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    La faculté vient de publier ce message sur sa page facebook Si vous êtes candidat au DMV et que votre dossier est toujours classé comme étant "à l'étude", ce statut sera changé très prochainement. Dans Synchro, il passera soit à "Admission", "Refus" ou "Liste d'attente". On comprend que c'est difficile d'attendre, mais l'échéancier de la mi-mai devrait être respecté. Bonne chance à tous!
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    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Just declined my McMaster offer - good luck to everyone on the waitlist!!
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    Médecine 2018

    En fait, il est vrai que la cote minimale a diminué pour le contingentement universitaire, par contre les calculs des cotes sont en fonction de l'indice de force des programmes, et donc un 32,8 pour un universitaire dans un programme X peut être très difficile à atteindre, voir impossible si par exemple un 4.33 vaut même pas 31 :p ! Donc oui c'est plus faible, mais ce n'est pas nécessairement faible dans le sens où ULaval calcule différemment!
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    Médecine 2018

    A mon avis..: Admis : accepté en Med. Inscrit : ceux qui se sont inscrits officiellement au programme. Ce qui veut dire que parmis les admis., Ya ceux qui ont se sont comme désistés
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    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Don't worry, you're not neurotic until you've tried to map out where all the Ontario interviewees are ending up to calculate the odds that it will open up a spot or move you up in the waitlist... #guilty
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    Marge de crédit DMD

    Grosso modo c'est pas mal tous pareil, mais certaines banques font définitivement plus affaire avec les professionnels de la santé que d'autres. Par exemple, j'ai trouvé les conseillers RBC plus informés sur le cheminement/besoins des dentistes et médecins que ceux de Desjardins. L'important n'est pas vraiment la banque selon moi, mais plutôt les gens avec qui tu fais affaire. La plupart des gens que je connais sont avec RBC et il y a quelques mois, ils ont bonifié leur offre aux étudiants en MD/DMD. Par exemple, à la place d'avoir la VISA platine voyages pendant un an, tu l'as pendant 4 ans ou 5 ans et ce, gratuitement. Par contre, la carte de crédit Odyssée or Desjardins est plus avantageuse pour les remises direct en argent + Accès -50% à un salon VIP à l'aéroport de Montréal. Perso, j'ai des comptes dans deux banques différentes pour profiter de leurs avantages respectifs. Sinon, la marge de crédit maximale en ce moment est de 275 000$ et le taux d'intérêt avec le -0,25% est à 3,20% en ce moment si je me trompe pas, suivant les dernières hausses. Mon conseil reste de visiter l'ensemble des banques avant d'ouvrir ta marge, mais sinon, je sais qu'elle est transférable d'une institution à l'autre. Ce topic du forum est d'ailleurs bien utile pour rester informé là-dessus :
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    Mac the Marauder

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    This wait list is death
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    UBC vs UofT

    Prestige seriously doesn't matter one bit. It will be cold comfort if you go to a medical school you don't enjoy in other ways. Even the idea of shadowing "top tier specialists" doesn't make a difference to a medical student. Medical school is actually an undergraduate degree, you are learning the basics and the basics can be taught the same no matter where you are. Important factors to focus on: 1. Do medical school where you want to match for residency 2. Do medical school in a place you want to live, this is 3-4 years of your life, make sure you are happy with them! 3. Do medical school in places in a place you feel can support any specialty decisions you might make If after these things you still can't decide, you are probably safe to assume that no matter which you end up choosing, you will do just fine.
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    As another older student / resident I agree with all of the above. I entered medical school in my mid-thirties, and am now part-way through a royal college residency. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't say I regret it, but the psyco-emotional cost is high. You mentioned wanting more critical thinking aspect of your work... in my experience, there is a lot less of that in medicine that most outside of it think, and a lot less than doctors themselves think they do. The vast majority of the learning process is more about memorization and pattern recognition than critical thinking. Pre-clerkship is easy and fun. Clerkship is a pain in the ass, and residency more-so. FM seems to be a better environment, judging from my friends who have done it. Just be prepared to not be treated as an adult for the next 6-12 years until you finally finished and get your certification(s).
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    Queens Waitlist 2018

    I guess it depends on how many remove themselves from the waitlist before May 22 for other Ontario schools. If it was 150 and ~50 people removed themselves, almost everyone on the waitlist would get in... but it looks like there are lots of people who don’t get off the waitlist based on these forums (and lots of people who turn down waitlist positions). All this speculation is going to drive me crazy
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    The final countdown is on!

