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    Oops, was easily mixed up. I'm not there yet haha these pigeons know more than I do
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    CaRMS Preliminary Match Results

    The usmles are great, i find they really are standard setting and keep you on your toes. The usmles are a good way to consolidate and solidify your learning especially if you are the type who is motivated to study for exams.
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    This year, the MDCM and DMD programs were having the exact same interview process. Therefore, applicants that had a very strong interview score were likely to be accepted into both programs. In past years, both interview were separate, unless I am wrong. This can explain why certain individuals received dual offers and some chose to decline the DMD for MDCM. This can be one of the reasons explaining this unusual movement. Future movement could happen when Québec's francophone medical and dental schools release their decisions. I believe it happens around mid-may.
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    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Found this table that tracked the IP movement waitlist in 2016. This year is actually doing a little better, which is nice considering there are fewer spots. #5 in mid-April is a good sign, and I think it's safe to assume there will be more movement when Ontario schools and French schools release results, and when deferral requests get processed Hang in there!
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    U of T Bloomberg Nursing

    Have you asked if the deposit is refundable? If not you know your options. Pay the deposit for a backup in case you don't get good news a week later, or save $500 if you feel you have a good chance at a med school. Is nursing your definite plan B? Is $500 worth securing/losing that plan B?
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    If I'm not mistaken, Casper is marked by independent markers and a score gets delivered to the schools you request, not your actual answers. Casper represents another standardized score that helps them compare you against other people. It's possible one of your scores was simply not competitive (I got a downright rejection from them too so you aren't alone - but I also got accepted elsewhere so don't take it to heart!). I think you're just being a bit paranoid and over thinking it. If you think you performed poorly, I would just invest a bit more time into Casper practice for next cycle.
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    Agree. By not providing a more tempered response, the OMSA is allowing the government to present itself as a good faith actor, when there's been no acknowledgment of responsibility (i.e. that their cuts could have led to the crisis in the first place), an unprecedented attached ROS, and all done haphazardly at the last minute. Personally, I think it was the bad press the government was getting rather than OMSA's negotiating ability itself that led to the move. Now the social/contextual capital has all been used up to get a deal which seems to be essentially unilateral on the government's terms. Moreover, it seems as if the residency positions have a temporary rather than permanent character, which means that once the boost in funding is spent, the residency position shortfall could return.
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    Because they are actually paying for spots that otherwise would have existed; all they're doing is just returning spots that were previously taken away, which were of course without ROS. The whole process is more or less a farce in which the med students and the public are led to believe they are being given a solution when really it's still below baseline. Residency spot allocations shouldn't feel like a Black Friday sale where they hike the price then cut it.
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    CaRMS Preliminary Match Results

    The nature of CaRMS makes it hard to backup. It's obvious to any PD if someone's primary intention is a competitive specialty; most of these students have 50-100% of their electives dedicated to that 1 specialty. Even if you are a good student completely happy to do FM, you have to be able to sell that to PDs who are going to be suspicious from the start. On top of that you can only do so many interviews at so many places. Dual applying will involve flying back and forth and sometimes there is literally not enough time to attend all of them if scheduling doesn't work out. I do see your point, but I doubt it's a significant number of people in that position.
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    Apparently the admissions committee DID read it. I just got an email essentially telling us to calm down LOL
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    Imagine reading while you're on the admissions committee, and thinking to yourself, "why are are these people all so neurotic"? I'm sure it means nothing but it's definitely interesting to know that different accounts were closed on different days.
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    It's all your semesters combined! I called Diane last semester cause I was scared about a particular course! But don't worry, just calculate your combined wGPA and you should definitely be above the cutoff if you got interviewed this year
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    Not having grades could actually be helpful - since for example, only great grades could really help you otherwise. There is transitioning to P/F ^ and McGill students routinely match to the francophone schools. Some PDs may be more grade focused, but in the end a P/F transcript will just probably mean they look at clerkship and other aspects more carefully. Relevant electives in a French environment would probably help.
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    The Perfect Clerk

