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    Hello @FatherFranklin, We are sorry that you left the mock interview feeling this way; it is not our intention at all. As disclosed in the waiver, some of the students adopt interviewer personalities that may reflect those you would encounter during the real interview. "7) The Mock Interview Series have been designed with the specific intention of providing a full spread of experiences/obstacles that Applicants may encounter on the formal interview days. As such, a limited amount of acting and dramatization may be performed on the part of the Hosts only to portray the personalities of the real interviewers." It is pretty typical that people leave the real interview feeling there was a more "strict" interviewer: someone who seems less empathetic or attentive, or who pushes more during certain questions, the intention most likely being to see how candidates manage difficult situations and face adversity. We believe facing an uncomfortable situation like this in a mock interview might better prepare you should you have a similar experience during your formal interview day. We really hope you do not take this dramatization to heart. Deep down, the students who did the mock interviews, and the interviewers doing the real ones want you to succeed as best you can during your interview. However, we are very open to receiving feedback, and are committed to making this experience as good as it can be for future applicants. Therefore, we will shortly be sending out a survey to those that participated in order to get impressions and opinions from mock interviewees. Let us know if you have any other concerns, and best of luck during interview season. Kind regards, Christopher & Nicole
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    This is so ridiculous, I hope NOSM figures their shit out and reinstates her. People need to feel safe when they report this kind of thing.
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    It has been my experience that to catch a rat, firstly you must shine a light on it so it cannot hide any longer. Unfortunately, the medical school is also part of the problem and in the short term, the harasser appears to have the upper hand. However, she has a lawyer, and her career should be fine, even if she can no longer safely continue where she is. What was done to her is disgusting. Power corrupts. Believing you have absolute power corrupts absolutely. This man will think twice before he tries this with another again! If NOSM wishes to protect its reputation, it will need to protect this resident, stop playing games or suffer the consequences.
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    you make a great point.. but I suspect that if someone got into their dream program (let's say UofT Medicine), they're not letting a deposit get in the way of that. However I'm not sure just how big this deposit is lol
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    I'm in the same boat. I received an email reply today saying that they've noted my request. Losing a potential candidate due to logistical/scheduling conflict is unfortunate for both the school and the student. With about 200 spots each interview day, I'm pretty sure they'll be able to make it work :)! So don't worry about it!
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    From the article: ""Part of the problem is the people you're supposed to call for help are the people who evaluate you," she says." She also names her harasser as one of the people who you are supposed to report harassment to. This culture could partly explain her bizarre suspension. It also further explains (aside from the punitive suspension for reporting but ID-ing) why she didn't feel safe reporting the identity of the harasser without assurances she wouldn't face backlash.
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    Kinda! For me, I still have to find out if I can even attend. I requested that they book me on Mar 18, b/c my McMaster interview is Mar 17th, so hopefully they're able to make that happen. Then if I am able to attend I will have to change all my hotel reservations and flights lol. It's a bit hectic. I will just make a to-do list and try to not think about it until it's all confirmed! I just wanna get everything sorted right now! Oh well, can't complain too much, I got an invite.
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    Psych elective recommendations

    For McGill, St Mary's is not a good pĺace to do psych but all other sites are fine. The Douglas is a psychiatric hospital which might be interesting for you.
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    NOSM definitely could have handled this better and given Dr S more support and empathy. I feel bad for her.
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    Second Degree - Help :(

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I needed to hear this.
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    Interesting. Didn't she post this in PM101 a week or so ago?
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    Interview day advice blog

    Hey guys! I loved premed101 when preparing for my interviews. check out my new blog to a) get out of the premed101 bubble for a bit b ) let me know what you want me to write about in the future! I have a few tips, mixed in with a bit of personal experience on this first post. Very happy to answer questions on the blog (link below) too! I will check back on this post periodically too to help out with any questions re: interview. Much love and best wishes as you undertake your interviews <3 http://palpitationpending.blogspot.ca/
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    Second Degree - Help :(

