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    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    So most people come in a full suit but a non-negligible amount of ppl come in simply with a dress shirt and pants. I highly doubt it would impact you negatively if you didnt wear a suit. If you can't afford it and don't have a reasonably well fitting suit lying around, don't sweat it. What you have to say is a lot more important than a jacket Good luck!!
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    Obviously, one can't definitively say, but based on the activity around this board it doesn't seem to be as active as in past years. It sure would be nice if we were applying in an off-year!
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    If you end up getting bored with the whole faking accents thing, whistling and winking might add a unique layer to your personality too. Let us know how it goes! I'm more curious about this than my interview result, no kidding.
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    Wonderful websites/Resources to look up: - CBC: Health Section -White Coat Black Art - The National -Macleans Topics to be familiar with: 1. Pharmacare 2. Marijuana Legalization 3. Physician Assisted Suicide 4. Medical Futility 5. Genetic Testing 6. Pt Rights 7. Medical Technology 8. Women's Right under Trump's government 9. Organization of Health Care in Canada 10. Privatization/ Canada Health Care Act 11. Pharmaceutical Biases 12. Refugees Health Care needs 13. Aboriginal Issues + missing indigenous women. 14. Physician Renumeration 15. Medical Education Issues: Cuts to medical education, MD/Phd programs, Competency based assessments. 16. Vaccinations. 17. Organ Donation 18. Social Media If I think of more topics, I will update the list Best of Luck
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    From what I understood last year, depending on how you do in the interview you are placed in a "basket" we'll call it. Then within that basket you are ranked by GPA. That's how people with much lower GPAs can get in above those with higher ones because they did well enough on the interview to be in a higher "basket". It's also how you can track your chances as people post. If someone posts with a lower GPA than you that they got in, you pretty much know you're not in their basket and have to hope you're in the next one lol. I could be wrong but I think this was how it was explained. The interview score is out of 4 as well, but I think it's more general like 4, 3.5, 3 etc.
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    I was in their office 10 min ago, and confirming March 6 is indeed the date they send out notices for IP applicant (everybody: accepted, waitlisted, rejected)
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    McGill interview practice

    Anyone in Toronto interested in setting up a small practice group?
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    Hi all, I've been fortunate enough to receive another medical school interview, but having only prepared for MMIs before, I'm not sure how to approach prep for a panel interview! Is there anything I should do differently? What should I expect from the panel? I'd love to hear any tips/info you may have
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    MMI Advice

    I do not remember bringing up personal anecdotes during my MMI answers. The only time I did was if I had already answered the station's scenario and was then going through additional prompting questions, where it made sense to bring it up and I only mentioned it briefly. I did not elaborate on it or in any way focus on it, it was more of an off-hand sort of remark. Don't be one of those weirdos who doesn't answer the station's question or thoroughly address the scenario at hand, because you end up rambling about stuff no one cares about because you think that that is the way you are going to "sell yourself." MMIs are about gauging your thought process. There are plenty of posts on this forum that go into detail about how to construct a response in an MMI situation. Of course if an MMI station arises where it would logically make sense to briefly incorporate a personal anecdote if applicable, feel free to do so, but do not go about trying to fit one into all of your answers when they are not always warranted.
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    “I would like to rent this house.” ”What’s your income?” ”Uh, none. But I’m a medical student.” ”When can you move in?” - how we rented our current house.
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    Any resources to help stay current

    Hey guys, As I'm preparing for my Med interview, I was wondering if anyone had any good resources or websites that would help me brush up on current events. I'm more so looking for resources that would also focus on highlights that happened during the year 2016-2017, as I'm pretty sure scenarios for this 2018 cycle have been based on hot topics that occurred during those years. cheers!
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    DMD 2018

    Le TECT ne vaut que pour 10% à McGill mais il faut considérer qu'il y a une analyse du CV et d'un "personal statement" pré-entrevue. Et par la suite, l'entrevue compte pour 80% de l'admission.... Je pense que se baser principalement sur les notes comme le fait l'UdeM n'est pas très judicieux. Par exemple, quelqu'un qui habite chez ses parents et qui n'a même pas à faire son lavage lui-même peut se permettre de passer tout son temps à étudier et à avoir une cote de 36. Par contre, quelqu'un qui travaille à temps partiel n'aura peut-être une cote que de 34 (lol), et pourtant ce n'est pas un moins bon candidat.
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    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    I will be coming in a dress shirt, pretty much as if I were to dress for work, I really don't think wearing a suit is necessary.
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    Which Site and Why

