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    Interesting and slightly disappointing that it will be so late. Considering interviews for those travelling usually occur during reading week, this leaves less than a month’s notice to make arrangements. This drives up the price of accommodations and flights in a world where Skype could fill in. As the most expensive school of medicine in Canada, it just keeps mounting the barriers against those of lower class. With odds already against those with less money (think MCAT, MCAT prep, application fees etc), it’s a shame that the system seems to only be getting more classist. Pardon my rant I just thought the notification would come earlier this year and not later.
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    Difference between a serious application and a lottery ticket I think there is a difference between a 'real' attempt and a 'blind attempt'. In my case, I knew that my grades from my first undergraduate degree were not competitive. Yet, I applied once after my first undergraduate degree, once during my master's and once after my master's. Now this counts as three attempts, but to be fair, they were almost like buying a lottery ticket. Right now, on the other end, I have almost completed a second degree with 3.8ish GPA. From now on, I believe every attempt is serious. In that case, if it doesn't work out, I am planning on going on with my life, pursuing other passions. But I will still apply every year. 5-10-15 times, I don't know. You have to keep moving forward I think the key is to realize that your life has to move forward. It personally took me some time to realize that. Having a serious relationship, thinking about kids, buying a house, travelling the world, pursuing sports competitions? I was too busy for that. That would be something I would focus on after being accepted to medical school. The problem is, putting your 'real' life goals on hold for your career can make you bitter and unhappy. And truth is, the moment you are waiting for might never come. And even if it comes, medical school doesn't solve anything. What I learned You should not put any aspect of your life on hold, hoping that being accepted to a medical school will solve everything. Don't put passions, dreams, relationships on hold, because you are too busy for your application cycle. You will never have more time than right now. It doesn't get easier during medical school, during residency, during practice. Good luck!
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    Yes, it came from the admissmd email address! Are you able to add that email address to your safe senders list? That may prevent it from being blocked as spam. I’m not sure who it was signed by as I don’t have that email account on my phone anymore, unfortunately. No problem! I won’t say the week will go by fast, because I remember it dragging on last year. But you guys are in the homestretch, and at least you know what day to expect them! Good luck!
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    It seems to have disappeared. Am I missing something?
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    There's no reason you can't keep applying while working on other paths. Continue on with your life in the meantime, and when/if medical school works out: great. Otherwise you shouldn't let your life be put on pause otherwise.
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    they said "on"
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    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    I called on Friday and was told they will be coming on the 29th.
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    Si tu trouves que c'est long avant d'obtenir ta cote R, le processus d'admission en med va être l'enfer pour toi...
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    Hi everyone! I’ve always been drawn to obstetrics, and my backup plan if I didn’t get into medical school was to be a midwife. I’m also finding myself drawn to Family Medicine, because of the continuity of care, the diversity in patient needs, and the flexibility/ability to have control over your schedule. Obs/Gyn also really appeals to me because of the combination between obstetrics and women’s health. The only thing is that the OB/GYN lifestyle makes me nervous; I worked with an OB/GYN in my undergrad, and he’d frequently be awake for 48 hours and at the hospital or clinic well into the night. Having a family is VERY important to me, so I would like, ideally of course, for my career to allow me to have a healthy balance between work and family life. I think if I did Family medicine, I would want to offer obstetric services as well. I know there would still be call involved, and that family doctors who do obstetrics can be part of a call group or deliver their own patients (which I’ve heard can be tricky if one patient goes into labour while you’re in clinic). So, would anyone be able to comment on the lifestyle differences between an OB/GYN versus a Family doctor who does obstetrics? I have some electives planned for later in the semester, but I’d love to hear your experiences/insight.
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    Building Interview Stamina

    I suffer from interview fatigue. I an quite a sociable person but I've failed several med school interviews in previous years because of interview exhaustion. Midway through the interview I get headache and can't concentrate on the question, which unfortunately means my answer quality goes down as the interview progresses. Has anyone dealt with this problem before?
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    Assuming your goal is to get into a Canadian MD School and the US/Overseas are not options for various reasons, how many cycles are you willing to go through before calling it quits forever? ( I have seen several people who took four or five tries on this board, and a couple of people who got in on their sixth attempt- are you willing to be one of them if things don't work out right away?)
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    U of T training sites

    Can do electives in Mississauga. Some of the docs there do file reviewing and interviews
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    Bonus 0.5 UdeM

    http://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2017/08/14/cegep-la-cote-r-subit-une-cure-de-jeunesse Ils disent que c'est rétroactif à partir de l'automne 2014. So, si tas plus que 50 crédits universitaires, ta cote R collégiale ne compte plus et sa ne devrait pas te toucher.
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    Études en médecine à l'étranger?

