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    Interview Invites

    I fully understand what you're saying and I usually am that way. However, when this is your 3rd cycle in the span of 4 years, it's your last Canadian school left, your top choice, and you interviewed there the last cycle you applied, you tend to have high hopes. Well that was a mouthful haha.
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    hey dont cut yourself short! I'm sure you're an excellent candidate. Congratulations, and all the best on your interview
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    TtIME STAMP: 10:05 for the email Result: Invite wGPA: 3.90 undergrad, currently doing a 1year course-based masters but no marks included MCAT: 518 ECs: family caregiving, some jobs at the bank, come tutoring, some sports etc; nothing I thought was major especially because I haven't gotten a single invite from a any ontario school in the past 3 years so... yeah not really sure what's going on here. Year: Last year of 1year masters IP/OOP/International: OOP Letter of EC: No CASPER: I think it went well, I'd done these a couple of times now so I felt like I knew an approach that worked for me and clearly it mattered but I didn't apply to mc and got rejected from Ottawa so I honestly couldn't tell you any more at this point. After 3 cycles of never getting to an interview in Ontario and just deciding to apply to McGill this year, I honestly think they had to have made a mistake for letting me interview but I also know we take those and I'm gonna try my best to ride this all the way to the bank. hope to see y'all there!
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    yolo am i right guys
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    I did get an email confirming my confirmation ( sounds weird) this year. I think they're just a bit busy atm, so give it a day or two, and you'll probably hear back.
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    McGill Interview 2018

    Degree completion is for internationally trained dentists who’d like to practice in Canada... they either have to write several exams to qualify or enter such programs at faculties of dentistries throughout Canada. The length of such programs is usually 2 years, give or take. Gl
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    Interview Invites

    The trick is to assume Queens will already reject you. Did this for all the schools I applied to - the interviews I got became way more meaningful/surprising and those I didn't were expected so nothing lost Call it pessimistic but it works!!
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    Interview Invites

    I guess tomorrow is the day of reckoning...
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    Dare to do what few have even dreamed of!
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    ****UPDATES**** Bonjour tout le monde! Avec le début des entrevues simulées qui s’approche (ce lundi), nous avons une annonce excitante. Vous pouvez maintenant vous inscrire à une deuxième entrevue simulée! Il n’y reste quelques places, et suivra le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi. Hi everyone! With the first day of mock interviews approaching (this Monday) we have an exciting announcement. You can now sign up for a second interview slot! There are only a limited number of spots left, and its on a first come, first serve basis. ENGLISH FOLLOWS Bonjour à tous! Encore une fois cette année, les étudiants de médecine de première année de l’Université d’Ottawa, sont fiers de vous offrir des séances d’entrevues simulées pour vous permettre de vous familiariser avec le déroulement de la vraie entrevue! L’entrevue vous coûtera 12$ et tous les fonds seront versés à l'oeuvre de bienfaisance choisie par la classe de 2021: Pancreatic Cancer Canada. Le paiement se fera à l’aide de Paypal pendant votre inscription en ligne. Le lien ci-joint vous dirigera vers la page d’inscription. La période d’inscription débutera dimanche le 4 février à 17h00. Les séances sont offertes de façon premier arrivé, premier servi donc ne tardez pas! Pour toutes questions, contactez-nous au admissionsmd2021@gmail.com. *Ces entrevues simulées sont réservées aux candidats d'entrevue de l'Université d'Ottawa.* PARTAGEZ CE MESSAGE SVP! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409094ea5af2ba6fc1-mock1 — Hi! Once again this year, the first year students of the University of Ottawa - Faculty of Medicine are proud to offer mock interviews, which aim to give you a practice run before your real interview. Interviews will be $12, and the money will go towards our class charity, Pancreatic Cancer Canada. The payment will be processed online through Paypal along with your registration. The link below will bring you to the registration page. The registration period will begin on Sunday, February 4th at 5:00 p.m. The sessions are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so please don’t wait! If you have any questions, contact us at admissionsmd2021@gmail.com. *These mock interviews are reserved for interview candidates of the University of Ottawa.* PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409094ea5af2ba6fc1-mock1 Merci & thank you! Christopher & Nicole Représentants du comité des admissions | Admissions Committee Representatives
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    NOVEMBER No other vineyard engenders must; basically everyone's riesling.
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    Anyone still waiting for confirmation from admissions that they received our acceptance to the interview?
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    Interview Invites

    I am kinda thinking that tomorrow is the Invite/Reject Interview Day! Everyone try to get a good night's sleep!
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    UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2018

    Was there a wave today?
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    UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2018

    Does anyone know approximately what percentage of invites have been sent out so far?
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    Safe to say it’s all about the luck of the draw, or god forbid, some kinda discrimination...I’ve never had faith in Ottawa’s admission process, and I’m sure many would resonate with me... but again, we’re 2 out of 4K applicants, so why would they bother even listening to all these...
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    End Poverty

    Needing some advice...

