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    Dentistry vs Optometry

    Picking optometry over dentistry when you have the choice is something that you will likely regret regularly throughout your entire life. I truly hope this is not a totally serious question. Some people constantly tell us when we're young to "do what interests you." This is true to an extent, but is often waaaaaay overblown in terms of importance. Like if your happiest time at a job was being a camp counsellor at age 14, would you avoid med school to be a professional camp counsellor lol? The careers you describe above are not comparable, come on.
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    Yeah! I have a 4.0 gpa and I've worked in a pharmacy for 6 years, so I've got lots of experience. I think this helped a lot for my LOI. But I felt like my interview did not go very well, so I guess they consider all the factors even if the interview didn't go well. Best of luck!
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    Hey! I also received an admission email this morning. My gpa was 4.0. My letter of intent was well thought out and included 2/3 volunteer experiences although I did not have direct experience working or volunteering at a pharmacy. My interview went as well as I thought that it could have, but I did mess up one sentence where I began to talk and then lost track of the sentence so I abruptly ended it and then continued on as though nothing had happened. I just completed the interview questions to the best of my ability and did not stretch out my answers to make them longer. Good luck everyone!
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    Glass Cannon Applicant

    Waitlist 2018

    Hey everyone, I am an OOP applicant and I received a Regina offer off the waitlist on Monday June 11th at 11:14 AM MST. Today I was offered a Saskatoon spot, which is my preferred site. I have accepted this position as I have had no other offers but I may decline Saskatchewan if I get an offer off the Manitoba waitlist. Assuming I do not get a Manitoba spot, there could still potentially be two Regina spots left for OOP (assuming that most OOPs chose Saskatoon over Regina). I'm not sure where they are in the OOP waitlist, but if you are on the waitlist, there is still hope! I am also thinking that they are probably in the middle or maybe even close to the bottom of the OOP waitlist since it has been a month since initial offers and there were probably ~20 on the OOP waitlist. This means that there is a chance that some remaining OOP spots will turn into IP spots. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting!
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    Med 2018

    On n'a pas dit qu'elle nous devait quoi que ce soit. C'est un forum sensé être là pour aider les gens en ce qui concerne les demandes d'admission dans les programmes de santé. En nous arrivant avec une telle nouvelle -- soit avoir une entrevue supplémentaire post-MEM --, c'est tout à fait normal de notre part d'être curieux de la nature de tout ça étant donné que c'est, probablement pour plusieurs, la première fois qu'on entend qu'une telle chose est possible avec les MEM. De plus, en nous disant qu'il y a eu une erreur dans son dossier d'admission, c'est tout à fait normal que des gens avec des scores/stats semblables se questionnent à savoir s'ils ont pas eu, eux aussi, des erreurs dans leur dossier d'admission. Finalement, il est normal de vouloir éviter toute forme de désinformation sur ce forum afin de conserver sa ''qualité'' pour les candidats futurs à la recherche de réponses à leur questionnement et même pour éviter un stress inutile aux candidats actuels. Elle nous doit rien, clairement, mais nous on a le droit de poser des questions pour en savoir plus.
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    Med 2018

    J'aime comment vous lui reprocher de ne pas vous répondre comme s'il avait la moindre obligation de la faire. Il vous doit rien guys.
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    Med 2018

    @Cote R
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    Not life insurance unless there is reason in general for their estate to have a sum of money left over after they die. Say they have a spouse or children for instance. The debit belongs to you and no one else - if you die it doesn't get "dumped" onto someone else (some times people think their parents etc have to pay it). That isn't the case. Now disability insurance and possibly critical illness insurance is another matter. Once you get into medical school the major although rare financial risk is that you become disabled and unable to work. Many people do have as a result disability insurance (I have the max amount as an example) and sometimes critical illness
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    Congrats everyone to those who got admission.
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    1) I think 2nd year 2nd term you see your first patient (someone correct me if i'm wrong) 2) Yes you shadow/assist upper years in main clinic, pediatrics or Oral Surg from February to May in first year.
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    Waitlist Support Thread 2018

    Yayyy Congrats! That does give me some hope lol
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    Sending Final Transcript

    Agreed I vaguely remember them saying that too, damn my memory is failing me rip clerkship Mr Duck
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    You should def apply that GPA is competitive for the CNFS stream. Even if you dont go to school this year you should still try. Mr Duck
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    Oui j’étais 27 et là je suis 20
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    Waitlist Support Thread 2018

    Accepted off the waitlist last week, but accepted for my first-choice site today!! So much luck involved in this whole process I feel.
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    If you're not already in the UBC Medicine 2022 Facebook group (it contains the incoming class but also all upper years as well), I'd recommend joining that as there has already been a decent amount of discussion regarding living situations and people finding roommates, sublets while they're away on rotations, etc. Worth a shot!
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    Maybe try looking for a sublet from another student who is going away for first term (on exchange or whatever) - you might have more luck with places on campus, although they tend to be more expensive than others. As well, as you don't need to give notice until 30 days before moving out, most places for September won't come up until late July/August. I also heard that there is a housing website that the med students have access to, mostly to find places to stay during clerkship, but it might be useful for the Sep-Dec space; I think we should get access to this during the summer?
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    Question Re Salary