    I am Russian so since childhood most of my slav/Eastern European friends and myself we somehow naturally often dressed in Adidas tracksuits aka its in the blood/genetic lol.
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    Bonus 0.5 UdeM

    ******* Le dernier universitaire admis en DMD en Automne 2017 avait 34,155.
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    Bonus 0.5 UdeM

    Tu peux aller sur le premier thread de ce post pour voir les cotes approx selon les gpa. Pour le cut-off de med dent, jpense que c'est autour de 32-33.
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    The only situation where you would not apply anymore is if your MCAT expires and you really dont want to retake it.
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    Études en médecine à l'étranger?

    Je seconde ce qu'Elgar a dit, il est peut-être plus sage de rester et étudier ici, si ton but final est de pratiquer au Québec. Par contre, je te suggère quand même une école à l'étranger : Université St Kitts dans le sud, tu peux aller voir les critères pour appliquer par toi-même Pour revenir pratiquer après, je ne sais pas comment ça fonctionne, tu pourras faire tes recherches
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    Bonus 0.5 UdeM

    De plus, une bonification (+0,5) est appliquée à la cote de rendement à l'admission (CRA) des candidats qui ont suivi au moins 12 crédits à l'Université de Montréal au moment du dépôt de la demande d'admission. - Règlements udem. Alors oui. Tu l'as eu après ta première session.
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    Études en médecine à l'étranger?

    Selon le site de l'UdeM, les programmes de médecine, pharmacie et médecine dentaire offrent des possibilités de sessions d'études à l'étranger. En pratique je ne sais pas si c'est difficile d'obtenir ces occasions, mais ça me paraît plus "safe" si tu veux voyager pendant tes études que de carrément aller à l'étranger si ton but au final c'est d'exercer au Canada.
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    Mac publishes the scores of accepted students. For class of 2020: 123-125 4 126 6 127 22 128 32 129 52 130 41 131 19 132 5 avg:128.9
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    Études en médecine à l'étranger?

    ?? J'ai pas compris?!
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    Rank List

    exactly - which is why you should simply rank every place you want to go in the order of preference completely and absolutely with no regard to how they would be ranking you. The algorithm is quite elegant in that regard from a certain point of view.
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    CRU psychologie

    Puisque tu réussis déjà bien en psycho, rester dans le programme et viser des notes un peu supérieures pourrait être une bonne option pour toi. Biochimie a une excellente cote, mais si tu te plantes, ça va te faire mal longtemps. Ce qui est sûr, c'est qu'avec ta CRU actuelle, tu pourrais avoir des chances de rentrer en dent/pharma, mais à condition de faire un casper exceptionnel. Donc quand ta cote R ne comptera plus, et si tu arrives à monter un peu tes notes tu serais tout à fait compétitif!
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    Seen on the UofT FAQ

    A little lightheartedness during this immensely stressful process.
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    If you haven't heard back yet, I would check your spam folder or email the school.
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    Life of Dr. William Macrae

    I came across this article and found it inspiring https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/dr-william-macrae-truly-practiced-what-he-preached/article37664361/
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    Rad Onc electives Preparation

    Highly recommend NCCN guidelines - succinct, and you can either look at the flowcharts at the front of the document, or some more detailed explanations (but still generally less than 5 pages) in the back. You need to sign up for an account, but it is free. Similar topic: https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/resources-for-rad-onc-4th-year-electives.1293370/
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    McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2018

    Getting a Reject with your stats...did you by any chance say "shithole countries" on your Casper?
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    3.82 wGPA - Interview invite possible?

    Certainly possible to get invited for interview and get accepted. I applied as an undergrad and was accepted with a GPA of under 3.8. It's certainly less likely than having a 4.0. If you can afford the application cost without much burden, apply.
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    Hey @Nietzsche_hammer, thank you for your answer and for giving me your opinion. I do understand that 3.1 is pretty low for someone who wants to get into med school, but I unfortunately didn’t always prioritize my studies while doing my undergrad. I started my degree with only C and D’s but finished years later with straight A’s. I now work as a pediatric dietitian in a world-renowned children’s hospital, I also worked in the humanitarian sector as a dietitian with the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. I have a pretty strong resume. I understand that I messed it up with my first years of uni where I only did the bare minimum to pass since I thought I wanted to be a dietitian, but I definitely have the level to get into medical school. I’m also looking forward to a reform of the actual a system which prioritizes academic standings way too much in my opinion. Hopefully with the Casper test that just arrived in Quebec they’ll be able to screen people that have both the academic + personality requirements. I have unfortunately met way to many doctors while working as a dietitian that probably got there because they’re amazing on record, but they end up being awful at dealing with people. Anyway I’m still hopeful and truly know my value, but thanks for sharing your concerns!
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    TIME STAMP: December 7th 10-11ish?Interview Invite or Regrets: InviteEarly or Regular Deadline: RegularAGPA (if applicable): 91-92%MCAT: 518ECs: 5+ years of youth leading, Junior level ice hockey, provincial level volleyball and track, ~2 years of Neuroscience lab work, a couple poster presentations at largely undergraduate conferences, many years of music and associated volunteer work with it (playing at food banks, churches, conferences, retreats, etc), 1 year working at chronic pain medical clinic, 1.5 years working/volunteering as a kinesiologist, 5 years working as camp councillor Current Degree: BSc. Kinesiology Geography: IP If anyone is in Victoria and would like to practice hit me up! Would love to practice with some ppl....cheers!
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    Ingernal med

