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    Applied: Queen's, McGill, Dalhousie (All PT) Rejected: McGill, Dalhousie Accepted: Queen's SGPA: 3.72 Experiences: 2500 hrs working as kin in physio clinic, ~100 hours working as exercise instructor for seniors, ~100 hours volunteering at physio clinic + ~100 hours volunteering at spinal cord rehab centre, competitive triathlete, worked at summer camp for 5 years, leadership/mentor roles in undergrad. This was my THIRD year trying to get in to PT school! I know it can be devastating not getting in, but keep working towards it if you really want it. In those 2 years, I took a few online courses through Athabasca to hit the GPA cut-offs for Queen's, and also worked/volunteered to boost the resume. Keep working toward it if it's what you want!
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    Queen's or UofT Med?

    Although I disagree with his comment that the home school advantage is not a real thing (it is for sure), a lot of what you say here has more to do with the city than the school itself. People simply favour the city of Toronto over many other cities. It IS a world-class city, no doubt. But you imply here people pick U of T for some sort of prestige or superiority over other educational experiences. In my experience, having known dozens of people from my undergraduate program who made the decision between Toronto and other Ontario medical schools, it was typically for the city that people went to Toronto. Statistically, many people will be hailing from the GTA originally and want to reconnect with family and social circles. Many of these people who went to U of T didn't particularly even like the Toronto curriculum or the over-crowedness of the learning atmosphere but, again, picked it for geographical reasons. Toronto is Toronto -- if you are a big city person, no city in Canada can match it. With this in mind, it is really unfair to use the number of offers sent out by each school to compare U of T and Queen's for QUALITY when you are pitching Toronto against Kingston. Aetherus makes good points that Queen's does have a recently revitalized curriculum and consistently boasts a match rate that is superior to more massive research centres like U of T and McMaster. Especially after U of T's basically record-setting abysmal match this year, this is true year after year. And Queen's does not necessarily send a large proportion of their class to family medicine either. Many of these matched people are Royal College bound specialists. Another point you make is with regards to world class lecturers and hospitals, implying that by default this makes your learning better. This is a naive view. Toronto absolutely does offer this and as Canadians we should all be collectively proud of the accomplishments we've made as a whole from coast to coast, including those made at Toronto. But unless you are at the cutting edge of research in your field, the research accomplishments of your school do not necessarily translate into better learning experiences. McMaster also offers world-class renown researchers and clinicians, especially in internal medicine, some of whom are among the most cited researchers in the world (top 10-20 in the world for all-time citations). I did part of my clerkship with one such person, and to be honest, it was probably one of my most underwhelming learning experiences, and not because my learning expectations were high. This person was quite nice, but they were distant, absent and too specialized and often missed the big picture for a student. Although it was cool to say I've worked with them, the bulk of my learning and development as a physician is with the everyday clinicians. Clinicians who are dedicated to the teaching of medical students; they may not be the most seasoned researchers, or world experts, but I would take a teacher passionate about his students' learning over that any-day. You're in medical school to learn the the basics - and as someone else on this forum said, you can learn that just as effectively at Saskatchewan than you would at U of T or McMaster. I make a point of addressing your arguments because I worry that people would read them and fall to the dogma, selecting a school like U of T for the wrong reasons and not having their expectations met. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good reasons to go to a school like Toronto, and if I had to select between most Ontario schools I would have gone to Toronto. But I do not believe the reasons you stated are those ones.
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    Accepted! (didn't realize there was a new thread my bad ahaha) IP GPA 3.76 DAT 78 INTERVIEW 39
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    DMD 2018

    Je suis presque certaine que non, car j'ai beaucoup d'amis avec des cote R de 36-36.5 qui ont eu des bons casper (invitations à Laval dmd) pis ils n'ont toujours rien de plus, sur le groupe fb de dmd, y'a genre juste une vingtaine de nouveaux, même pas, le reste c'est tous des étudiants déjà là donc je pense qu'il en reste plein L'an passé, la cote R pour DMD udem était 32.6 donc à mon avis c'est impossible que des 36 n'entrent pas, même avec l'augmentation!
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    DMD 2018

