measures and I brought the accepted average DOWN TO 3.9. You're welcome - G
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    why medicine after masters?

    That is nonsense. Many people do different types of Masters and PhD before and after Medicine.
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    1. OP is lying. Harvard medical school does not have early decision. It's funny because OP chose Harvard (one of the best medical schools in the world) to make a case for himself but wasn't smart enough to actually make his lie believable by checking to see if they have early decision lmao. 2. UofC states many times in their application manual, admission podcast, blog, etc that the cutoffs are FIRM and do not encourage you to apply if you do not meet them so even if someone had a 3.79999999 that is still below the 3.80 cutoff. It's your fault you wasted $150 to apply there. They literally say DO NOT APPLY if you are below the cutoff. 3. I highly doubt the story that you made up about the applicant is true. Cutoffs are firm at every school. 4. IP/OOP cutoffs / standards exist for reasons, do your research. 5. Yes, IP applicants need a min of 3.20 GPA to APPLY. However, the average GPA of admitted students to Calgary was 3.85 last year. This is just like how Mac has the lowest GPA cutoff in the country (>3.0), but the average accepted GPA to MAC is almost 3.90, and literally no one ever gets in with anything under 3.50 unless they have a 132 and insane Casper. 6. Your lies and exaggerations in this story make me question your 132 in CARS, but giving you the benefit of the doubt that amazing CARS will give you an amazing shot at a few schools.
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    Interview Invites 2019/2020 cycle

    NB applicant! Got my interview minutes ago!!!! Hold on to hope!
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    By the end of the 4 years of Dental School, most Canadian trained dentists are far behind clinically and theoretically compared to their Australian and American counterparts. Experience and education are almost exclusively what makes one a good practioner. So if the Canada does indeed want to invest in their best, brightest and highest caliber, then by your logic, they should exclude Canadian trained dentists from that list.
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    Federal Election 2019

    Honestly, at this point if you are still going to have direct confrontations with people who just want to address election issues, I'd rather just have the mods close this thread. Regardless, I asked a few questions about election issues..do you mind contributing to them? 1. Do people feel that Canada needs a national pharmacare plan? If so, do you think we can afford to pay for it through higher taxes (even though we already pay a lot of taxes) or through other means? 2. Liberals plan to run very high deficits for the next 4 years with no plan to balance the budget (apparently it balances itself?). The Conservatives plan to balance the budget in the next 5 years if elected (meaning high spending cuts). Is this an issue for you when you go to vote?
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    7 items for Western ABS

    If that was the case there would be no disadvantage to only writing 4 essays. But Western explicitly says writing 4 essays will not make you a competitive applicant.
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    Considering Med

    So, it seems to me like you have achieved the stable job, and are now looking to infuse your life with some more meaning, such as through a greater scope of practice, the potential to own a business, and the prestige of having an MD (no shame in it--anyone on this board who denies being attracted to the prestige of an MD is a psychopath--human beings enjoy being the envy of others, for instance jewelry has existed for a bazillion years). If i were to weigh the pros and cons, I would say that you need to pursue this calling towards bringing more meaning to your life. You are not satisfied with what you have now, so you should do something about that. Whether the MD is the correct way to do this is another question entirely. My answer would be: Probably not. Seems like becoming an MD is an enormous sacrifice at the best of times, and one that seems like it is only going to bring you marginal returns. Let me frame it another way: "Would you be willing to go to school, loose a million dollars, and take on an extremely stressful lifestyle, all to end up in the same medical office but now be able to write out prescriptions?" Seems like a bad deal to me. Also, from what you have posted, it seems like the intrinsic enjoyment of learning about medicine is not one of your primary factors in decision making. Also fine, but if true, maybe something to be concerned about as it probably should be one of your primary factors. And if it is, then you could maybe justify going back to school based on that argumentation. Here is my final two-cents: I think you should say "fuck no" to becoming an MD, and instead start your own small business. Honestly it is an incredible way to bring a lot of meaning and purpose in your life, and will probably be a ton of fun. Best of luck.
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    Can't keep up in medschool