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    Psychiatry Residency

    I can only really speak to this as somebody who went through the process, as I have never been involved in selections as a resident. Psychiatry is no plastic surgery, but it is becoming more competitive. In my grad year (2015), though, I believe we had 7 matches to psychiatry and 6 got their top choice of program, including 4 to U of T, which is one of the more competitive psychiatry programs (along with Calgary and possibly UBC, is my informal understanding). I would say that as long as you're doing something extracurricular-wise, just do what you like and what you feel will help with your development as a physician. Research isn't required, but I think it's nice to have (I had some, but nothing major, mostly minor lit review type of things). I also did some crisis line volunteering (I'd been doing it since undergrad) and some stuff around creative writing. It gave me something to talk about in interviews. I also joined the Canadian Psychiatric Association - it was free as a medical student, and I believe they sent me some free stuff. Performance on rotations and networking are important. I did some pre-clerkship observerships and electives in psychiatry, but the clerkship stuff and especially the 4th year electives were key. Speak to residents at your home program, see if they can connect you with residents in other programs you're interested in. DEFINITELY ask residents to read over your personal letters during CaRMS - I've done that for clerks before and most residents are happy to do it. In terms of electives, if you are planning to apply broadly, makes sense to try to do at least some outside your home province. Calgary in particular likes its own and my understanding is that if you don't have ties to the area and don't do an elective, it's unlikely to get an interview. I did an elective there and it wasn't a great experience, though. I did 4x 2 week electives and 1x 4 week elective at my top choice program (U of T). I recommend electives in emergency psychiatry if possible - it's an area where clerks can get a lot of experience and chance to shine, and you get a lot of contact with staff and residents. My elective in the psych emerg at Toronto Western Hospital was excellent. If anybody has specific questions about my program or psych or whatever, feel free to ask or PM.
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    Post-Interview Score?

    It's still possible to get in with a low GPA at mac if you do really well on the interview!
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    Result: Invite (I still can't believe it, a part of me is waiting for an email saying this was an accident) Time Stamp: 1:08 PM PST Interview Date: Will aim for 3/24-25 since I have a crazy schedule for the earlier interview time slot GPA: 3.7 (cGPA and recent 2 years) Year: 5th year UG MCAT: 131/128/131/128 Geography: OOP ECs: huge variety of random things, not long term... not really health care centered either... nor do I think any are significant. I honestly (not even trying to be humble or anything) believe that this list pales in comparison to 90%+ of others who've posted on this forum. Posting to show ppl that there is hope! some but not much volunteering in health care setting (<100hrs total) 16 mo. research assistant co-op position in hospital multiple part-time customer service jobs from 2009-present Managed a restaurant for 3 months recreational level sports for 3 years (not competitive) school social club exec, 3 years freelance makeup artist 2 awards in highschool for Mock Trial and Japanese (LOL) one poster presentation, trying to get paper published but so far no luck, 2nd author one abstract, 2nd author I was really upset after a rejection from UBC (for which I'm IP for) made me feel like chances for Ontario schools (OOP) seem impossible... I figured reject from Mac was to be expected with a 128 in CARS and my GPA (I felt like CASPER went ok, but not stellar), but I only learned about western's CARS 129 cutoff when I got the email... Would've more seriously considered re-taking MCAT if I knew that there was a hard cutoff since I was so close without seriously prepping. I don't have high hopes for UofT with my GPA and ECs, but I truly did not think I had a shot at Queens with that too.... Legit I messaged a former classmate who is now at Queens right after today's rejection email from Western, turns out even with stellar ECs she got only an interview at Queens... Perhaps Queens values specific ECs? I also wonder if they look at extraneous circumstances pre-interview? The reason for the non-stop part time work, low volunteer hours and freelancing is because I live 2 hours commute from school, mom's got early stages of heart failure and my dad's gone through 3 brain surgeries (I had entered this in , is legally blind and cannot work. I spent most of my "free" time doing paid work, and not volunteering. (/edit, i just realized OMSAS didn't have a section for this? I logged on and didnt see any but I don't remember if there was or not)
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