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    Here's a bright idea. We're headed into a pandemic and we need more doctors, might as well just accept all of us. Who agrees?
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    UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020

    TIME STAMP: 12:30 MDT Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): MD March 28th Result: Invite! cGPA/wGPA: 3.60/not eligible (submitted AEE) YES, that’s right. 3.60 cGPA!!! wGPA would be 3.90 if they accepted my AEE. MCAT: 510 (3 attempts, 1st attempt being 494) ECs: Very strong on the volunteering side (founder, president of clubs, general manager of non profit organization, volunteer trainer at hospital, worked with schizophrenic and Alzheimer’s patients directly). Very weak on the research side. No pubs. Just volunteered at a lab for a few months. Essays: wrote them the night before! But must have been strong cause my GPA is terrible! Year: Finished UG in 2016. No Masters. Geography: OOP This is unbelievable news for me. I remember when I applied I had no hope for UofT given my GPA being the lowest possible to even apply to the program! I also didn’t do a masters and have very little research experience. I was waiting for a rejection this week. Actually I had been waiting for it ever since. I am posting here to show you all that you don’t need a 3.99 GPA, you don’t need a 520 MCAT, you don’t need a masters or publications. All those things are great, but if you don’t have them, the game is not over. Also, it doesn’t matter where you start. I started with a 2.9 GPA in first year and a 494 MCAT. Any sane human would have told me to forget medicine, but I worked hard and turned it all around. I have 2 interviews this year and I hope to make them count! Good luck to you all. Don’t give up.
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    TIME STAMP: 10:55 Result: Admitted with condition Pre-req GPA: 4.0 MCAT: Not submitted Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): First interview after facing many reject over the years. I felt good about 7-8 stations but was convinced I screwed up royally on 2-3 of them. But with time, I started doubting everything I did until today Year: 2nd undergrad finished in 2018 IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: To anyone reading this, it was my 6th time applying. After my first bachelor (with a disastrous GPA), I was even told by an advisor I could never get into med school. But I kept reading success stories on the forum about people who did a second bachelor and who got in. Thus I went down that road, which was not easy by any means, but it was all worth it. Do not get discouraged by getting a reject, keep improving yourself, do stuff that matters to you and which will show the adcoms how everyday you strive to become a better version of yourself and how big is your resolve to get into med school. Do not let a reject define who you are at the moment. You'll get in, I believe in that. It's just a matter of time. Congratulations to everyone who got in and for those on the waitlist, it's not easy to be patient but it will pay off.
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    PM101, As an emergency physician and as one who has helped manage the sick with COVID-19 on the front lines, I beseech everyone to isolate at this time. These are historic and truly exceptional times. As such, this moment demands an equally historic and exceptional act from all. Everyone must stay home. Go out ONLY if absolutely needed. Every time one ventures out of isolation needlessly, you place your family, friends, public, and healthcare staff at unacceptable risk. This is of the utmost and highest level of importance. Tell everyone you know this message. Before this challenge ends, we will all face a struggle, and everyone will bare hardship that will require sacrifice. Our history shows we always unite towards a common goal at these exceptional moments. Help do your part. Isolate, hunker down, use the benefits of 21st century technology to remain connected, and we will prevail. Wash those hands and stay safe. We got this.
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    TIME STAMP: 9h34 Result: Accepted with conditions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pre-req GPA: 3.93/4.00 MCAT: Never wrote it Feeling About MMI : I had a very good feeling about it!! Year: Finished MSc, just started PhD IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S HAPPENING I'M CRYING EDIT: I wonder, what are the conditions??
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    To the premeds following along, if you have multiple acceptances, it's worth looking at how the different schools respond to a pandemic. Do you want to attend the school that puts your safety at risk by having you continue with rotations as though nothing's going on, or do you want to attend the one that pulls clerks away from their duties while providing a virtual alternative to ensure that it's still possible to graduate on time?
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    Hi everyone, Alison here. I just found this thread- better late than never. Great conversations and ideas! I applaud you for the open conversation about all of this. Perhaps going to CBC wasn't the best route, I'll fully admit. Hindsight is 20/20, though, and back then I felt so stuck and frustrated with the situation. Here is what actually happened: - As @A-Stark mentioned, yes, I took a leave for mental health from IM residency. I have and will always be open about this as I feel mental health and burnout have, unfortunately, become so engrained in the life of medical residents/practitioners...it is an issue that I know is being worked on. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Episode and GAD. I took that time on voluntary leave to go to therapy, start meds, and recover. - What people probably don't know is that I was very torn between IM and FM during CaRMS and had very strong references for both. I sought advise from my department and the academic advisor, and was told to rank IM #1 as the transfer to FM would be a very good possibility. I even remember the advisor saying: "From a 5 year program to a 3 year, it's much easier". I won't call it bad advice, as it was probably true at the time, but I acted upon that, ranking IM at Dal first, followed by all FM programs. I got my top choice in a very competitive year for Dal IM because I was very involved in medical school, had a solid application, and great references. - I never failed a rotation, and passed all exams/evaluations throughout medical school and residency. On paper, everything was great during my first year of residency, with really solid feedback from staff on evals. I prided myself on teaching clerks, and enjoyed the MTU and the people I worked with. Personally, though, everything was crumbling down. Towards the middle of my second year of residency, my performance did, admittedly, stumble a little bit- preceptors noted lack of self confidence, and my knowledge/recall skills were not up to par in some areas- but, I still managed to make it through without failure or red flags. - I realized that IM was not a good fit for me while I was on voluntary leave after much (much!!) self-reflection. To that point, I had built my resume headed towards Allergy & Immunology. I enjoyed parts of A & I and had great preceptors/mentors. However, it kind of felt forced- I didn't love it, and maybe (as mentioned) I was looking for everything to be 100% perfect, but it just did not feel right. I know beggars can't be choosers, but I always felt there was something better out there for me. I felt perhaps family medicine would be a better fit for me, my health, and my "generalist" interests. It was a conflicting time for me and I think my thought was I had come so far and worked so hard, if I had to stay in medicine, then I'd thrive better in FM. - When I came back to my IM program after voluntary leave, I asked for a transfer to FM. This is where the system really showed lack of support. I requested rotations in FM, and was able to do 1 while waiting for a transfer opportunity. Both my psychiatrist and academic advisors supported doing rotations in FM or "FM-friendly rotations" like GIM; however, there was a clear understanding that continuing IM like nothing had happened would negatively impact my mental health and risk deteriorating while working in an area that wasn't a good fit. The Postgrad department would not allow me to complete more rotations in FM due to funding/availability reasons (very reasonable!); they wanted me to jump back into an ICU rotation, which I felt uncomfortable with given my mental health history. Unfortunately, the postgrad department especially was not supportive or accommodating of my mental health, and I felt somewhat ostracized. I was asking for an olive branch, sure. I felt getting back slowly into IM while waiting for a transfer would be a good compromise, but it wasn't an option with them. It was almost like they wanted me to return from leave and act like nothing had happened. I argue that depression is a chronic disease and it's not something you can just get over in 4 months. - I applied for a transfer at every FM program across the country. It was difficult and consisted of many conversations with postgrads, but the bottom line was, with the exception of Dal, I was considered an out of province resident. As such, priority was lower, and I will say this: FM programs across Canada at the time were getting inundated with transfer requests- it was crazy! - I met my husband in this same time frame, who lived in BC. I moved out there and pursued a transfer to UBC FM in BC. The town we live in has a FM residency program, and a local FP advocated on my behalf to UBC to add me to their program. Things were actually looking promising as my application was solid (I had great references from my FP rotation), but again, a stringent system prevented it from going through. That FP has since closed his practice and moved, unfortunately for the people of our city. - After this, I continued to pursue transfer to FM anywhere, everywhere. I applied to the second round of CaRMs the following year. I asked to do FM rotations at other academic centres, but again, priority was given to their home residents. CaRMS round 2 snagged me 5 interviews at out of province schools, but to no success- I was told FM was so popular, it was nearly impossible to match to an out of province school, and Dal had a number of transfer requests to FM at the time (I was told at least a dozen). Eventually time passed and I timed out. I withdrew formally from residency, and you know what? I was content and at peace with that. In the meantime I was establishing a new life in BC for myself, and had discovered an industry I absolutely love and continue to work in to this day. - I don't regret anything about my journey. Yes, CBC skipped a lot of the details. The thing that makes me most sad is the fact that I received many, many messages from medical students and residents across Canada after going public with my story, who were battling the same inflexible system. Shortly after my story came out, a student at the U of T committed suicide due to CaRMS. Sure, perhaps medicine wasn't a great fit for me (and it took me a while to realize this), but I cannot imagine what going through this would've been like for a resident who has the passion for practicing family medicine and only realized it after CaRMs. It really does take a toll on mental health. Residency shouldn't be a destiny; life happens, change occurs- like any other career, one should be able to change their mind without having to face such monstrous road blocks. My application wasn't perfect, but when I was in medicine, I will say I was a good practitioner and had the references and feedback to support this. I prided myself on patient care, and if you knew me, you'll know that I can establish rapport with most. I advocated for my patients whenever I could. I never failed a rotation and my knowledge competency only stuttered due to depression & anxiety I was experiencing at the time. I really did want it to work. I don't wish to defend my decision, but hope this explains things. I get asked from time to time if I want to go back- I don't. I don't miss it at all. I feel selfish and guilty sometimes due to the taxpayers dollars spent on me and the lack of FPs in Canada- I wish I could have made it work- but life goes on, and it's my life. I've met several other individuals who've left medicine since, so I'm not alone. I haven't kept abreast of the goings on with medical residencies and CaRMS since I left, but I do hope that others found strength in my story (even though I left in the end), and hope they continued to push for their transfers. More importantly I hope that mental health and burnout are at the forefront of discussions at every program in Canada, and are better accommodated when they occur. If you are suffering from it, PLEASE do not be ashamed to get help. I'm glad I did, as it's led me to a path of contentment and fulfillment. Alison
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    Ontario have mercy

