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    Convocations entrevues MD 2018

    Rien. Mais l'udem dit aussi que ça sortiras le 3 avril. Entre temps je vais manger mon stress en chocolat de pâques lol
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    Official May 8 Countdown Thread

    Well I’m glad we have each other on here . I hope it goes well for you. I only interviewed at Ottawa so I feel your pain. This forum has been really helpful in this process. There’s a calming feeling I get when I know other people are feeling what I am. I’m not alone!
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    Official May 8 Countdown Thread

    Yeah, last year I was finishing up my undergrad, and unfortunately in my program pretty much everyone was gunning for med so there was no way hiding that I was applying and interviewing in Ontario (I'm from BC). Everyone knew which day results were out, it was just a hard day. This year I kept silent except for the ppl I prepped with, you guys here on the forums and the S/O who drove me to the airport LOL, even the parents don't know so I don't worry them. Only interviewed at Queens... Praying that 20% ish acceptance rate works in my favor. :/
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    Did anyone want to meet up and practice for MMI?
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    Official May 8 Countdown Thread

    Ugh I hate it when people ask me how it went and I tell them that I'm on a hope-despair rollercoaster, and they go "oh come on I'm sure you knocked it out of the park!" I'm really glad that at least the weather is getting warmer. I'm looking forward to more frolicking. My work contract will be done in 3 months, which means I'm heading into job application mode soon. It's pretty exciting thinking about all the places I can move to next, regardless of medical school.
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    la marzocco

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    I was asked to do some stats for the IP group too, similar to how I did it for the OOP group in another thread. Here it is: The IP success rate ranges from 7.4% to 12.0%, based on the past 3 years of data. The 3-yr average being 10.1%. Success rate is defined as those received at least one offer of admission whether subsequently registered, declined or deferred. There were 861 IP applicants this year, so one can expect 64-103 total offers being made; average being 87 total offers. Assuming 79 offers have been made, the waitlist should move around 0-24 positions; average being 8. tl;dr using the past 3 years as a proxy for what will happen this year, the waitlist should move to about spot 8. But please take this with a tremendous amount of salt. Lâche pas la patate!
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    Official May 8 Countdown Thread

    Anybody else oscillating between feeling OK/hopeful about their interview performance and feeling like you absolutely bombed everything and are sure to be rejected? I'm switching back and forth about every 2 days or so and it's driving me sort of insane.
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    DMD 2018

    C'est peut-être très très limite sachant l'augmentation de la cote R cegepienne... Il est vrai que tu te trouves dans la catégorie universitaire, mais dit toi qu'il y a des gens dans notre catégorie avec seulement 12 crédits universitaires, alors leur cote r vaut pour encore beaucoup. De plus, puisque selon moi, les étalons ne vont pas prendre en considération cette augmentation (j'ai contacté Ulaval par téléphone et eux même m'ont dit qu'il n'allait pas changer leur étalon alors udem pour moi va faire la même chose), les personnes avec seulement 1 session universitaire sont maintenant dans «la course», quand, habituellement, il ne devrait pas l'être car leur cote r les tirait trop encore vers l'arrière.. Je ne sais pas si cela fait du sens pour toi, mais j'ai litérallement fait des calculs et la conclusion que j'ai tiré est ce que je viens de te dire.. Laisse moi te montrer: -L'an passé, quelqu'un qui avait terminé son cegep avec 32 et appliquait avec 12 crédits, pouvait par exemple voir augmenter sa CRU à 33.7 -Cet année une personne semblable, qui a vu sa cote R augmenter de 32 à 33 et applique aussi avec 12 crédits, pourrait par exemple voir augmenter (pour un même gpa dans le même programme que la personne précédente) sa CRU à 34.4 Mais encore, c'est seulement des hypothèses.. Personne ne s'est qu'est ce qui va se passer avec les cotes, alors il reste plus qu'à attendre et littéralement prier.. Nous sommes tous dans le même bateau
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    GPA in Detailed File Review Score