    Hey MilkMan, First, Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. 'I am starting to think this maybe not for me' Just because you had a bad semester, this doesn't kill your dream. Forget about all the fancy calculations and focus on your classes. You have demonstrated that you can get a 3.93 GPA. There is no reason to doubt yourself. Don't forget that some universities look at best 2Y or only your second-degree. Your #1 priority for this semester should be : get the best GPA possible. 'I am turning 24 in a couple of months' You will turn 24 no matter what you do. And next year, you will turn 25. And the year after, you'll be 26. Weither or not you pursue medicine. Therefore, is your age of any relevance: No. 'I am not handling stress very well' Don't let things overwhelm you. Try to find ways to lower your stress levels Exercise; Spending time with family and friends; Sleep better; Get more organized If you need help, seek help. No shame. But be careful, your mental health passes before any dream. 'If I get a 4.0 next year (highly unlikely)' And why exactly would this be highly unlikely? It won't be easy, but I am sure you can make it. Haven't you demonstrated that you can get a 3.93 GPA before? Yes Take-home message The best defence to fight all of your fears is to give the best of yourself right now. Best of luck man
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    Hey! Whether I'm accepted or no, I post this to encourage you guys to never give up : Result: Invite ! wGPA: 3.65 or 3,71 with EC MCAT: didn't submit ECs: volunteering ++, experience abroad, lots of different work experience, few research...i think I have a pretty good CV Year: UG (what year) : 2015 nutrition (Udem) honors program IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: Yes I want to post this to encourage anyone out there to never give up. First year in my UG, I went to see a school advisor and he basically told me that I'd never get into MD. Despite that, I worked really hard and it's something I'm very proud of. Now getting an interview into MD and I'm confident.. feeling I really have my place even if my GPA isn't 4. It wasn't just bad experience. Even if I worked really hard at school, I also enjoyed life a lot (had jobs I was passionnate about, traveled when I could, etc.) Grades are important but not just the grades. It sounds really cheesy but the journey is important too, and all the things you learn through these years of premed. You can do it! Good luck to all of you doing the interview this year
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    Entrevue Moyen, Super Cote R

    Finalement as-tu été sur la LA?
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    Tsé quand ça fait 4 mois que t'es en médecine et que tu te la pètes déjà. Félicitations, t'as 10% de ton diplôme ce qui de donne tous les droits. Lol. Take a chill pill.
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    Sc.Biomedicale vers medecine

    J'ai fait 1 an en biomed, mais j'ai encore des amis qui y sont restés et qui vont finir cette année. Je te dirais que c'est plutôt dur, pas impossible par contre j'avais fini mon année à 4.15/4.3 et je connais plusieurs personnes qui ont eu encore mieux. C'est très compétitif par contre, je te dirais que sur 120 étudiants il y en avait au moins 100 qui voulaient faire le pont dans une programme plus contingenté. Cours qui est dur c'est TP de biochimie comme l'a mentionné ZelelXV, je l'ai enlevé de mon année.
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    Accepted GPA: ~3.75 Year: 4th Year IP (Graduated) MCAT: 514 EC: Variety of jobs, lots of mentoring/tutoring, minimal research, no traveling MMI: Some stations felt really good (I shocked myself with the answers that were coming out of my mouth) and others were okay (meh). This was my 4th time applying to U of A and my first and only interview. My application hasn't changed very much over the years except for a slight increase in GPA and more hours for work/volunteering so I'll reiterate the luck aspect of the application.
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    Peur de ne pas être assez bon

    Merci à vous pour vos réponses !! Je suis une personne très anxieuse de nature face à des situations nouvelles. Toutefois, je m'en sors généralement bien une fois plongée dans la situation anxiogène.
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    Juste pour te dire qu'au secondaire j'avais des notes de merde en science et j'essayais vraiment de comprendre (genre 60%). Je suis rentrée au cegep et je me tapais des 90-100%/meilleure de la classe dans tout mes cours de chimie et biologie. Je comprenais beaucoup mieux la matière. Donc, si admettons tu as de la difficulté dans un cours, ne te décourage pas ! De plus, j'ai plusieurs de mes compatriotes de classe de mon ancien baccalauréat qui sont rentrés en cours de bac en médecine, moi-même après 2 ans à l'université je suis en vétérinaire avec une cote R de 36 (j'avais 31 au cegep). Avec beaucoup d'efforts et de la motivation tu vas finir par entrer si c'est ce que tu veux vraiment faire !
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    Nutrition 2017

    Ça sera avec plaisir que je te renseignerais, je crois les doigts pour toi!
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    Mem Annulées Pour 2017

    Pretty much. J'écris 150 mots/min et j'exprime mieux mes pensées à l'écrit. Une entrevue écrite est un avantage pour moi comparée aux MEMs.
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    J'avais 95 de moyenne au secondaire et je suis pas en médecine parce que j'ai un peu lâché l'affaire au CEGEP et en début d'université. J'ai des amis qui avait 75-80 de moyenne et qui graduent bientôt de med. Hard work trumps "intelligence", assuming that your grades in HS are actually indicative of intelligence, whatever that means.