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    Invited! Anyone in Vancouver want to start prepping for interviews?
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    You are missing the point of references. Its about who you are not who they are.
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    I have never been in the field for altruistic reasons and never will be. I have always been a person with a mindset these writers would denounce as unfit for medicine. Didn't stop me from getting into med school and didn't stop me from matching. Doesn't stop me from being a competent resident, because having priorities elsewhere doesn't mean I want to be a bad doctor to my patients nor does it mean I'm going to slack off on learning. Sure there have been days in premed, med school, and even in these few short months into residency that I thought medicine isn't for me. Is it because of the reasons I came into medicine for? No, it's because some things in medicine are the quality of melena frothed with C. diff and no amount of love for the field is going to change my perception of that. Would getting through those moments be easier if I had more altruistic motives? Maybe. Can I replace said motives with other equally powerful ones? I do it every day. Every day I walk into hospital knowing this is a step towards the life I envision for myself. I better become a damn competent doctor to attain that life, and that involves all the professionalism towards patients that these sanctimonious parrots seem to think only stems from martyrdom. From day one of premed I have been laughing at writings like these and know that I am proof to myself that the only thing you need in this longass journey is conviction for whatever you want most out of all this. It could be helping others. It could be whatever else you love about medicine. It doesn't have to be.
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    This is the craziest stats I have ever seen... apply to Harvard lol
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    UBC plz show some mercy and let us pass our exams by sending it out soon
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    All I’m going to say is quite a few of us (possibly me included) are going to be receiving disappointing emails shortly. It will suck, it will sting. Do not let that get you down. Go out of your comfort zone, apply widely. I’m likely a bit older than most of you guys at 28, and I quit a good career to give this dream a shot. Never give up, never surrender!
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    Just got a personal email on the MD/PhD invite!!! Super hyped! Nothing updated in OAS yet. Maybe MD/PhD II is a separate process. Interview Date 2/4-2/5~
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    TIME STAMP: 9:43 AM (December 6th) Interview Invite or Regrets: Invitation Early or Regular Deadline: Early AGPA (if applicable): Last year was 87.52 (I took 3 more classes, should have had a net zero effect I think) MCAT: 513 ECs: Improv theatre, volunteering one one one for 2 years with a mental health group home resident, lots of high school stuff from 10 years ago, 10 years of work experience in and out of government, working as a charity fundraiser, personal hobbies, uni model UN, exchange year, etc... Current Degree: BA in International Studies Geography: IP NAQ: Last year was 20.89 so clearly I improved this portion quite a bit, which I believe was both by being more inclusive of activities I left out before, and also writing way better descriptions for both my NA portion and my employment portion (I literally left my employment portion in point form last year and filled out the whole application in a very rushed 2 days). AQ: Last year was 27.12 Picked the 11am spot on February 3rd! So excited and grateful!
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    Trying to study for finals but every time my phone vibrates I stop breathing
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    I literally just gave him a proper answer. He's middle of the pack. He has a good chance since a lot of the class is chosen from there. Interview should be important for him and make or break him. Idk what he was expecting but his GPA is great, his scores are okay. I don't think I need to spell everything out considering we're all grown adults and can figure things out on our own or ask for an explanation if needed. But oh look you're not OP so if he understands what I was trying to say it really doesn't matter does it. Just saying... If you have any questions about how to prepare, interview process, etc just lmk op
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    Ayo, I just want to mention that if you didn't do well - it's not that "dent isn't for you" I wrote the dat 3x and now im in second year... If you want it, don't let this phase you Good luck w/ applications, fam
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    Can you guys let me know when there's a facebook group so I can join?
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    from my harsh creeping, last year it was like 9:43AM and the year before 12:21PM
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    Funny story here, I forgot to disable the notifications for replies. So every time you guys reply, I get an email with the title "interview invites, regrets blah blah". I get a mini heart attack every time before I get a chance to read that it says premed101.Dammit!
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    Truly the first of a kind PreMed program, unlike how U of T Life Sci and Mac Health Sci and Western Med Sci masks their PreMed program under a shell of a degree that is effectively useless on its own without an accompanying MD. It's a shame it's just a gimmick by Trent trying to attract STEM talent that would otherwise go to Toronto Mac and Western. It's a shame that it's at a school with no medical school and no teaching hospital. Speaking of scams, I'd say Western putting the world MEDICAL in Bachelor of Medical Sciences and duping naive Grade 12s and their even more naive parents into enrolling is a greater scam.