    This may or may not relevant, but there seems to be a discrepancy on this forum regarding whether the GPA is used competitively to determine interview invites, or just used to establish a minimum competitive threshold for the applicant pool. The update videos say nothing regarding GPA contribution to the detailed file review score and in fact, seems to suggest that after a certain GPA, your interview invite (detailed file review score) is based solely on ABS, Essays, and LORs. I went in person to the office and asked, so just for the record: GPA contributes to the detailed file review score. This is of course not a surprise given the really high matriculant average, but it was nice to have this information confirmed. So, in summary, it is NOT true that after a certain GPA, your ABS, Essays, and LORs determine your invite at UofT (this was the belief held by many people on previous threads, partly fuelled by UofT's ambiguous admissions process video they posted). UofT may not be as holistic as you may think!
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    True, I definitely used a bad example with "caring." one from their own test would be better. "You find it easy to stay relaxed even when there is some pressure." this reminds me of my first interprofessional team session where a person described themselves as a type B person and very easy going - but that was more how this person saw themselves as opposed to how they actually acted. I do agree with you though there are definitely different personalities and each bring their own problem solving techniques to the table. I scored intj on it and i definitely do tend to have a different perspective on how to approach things than some of my friends. I have actually found that almost every psychiatrist i have met has a similar thought process and approach to ethics as me - but i can't say i am particularly interested in the field yet so far at least.
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    Official May 8 Countdown Thread

    I anticipated the whole people asking about how it went, so I told as little people possible that I actually received an interview. So it’s lil old me, alone in agony, without other people to remind me of the anxiety I already have lol.
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    I'm an ISFJ too! And Family medicine is one of my top picks
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    Official May 8 Countdown Thread