    Looks like there will be some increases due to the recent PARO negotiations: POSITION/CLASSIFICATION EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2017 EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2018 EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2019 PGY1 $57,967.29 $59,068.67 $60,397.72 PGY2 $64,088.23 $65,081.60 $66,318.15 PGY3 $69,032.97 $69,999.43 $71,224.42 PGY4 $74,205.21 $75,540.91 $77,165.04 PGY5 $79,523.73 $80,637.06 $82,048.21 PGY6 $84,042.16 $85,218.75 $86,710.08 PGY7 $87,268.84 $88,490.61 $90,039.20 PGY8 $92,075.63 $93,364.69 $94,998.57 PGY9 $96,882.43 $98,238.78 $99,957.96 TYPE CURRENT CALL STIPEND EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2018 WEEKEND CALL EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2019 In-hospital $116.00 $127.60 $140.36 Home Call $58.00 $63.80 $70.18 Qualifying Stipend $58.00 $63.80 $70.18 Source
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    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    The only thing I’m certain about all of this is that we are not certain about anything. For all we know, there could be 20 people on the call queue or 5, or 40. All we can do is hope it’a a high #. Either way, we will know by the end of this week. Try not to think about it too much and focus on other things
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    Haven't regretted Scotia one bit. I like how you can accumulate points through Scotia rewards and have the option to apply points towards any travel booked using that card. In essence, I'm not stuck booking through Scotia's travel site which is great! Also, the conversion of scene points to rewards (and vice versa) is a lovely feature to have for those who've accumulated tons of Scene points! And the lounge visits (6 free per year) are a great bonus to have when travelling. RBC does give 3 cents off per litre in gas at Petro Canada but Scotias infinite momentum gives you 4% cashback at all gas stations so that goes further than RBCs card. I've tried both AmEx/Infinite Momentum and Infinite Passport/Infinite Momentum and IMO, the best combo is infinite passport visa + infinite momentum visa since it gives you lounge access and cashback which you could use on anything. Plus, recurring bills (ex. cell phone, PRESTO) get 2% cashback.
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    I will do my best to explain. The Momentum Infinite card is not part of plan. The fee on this card is not to be waived. To give you an idea I have the Momentum Infinite and I cannot get the fee waived on my card. My opinion is the combination of the Passport Infinite & Gold Amex is the best cards that come with any of the plans. The Amex gives you 4 times the points on gas, groceries, dining & entertainment. Most gas stations and major restaurants accept Amex. Passport Infinite comes with 2 times the points on groceries, dining & entertainment and transit purchases. No 2.5 % premium on foreign currency transactions. Also you receive 6 free lounge visits per year. The points on the cards can be combined and redeemed post booking. I hope this helps as I know there seems to be a lot of confusion. Sorry for my grammar i’m on a field trip with my son and listening to 40 screaming kids
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    Facebook group chat

    I'll join
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    they are at war in a since with each other competition wise so don't expect radical difference on paper at least. You have to see if you can work with each particular advisor you are dealing with, and see how each one is treating your school each. There are a lot of things the advisers can do that aren't reflected long term in the basic numbers.
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    Queen's or UofT Med?

    Here are the complete stats for Queen’s this year in terms of discipline as well as location after first Iteration. To the point made earlier about Toronto having more people gunning for competitive specialties, I disagree. If you look at Queen’s this year, only 23% of the class went into Family Medicine. In contrast 35% of the class matched to a EROADS specialty. If anyone can supply this thread with a similar comparison for UofT this year, it would make this debate more objective. My goal here is not to diminish UofT, I think it is a great school with a lot of advantages. However, often times, these forums end up being very Toronto centric and I hope to demonstrate that other schools are superior to Toronto in certain key aspect of training.
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    Convocations entrevues MD 2018

    Admise!!! Bac non-connexe complété! J'ai reçu la lettre officielle vers 10h20
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    Guess how many JVPs I've seen EVER? Hint: 0 I've definitely pretended to see some though The key is to crouch, look thoughtful, and make vague hand gestures in the direction of the neck. Bonus points if you fuss around with the bed elevation a little bit.
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    I agree, preclerkship was really relaxed. Definitely less stressful than undergrad by a long shot. Clerkship is hit and miss. Some rotations - family was definitely one, and emerg - I had ridiculously good schedules and was able to have a lot of time to spend on my life outside of school. Slept well, relaxed. Surgery had the worst schedule by far and I feel like I basically didn’t see my husband or kids for the bulk of that six weeks. I agree that the CaRMS application preparation period was stressful but life felt great again once that was done. I’m not stressed about interviews next month, though. Honestly, I haven’t found med school that much worse than when I used to work regular jobs. I’m busy, sure, but it’s not like I wouldn’t be if I were not in med school. I have three kids; I like busy.
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    My advice is to audit the classes over the Summer before you formally register in them in the fall. Start preparing now. Use khan academy, go to the lectures, if need be get help from a classmate or tutor and when you start in September you will have the upper hand.
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