    C'est un bon point, mais en même temps, si les derniers dépôts ont été faits jeudi soir, pourquoi ne pas avoir sorti la LA et les refus vendredi? C'est pas très logique. Remarque c'est pas tellement plus logique de continuer à faire des dépôts par petites vagues maintenant que les réponses de médecine sont sorties. (Quoique à la base, l'idée de faire des dépôts par petites vagues c'est pas logique non plus, mais là n'est pas la question). Dans tous les cas, ils procèdent de façon caotique depuis le début, donc on a pas mal aucune façon de le savoir. Et ce qui aide pas c'est que leurs employés ont l'air aussi perdus que nous....
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    new iPad has higher latency because it's not running a 120Hz screen like the Pros are. Writing is slightly less responsive. The screen is also smaller (9.7 vs 12.9/10.5) that being said, the only way to know if this will bother you or not is to go to an Apple store and try it out. I watched tons of reviews on Youtube and spent hours deliberating, but the only thing that really helped me make my mind up was to go to a store, download a couple papers, and write with the pencil as if i were actually studying for a couple mins on each device. Sounds really stupid though now that I type it out lmao Edit: FYI WWDC is coming up in less than 2 weeks. If you plan on getting a brand new iPad I would wait because last year the new Pros were announced during WWDC. Don't pay full price for an older device if you can However, at the risk of sounding like an Apple shill, if you want a deal on an iPad but don't want the hassle/uncertainty of eBay/Kijiji/Craigslist, I would check out Apple's own refurbished store (https://www.apple.com/ca/shop/browse/home/specialdeals/ipad/ipad_pro_105/wi_fi). They are usually 10-15% cheaper and you can find last generation devices on there. So if you don't need to absolutely have the newest iPad I'd go for one of these. I personally got the 10.5 Pro and it's basically new
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    Non! rien pour les refus!!
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    Prix des études

    Ça me coûte environ 5000$/année en frais de scolarité pour 3 sessions de 15-17 crédits chacune.
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    I am an editor at Wiki Journal Club (https://www.wikijournalclub.org/wiki/Main_Page). Check it out, it's got nice summaries for most landmark trials in every specialty. If a trial isn't listed, you can even add it yourself! And there's a paid app for Android/iOS if you want to have a mobile version at your fingertips too.
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    Année préparatoire UDM

    Parfait ! je vais continuer la discussion dans l'autre thread. Par contre, comment faire pour supprimer celui-ci ? Merci
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    DMD forever

    médecine dentaire 2018

    Demain, nous aurons des nouvelles sur les admissions/refus/LA du Doctorat en médecine dentaire de l'Université Laval. Je nous souhaite merde à tous !!! En espérant que l'attente ne soit pas trop longue et que les décisions d'admission soient disponibles dès le début de la journée comme pour les convocations à l'entrevue. - Une personne qui croise les doigts pour que son rêve d'enfance se réalise enfin et qui ne réussira probablement pas à dormir cette nuit !
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    Admissions Médecine 2018

    ^https://www.usherbrooke.ca/doctorat-medecine/index.php?id=4535#c60850-1 Les données saillantes de l'année dernière, à titre d'exemple.
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    Any Questions about Western OT?

    I am also curious if anyone has or will be creating a Western OT 2020 Facebook group to connect, ask questions, and look for housing/roommates.
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    Année préparatoire UDM