    First time in hospitals

    Wait for the acceptance first fam
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    Ça tout simplement pas rapport cette rumeur la qu'on est évalué selon les gens qui ont passé le Casper en même temps. Premièrement, il n'y a pas de bonnes/mauvaises réponses aux questions du Casper. Ils veulent voir votre personnalité au travers de vos réponses. Que tu fasses une question différente d'un autre ça change pas leur objectif qui est de voir quel type de personne tu es. Deuxièmement, admettons qu'à une date X juste 6 personnes ont passé le Casper et à une date Y il y en a 20 (chiffres hypothétiques) c'est illogique de penser que certains vont être en compétition contre 5 autres personnes versus quelqu'un en compétition avec 19 personnes juste en fonction de la date de ton test. Troisièmement, si vous pensez vraiment que cela vous désavantage que certains fassent le Casper (ou le refassent mais en français, whatever) c'est peut-être que vous avez juste pas la personnalité requise pour être médecin. C'mon guys, croyez en vous et arrêtez de chialer. Ce n'est pas parce que certains vont le faire qu'ils vont passer à votre place. Je suis complètement d'accord que c'est stressant, je suis dans le même bateau mais il faut comprendre que le but du Casper n'a jamais été de faire "couler" personne dans le processus d'admission. Soyez content que l'admission continue malgré tout. Sur ce, bonne chance et félicitations à tous ceux et celles qui ont été convoqués jusqu'à présent.
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    U of T has made me greatly admire the transparency of schools like U of C or UWO.
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    bearded frog

    Interview Cancelled??

    If they do forgo interviews entirely and just use pre-intervew stats, I'm looking forward to all the papers in 3-8 from now analyzing the Class of 2023 and their clerkship performance, match performance, LMCC1 performance, LMCC2 performance, and residency performance, etc. to see what effect in-person interviews has on selecting a medical student, if any.
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    With all due respect, this is pointless. We have no idea what the weighting will be, what the applicant pool this year looks like, etc... We also don't know how much weight other schools put on CASPer. All we know is last year's avg admitted GPA was 3.87 and the mean CARS was 129. Note that this is an average, not a minimum, I find it a little funny when people seem to think competitive=greater than the average... CASPer is a black box, so I don't think there's any reason to spend any time on it, there's nothing we can change or take away from the process except a 2 month wait. We know Mac has one of the highest post-interview acceptance rates, historically, and has 206 seats for 550 "interviewees", so we'll see what that ends up meaning.
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    Just got off the phone with admissions office. March 28/29 is not full yet. The rest of the emails should come out by the end of this week, and maybe into mid next week.
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    I think if OT is really what you want to do, and you don't get into school this time around, then you take the year to improve your application. I totally understand the feeling that you need to start a career ASAP. I know that like me, you're probably surrounded by friends/family who have it all figured out at 22 and so you feel pressured. But something I've realized is that in the grand scheme of life, does it really matter if you started your career at 25 vs. 29? Or 21 vs. 35? What will matter more later in life, the fact that you started your career super early or the fact that you have truly spent your working life doing something you're passionate about (and maybe had to start that career at a later age)? You're not old. I'm 26, and I'll be 27 in November, and I'm not old. Older perhaps than some of the other people that will be in our programs, but again, it doesn't matter. What matters is following your passion. Along those lines, if you get accepted to schools outside Ontario, you might be able to conditionally accept their offer. Or maybe you won't be able to. Either way, you accept. You put the deposit down. If Ontario works out then you tell them you're sorry and you're going elsewhere. You won't get a deposit back but so what? I know it might suck now but again, look at the big picture. I hope some part of this rambling helps.
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    May 12 Countdown Thread 2020