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    hey there, dont feel bad, a lot of ppl end up redoing the DAT so at least now u have a better idea of what to look for, and can help u better understand which areas u need or dont need to improve on. So u shouldnt feel like crap, use those scores to motivate urself to excel on the upcoming DAT. Good luck!!!!
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    There’s not that much practical difference between mental health issues and chronic physical illnesses? If it’s well-managed, there’s no reason you should be discouraged from going for a career you feel you would otherwise be suited for. If anything, it would help you in the empathy department- god knows I’ve heard of enough physicians with too little of that when it comes to dealing with patients with mental health concerns. Besides-People with depression/anxiety/etc aren’t intrinsically any less capable of being excellent, compassionate physicians or learning the material- implying this only adds to the already existing stigma of people not being able to speak out when they do burn out or become suicidal in med school. If medical school/residency/the career in general is triggering mental health breakdowns in otherwise mentally healthy people then maybe it’s time to look at making systemic changes to medical training instead of casting blame on the individual and dismissing whole swaths of the population as having so-called “weak personalities unsuited to medicine”.
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    Good enough. DAT is the smallest factor for UWO so just make sure the rest of your application is good.
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    Do mental health struggles make someone unfit to be a doctor? If so, I think half the profession would need to step down. I don't think someone with a judgmental attitude and lack of compassion should be anyone's doctor, to be honest.
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    RC 20/AA 21/PAT 18 For my first time writing the DAT, and considering I thought I would get <15 on RC and PAT when I walked out of the exam, I'm happy with my scores. Posting my scores In case anyone is feeling discouraged looking at the incredible scores some students have.
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    I checked my mark today and I passed! I scored 552, way higher than my first score. To all those who fail the LMCC this upcoming year: know that you're not alone and that it is NOT a big deal if you fail. No one finds out you failed. My PD and preceptors had no clue. I didn't even tell my wife and kids. I was able to practice with no issues as a resident rotating through GenSurg, CTU, and ObGyn with no practice restrictions. I rewrote the damn thing and passed it with no issue. It was just a bad test day and a failure does not mean that you are a bad doctor. I remember being extremely stressed after failing and searched through these forums high and low for advice from people who failed and it seemed like every one passed the bloody thing. Please know that you are not alone and everything will be fine. You will rewrite it and do well. Yes, it sucked studying again for an exam everyone and their dog in medical school seemed to have passed, but you will get through it and it will be okay. My only advice is to take the test seriously. It's a poorly written, broad exam but if you study for it seriously you will do fine. My dumb medical student self listened to the grapevine that the test was a joke and I didn't prepare for it seriously. That and being sick on test day ended up biting me in the ass at the end.
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    Congrats to all who received interview invites and for those who didn't, keep your chin up and keep persevering! For those who didn't receive interview invite, feel free to PM for tips on improving your application/NAQ, or just encouraging words! For those who did get an interview, feel free to also PM for interview advice and how to prep for MMI. I'd be also open to meeting you, especially if you're someone who struggle with interviews. Side note: I DO NOT and WILL NOT tell you any of the actual MMI questions due to confidentiality agreement. But like Crust said above, it's really about how you say things and how you present yourself that are key. Year 1s are in the midst of exam season, so I won't be able to respond until next week, but rest assure that I will get back to you! Congrats to all the invitees again and see you in February!
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    Meant to post this earlier IP Early Deadline Invite 9:43 PST. 5th Application, 4th Interview Year: Graduated 2013 OGPA: 79.1 AGPA: 81.48 Old MCAT: 31 New MCAT: 509 ECs: Long term care centers, Tutoring, Mentoring, Non Profit Organizations Executive Work, Student club involvement, Varsity Sports, Unique Hobbies, Research (No Pubs), Travel and Volunteering in my home country). Kept 2 Jobs in School, work 3 after Graduating. Hopefully Fourth time's the charm. Looking forward to interview practice with fellow interviewees.