    As a 3rd year student at Western, I found that the lectures weren't always good for my own learning (e.g., some lecturers just read off the slides). Whenever that was the case, I'd be engaging in my own learning on my computer instead (e.g., reading up on the relevant guidelines, making my own notes, doing ILs.) Some of my classmates decided to skip class altogether because they were able to go through the VODs more efficiently than going to lecture. You may want to figure out what works best for you. Some of these ILs may be newly made for your curriculum. If you find that they are not helpful, I'd suggest using other resources-- which are hopefully more concise-- to learn the material. It sounds like you are decently diligent with your studying, and I have no doubt that you'll be able to pass the exams. I think an important part of the first two years is to figure out how to study well, and to actually learn the material in addition to being able to pass. Having a solid foundation will be very helpful as you head into your clinical rotations, when there'll be even less time for you to read and brush up on topics.
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    2.7 cgpa please help

    no need to insult him
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    Thanks for the kind words
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    2019 Interview Invites

    OOP here, nothing yet
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    2019 Interview Invites

    I had a dream last night that we got interview invites... And today it came true! gpa: 4.0/4.0 MCAT: 517 NB applicant
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    Casper scoring question

    I’m not a marker personally, but many of my colleague are. The process for scoring isn’t secretive at all they’re pretty explicit about it on their webinars in previous years. And I had typo, I didn’t mean hostile but rather “holistic” basis.
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    Time and time again I am impressed by the level of gunning that premeds are capable of. I'll save this one along with another post I saw a while back.
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    DENT-P Personal Statement

    You don't just "come up" with answers. Take some time and reflect on your experiences, you CV, your character traits. Think of what character traits and skills a good dentist possesses and see how you fit in there. Good luck!
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    Rumours about cut-offs

    Lol tell me about it. Definitely was shocking to witness when I got in, compared to people I grew up with. Vastly different people.
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    2019 Interview Invites

    Thanks! Here’s to hoping they’ve been sent
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    Yes. Highly involved in my program when I went through. If you didn't have the residents support your application, you were dead in the water. Truth be told, the only people who matched where those ranked highly be the residents and the staff.
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    There is actually a simple ridiculous reason for this. When Canadian docs talk about how much they make, they refer to 'gross billings.' When American docs refer to what they make, its 'Net salary after expenses.' The reason is because we are business owners, and they are employees. Nobody takes into account that we have to actually pay our own expenses including malpractice, overhead, CME, retirement, benefits, etc. Also, nobody really takes into account the difference in currency. It's an apples and oranges comparison. Things have changed here in Canada compared to the 90's and early 2000's, we are definitely better renumerated than in the past.......................but to say we make more than US docs is laughable............
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    Interview Invites 2019/2020 cycle

    I don't think so. They'll be sending invites until the 15th!
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    Being in your 20s

    I truly hope you fix your way of thinking and take into account the advice people have given you. Its really, really sad and scary to know that "parents want me to" is your reason for marrying someone. You seem like you're hell bent on shifting blame to anything and anyone except yourself.
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    CASPER Cut-Offs

    I called admissions just now and nothing has been sent out yet!
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    I'm not sure why the consensus among some family doctors here is that we make more than down south. Even if you compare the 'average' salary in the USA of 225k USD(which is 300K CAD!!!) NET for an 'employed USA physician' with 'above average canadian billings of 375k CAD minus a generous 25% overhead which equals 262.5k CAD NET', the USA family doctor still wins out. And they get reimbursed for licenses, have time off, benefits, etc. The difference is that we are 'independent'; for whatever that's worth. IMHO, I still don't see how we win out in any other sense aside from independence and 'lack of insurance hassles.' Out of my residency class, 4 out of the 8 graduates went down South.
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    Interview Invites 2019/2020 cycle

    Yes congrats!! And thanks for that info!! Alright here we go, good luck everyone!
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    Is the billing different because you are 1 hour away?
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    Yea Saudis are a whole different ball game. They are paid by their own scholarships and sponsors and the program actually makes good coin from training them (in addition to FREE LABOUR). IMG spots on CaRMS are the exact same spots at could be going to CMGs. So when CMGs are going unmatched, it's puzzling why spots are open to IMGs.
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    507 MCAT

    I think last year's cut off was 508, since no one posted with a lower MCAT getting an interview. But that's only a 1 point difference with 507 and I wouldn't be surprised if that becomes a cut off this cycle. Only one way for you to find out!
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    This thread is really inflammatory, and as a specialist I certainly do not think family MDs are overpaid.
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    Please help me with CARS

    I personally feel anatomy/physiology is more useful in medicine than cars (reading ambiguous passages). I feel it is useless to even have this as a metric to evaluate applicants. Anyways, do NS full length and timed practices (exam crackers 101) to improve your score. I know many people who went from 123 to 129 with practice. It is possible.
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    Federal Election 2019