    everyone thinks that going in, and probably most people try to as well. The problem is for most....they never really have had to do something like that before How many med students have had a situation where they have no control at all of their schedule for an entire year, are constantly sleep deprived, constantly not knowing what is going on all the time, all in a high stress environment working most of the time with people you never worked with before or know. When it doesn't matter if you are tried, sick, or have anything else going on that is a priority - you have to be at work on time, and cannot leave until the day is over. Basically it is a grind. This is a complete generalization but med student know how to work hard - very hard, but in a sense until then on mostly their own terms at least most of the time. Clerkship isn't like that - that is seems to me why personality issues can emerge there. You simply aren't at your best after all the all nighters, all the 5-6am roundings, all the weekends you are working, all within the back drop of looming CARMS when you are simply dead last in the hierarchy (as my senior joked to me once the person that cleans the floors is more important than you - if you aren't here my day is easier as it is faster if I do it myself. If he isn't here we have dirty floors). Exhaustion can kick in and it is hard to find time to do all the things you normally would do to destress. Plus you are surrounded by other people that may also not exactly be at their best either and conflicts happen. It is one of those things that for most part only really makes sense when you actually have to do it.
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    Bonjour à tous, J'aimerais créer un lieu de discussion en ce qui concerne la médecine vétérinaire au Québec. Il s'agit donc de discuter des conditions de travail, des ouvertures, de la rémunération, etc. J'aimerais donc débuter en parlant de rémunération (car il s'agit d'une donnée difficile à obtenir). Si des étudiants en médecine vétérinaire ou des vétérinaires voulaient bien nous offrir certaines informations, ça serait très apprécié. Est-ce que l'internat vaut vraiment le coût considérant ce que cette année supplémentaire est particulièrement exigeante? Aussi, la spécialisation vaut-elle la peine si on compare le salaire d'un vétérinaire généraliste vs spécialiste? Est-ce difficile d'acheter une pratique et quel est le coût moyen de cet investissement ? Et quel salaire peut espérer obtenir un vétérinaire propriétaire (aspect investissement/retour d'investissement). Bref, il s'agit de discuter de l'avenir de la profession, des conditions de travail, et des débouchés. Merci, Bonne discussion
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    Med Eye

    Music For Studying?

    Love Max Richter!
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    Admission Podiatrie 2018

    Bonjour, Tout le monde est évalué ensemble donc il n'y a pas de proportion cegep vs uni ! Les stages ne sont plus obligatoires a NY, tu dois quand meme en faire ailleurs si tu ne va pas à NY!
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    Same here. I’m going through a period of preparing myself for the worst outcome in May and imagining myself getting an acceptance. The longer the I wait, the crazier I feel.
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    Kinésiologie à Udem ou Uqam?

    Si tu compte appliquer éventuellement en ergo à l'udem ça peut être un avantage de faire kin à l'udem parce qu'ils donnent une bonification de 0.5 à ta CRU quand tu as fait 12 crédits et plus dans leur université
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    Rise in competition last 5 years

    My issue with grade inflation is that it has eroded the meaning of objective standards now, and has just simply raised the competition. A GPA of 3.9 used to be extremely impressive and set you apart from your competition. Now factors like GPA become less objective when essentially everyone has a 3.9+, the range of grades applying for professional schools has now narrowed. If universities aren't brave enough to tackle grade inflation, there's really no other way to resolve this issue other than to introduce more subjective criteria for admissions (much to the chagrin of many applicants). What irks me as well about something like medical school, is the devaluing of the MCAT for admissions, and the shift torwards GPA (look at UofT having low cut-offs and McGill eliminating it as a requirement). If anything this is a standardized test written by all applicants to medical school, everyone is subjected to the same stress and circumstances under extremely controlled test conditions. GPA has now become so subjective. Recent efforts by schools such as UofA and UofC to focus less on GPA and evaluate life experiences is promising. UofC even has a section for their admissions criteria called Global Academic Assessment, which looks at the quality of the degree you took, and what sort of courses you took, and the rest of your MCAT (because they look at CARS separately). Anecdotal story, but I know a friend who likely missed admission to UofC during one of the years he applied because he had an extremely low score on this section (because he decided to take a bunch of 'bird' courses in the year leading up to his potential admission). At the end of the day, grade inflation just hurts us all, and devalues the meaning of a postsecondary education.
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    Pharmacie 2018

    Est-ce que quelqu'un sait la raison des offres plus tardives pour les universitaires?
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    Yup - who else would give 70% of their earnings to the government and overhead
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    Supposed to be on a "vacation" on May 8th, can potentially ruin said vacation. I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS. Edit: Interviewed only at Queens
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    Official May 8 Countdown Thread

    When I walked out of each interview I think the mental defenses were already kicking in! It felt like "what just happened to me???" and my memories were already hazy. However, I can't help but replay some slightly cringy moments - unfortunately those memories have stuck around. At least I have all of you guys for emotional support over the next couple of weeks. It is comforting in more ways than I can express in words.
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    Étalon Des Cotes Umontréal

    Nous donnons suite à votre demande d’information. Votre cote de rendement : 34.671 Notez que cette cote est valide uniquement pour le trimestre et le programme demandés. Cordialement, Service de l'admission J'ai 4.04/4.3 en psy Et je n'ai pas la bonification de 0.5 de l'UdeM.