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    TIME STAMP: 1:54 PM (December 6th) Interview Invite or Regrets: MD/PhD Invite! Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA (if applicable): ~87% MCAT: 509 ECs: Lots of research experience (2 NSERC summers, 1 NSERC-CGS, NSF award), 5 publications (not 1st author tho), 2 posters w/ award), presidents for two student clubs, exec for 3 other organizations, volunteer overseas for one summer to support undeserved population, co-founder for a tech startup, some volunteering/shadowing, hobbies (marathon runner, etc), some high school activities (waitress, tutoring, school band, etc) Current Degree: Graduated from 1-year master degree in Bioengineering (US Ivy League) Geography: OOP NAQ: N/A AQ: probably around 25-26 After reading many people's reject posts from Monday, I honestly don't think my ECs are exceptional. It is probably around average just with some well-balanced activities (i guess?) I think my research experience is probably something helped me on my application. Also being a non-trad with 2 years working experience as a life sciences consultant, it may add to show my maturity. I just wanted to say I am grateful for this opportunity to interview for the UBC MD/PhD program. My GPA and MCAT are probably sub-par compared to many other applicants. So don't give up and find something that you can really stand out and shine!
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    TIME STAMP: Dec 6 9:43AM PST Interview Invite or Regrets: Invite Early or Regular Deadline: Early AGPA (if applicable): 87-89? MCAT: sub 510 ECs: Research, leadership, volunteering, sports Current Degree: Completed BSc. in winter 2017 Geography: IP NAQ from last year: 34
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    TIME STAMP: Dec 6 9:43AM PST Interview Invite or Regrets: Invite Early or Regular Deadline: Early AGPA (if applicable): ~91.5? (3.97) MCAT: 523 ECs: Research (no pubs), NSERC, several mental health volunteering positions, various service clubs, hobbies, a couple jobs, tutoring teenagers with learning disabilities, some diverse activities (none super long-term) Current Degree: 4th year Psychology (Hon) Geography: IP super psyched Like this
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    @gminevaand anyone else in a similar boat: Here's my advice if you are committed to do a bit for your GPA, as I have been dealing with a similar situation. Make a spreadsheet with all your grades and credits. Find your weighted average (AGPA). Grab the equation from the other thread for AQ (I think it was 1.626*AGPA - 115.7). Figure out what you'll need for AQ with a few points added to NAQ if you add more activities (quality > quantity) and focus on wording to get you to estimated TFR. Find out how many A's you'll need to get to ~81-82 (or even 83+) as AGPA. Take that number of classes you feel confident about. Get the A's. Kick your own butt; light the fire beneath it! Work harder at your EC's, make this your life... move that NAQ up too. Apply again. Rinse and repeat until you receive interviews. It's a long road, and it's longer if you're starting farther down the block. You have to be willing to sacrifice things in your life for this. Maybe that means quitting your job to do f/t courses if you can - doing fewer shifts and taking p/t if you can't, volunteering more and starting new projects... But you definitely CAN move your GPA. No it wont be 5% or 10% but it will move. You are ~7 points from an interview. If you get your AGPA to ~81 your AQ will be about 16. Then you're 5 points to the TFR cut-off. Dig in and commit!! I am finishing a 16 credit semester at the moment and have a 15 credit one waiting for me in January. You aren't alone! Man I hope I get somebody fired up and motivated because I sure am now!!
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    Especially since it is the ROC that seems to be having the most problems with students going unmatched whereas Quebec already has a ridiculous amount of unfilled FM spots (the problem here has more to do with jobs than residency spots).
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    hahah omg i'm actually laughing! Not to be rude of course I am so sorry for your outcome, but it's just like come on? Really? "cured cancer, launched first space mission to Mars, built the world's first nanoparticle research facility in the arctic with my bare hands, president of a medium-sized nation... guess I'll try harder next year" the whole med admissions process is becoming a serious eye-roll at this point
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    General consensus is Schulich doesn't favour OOP or IP and treats both equally. Looking at previous years' admissions stats, you'd be competitive based on grades+DAT, though mind you that RC is used for interview invites and AA is then used post interview as stated on the site. Your ECs and supplemental will play a large part in determining if you are invited for an interview. From there, interview is basically make or break, based on how everyone attending would be in the same boat Don't fret too much right now. Focus on your supplemental app first and take it slow. I can understand your eagerness to fret about every little detail on your chances right now, but try to focus on what you're able to impact currently! Good luck
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    What do you think about your extra-curriculars?