    Hello everyone! I know it's still a while away, but I'm already going crazy with the wait and I figured others are too, so I thought I'd start this thread so we can all get through this together! How is everyone passing their time in quarantine?
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    May 12 Countdown Thread 2020

    Oh this is something I've been thinking about since the green were released last summer. The voting last summer had 2 greens, a blood orange, yellow, and grey. So theoretically the 2 greens are out. That leaves us with orange (which is controversial because of the pylon fiasco from 7 backpack colours ago...), grey, and yellow. None sound great to me unless they add in a purple or something. But my vote is grey. Yes, I think about this alot. I've been dreaming about the backpacks since first year. The actual last dream I had they were turquoise with orange polka dots so I think it's safe to say that's not happening...
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    Je voulais vous transmettre les réponses que j'ai obtenues de la part de l'UdeM : " Puisqu'il n'y aura pas de convocation aux entrevues, il n'y aura pas de confirmation comme telle, autrement que de ne pas recevoir d'avis de refus. Il n'y a pas de calendrier établi pour l'envoi des refus. Nous ne comptabilisons malheureusement pas ce type de données. Les dates des offres d'admission demeurent inchangées. "
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    J'ai envoyé un courriel à ce sujet pour savoir si il y aura une 2e vague de refus et si nous allons savoir si nous avons passé cette première étape, je peux vous transmettre la réponse quand je l'aurai !
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    When will the decisions be sent out?

    With the current situation, the different faculties, universities and governing-bodies in medicine are extremely busy trying to accommodate current and future students. Clerks have been removed from hospitals, some staff physicians are on quarantine and first-year students are waiting to resume classes online. Even the Royal College exam has been cancelled and delayed. Let's face it : the country is basically closed. Mortgages payments, electricity bills, municipal taxes, university semesters all have been cancelled or postponed. Therefore, my only advice is to not flood the mails and phone lines of the admission offices with questions. Believe me, if they had the results, they would want to send them out even before you would want to. I know the wait is overwhelming because I was in your shoes not long ago. Refreshing Minerva every single day, trying to find a clue in the different tabs, trying to notice any change on my application. What I would suggest doing is using that time to rest and enjoy life as much as possible, within the circumstances. Although we are all quarantined, the <free time> that we have right now will likely never be available again. You could use it to get involved in a research project or even study for potential pre-reqs, who knows. And I really do hope you all get a positive answer this week. Best of luck !
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    May 12 Countdown Thread 2020

    someone come collect these mans talking about backpack colours
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    May 12 Countdown Thread 2020

    Tasteful shade like 'Rona red or Pandemic purple
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    Comme il est impossible d'obtenir des réponses claires de l'université par rapport aux dates / cut-offs, j'ai pensé qu'on pourrait s'informer de ce qui se passe entre nous. Liste des catégories de candidats : https://medecine.umontreal.ca/etudes/doctorat-en-medecine/admission/types-de-candidats/ Pour connaître votre CRU suite à un refus: https://admission.umontreal.ca/nous-joindre/demande-dinformation/ DATE / HEURE : xx.xx.xxx, xx:xx. DÉCISION : Refusé / Accepté / Liste d'attente (rang) Catégorie : Collégien / Universitaire québécois / Etc. CRC ou CRU (si connue) : xx.xxx Impressions p/r au Casper : Commentaire : Bonne chance à tous!
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    shhh don't give udem ideas
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    Hi! I am a current 1st year OT student at Western! I remember how stressful this process was so I thought I would update everyone on some information. I have heard that acceptances are going out later for some programs and while that may seem stressful know that the faculty are working around the clock right now and doing there very best amongst this crazy time in the world! They are trying to intake new students, switching to online courses, juggling family health concerns, and trying to figure out how 2nd years will graduate on time and how us first years will be able to complete our placements which are supposed to begin for most in May. So be as patient as you can (I know... easier said than done). But...While this forum was helpful last year it can consume you and add extra stress as you compare yourself to others. So practice meaningful occupations to help with the stress don’t get fixated on your exact gpa calculation and if it doesn’t happen for you this year keep your head up, I got in my second time applying off the waitlist! If I can do it you can too! Good luck to you all
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    Just making it this far should mean the world to everyone no matter your situation and how you think you did on the interview. We all deserve to be dental students, whether it be this cycle or next. Best of luck to all. We will hear results soon.
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    Acceptance letter release date?