    I can also think of many things I didn't say!!! So many insightful points and more coherent answers left unsaid... The hardest part for me so far is when well-intentioned people in my life ask me how my interviews went. I've been defaulting to essentially saying "they happened!" because I know that there's no real way for me to gauge my own performance. Usually the follow-up question becomes: "well how do YOU feel about it, are you happy?", and I feel like I can't really honestly answer: the truth is I feel pretty terrible about the interviews. I have been replaying the not-so-great parts and kicking myself for all the opportunities I missed/wasted, but at the same time I know that we are our own harshest critics, and that it's possible that these didn't go nearly as bad as I'm making them out to have. But the possibility that they WERE as bad as I feel also hangs over my head. Deflecting this question has become: "I'll be happy/unhappy in May!" These well-meaning people are generally the ones who have supported me and encouraged me over the years, so even feeling this way feels like I'm letting them down. I'm trying not to sit in this rut of self-loathing (especially for another 41 days) but it's hard not to fall back in.
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    Posting for the first time hopefully to give others hope, particularly OOP's with underwhelming stats. I know that this may not be a perfectly representative sample of all applicants, but I've checked this website for a long time and have often been overwhelmed by the stats of others. TIME STAMP: Mon Mar 26th @ 10:09pm (Checked Minerva for the first time around 12:30 and it was up) Result: Accepted Region: OOP Year: Graduated Masters in 2016, Undergrad in 2014 cGPA: 3.87, pre-reqGPA: 3.86 MCAT: 510 (125/127/127/131) - Again pretty underwhelming but I contacted the admissions office directly and they from what they said submitting your MCAT can only help you. For post interview (80% MMI, 20% prereq) if you submit your MCAT they calculate your prereq score using 1) just your courses and 2) using courses and MCAT at 50:50 (their words). They then take the higher of the two. Unless your MCAT is atrocious I can't see why submitting it would hurt. ECs: I've always tried to do things I loved and not for the sake of boosting my resume. Not criticizing anyone of doing the latter but had been advised to take this approach by many people in the medical field early on in my university career and I think it boded well for my personal development and growth. I have one first author pub submitted, 3 conference presentations, captain of a varsity rugby team, a few big scholarships and grants, 4 pretty diverse medical placements that involved patient contact (more for my own understanding of if this is what I wanted to pursue), a couple service trips abroad, and a few other odds and ends. Interview Prep: I probably over prepared but knew that was what I needed to do to feel my best. I do think running through MMI situations and practicing them out loud can be incredibly helpful, especially doing it with a variety of people to get a variety of feedback. Also knowing yourself, the experiences you've had and what you've learned I think can be really valuable. I had an awesome girl in Med-1 give me some guidance and advice for how to prepare, in addition to showing me around the school the day before my interview. I'm not in the program yet so it's hard for me to know, but based on what she said and my impression - McGill really cares about who you are as a person and how you interact with other people, especially at the interview stage. The best advice she gave me was to relax and be yourself and if you can walk out of the interview feeling like you did that then you have nothing to regret. Everyone is going to feel like there are little things they would've done differently - that's normal in challenging and time constrained situations. It's been 8 years since I started undergrad. I went straight from undergrad to a masters and applied to 3 schools without the MCAT for 2016 (including McGill) and was granted 0 interviews. Took a year off and worked and wrote the MCAT and reapplied to all the schools I met the cut-off criteria for across the country this time (10 schools). I got 9 outright rejections and one interview waitlist (at McGill). Was pulled off the waitlist 2 weeks before interviews (which I would think means I was pretty close to the bottom of the barrel) and was lucky enough to be in the 10 selected on Monday. This doesn't mean I'm imploring you to never give up. If I was rejected that would've been it for me, my physiotherapy pre-requisites are all expiring after this year and I wanted to start moving forward with the schooling process and my life in general. I get both sides of that discussion. Perhaps this message can be hopeful for one person though, and if that's the case I'll happy I did it. So so excited for the opportunity. See y'all in August.
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    If I go with my old MBTI, it fits with the specialty I chose, but if I go with my new MBTI, it doesn't anymore.
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    Nope, they won’t give any information on how it’s used, or if they care more about some sections than others. Only that higher is better.
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    UBC MOT Interview

    Congrats to those who have been accepted. I'm #2 on the waitlist. It looks like UofT doesn't announce acceptance until mid May, so my guess is that the UBC waitlist will probably stay pretty stuck until that point.
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    Anyone else feeling absolutely terrible???? Like all interviews were traumatizing in their own special way? Just me? Applied: Queens, Ottawa, McMaster, Toronto, Western Interview: Queens, Toronto, Western
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    As someone who has had to apply multiple times to get in, I understand and feel the pain that all of you are feeling. There are tons of people at McGill who have gotten in on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th shots with similar number of interviews. Do not give up. The ranks will give you a clearer picture about how your performance was evaluated. There is subjectivity in that, but it will provide clues as to what you need to do. I cannot stress enough the importance of your pre-req GPA. Retake courses if you need to, aim for the highest GPA possible. MMI scores can be relatively homogenous, if they aim for a bell curve that means that a large percentage of those admitted got in by very little, and by the same logic many of you were rejected by very little. The pre-req GPA is the easiest thing to control. As to the MMI, sit down and think carefully about what happened, about how you came across, about what you would like to have done better, but also what you did well. Before you do that, wait for the emotions to sink in and try to look at things coldly and analytically. Some stations lend themselves particularly well to this type of analysis, others are more subject to interpretation. Other than that, the process unfortunately involves luck. It's possible that with the same performance, you would've made it last year, or you'll make it next year. Keep that in mind and don't blame too much, but you have no choice to trust the process. I've followed the posts a little bit, and I look forward to see a lot of you join the faculty in the upcoming years.
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    UWO Interview Structure