    Eh it's not really skin off my back either way. You just have a way of making aggressive posts and you view things as black and white. I won't post on this topic anymore as I can see it's starting to get derailed. I doubt you'd ever change your ways anyways so there's really no point for either of us to get worked up. Best for me to just use the ignore function so I can see the more productive and contributory posts. You're not the only one in life to experience racism. Anyways good luck in what you do. - G
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    Can't keep up in medschool

    I apologize, by skimming I meant that I look at the class notes and if I see it is material I am familiar with (i.e. histology, from undergraduate), I don't spend as much time making notes, and just follow along to make sure I recognized everything. If it is material that I am unfamiliar with I make extensive notes, flash cards, and look things up if necessary. They're not going to ask us to quote specific statements from the recordings. If this doesn't work for you that's totally cool, I was just trying to make a suggestion based on what I do.
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    Considering Med

    IM Residency is not easy. You already make 6 figures with 40hrs/week, with much less responsibility and scut work...and benefits. You are doing better than many doctors when you factor in hours and opportunity cost. Most doctors do not have benefits lol, not even many who work in the hospital. Most FM docs who work in a hospital setting are defintiely not getting pensions LOL. As well, its a minimum of 6-7 years of schooling for FM(in case you need to do MCAT prep, extra coures), and then an extra 3 years if you do IM.
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    1. ECs that matter: Research 2. ECs that somewhat matter: Leadership positions, impressive interesting/unique experiences that can be brought up during a professional interview 3. ECs that don't matter much: Fluff that is interesting/meaningful to you (only because it could possibly be useful during an interview) 4. ECs that don't matter at all: Fluff that is more or less pointless (generic experiences that people skip over if they were to see it on your CV) Overall ECs don't matter much except for research in more competitive fields. And even for research it is often just a checkbox unless you're able to publish something truly impressive (which comes down to winning the lottery basically). Aside from research, you only need enough of 2. and 3. to fill up a page or two on your CV. For matching it comes down to not having red flags (most important) > elective performance/networking > LORs >> Research >>> Other ECs.
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    Why does that have cGPA instead of wGPA?
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    Meanwhile, I haven't had even a pee break 12 hours into 24 hour call and I'm concurrently being told to hurry up and see the consults or urgently attend to ward patient with a K of 6.5 which was a result of a hemolyzed sample from 18 hours ago... (did I mention that the person who paged about the K immediately went on break right after? )
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    2.7 cgpa please help

    No... for so many reasons. High school is nothing, you graduate at 18 with no real life experience (I'm speaking on average). Most people are still immature, and have faced no adversity nor meaningful exposure to diversity (of cultures, races, varying SES). Hell, most people I know didn't have a job till after high school. Do you want your doctors first job to .... be a doctor? As painful as this process can be, we've got a decent system set up. It's way better than the days of GPA + MCAT = interview. The physicians in 10 years are going to be some of the most well rounded people in any industry. And we shouldn't accept more doctors or lower the bar unless you want more CMGs going unmatched.
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    Thinking about the system is part of the reason why I went into PHPM... though I'm not sure how I can help contribute to changing the issues addressed by 1D7. Very interesting regardless. - G
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    2.7 cgpa please help