    Actually I'm more like this, let's be honest
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    Acceptance letter release date?

    This hit home for me, hope everyone is staying safe (and somewhat sane).
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    I will have to kindly disagree with this. How can you possibly know who the applicant is by just looking at a set of numbers? I also dont think you need some next level EC to stand out. I think they look for applicants that take whatever experience they have and know how to find meaning in it and express what they learnt from the experience. They dont rate ECs based on the title. For example, curing a disease in Africa = 10pts but flipping burgers = 2pts. They objectify the EC based on how the applicant expresses meaning in those experiences. Some people come from different backgrounds and yes they are exposed to different opportunities. But everyone has the capacity to think about why they did this, what I learnt, how I failed, how i succeeded etc. That shows some humanism that a GPA cant show. I think they convert subjective components into an objective evaluation based on some qualities you can express as a human. They dont have a sheet of paper with boxes and each box has a list of what an applicant should have. The number of interview slots are limited and but the number of remaining applicants are limited too. The ratio ends up being the same from one pool to the next. Whoever does this got bad advice. You shouldn't be doing ECs to check off a box. Maybe that's why these people dont "stand out". You're suppose to do things you like. I think there is a strong correlation between what you like and how well you can express your passions in an essay. If I hated hospital volunteering I prob would write a pretty dusty essay for example. Anyway, sorry for long reply. These are my thoughts! Cheers
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    Longtime lurker here, made an account just for this lol. I just called to confirm if invites are still being sent, and he said all this week and even early next week! The wait is killer
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    Quoique tes autres réponses me semblent plutôt logiques, je ne suis pas d'accord sur plusieurs points. Selon mon expérience, c'est beaucoup plus facile se préparer pour le CASPer, car contrairement aux MEMs, les scénarios restent très similaires d'année en année, au point où ils réutilisent parfois les mêmes vidéos/mises en situation. Quoiqu'ils nous assurent que le score demeure stable dans le temps pour une même personne, je connais plusieurs personnes qui ont eux des scores considérablement différents (lorsqu'on se base sur la LA/rang CASper McGill) - quoique cela s'applique aux MEMs aussi. Les MEMs ne sont certainement pas parfaits non plus, mais évaluent déjà plus en profondeur, car il y a plus de facteurs à évaluer. De plus, je trouve personnellement qu'il est plus représentatif de voir le non-verbal de quelqu'un, ce qui rend beaucoup plus difficile d'inventer ou mentir aux MEMs, que d'écrire une réponse fausse au CASPer. Sur ce, bonne chance à tous dans vos admissions!
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    Même si on considérait le Casper comme un test « objectivement plus facile » comme tu sembles penser, l'admission en médecin ne serait pas plus « facile ». En effet, si tout le monde doit faire une évaluation « plus facile » alors que le nombre de places reste le même, alors seuls les candidats ayant des extrêmement bons résultats seront admis. On peut facilement faire une analogie avec la modification du calcul de la cote R en 2018. Il était plus facile d'avoir une cote R de 35+, mais l'admission en médecine n'était pas plus facile pour autant, comme la cote R du dernier candidat convoqué aux MEM a drastiquement augmenté. Bref, des évaluations « plus faciles » n'ont aucun impact significatif sur le degré de facilité d'accéder à un programme.