    I've had a few of you PM me regarding interview advice for Schulich Dentistry. I thought it would be helpful to share my suggestions in this thread. @frettingThe interview is approximately 30 minutes and the interviewers will ask you roughly 7 questions, however this number can change depending on follow-up questions. There is no time limit per question. @Predentstudent1 I do not think it makes much sense to quantify how long a response should be. For some questions, you might have lots to say and for others not so much but what's more important is how you present that information. You can talk for 4-5 minutes but if you're repetitive, lack clarity, unable to articulate/present your thoughts concisely, it could affect your evaluation. Interview Tips: - The questions are designed so that the interviewers can get to know you more. One big piece of advice is to really reflect and scrutinize your life from every side. What you want to do is get comfortable with your past experiences and have an easily accessible reservoir of experiences to pull from - What are your hobbies? Interests? Who is close to you? Who have you helped? Who has helped you? How do you approach problems? Conflicts? Also think about how you'd answer general questions: "tell me about yourself" or "how do others view you". - The reason why we are really enforcing the idea of reflecting on your personal experiences is because it's a great way for you to personalize your answer and stand out from other candidates. I'm pretty sure it's a closed file interview so the interviewers know nothing about you and the only way they can assess your character/personality is through your experiences. The interviewers are not trying to find reasons not to like you..they want to get to know you better and find out why you would be a great fit into their program. - Although the interview has shifted away from the CDA format, I think it is important to know the competencies and highlight qualities a dentist should have through your experiences. Let's say you volunteered for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, there are so many great things you can draw from this one experience such as leadership, teamwork and advocacy. - For questions that require you to talk about a time when you demonstrated X quality, I would recommend using the STAR format. I think it's a great way to organize your thoughts and structure your response. For situational questions, I think it's always important to consider multiple perspectives and demonstrate your rational on how you reached a potential solution. - Practice with friends and family. If your university offers mock interviews, take advantage of it. Get feedback from others or record yourself and identify areas that you could work on so that on interview day, you're on top of your game! Hope this helps! Let me know if I can help more or clarify something. All the best!
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    What I did was visualize myself doing well in the interview room every night before I went to sleep. Believe what you will - but I truly believe it gave me the confidence I needed on interview day to do well
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    Female advice needed, thank you

    Alas, I have returned with quite a story to tell. (not really). I laughed considerably when I read this thread.. I did not think anyone would answer when I initially posted. First of all, thanks to everyone who offered my sorry self some advice, minus freewheeler, you a savage! haha. I did end up asking her out for coffee, which she agreed to. Coffee date went swimmingly (with a few awkward spots not gonna lie). We then texted for a few weeks, agreed to go to a movie, but it never ended up happening. ET VOILA! I really wish I could tell you guys that we were not in Europe with our first child and a second on the way blogging about our interesting life but the truth is shes probably deleted my number by now. If its any constellation, the initial confrontation when I asked her out was extremely awkward and I am pretty sure I was sweating and had a voice crack. Once again, thanks all! <3
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    Dating Profiles

    I usually emphasise that I'm a surgeon and put at least one full line of dollar signs. /$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    Accepted to Hamilton Campus Timestamp: 10:58 am Total GPA: 3.30 CARS: 130 Casper: Felt pretty neutral.. I did lots of prep. Honestly felt kinda meh about it, I had felt better in previous years, but clearly it went well! Interview: Felt good, most of the questions felt like easy answers but again so hard to say. Mostly posting this so you other low GPAs out there can see - kill the MCAT, kill Casper, and it can be done!!!!
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    How Is The Interview Weighted?

    that was probably me or at least I have posted something similar - and that information was ancient even back then ha. bottom line - we have no clear idea except what we can tangentally extract from the acceptance numbers Given enough loose data you still determine patterns. The interview is worth a fair bit at least. Plus there is an important point - Western like all medical schools are busy. They are not going to interview someone that has basically no hope of getting in. There is no point. They just screened out literally thousands of people. Remember that when you are going there. It means the interview has to count for a lot as otherwise GPA/MCAT would dominate