    Maybe OT and PT offers are made at different times. Queen's OT was the only school that sent me rejection around 8 am. The wait is almost over. Only few more days!! All the best everyone.
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    médecine dentaire 2018

    Bonne chance!
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    We were in the same boat last year! That seems like an odd time. It was around 8:00am if I recall correctly.
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    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Fingers crossed for resurrection
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    Don't know what to do

    Thanks for all the advice! I have essentially settled on UBC and will be releasing my Mac spot shortly.
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    Fast track nursing are generally 2 year programs and aren’t as intensive imo as some people think they are. You can work in a broad range of areas as an RN and the pay is decent with lots of RNs making 100k+ with overtime. I wouldn’t consider it a lifestyle job though as a lot of jobs involve shift work. On top of that, there is plenty of opportunity to advance your career after you get some experience and you can take additional schooling and do NP, Perfusion, management/admin etc. In terms of independence, there is a lot of autonomy with nursing in some jobs and geographies but most health professions involve some level of collaboration especially in hospital or clinic work.
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    The final countdown is on!

    Reminder that if you don't get accepted on your first time applying—it's completely normal. I was seeing a PT in my community for treatment last year who had just graduated from UofT a year or so earlier. She said that she and her friend were in the minority as students that had been accepted straight out of undergrad. So she emphasized to me that if I got rejected, I should try again. I was rejected last year and took it very hard. But I took the year to improve myself a lot, I improved my application and gained a ton more experience. This year I'm not thinking about getting accepted or rejected as much as I had an unhealthy amount of anxiety last year. I'm also not making any assumptions about this year (but all my digits are crossed). Anyways—best of luck to everyone, and remember being denied doesn't determine your future or indicate your worth.
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    The final countdown is on!

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    Result: Accepted! Stream: English Time Stamp: May 8th, 6:34am wGPA: 3.93 CASPER: Felt great ECs: Working RN, health-related volunteering and research, RN-related provincial awards Interview: Felt terrible about this one, cold panel, rambled a lot, fully expected a hard reject. Just goes to show interview perception rarely correlates with actual performance. To those who are still trying, don't give up! I did 9 years of undergrad including 1st/2nd degrees to get to this point; if you want it bad enough you'll find a way eventually!
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    UWO and UofT

    Pros of UWO: Small class size is kinda great Get to do molar endo cases (some of which we shouldn't be doing at an undergrad level LOL)... if you're into that sort of thing. Renovated sim clinic is actually kinda nice - the endo scopes and digital radiographs are quite useful Going digital (finally) starting this June I would assume less competition/harsh environment (idk some people kinda lost their minds come 3rd year but oh well) Rumor is we're getting quite a few more clinical instructors; coverage is mediocre/poor from time to time, but we're still getting things done... kinda. I hate the GTA/traffic/busyness/lines/noise Cheaper to live; can actually own and make use of a car (big pro for me.... I like all things with an engine) Can live within 5 minutes of the dental building (walk) for like $900-1000/month (don't quote me on this, but it's in that range.... I drive to school and pay $55/month to park in a covered garage! try to find that in Toronto -.-) Cons of UWO: Instructor coverage was a bit hit/miss this year; said to improve Going digital in June... hehe only a Con for our class and the current 2nd years... how will this all integrate/work? nobody knows. Booking system is hell on earth; but also changing in June with the new digital integrated systems/charts Small class size? depends what you want... London? ...like UK? COOL! no. Only two specialization programs here; if you care about that - but IMO it's a pro.... we can to do more things that undergrads don't normally do. Don't be one of those.... didn't even get in yet: "I want to specialize into OMFS.".... you (likely) have very little clue what dentistry is all about
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    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Okay so far from the Queen's feed, there are 4 people who were waitlisted by Queen's but accepting another offer (maybe?) and 2 people who were accepted by Queen's but declining for another offer... So that means there are 6 spots for us so far!! lol Queen's does send out rejections today too right?? Does anyone know approximately how many people get rejected first round?
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    I found the 100 pages of notes to be hard to understand in many places, because they're just summary notes. What I did was watch all the KA videos on 1.25x-1.5x speed over the course of 4 or 5 days, and used the notes as a way to quickly review once I already understood the concepts. It worked well, and I found the KA videos to be very thorough and fun to watch! I didn't use any other resources and got a 132 on P/S. So I would say KA is a solid resource to go for, and only spend time on other resources if you have enough time (I was a little rushed).
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    I have a similar score to OP's. I would strongly recommend doing all the AAMC FLs available. I did slightly better on my actual exam than both FL1 and FL2, but many exam writers have found their score to be around the average of their FL1 and FL2. I found Princeton's CARS workbook and EK 101 Verbal Passages (not the newer CARS version) quite helpful, and EK's 1001 questions for the science sections.
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    I started my undergrad in my 30s, with four kids. Years ago I had completed a college degree with marks I am ashamed of. I had many, many people tell me not to return to school full-time, as I had a business and career. But my passion had always been medicine. I just needed the undergrad degree first. Which I did, and managed to do exceptionally well, while still running my business, raising the kids and overcoming a difficult health concern. My unwavering desire to go into medicine kept me motivated through many hardships. I've applied over the past three years, with many of the 'uphill battle' warnings from friends and family members, telling me I should give up. After three application cycles, I received three offers of admissions this year. And incredible dream come true. You can do this.
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    Md Financial Management?

    Rocking 75% XAW and 25% VCN here