    0. Felicitation et bienvenue à l’UdeM! 1. Tu peux faire le trajet, beaucoup le fond de partout en banlieue. L’appartement est l’option la plus confortable oui, mais la moins économique. A toi de voir tes priorités et tes objectifs. Un objectif 0 dettes n’est pas compatible avec un appartement à moins que papa maman ne payent. Sinon, rassure toi tout de suite, là grande majorité des étudiants ont une marge de crédit, je t’invite à consulter les multiples threads du forum qui en parle. Le remboursement se fait habituellement bien, il est difficile de prévoir à la cenne près l’endettement final d’autant plus que tu ne peux pas prévoir si tu feras 2 ou 5 ans de résidences ce qui a aussi un impact important sur le remboursement. 2. Une session varie entre 2500 et 3500, il faut compter les outils en première année qui peuvent être un 1000-1500$ de plus si tu prend l’arsenal au complet (ce que je te déconseille). Sinon l’externat est un peu plus cher, mais disons par année ça ne dépassera pas 6000$. 3. Si on compare à un bac ou tu as beaucoup de gens qui veulent entrer dans les doctorats de premier cycle, l’ambiance est beaucoup moins compétitive. Quelqu’un pourra commenter pour la premed, mais pour le reste des années, c’est relativement friendly, certaine cohorte le sont plus que d’autre, mais avec le pass or fail, la dynamique va changer pour le mieux j’ose croire! Les gens se partagent les notes et les informations importantes, c’est en général une ambiance agréable. 4. La vie étudiante est pas mal rempli, ça dépend toujours des Rep sociaux, mais en général il y a au moins 5 gros événements par sessions avec des petits party à la fin des examens. Les cohortes organise des activités pour les autres cohortes et les med games sont généralement un big deal lol... la, seule chose plate clest qu’on est rarement mélangé aux autres programmes, disons que t’es dans une petite bulle médecine et des fois ça devient un peu lourd. Je t’encourage à participer aux événements facultaires qui rassemble les autres programmes. 5. Énormément d’opportunité, tu auras l’information en temps er lieux. Plusieurs organismes (IFMSA, COPSE, labo internes). Ce n’est pas les offres qui manquent, seulement avant de se précipité vers des stages, il faut aussi prendre le temps de relaxer et respirer, les étés sont fait pour reprendre son souffle et voyager aussi... l’externat et la residence sont de longues années avec peu de vacances, fini les 2 mois de congé, donc bien prendre le temps de s’écouter. Si tu es fatiguer mentalement à la fin de ton année, prend ton été pour te reposer, aucun besoin de garnir ton CV si tu n’es pas en mesure de faire ton année sain de corps et d’esprit. en espérant que c’est complet, bonne chance et encore félicitation.
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    5th floor ECHA, take the elevator on south side and the door to the department is as soon as you exit the elevator.
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    Session à temps partiel

    Y'a un topic dessus plus bas dans ce forum. Il s'appelle "sessions à temps partiel", peut-être y'aura une partie de la réponse que tu cherches
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    Queen's or UofT Med?

    A lot of bias in previous posts. Having made the decision to come to Queen’s over Toronto four years ago, I can say that it was absolutely the right decision to make. Ultimately, the most important academic barometer of a program is how well it will allow you to match to the residency program of your choosing. I have posted the stats for Queen’s in a previous post, you’re welcome to take a look. Queen’s consistently has one of the highest match rates in the country coupled with the highest number of competitive specialty matches. This is not by chance, the Queen’s curriculum is optimized to ensure you have the best chance to succeed and has the best spread of elective time in my opinion. I would also like to address this home school advantage for residency. The smaller the school, the larger the home school advantage. I would say the home school advantage is pretty much non existant at U of T. U of T is a large school and it is easy to fall through the cracks which results in a very high portion of students going unmatched compared to smaller class sizes. Prestige is completely worthless for medical school. It will not help you match to a program of your choice...literally no one cares about your medical school. The only time it could make a difference is if you wanted to go to the states, in which case any Canadian School would be trumped by the top American schools in terms of prestige. If you want to match to the states, the single most important thing will be your Step 1 score, not perceived prestige of your school. With respect to Kingston being too small and boring, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Kingston is completely walkable which means you lose no time on commuting which translates to more time to go out with friends. There’s also a huge selection of restaurants and a bunch of water sports available to you. Kingston is full of students so the night life is also quite good. Having completed my four years at Queen’s, I can absolutely state that you will not regret coming here. PM me if you’re still undecided.
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    Stamina for MCAT Studying

    Take Kaplan`s diagnostic and FL1 scores with a grain of salt. If you dont mind sharing, how did you do on your last MCAT, and the kaplan tests? With regards to CARS, the earlier the better, but you can definitely improve within 3 months, I would say that atleast 50% of your study time should go to CARS - as this will also improve your score on all sections. With respect to staying on track, I had a day counter to test day, seeing it everyday go down would give me a mini heart attack and the motivation to study. I blocked myself off all social media and studied at the library. Depending on where you are at, I would say you should set a goal to finish content review in 30ish days, then 60-70 days of doing tests and cars passages with reviewing gaps of knowledge. I highly recommend you visit S D N or R E D D I T, as they have dedicated and significantly larger MCAT subforums. Feel free to PM me aswell.
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    Accepted: Regina Time: 13:43 (May 15) IP GPA: 93% MCAT: 513 Interview: Felt like I connected more with the interviewers this year and showed more of who I am. One station was awesome, didn't know about two stations and the rest were pretty good. I will be accepting the offer! All the best to those on the waitlist.
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    Même chose pour moi!!
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    Any Western PT questions?

