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    I use the larger I pad pro. It's great if you're a mac person. Good palm rejection. The keyboard works great. The apply pencil works wonderfully.
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    GPA no longer considered (!!!!)

    @YesIcan55 I'm sorry but it's disgusting how insulting you've been our high GPA and/or young classmates. These "19 to 20 year olds" were among some of the best students in our class personally.....I speak for those in my class at least when I say that they are some of the most diligent and well rounded individuals, who are qualified to interact with patients. Not to mention.... there's like < or = to 5 in a class of ~162..... like come on ... Or the fact that the 4.0 students "spent days in their room"..... does that explain how despite the average hovering between 3.90 and 3.96 across the country that a majority of those students just study??? are you for real? I didn't have a high GPA going into medical school but never thought those that had a higher GPA were less social than I was... if anything, having a low GPA was my fault and I should have done better. If you want to make jabs at people at least have some actual sources/evidence before you make a claim like above. You have done this repeatedly in your posts.... whether it's looking down on typical science grads, or think med students feel "high and mighty" just because we got into a school in Canada, and now trying to put down people with a high GPA and marginalizing their hard work while trying to justify your cognitive dissonance with your warped perception ... We get you're upset with not getting into medical school and that sucks given the work you put into it, ... but seriously stop trying insulting those that have. - G
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    GPA no longer considered (!!!!)

    UofT has one of the highest GPA (or wGPA) admission in Canada (3.96 in 2015). I can assure you that there are plenty of my classmates with GPA 4.0 with "superior experiences/communication skills/personality/etc" who are perfectly capable of "dealing with real people". There is no need to stereotype hardworking students with GPA 4.0 as bookworms who are deficient in social skills.
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    GPA no longer considered (!!!!)

    Any chance that anyone has found an official written source disclosing this yet? Not that I don't believe the people mentioning it, I just would feel more confident seeing it directly from med admissions or in the University Calendar. People keep talking about all of these changes but I can't find any mention of them on U of A sources. If anyone has any links to these things, it would be awesome if you could please provide them! Personally, I think this move to eliminate a score for GPA is a mistake. Person A with a 4.0 versus person B with a 3.3 aren't equal and they shouldn't be considered as such. GPA is a somewhat objective measure which allows you to compare peoples achievements. In contrast, anyone can just show up for a volunteer position and rack up hours. There is no objective way to measure how impactful their volunteering/work experience/leadership is, and the problem is exacerbated when you are trying to compare vastly different activities. It is far too subjective. In my opinion, people in the 3.3-3.5 range should have far superior ECs to be accepted since they should have a reason why they under-performed in their studies compared to their fellow applicants. Similarly, if you worked your ass off for a 4.0 and didn't volunteer quite as much as the person with a 3.3, is it right for the U of A to effectively penalize you with this policy? Unless you're naturally gifted and can do everything, grades and ECs will always be a bit of a trade-off. To discount that reality seems bizarre to me. I can see policies being put in place to ensure people aren't too imbalanced (i.e. 3.3 cut-offs and minimum number of entries for ECs), but this is ridiculous.
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    FAQ: What are my chances?

    DON'T MAKE A NEW THREAD, unless you have read this flow chart and have performed a search for previous threads. And Stop Making "What Are My Chances Threads" What are my Chances for medical school?
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    Purkinje 2016

    BC Student aid

    We were told by the UBC financial program advisor to list the MD undergraduate program as a bachelor's or undergraduate program. The only exception is if you are an MD/PhD student in which case you would list your degree as a graduate degree. Don't list it as a professional program. If you have any questions about the application process for student loans or a LOC it is recommended that you go to one of the financial advice sessions run by the UBC financial program advisor for students.
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    GPA no longer considered (!!!!)