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    As someone directly involved in the interview process, I would not only lighten up a bit but also be a bit careful with your tact which may come off as a red flag on interview day.
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    I sure hope you're not actually trying to start a coaching business if you can't be bothered to know that the french schools do not consider ECs and make their interview invites purely on the basis of the R score.
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    I agree, preclerkship was really relaxed. Definitely less stressful than undergrad by a long shot. Clerkship is hit and miss. Some rotations - family was definitely one, and emerg - I had ridiculously good schedules and was able to have a lot of time to spend on my life outside of school. Slept well, relaxed. Surgery had the worst schedule by far and I feel like I basically didn’t see my husband or kids for the bulk of that six weeks. I agree that the CaRMS application preparation period was stressful but life felt great again once that was done. I’m not stressed about interviews next month, though. Honestly, I haven’t found med school that much worse than when I used to work regular jobs. I’m busy, sure, but it’s not like I wouldn’t be if I were not in med school. I have three kids; I like busy.
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    Just sittin’ here, hittin’ refresh like it’s my job.
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    IP Interview Invite Early deadline Will post stats later.
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    I checked last year's thread too. People posted rejections at 4:51 and 5:15 pm PST on Dec 12 2016 Monday.
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    Another long day Tomorrow by the looks of it
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    if everything is automated and they are waiting this long to reject people, this is the definition of cruelty in 2017.
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    ^agreed! A few tricky stations but overall very pleasant and more relaxed than anticipated. I really enjoyed being asked follow ups and having my thinking challenged; felt much better than sitting in silence or speaking for the full eight minutes. fingers crossed for all of us!
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    Yes in fact I actually made out with one
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    Yes, I agree! Like in my school, we don't have enough pre-requisite knowledge to answer the questions, so it's basically just googling answers to specific questions and splitting up the questions which doesn't seem to be effective imo.
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    C’est pas une raison pour abandonner. J’ai 27 ans et je commence ma première année. La moyenne canadienne des gens en médecine c’est 24 ans et leur nombre de tentatives c’est 3 fois en moyenne. Y’a bcp de cegepiens dans ma classe, mais y’a aussi du monde avec doc, post-doc, des mères de famille avec 30,35 d’âge. IMO tu seras pas plus heureux avec un plan B, C ou Z tu vas toujours rester avec le what if dans ta tête. Moi j’irais all in. Même si t’es limite pour les entrevues t’as encore la possibilité d’augmenter ta cote d’ici la fin de ton bac. Oublie l’idée de faire des cours par intérêt je t’ai vu dire ça me donne max 80%. Prends les cours les plus facile pour maximiser tes chances. Moi je demandais à mes amis quels profs prendre pour être sûr d’avoir A+ Le calcul de la cote universitaire varie dans chaque université et pe même d’années en années. Une fois RP et ton bac en poche tu pourras appliquer aux 4 universités. Bonne chance ! PM si tu veux plus de détails. J’ai travaillé dans l’armée avant de rentrer.
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    K I need to chime in on this. You published a lot, which is one thing (productive, as you say), but the quality of what you are publishing needs to be questioned when someone without much previous research experience shows up and scores 20 papers in one year. I looked up your pubmed. I'm not doubting your work ethic on any of this, as obviously that much writing takes a lot of time and indeed what you have done is productive, but don't fool yourself - a bunch of case reports and review articles DOES NOT equate to a strong research background. You essentially paid your way to a paper factory, which let you write review articles all day and tossed in one or two small pilot studies. That's called regurgitation of science. A MSc, or PhD while maybe not as "productive" teaches students the scientific method, how to design experiments, how to test hypotheses, how to interpret data, how to contribute something novel. A research fellowship, as you've described it, is just a matter of productivity, not scientific research training. Derm is one of those fields where "academia" is an afterthought. But show that to an academic cardiologist, neurologist or oncologist and they'll show you what's up. I'm sure the 20 papers will help you land a derm spot (I actually have no idea how PDs view productivity vs quality for derm), but just be aware of the fact that this is not what academic medicine really is or should be.