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    I don't think they would just replace the interview with CASPer (at 70%) for multiple reasons: 1) Although the interview and CASPer have a moderate correlation, it is not a complete replacement for the interview (i.e. the interview looks at skills in a different way). If they were confident enough in it as a measure to use it as a complete interview replacement this year, I would think that it would be worth more in the pre-interview formula than 32% (I also believe that Mac did experiment with making it worth 46% a while back, and then went down to 32%. Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but if this is the case, there're limitations that they are aware of). 2) Arguably the larger problem would be that a 70% CASPer would probably skew admissions heavily towards those who obtained interviews with low GPA/low CARS. People who received interviews despite low GPA/CARS must have a very high CASPer (relatively). Conversely, an individual with a high GPA/high CARS combo would have gotten the interview even if they performed relatively average on CASPer. If they chose to use a 70% CASPer, we would likely see the average CARS/GPA dip from previous years, as they would be accepting more preferentially from those who did well on CASPer to secure their interview. Now I cannot say if this is a good or bad thing (we all have our biases), but I would imagine that the MD program is interested in maintaining similar entrance statistics despite the change of events this year. At the end of the day, it's still very up in the air what they'll be doing. I could be completely wrong and they may go with the 70/15/15 with CASPer, but these are the main reasons why I'd imagine them considering not doing that. Best of luck to everyone! I hope we do get transparency at the end of this long wait.
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    Received my UBC acceptance. This is surreal.
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    TIME STAMP: Don`t know cause I waited for the email... Result: Admitted with condition Pre-req GPA: 3.71 MCAT: Not submitted Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): 2nd time around. The first time was disasterous and I ranked in the bottom third. This time, I practiced, applied myself and the MMI was actually quite enjoyable and I left the interview feeling great. Year: 2nd undergrad finished in 2016, masters finished in 2017, both were professional degrees. IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: To everyone reading this who did not get the answer that they were hoping for - I feel you. Last year I was in the same spot. I am a mature non-traditional student. I decided to pursue medicine later in life, years removed from any science classes and had to retake my pre-reqs after finishing my degrees. This meant long nights after working multiple jobs, all with a dream and goal in mind. I was told by many that I was crazy, that I would not get in. Pursuing this caused frictions in relationships that ended as a result. The sacrifices were considerable. If it is truly your dream do not give up. Can`t wait to join some of you soon and for the others - remain hopeful and keep on applying, wishing you the best!
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    I thought I was refused at first. TIME STAMP: I am not sure but I checked in the early evening Result: Waitlisted : MTL #54 , OUTA #20 Pre-req GPA: 3.77 MCAT: No Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): Felt horrible compared to last year. Kept wondering if the decisions I had made were right. Year: finishing M.Sc IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: these waitlist numbers are confusing me... I don't know if they are good news or bad news. Congratulations to all those who got the sweet news of acceptance! All of you worked so hard ! For those who got refused or waitlisted, don't forget that you are a great candidate and you are considered la crème de la crème. Always remember why medicine is your passion.
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    Good luck everyone! Also, stay home!!!!
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    correct me if i’m wrong but.... today is monday? lol
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    The slow decay of dentistry