    Yeah - I can see how cutting everything out could be frustrating after years of work and I also wasn't aware of the nuances regarding evaluation. If the admissions riddle were easy, it would have been solved by now!
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    Western Pt/ Ot Class Of 2019

    I haven't found the PT page yet either Lex2323, you aren't alone!
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    GPA no longer considered (!!!!)

    dont know why so many people are triggered, this policy is done to allow more people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to have a shot at getting in...if you thought that GPA was the most important thing in getting into medical school and perhaps spread yourself thin on ECs...that is your fault. UofA won't look at you too hot, and UofC for that matter (I know of people with 3.9+ who did not get an interview but one person with a 3.26 and others below 3.5 that interviewed)...but you still have places like Ottawa and Toronto where you need 3.9+ to have any chance.
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    Western Pt/ Ot Class Of 2019

    Has anyone found a PT page on Facebook yet? I've been looking but I can't seem to find it. I was thinking of just making one but I didn't know if it had to be affiliated with the University or not.
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    No they will still use it Mr Duck
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    Prereq grades only come into play post-interview (80% MMI, 20% Science GPA). They need to be completed to ensure eligibility however. A 3.79 degree GPA is low for OOP but I still say apply if you're meeting the requirements and can afford it. You never know!
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    I really don't like this move from UofA, and I understand that I may be biased, but I also feel like that there are some things that are not emphasized enough. First off, as many people have pointed out, a 4.0 GPA or so has nothing to do with an individual's social skills and ability to interact empathetically with their community. The stereotype of the bookworm student is a remnant of the past that holds little water in today's medical admissions process, with its increasing emphasis on subjective, personable experiences. I'm sure many individuals with these "4.0 GPAs and stellar MCATs" are fine, perhaps even better, at holding conversations, facing adversity, or advocating for a just cause. We need to distance ourselves from this perspective. I guess my other concern is in general, the deemphasis on GPA across Canada. Now, I understand the importance of extracurriculars and the growing grade inflation in university, but dam, did I have to really work at it to attain a decent GPA. And no, not every student that has had decent grades is from an affluent background or has, in some way, "grade-grubbed" or taken "bird courses" to attain such grades. My GPA is more than just a number or a measure of intelligence...its an indicator of my perseverance, hardwork, and willingness to go above and beyond what is taught in difficult courses. As I've advocated in the past in this forum, it completely appalls me that such a number may now be meaningless at so many schools, in favour of arguably more subjective forms of assessment such as ECs and casper. Of course, this is all hypothetical considering that the information we received from OP may or may not be real. But dam, this is discouraging. UofA was the best shot I had at a medical career, and now with all these changes...I don't even know!
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    Received the offer at 10AM PST. It was such a long wait but it was surely worth it!! Good luck to those who are still waiting
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    GPA no longer considered (!!!!)

    I think everyone needs to take a breather. Nothing's been confirmed yet and all this is speculation by strangers on the internet. Some posters are mentioning an advisor who mentioned this but do we even know who this advisor is? Did he/she make an official statement? Let's not be the neurotic, crazy pre-meds we're so often accused of being. Even if all this is true, spewing hate is going to do nothing for us. The revised admissions guide for this cycle will be released soon. Let's all chill until then.
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    2017 Backpack?

    YESSS, we also crushed the poll: It's time to take out our starters and put our bench players in for the remainder of the 4th quarter. Great job team!!
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    Jurgen premier

    Pharmacie 2017

    Universitaires diplômés
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    BC Student aid

    I was told to list it as a Bachelor program by the UBC med financial assistance officer.
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    Admission Médecine Dentaire 2017

    DentaireFTW aux initiations
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    The Canadian residency pool is just too small, margins too tight to accommodate even small fluctuations in number of people applying to specialist areas. Because programs know applicants don't have too many choices, they can be more picky than some of their US counterparts. Even psychiatry, which in the past was an afterthought, is in demand these days in many locations. I stand by my advice that anyone doing med school in Canada should write USMLE Step 1 even if they think they have no intention of going to US.
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    So happy for you!! You def aren't a poor interviewer, congrats to you!!
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    Accepted: Western, Queen's, U of T Denied/ Wait listed: Mac (not sure if they tell you if you are wait listed or not, but my application on Mosaic still says pending) Western was my top choice so that's where I will be headed. Good luck to everyone on the wait lists and congratulations to everyone who has been accepted!
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    Applied: Queen's PT, Western PT Accepted: Queen's PT Waitlisted: Rejected: Western PT GPA: cGPA = 3.42, sGPA = 3.72 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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    Second time applicant (IP) - Accepted! MCAT: 517 (129/130/128/130) GPA: 3.86 Average: 84.1% Degree: B. Sc. (Hons), working on a M. Sc. ECs: a fair amount, lots of volunteer positions Interview: Thought it was pretty meh to be honest, though it was better than my first one.