    There are definitely some driveable ones, depending on how long you're willing to commute! Off the top of my head Strathroy, St. Thomas and Woodstock all had quite a few placement offers and were within 30-45min driving distances. Generally unless you are placed in an extremely small town, there will be other students in the same city or placement as you! Waterloo and Windsor usually have multiple students each placement cycle, so you don't have to be alone on placement! Pros: Huge orthopedics focus, many of the instructors are fairly high up in the OPA Orthopedics Division, so if that's your cup of tea they are an invaluable resource for learning. With the Manual Therapy course you can challenge your Level 1 Orthopedics Division course while you're still in school (I believe U of T has the same as well, unsure of Mac/Queens). Living as a student in London is a very fun experience, it really is similar to Kingston in that it is a student-city. The profs are all extremely personable, and even just a few months into the program they knew the majority of our class by name. Most importantly, a lot of OSCE/practical scenario type exams. Although it seems trivial, it was a huge help in preparing us for placements as well as eventually working and challenging the practical portion of the national exam. Most importantly, OVERALL CLASS VIBE. I had 2 of the best years of my life doing my MPT, and you really become one big family. You have a huge network of classmates going through the exact same thing that you're going through, so lean on them for support and have a great big party every now and then. Cons: Huge orthopedics focus. Although in recent years the neurology program has been getting revamped and has been much stronger as well, in part due to a lot of the profs/associate profs having connections to Parkwood Institute. In general I'd say acute care/cardioresp was probably the area of least focus during my studies. Facilities wise, Elborn College is a fairly dated building, and can sometimes feel cramped in the classrooms and training labs. However when I was finishing up there they were undergoing some pretty big renovations, so hopefully that as improved things. It can be seen as a pro or con, but due to the small size of London some of the placements can be pretty far away (i.e west to Windsor, north to Owen Sound/Wiarton and east to KW). Although there is a housing subsidy, it can be a pain to try and find a place for 6 weeks as well as moving in. Overall though, aside for the London specific things a lot of the faculty/placement/teaching points will probably be similar across the schools. In reality PT school is only the tip of the iceberg, and employers really don't care what school you went to. So pick a school close to home, cheap, where all your friends are going, etc.
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    Laval en 3 ans est beaucoup plus souple et moins stressant que Sherbrooke où c'est plus condensé et selon plusieurs desorganisé depuis la reforme pass/fail.
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    J'ai entendu dire que le nouveau programme à Sherbrooke était mal organisé et qu'on laissait d'une certaine façon les étudiants à eux-memes. Le programme en 3 ans de laval permet en effet d'etre beaucoup plus relax en effet selon des amis qui y sont presentement.
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    marge de crédit MD

    Aller dans n'importe quelle banque, c'est perdre son temps. La plupart ne connaissent pas du tout les offres en vigueur. Il faut contacter les "spécialistes" de chaque banque dont les coordonnées sont habituellement disponibles sur les pages internets du programme pour étudiant au MD/DMD. RBC et Scotia ont les meilleures programmes avec un léger avantage pour Scotia selon moi.
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    Words of support and encouragement

    It's that time of the year again where we can hear the echos of tearful joy or sorrow spread across the country as MD admission decisions get released. It's also common for those who's facing the pangs of disappointment from a rejection to ask why... why was I not good enough? why did I fail? It's hard to see it right now, but a rejection is not a reflection of your worth as a human nor a measure of your integrity as a person. The admissions process just another set of criteria that can be overcome with time. Having been rejected once before narrowly achieving my acceptance (my story is buried somewhere in the non-trad success forums) I can definitely relate to the pangs of guilt, disappointment, and frustration from a rejection letter. However, it gave me the opportunity for great introspection and self-improvement. Now having succeeded in getting into medical school, I can confidently say I am a better person and will be a better doctor now than if I had gotten in right away. In general, it's not a question of why... simply a matter of when. If anyone would like to talk I'm more than happy to provide what support I can. Otherwise hang in there and know that there's support for you somewhere out there. As always ... best wishes to everyone, - G