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    Truly the first of a kind PreMed program, unlike how U of T Life Sci and Mac Health Sci and Western Med Sci masks their PreMed program under a shell of a degree that is effectively useless on its own without an accompanying MD. It's a shame it's just a gimmick by Trent trying to attract STEM talent that would otherwise go to Toronto Mac and Western. It's a shame that it's at a school with no medical school and no teaching hospital. Speaking of scams, I'd say Western putting the world MEDICAL in Bachelor of Medical Sciences and duping naive Grade 12s and their even more naive parents into enrolling is a greater scam.
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    Recommencer à 40 ans...

    Bonjour à tous! Je vous explique mon parcours et mon besoin en information et en conseils... Je suis un homme de quarante ans qui a fait trois sessions de CEGEP en 1997-1998 en sciences humaines au CEGEP de John-Abbott. Puisqu'à ce moment l'à je n'étais pas un étudiant très sérieux, je me suis retrouvé avec un Côte R de 18... Donc, maintenant 20 ans plus, après avoir fais une carrière en cuisine, je souhaite changer du tout au tout et m'essayer en médecine, pourquoi pas!! Je suis présentement à l'école aux adultes pour refaire mes maths fortes et mes sciences fortes pour entrer au CEGEP en science de la santé pour août 2018, mais je souhaite avoir de vos conseils et comprendre un peu plus les meilleurs options qui s'offrent à moi. Est-ce que retourner au CEGEP est le meilleur parcours possible pour changer mon Côte R et pédaler au maximum pour avoir des notes excellentes pour entrer en médecine? Y-a t'il d autre option plus avantageuse? J'attends de vos réponse ou du moins si quelqu'un d'entre vous pouvez me guider vers une personne qui saura me guider. Merci d'avance!!!!
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    I put it on my CV to demonstrate interest in scholary activities in the field. it just occupies one line, so its not a major listing, but not sure why you wouldn't list it?
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    la marzocco

    Trent is literally scamming parents

    I feel like this whole "pre-med" program at Trent is largely motivated by their collaboration with St. George's University (SGU): https://www.trentu.ca/premedicalstudies/stgeorges This is my first time seeing this.. Trent and SGU basically cross-selling/cross-promoting. They do not speak of the dangers of going abroad for medical school and the risks associated with CARMS in terms of matching prospects of being an IMG. High school students need to be better informed about the pros and cons of these programs - it is uncomfortable where this "pathway" is presented in the most favourable light.
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    Global ratings and checklist ratings on OSCEs are two evaluation metrics designed to look at different aspects to patient interactions, both of which are important. Ideally, if the OSCE is well-designed and applicable to clinical practice, students should be clearly passing both, with any biases evened out by the fact that there are multiple OSCE stations with multiple assessors. Realistically though, OSCEs are a poor facsimile of actual clinical practice and their main value is to show that you'll work hard enough to pass them while having an overall medical knowledge and interpersonal skills that you won't be an immediate danger to patients. While it would be nice to have OSCE be useful tools to evaluate and strengthen student abilities, they're very far from that. They're a hurdle to jump over. As freewheeler says, P = MD.
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    I guess it depends why you were selected. If it's somehow merit based, then maybe. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't put it.
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    si tu gunnais neurochx ta carriere est pas mal fini man
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    Am I screwed?

    I emailed the chief resident who found my mistake to be funny, and happens to be working with the PD today. So I didn't automatically self-disqualify, but oh god they are clearly going to rub it in my face jokingly during interviews....
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    what are my chances?

    Mods this may be a troll. On the off chance that it is not, you are at least 5 years too young to even begin to think about thinking about studying for the MCAT. Your enthusiasm is admirable but cool your jets!
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    Can I hug an actor?

    Yes in fact I actually made out with one
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    DMD vers medecine

    Si tu arrives du cégep tu n'as pas besoin d'envoyer un relevé de notes.
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    I didn't do med school in Canada, so I never received a bag or had the chance for part of my self worth to be attached to one. They sound pretty great though.
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    Recommencer à 40 ans...

    Yeaaaaaaah no, none of that is true. Personne n'impose quoi que ce soit a quiconque. McGill est une bonne faculte pour des gens un peu plus ages. Xanoreem, pour ce qui est de ta situation, tu dois faire tes cours de science prerequis et probablement faire un bacc avant de rentrer. C'est vrai que tu serais un des plus ages par contre et que c'est un long parcours. Donc autant pour toi que pour le comite d'admissions, il serait peut etre important d'avoir des motifs plus approfondis que "pourquoi pas"
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    Studying techniques

    Most importantly know what is on the slides and said in class. Profs should only be testing what they teach. Use the textbook when you can't understand the slides.
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    Studying techniques

    Are you a student at York? lol every institution has unique learning opportunities, what works for student A at X university might not work for student B at Y university. It's always better to ask someone who's in the same institutition, obviously higher year students who took the course. Generally, I would advise you not to cram, always space out your learning because cramming never works, go to your prof's office hours and ask anything about the course (or concepts you're struggling with), talk to your peers (group discussions) and look at the learning objectives of the course you are taking. Hope these help!
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    General Anxiety about CEGEP

    Relax, you have a long way to go. I am a surgical resident from Quebec. All medical schools in Quebec are excellent and when you apply, you want to get into any of them! The one that accepts you is the one you want! The best attributes you can bring from h.s. are a strong work ethic together with stress and time management skills. The more you mess up in h.s., the better off you will be in the future - as you learn more about yourself as you mature and you learn how to handle difficulties, mistakes and how to bounce back. So, setbacks now are good for your character and a great learning experience. It is too early in the game to deal with Cegeps. Just do the best you can and apply to Cegeps close to your home, thus avoiding long commutes. If you don't make it into med school from Cegep, you will do an undergrad degree and try again. I got in after studying @ Concordia. Step at a time, it is a long road ahead of you, relax. Welcome to the Forum.
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