    Hi David, Firstly, good luck on your pursuit, after all, this is the community where we share common goals and support each other throughout the process. If this is truly what you wanted to do, you should pursue it without doubts and I implore you to do so with full dedication. A lot of our peers here are trying to tell you harsh facts and you don't seem to be too receptive of it. I don't think they mean any harm, but I do think you need to think and reflect on your situation. Pre-med is a harsh route and unfortunately our previous actions are final, this isn't an industry where GPA matters little in the grand scheme of things (e.g. Computer Science). What I can do is help you look at it in depth and perhaps explain some of these things without the hostility, let's look your situation together: If you were to get a perfect 4.0 in the next 2 years of undergrad (if you stay in Ontario) Your GPA would still be below the cutoffs for UBC, Alberta, Calgary, Sask, Manitoba, UofT, Ottawa, McGill (& all of QC), Memorial. The calculation is simple, say you have 3.5x3 + 4x2, your aGPA would still only be at a maximum of 3.7, this is the best possible scenario as I've even taken out your worst year. You should investigate the statistics for each medical school to get a better idea. This leaves you effectively with 4 schools, let's talk about 3 of them first: Western, Queen's, Dalhousie These schools only look at your last 2 years (unsure about dal tbh). They are your best schools, if you are serious about applying, you need to have a perfect academic year, with zero missteps. Regardless of what you are claiming you can do, you haven't provided any evidence resembling you can put two school years of above 3.7 study together, I think you can be reasonable here and understand why some people are skeptical. Furthermore, we can talk about McMaster and Western, if you look at their cutoff/entry stats, you need to absolutely ace the MCAT and CARS. Please do not assume that you will just waltz in and do well. Look around, how many of our peers have excellent achievements but yet cannot break that 128 cars block. Again, you haven't provided any evidence that you are better than 90% of other MCAT takers. Finally, for Queen's, you need to show some excellence in your ABS entries. I am going to be frank with you, your ECs are below average. Your hours spent at each activity is very low, and the depth of your experiences are like every other traditional applicant, you simply do not stand out. Please look around on these forums, look at the successful matriculants, they have achieved great things: national level athletes, published research in high impact journals, started their own initiatives and companies. They don't even bother to list things they've done for less than 300 hours. For someone with a lower GPA, I would have expected much more out of your ECs. You need to be working on them HARD during your next two years. Oh and by the way, make this a 3 year endeavour, you cannot apply until the cycle after you are done your 2nd undergrad. You need all your grades to show on your transcript and you can only apply the cycle after. This includes a year of waiting around, which is why some people have suggested you go into another field that can generate some income while you are applying. Putting it all together: You need to ace these last 2 years You need to ace the MCAT and CARS You need to continue these ECs while making great strides in other ones. You need to commit for the next 3 years if this is what you want to do. You haven't shown any capability of doing any of these items in isolation, let alone simultaneously. Please do it properly, no slip ups, no excuses, your actions are final. Once you commit, you don't want to regret what would be 7 years of pursuit for no other job prospects. I hope this post has made you realize your situation and reflect a bit on what our peers are trying to tell you. p.s The alternative is moving to saskatchewan or manitoba for 2 years to do your undergrad. Think deeply about it, because the other people were trying to give you good advice. Look at their in province stats. It is honestly your best chance, and if you are certain this is what you want to do, you should commit to it.
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    Remise en question...

    Je t'ai écrit. C'est pas grand-chose, mais c'est un petit mot d'encouragement. Pour d'autres personnes qui liraient ce topic et qui ressentent un mal depuis leur arrivée en médecine, je tiens à rappeler qu'il y existe des groupes de soutien (par les pairs) aux étudiants en médecine. Université Laval : RAÉM Université de Montréal : REEM Université de Sherbrooke : PAÉM Université McGill : McGillMed - Distress
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    specialties that make 1 mil per year

    ha, yeah definitely not take home. Many of those places have out of billings paying for an army of staff (rads as an example - how many ultrasound or rad techs are they paying for out of that - usually it is 6:1 one ratio of techs to rads for instance at ~100K a pop to start, and then there is the equipment and so on ha), and the overhead in ophtho is huge (last time I ask the staff at Ottawa pegged it at 60+% - to the point where they were afraid to take vacation because the thought of the overhead still running as painful ha). It is funny how the government didn't want to pay for all the things required to run the health care, but then is mad at the outcome. I know a ton of doctors that would love to just show up to work each day and collect a paycheck vs all the running of the clinic/office/hospital stuff.
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    Time stamp: 12:20 pm Invite/Reject: Invited (MD) GPA: 3.78 CARS: 128 Casper: I felt like I did ok on it. It was weird because I somehow managed to complete all of my sentences for every response, which was something I wasn't able to do for any of my practice. OOP Graduated in 2017
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    Why would you ever do this? It's just so silly to think you don't have ANYONE else to help verify your activities. - G
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    Being in your 20s

    I'm glad I got a lot of debauchery in within my 20s (I've slowed down significantly now as I'm entering my 30s). A high 'body count' to use your language. But only because it gave me perspective on why I didn't need it, not because it gave me fulfillment. But you don't need to do it in order to realize that it's all externalized pleasure that is about as transient and limited as it gets in terms of its ability to fulfill you and make you happy. It's in the same category as money, 'success,' material things. It gave me very short, tiny ego boosts that were not sustainable. Even if you're the guy who in your 40s and 50s can attract women half your age (and I have every intention of having that capability), the key is in courting temptation but not succumbing to it. Really reflect on why you think you want/need to sleep with more women; it really does get old after a while and you realize that it can become an empty quest that brings you, ultimately, nothing. It got to the point that immediately after sleeping with someone new I would feel an existential dread and an extreme need to just be alone. I honestly think that many of my relationships that actually mattered (romantic, platonic or otherwise) suffered as a result of my focus on womanizing.
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    OMSAS Fee waiver / Financial Assistance?

    Called OMSAS today....yeah they told me to pound sand
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