    Currently looking for associateship position and this thread was a very depressing read LOL. Quick comment about finances: people constantly give examples of "your income will be ___ if you try to pay off your debt in 10 years, which is basically the income of a teacher/nurse/etc." Is this perspective actually accurate? Excluding OSAP, there is absolutely no pressure to pay off your debt - the bank LOC does not convert into a loan, and all you're forced to pay is the monthly interest (which for me is currently about 750 dollars a month on a 230k debt). In fact, very few other careers offer (potentially) lifelong access to a 350k LOC - of course this should be handled extremely responsibly but its still a beneficial thing to have. Others have also not considered the small (but still relevant) effect that tuition credits will have on helping you make a bit of a dent in your loans early out of school. Dentistry is an opportunity to make a higher income and it's honestly up to the individual to decide what they'd like to do with their earnings. A fixed 80k/year salary is not the same as a 150k salary where you can choose to pay off your debt (or not). It's like being offered an 800k mortgage by a bank - it's a blessing to have this option, though you may choose to rent instead. Not everyone is presented with this option or this choice. From how I look at it, dentistry is not a golden ticket with a guaranteed 6-figure salary and comfortable lifestyle. Nothing in life gives that kind of guarantee. And personally, I don't feel entitled because I'm a graduating dentist - I don't deserve a specific income and lifestyle. I am fortunate to have grown up in a country which has offered me the opportunity to become a dentist and a line of work which is rewarding and challenging. I am also fortunate that I have the option to do any and all of the things which were mentioned in this thread - I could move to the US, work up north or in Alberta or Saskatchewan, go abroad and help people, own 20 clinics or none, work 3 days a week or 7, I can make make bad or good financial decisions. I have OPTIONS - it's up to me what I do with them. I grew up in a poor immigrant family and I don't think people realize that having these options and opportunities is a blessing in and of itself. People are speaking about working at McDonalds... you have the opportunity to choose between being a Dentist and a McDonald employee, I would hazard to guess that a lot of McDonald employees do not have a similar choice. I realize that I speaking from a place of doey-eyed optimism and that I haven't experienced the (probably very difficult) realities of the real world. Take what I say with a grain of salt.
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    Or what they could do is cancel all interviews and base it off of file review. Like what Calgary is kind of doing. This wouldn't be that bad for western considering we wrote a bunch of essays for them.
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    Déjà acceptée à McGill ici (universitaire) J'avais appliqué à UdeS et ULaval aussi, mais ils m'ont refusé direct!
  43. 5 points
    L'information suivante est maintenant disponible sur le site de la Faculté (https://medecine.umontreal.ca/etudes/doctorat-en-medecine/admission/): MODIFICATIONS AU PROCESSUS D’ADMISSION 2020 – En raison de la pandémie actuelle avec la COVID-19, nous avons dû annuler les mini-entrevues multiples francophones intégrées (MEMFI), comme déjà annoncé. Les instances facultaires et universitaires ont entériné les changements suivants pour l’admission 2020. Une première sélection est faite, fondée uniquement sur l’excellence du dossier scolaire. La sélection finale des candidats au programme d’études médicales de premier cycle de l’Université de Montréal s’effectuera sur la base d’une pondération égale de l’évaluation du dossier scolaire. Tous les candidats (excluant les Candidats titulaires d’un doctorat de recherche, Candidats des Premières Nations et Inuits du Québec (PNIQ) et Candidats québécois médecins diplômés à l’extérieur du Canada ou des États-Unis (DHCEU) ) : Cote R (50 %) Résultat obtenu à l’examen CASPer (50 %)* *Cet examen aura donc la même pondération que celle qui était prévue pour les MEM. Nous avons donc majoré cette pondération exceptionnellement cette année car elle était de 10% l’an dernier. Candidats titulaires d’un doctorat de recherche : Dossier de recherche (50 %) Résultat obtenu à l’examen CASPer (50 %)* *Cet examen aura donc la même pondération que celle qui était prévue pour les MEM. Nous avons donc majoré cette pondération exceptionnellement cette année car elle était de 10% l’an dernier. Candidats des Premières Nations et Inuits du Québec : Les mini-entrevues multiples (MEM) sont remplacées par l’examen de jugement situationnel en ligne CASPer (Sciences de la santé – Niveau 2) Les entrevues individuelles en présentiel sont remplacées par des entrevues individuelles par Internet * Une communication courriel importante a été transmise aux candidats et candidates admissibles à cette catégorie, laquelle contient tous les détails du processus de sélection. Il est à noter que la Faculté de médecine de l’Université de Montréal se réserve le droit d’exclure les candidatures dont les résultats à l’examen CASPer seraient jugés insatisfaisants ou non recevables.
  44. 5 points
    Josh sounds like the kind of person who would never make it past interviews.
  45. 5 points
    Damn. I’m sorry you guys good luck with everything in the future, we’re all going to be amazing doctors no matter where we do our education! is anyone else still waiting? I haven’t gotten an e-mail... checked junk and everything! What is going on?
  46. 5 points

    Acceptance letter release date?

    Morning everybody I created an actual account out of sheer desperation, I don't really have anything good to say except I'm glad I have these posts to read each day, as a non-trad applicant I don't have any friends who are going through this with me so having an online forum and hearing everyone else echo my anxieties has been nice. Really hoping admissions will take pity on us and release the letters ASAP, each day is getting more challenging especially with all my ECs cancelled, I've had way too much time to refresh my email!!!
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    Peut-être qu’ils vont augmenter le nombre de places, ca serait une année qui justifierait très bien l’importance d’avoir beaucoup de médecin dispo
  48. 5 points
    as someone who went 6 for 8 on the essays, i would be straight-up heartbroken (and kinda pissed)| if the interview (that i already did) was thrown out in favor of reevaluating my already-approved aABS
  49. 5 points

    Too late to Try for Ophtho?

    Unfortunately if you don't have at least 1 first author pub in sophomore year of high school you can no longer be considered competitive for ophtho.
  50. 5 points
    ikr like get yourself together lol you had over 5 months
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