    You can definitely get in with a low GPA, but it is extremely difficult because you will be depending mainly on the subjective competent of your application. In addition, individuals who get in with these stats, have years of experience and more mature compared to the average applicant. I don't want to dissuade you or anything, I believe it is doable but extremely difficult. The best way to move forward is to to another year or two and try to get a 4.0, and you also have to do extremely well in CARS.. Make sure you do all that while having outstanding ECs that demonstrate what you stand for. I genuinely wish you best of luck!! It's a difficult journey, but you have all it takes to make it
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    Invite/Rejection: Invite Time Stamp: 6:20 pm EST Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 4.00 Current year: 4th year ECs: 1 club, some interesting work experience, a few volunteer positions, some hobbies, a few totally non-med related things (E.g. a mock trial). Casper: OK.
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    what do you mean you can only handle being rejected twice? Many people on here have gotten on their fifth or sixth attempt. The Dean of UofC Medical School has stated time and time again to treat your goal of getting into medicine as a five year journey. I personally know many people who are on their third or fourth attempt now and they have great stats and still have yet to get into a Canadian school. Yes, it was not the easiest to handle the rejections mentally but they persevered. Don't put your life on hold as you try to get into medical school. Work towards a secondary career path/ work/ hobbies/ etc and keep applying. Going to the US should not be taken lightly. Even if you get into a US MD school do you have $500,000 (Tuition + Room + Board + expenses * US Conversion Rate for 4 years)? and are ready to leave family/friends behind? PS- if you are applying to the US- apps open in June so any EC's you would do won't count for this upcoming cycle
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    Invite Time Stamp: 29/01/2018 6:14 PM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.98 Current year: 4th year ECs: 3 years research (1 poster presentation, provincial finalist at research competition, 2 publications - 1 first author, 1 manuscript submitted for publication; 4th year thesis), President of 3 clubs, shadowed doctor, medical mission trip, volunteered at nursing home, with at-risk children, brain safety for children, student business ambassador, makeup artist, file clerk, travelled. Casper: I thought that it went ok. I read Doing right and did a lot of practice, but I got rejected from Mac pre-interview with a 127 CARS
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    Invite Time Stamp: 4:44 pm central Location: OOP Stream: English wGPA: 3.94 Current year: 4th year Undergrad ECs: Absolutely NO research besides like, 2 months spent volunteering as a research assistant's bitch getting general consent from people. So that's encouraging for all you babes out there that aren't interested in research. Don't say that in the interview though I'm pretty sure it's why I had to reapply I've done tons of community involvement, lots of clinical experience shadowing doctors (just ask! They're usually more than happy), working as a clerk at a hospital for over 3 years. I was very involved in high school with fundraisers and such and I got some pretty hefty awards based on high school academics. Involved in university senate committees and play some sports for fun. Used to be in a concert band for the university. Pm for deets if you want them Casper: I'll be level with you guys... I friggin LOVE CASPer. To me it's a good time and I find the situations always have a very clear direction they want me to go in. I have never skipped a question or run out of time and can get at least 5 sentences per question, so I think my speed might lessen the stress. I have not read Doing Right (cover to cover... I have it but have read maybe 10 pages). I have not experienced any MMI interviews (preps or the real things) and I've also never written the MCAT although I don't think it would influence CASPer at all. Before you think I'm insane for loving CASPer, I'm actually declining my interview this year to pursue an MSc. in Bioethics. I interviewed for Ottawa last year but have since realized I'm super passionate about ethics and would like to pursue that further for the time being. Follow your dreams y'all! Med is great but so are other things. If you are not 100% convinced you want medicine, you won't be able to convince a team of actual medical doctors... trust me I tried! I also have to stress that everything happens for a reason and what is for you will not pass you. To those without invites and to those with, you are exactly where you are supposed to be right here in this moment
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    You can administer any test and candidates will be distinguished from one another simply due to a distribution of scores. However, test validity and reliability are a seperate matter which need to be found with data. Without validity the test isn't measuring what its intended for and without reliability the test simply requires a stroke of luck. I'm especially skeptical as to its validity given the lack of data. If they are having students do the test in order to gather data and not use it in the admission process, good for them. It may potentially be of use some day. On the other hand, if they're using it for admissions, I'm not a fan to say the least.
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    Academic Distinction in Medical School

    Part of the problem would be recognition when - at my school for instance they did that at convocation but that was 9 months after CARMS was due etc.
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    Admission Médecine 2017

    Vaudrait mieux ne pas se prononcer quand on n'est pas en connaissance de cause. D'ailleurs, j'avais mentionné que le post s'adressait à ceux qui ont suivi la situation... Le refus qui m'a été communiqué n'est pas la raison même des procédures entamées. Un nombre trop important de failles et erreurs dans mon dossier d'admission (je n'exagère pas ici) rend impossible de savoir si le refus lui-même est une erreur (sans vouloir entrer dans les détails). Je n'entre pas dans les détails sur mes posts publics de premed101 parce qu'avec les renseignements communiqués ici, il est déjà facile pour le comité de m'identifier dans mes posts. Donc, inutile d'essayer de cerner la situation en lisant les posts publics. J'entreprends ces procédures d'abord et avant tout par principe. À noter: certains candidats ont été refusés en ayant été placés dans le mauvais contingent (par exemple), alors qu'une admission leur reviendrait techniquement. Ça va dans les deux sens...
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    Entrevue Moyen, Super Cote R

    La meilleure chose que vous pouvez faire en ce moment après avoir fait les entrevues c'est d'arrêter de vous poser des questions sur votre score et sur vos chances selon le score... Premièrement vous n'avez aucune idée du score que vous aurez et de plus, vous ne pouvez plus rien changer... Donc a vous de voir si vous devenez dingue d'ici le 12 mai ou si vous prenez ca chill... Mais arrêter de demander vos chances y a personne ici qui sait quel score vous aurez! Faites-vous plaisir et aller vous changer les idées et jouer dehors au lieu de stresser, le temps va passer bcp plus vite! ... Et le premier mai tu t'achètes une p'tite 12 pis tu en prends une par soir, comme un calendrier de l'avant Malgré tout, je vous souhaite bcp de succès le 12 mai.