    It has no bearing on specialty options what satelite campus you pick.
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    Yes, it's becoming harder. However, I have seen GIM fellows hired at McMaster (a major academic centre and one of the most research intensive schools in the country) without a Masters/PHD on the basis of educational interests and merits in teaching. These are recent hires. The decision to pursue academic or community medicine, and subsequently which discipline, is a highly personal one. I'm personally someone who follows my dreams -- yes there is a component of idealism in that. For me, to settle on family medicine for fear of the job market would leave me wondering "what if?" for most of my life. I'd be fine settling for a community general internal medicine job. They exist in abundance last I checked not far from major academic centres.
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    It's not the MSc. designation I'm after but more the fact that the degree is in bioethics and the experience of living abroad for a year that I'm going to be gaining. Because I failed in the interview stage last time, I think this period of growth will be super beneficial and help me stand out a little more. My GPA will also be higher than this year if my last year of undergrad is counted vs. only my first 3 years. I could definitely not get another interview which I accept but it'll be all up from here . Everything happens for a reason anyways. @Maggie19 THANK YOU! Your answer is exactly what I need bless xo @Donald_Duck I absolutely see where you're coming from but thankfully I have been offered a position contingent on my master's degree which will allow me to begin paying off debt if I decided to pursue something other than medicine. Thank you for your advice though
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    Do it if it improves your confidence. Try british and australian
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    Level up and change the pitch of your voice with every accent change! Are you a 10 year old boy? A 50 year old woman? A man in his 20s? A young teenage girl? We'll never know!
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    Allo! Juste pour vous dire que j'étais sur la liste d'attente pour les entrevues et que mon statut a changé ce soir pour "examen ultérieur requis" avec une date d'entrevue!!!! Alors la liste d'attente IP avance!!
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    faking an accent for the interview?

    no it is not in fact you should switch accents every station
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    Yeah, that pissed me off too. It happened very rarely though. I think only once in gen surg. The best staff to work with during my residency was when I did a radiology elective. Those guys took me out to eat lunch every single day for 2 weeks. When I did my rural elective in residency, my rural preceptor bought me breakfast and coffee whenever I did an overnight ER shift which was 2-3 times a week. Now I work at a clinic with my former family practice preceptor and he still buys me lunches from time to time. I should probably not mention to him I'm buying a Model S soon. I like the free lunches.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about it, I don't think the reference plays any huge part in selection unless the referee has something bad to say.
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    GPA no longer considered (!!!!)

    Any chance that anyone has found an official written source disclosing this yet? Not that I don't believe the people mentioning it, I just would feel more confident seeing it directly from med admissions or in the University Calendar. People keep talking about all of these changes but I can't find any mention of them on U of A sources. If anyone has any links to these things, it would be awesome if you could please provide them! Personally, I think this move to eliminate a score for GPA is a mistake. Person A with a 4.0 versus person B with a 3.3 aren't equal and they shouldn't be considered as such. GPA is a somewhat objective measure which allows you to compare peoples achievements. In contrast, anyone can just show up for a volunteer position and rack up hours. There is no objective way to measure how impactful their volunteering/work experience/leadership is, and the problem is exacerbated when you are trying to compare vastly different activities. It is far too subjective. In my opinion, people in the 3.3-3.5 range should have far superior ECs to be accepted since they should have a reason why they under-performed in their studies compared to their fellow applicants. Similarly, if you worked your ass off for a 4.0 and didn't volunteer quite as much as the person with a 3.3, is it right for the U of A to effectively penalize you with this policy? Unless you're naturally gifted and can do everything, grades and ECs will always be a bit of a trade-off. To discount that reality seems bizarre to me. I can see policies being put in place to ensure people aren't too imbalanced (i.e. 3.3 cut-offs and minimum number of entries for ECs), but this is ridiculous.
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    Neurology Salary?

    Yeah ha, you would think it would pay well - I mean it is a kind of brain surgery effectively to reverse under hi stress and short time constraints a stroke - often at 3am. Cannot think of any reason that should be paid so much less than me slurping a tea while reading a CT (the visceral organs and GI system are unremarkable....slurp.....the osseous structures and body wall soft tissues are within normal limits.....slurp.....Impression: No acute abdominal/pelvic pathology.....powerscribe NEXT......)