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    Off the top of my head, I would be inclined to put them as one category, i.e., recreational & school teams since 2008? incl intra mural in university, developed healthy lifestyle, team spirit, collaboration, lifelong friends & expertise, many transferable soft life skills.
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    Considering you've come out of a fresh MCAT rewrite, don't kill yourself over the Bio and Chem so no need for destroyer. Your materials will suffice! I'd recommend utilizing Bootcamp for the RC and PAT heavily! For the PAT especially, use the sectional generators for quick practice to supplement everything. PAT skills have to be built up
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    Are exams taken during residency?

    Depends on the residency and if you do a fellowship. Family medicine is 2, most other things are 5. Hours heavily depend on what service you're on.
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    Through your school, or community? If its just school, then lump it all under one.
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    Quebec Student

    I emailed Diane Parent and she stated that the average cGPA from a Quebec resident in the region of Montreal was a 3.87. However, the cut-off GPA (minimum requirement to receive a file review) was a 3.70 for the entire French stream.
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    admission avec Bac francais

    Joseph, toujours les même questions. Arrêtes de spam et contacte les facultés de médecine directement. Ta situation est spéciale et je doutes que les gens de ce forum vont pouvoir t'aider.
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    Are exams taken during residency?

    ha people have been praying for that for the past 20 years Politics....so much politics.
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    Are exams taken during residency?

    Let's just pray that thwy change the exam format within the next 8 years so I never have to take it then!
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    I can confirm that this question was not included on last years OMSAS reference forms. Cannot confirm whether it is on this years or how it may be handled by schools.
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    I owe it to this forum for saving me a few hundred bucks a year by recently getting my LOC dropped by 0.25%. We are so very lucky that the rates stayed as low for as long as they did. Like you guys, I'm glad I focused on paying down my LOC rather than using my residency salary to invest. Just want to get rid of that damn LOC debt and be done with it!
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    la marzocco

    Casper, Both French and English?

    @sun_and_moon and i had some discussion about this in another thread - can you chime in?
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    Like many others, I'm going to sit down with my financial advisor and accountant and have a serious discussion about how these changes, along with the higher marginal tax rate (which I didn't really make a fuss over), will affect my long-term financial security. With a weak dollar, significantly higher taxes, and declining salaries (when adjusted for inflation), I'll be thinking about moving to the US. I've already completed all the USMLEs and waiting on the results of the American board exam for my specialty which I just wrote last month. If the govt introduces a nice pension plan, EI, mat/pat leave, sick leave, vacations and other benefits that empoyees get, I wouldn't care. But to equate my situation with an employee as if we should be taxed the same is a joke.
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    Are exams taken during residency?

    Annual in-house and mock American board exams for my specialty, finishing with the beast that is the Royal College. So glad that is done with and to have my FRCPC!
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    Lactic Folly

    Personal Adversities in ABS?

    Focus on your path, what you did as a result e.g. have you reached out to others who may be victimized. Not what was done to you.
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    Are exams taken during residency?

    I wrote it recently, and I can say the main issue is that it tests mostly super obscure nonsense. Almost none of the material/questions will have any relation to day to day practice, and I think I actually became a worse doctor during my final year, because not only did I learn nothing of value despite studying 80 hours/week, but I stopped thinking about clinical problems and started thinking about mastering test taking.
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    Are exams taken during residency?

    This tells you something about the state of medical education and the exam.
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    UCAN gpa calculation

    Hi OP, Sorry to hear that it's quite confusing. I often relied on the manual put together by UofC as I found it the best application manual put out by any school. I've quote the section 3.7 from the manual below: In my opinion: Yes you took the 3 courses/term to be considered full-time by your institution, but not the 4 courses/term to be considered full-time by UofC's medical school. Hope this answers a lot of your questions!
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    Are exams taken during residency?

    Then within 6 months you forgot a ton of all the stuff you worked so hard to learn.
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    Are exams taken during residency?

    The exams are a different beast in residency. The Royal College exam waits at the end. I just call it, "the exam". People say this is the hardest exam of your life. They are not exaggerating. With the exception of the LMCC exam - which is more of a "getting out of med school tax", all the exams written in residency are geared to the final exam. In residency the pressure is on you to perform to a standard that is preparing you to pass that final high stakes exam. Then in your last year of residency you live and breathe the exam. The exam prep for that last exam pretty much runs your life for 12 months except for some minor exceptions. You study harder than you knew you could study. For those studying of the Royal College, hang in there, it does end.
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    Are exams taken during residency?

    Similar to other above in Radiology I have had the LMCC2, a yearly ACR exam in radiology, an oral exam once or twice a year, an OSCE style exam once a year, many of us do write the ABR exam in the fall of our fifth year, and of course the final royal college exam - which everyone will tell you no matter what specialty you are in is simply the hardest exam you will take in your life, and will take a ton of time to prepare. Like NLengr I have been preparing for my exam for most of my fourth year, and now are going full steam max studying for the next 9-10 months in preparation. "these are end times, and dark days. Yet we still dream of the light" - ha
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    Are exams taken during residency?

    In my program we had: LMCC 2 Surgical Foundations 2 practice Orals per year (formative) 2 practice writtens per year (formative) US based in service exam yearly (formative) Royal College Exam. This is the hardest and most stressful exam you will ever write. I spent 2 years prepping for it, with the last year being pretty much constant studying (and my experience was typical for my program) You also get evaluated on your performance after each rotation by the staff you worked with.
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