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    Law school graduate to dentistry?

    Can we ban Dubdubdub, Lord Denning and Wagon Mound, they are obviously the same person and trolling..thanks
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    CaRMS 2018 Full Data Reports are out!

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    Physicians Who Work Part-Time

    From what I've heard, it seems FM is the easiest specialty to make your own hours and work part-time (ex: 3-4 days per week) I'm assuming it's more difficult to do this in other lifestyle specialities like Rheum, Geriatrics, Endocrinology, and Allergy/Immunology (as you may not have enough patients to solely do outpatient/clinic work and rely on hospitalist coverage as well to supplement your income) - is this a valid assumption?
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    RBC Vs Scotiabank LOC

    RBC doesn't waive after med school @genemed
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    Worried About Debt

    Hey man, I'm sorry - that wasn't the intention. Really not a humblebrag - that's not like me. I'm just kind of becoming more risk averse. I'm also wondering if I should let myself travel etc. during med school. Really just trying to figure everything out, not trying to bother or offend anyone. Realistically, I don't come from a lot of money, so I'm unsure of what a staff lifestyle will be like. I can't even comprehend the amount of money that's discussed. To me, 30K is a lot. To me in the future, it might not be. I appreciate you all reminding me that I've got it good - I'm really not trying to brag or anything of the sort.
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    Worried About Debt

    I think other posters thought you were trolling because Im sure you are aware that 30k is way less then average, and so while its probably unintentional this may come off as sort of a humblebrag where it seems you are trying to get others to comment on how good you're doing financially. I have friends who have 30k in credit card debt, I am guessing you know its silly to be concerned about 30k debt after med school or residency.
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    Let's Discuss Finances

    The most common strategy is to max out government loans/bursaries during med and then pay them off with your LOC once you start residency and they begin to accrue interest. Some people in Ontario do RLIRP instead, and the government picks up your interest on your government loans during residency in exchange for a fairly liberal ROS - if you're absolutely sure you plan to practice in Ontario, there's no harm in it except that plans change and depending on the job market in your specialty, it may be prudent to retain your mobility, and there are a few other plot twists (you can't do fellowship, can't locum for more than a year, etc). I will likely stay in Ontario but I still decided not to bother with RLIRP. Honestly people's budgets are so different that as long as you HAVE one (I find using a budgeting app really handy for this) you're probably good. The best way to do it IMO is to get an app, track all your spending for a month without trying to change anything, just to see where you are and where you may be hemorrhaging money (take out/eating out is my achilles heel financially). One helpful thing may be to look up the PGY1 salary (it differs between provinces, but it's a guidepost at least) and what you will get monthly, and see how your budget lines up with that. Then you can look at how your current amount of spending will stack up when you start residency, and how much you'd have left over each month to go towards your debt/savings/emergencies etc and see if you're satisfied with that. Then maybe shave off a bit more if you want to live more frugally and maybe have a quality of life bump at the end of medical school, and if you want to account for the fairly large expenses of 4th year medical school (electives, CaRMS, LMCC, etc). But it gives you somewhere to start, at least.
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    Let's Discuss Finances

    Use the LOC is possible to absorb the OSAP loan if the rate of interest on the OSAP loan is greater than the LOC (which it will be) - assuming doing so does not use up so much of your LOC that you have no more flexibility with things. Get every bursary your school will allow you to get - make a point of applying. It is often considerable sums of money.
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    Worried About Debt

    I owe over 200K and am not concerned as I should be able to pay it off after residency.
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    Family Medicine Salary

    Most psychiatrists that I know don't manage to cram 3 units into every single hour. 2 units/hour is more realistic. Also, FPs have all kinds of different funding models other than straight OHIP billings, and many do procedures or have other kinds of income streams in their practice.
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    Physicians Who Work Part-Time

    Depends how much money you want to make - there are definitely lots of psychiatrists who seem satisfied with their billings who work in the community doing solely outpatient. You definitely make less, but it's still nothing to sneeze at. I did the math once with some other residents in my year - if you see 7 patients per day for two units each (so a psychotherapy focused practice) and work about 48 weeks of the year (so 4 weeks of vacation), you'd make about 270k in gross billings - except of course that that assumes that everybody comes to their appointments, which they obviously don't, and many people once they're staff want more vacation than that, and you have to think about overhead as well. But even factoring all that in, I bet you could do okay. If you adjust down to 6 patients per day (which I guess allows for one no show per day, or just seeing less people - I've heard different staff have different tolerances for how many psychotherapy patients they can see in a day) and give yourself 6 weeks of vacation per year, it works out to 220k not including overhead. Conversely, you could improve the numbers by doing a bunch of consults, which will bill higher, providing high risk care to hit those premiums, or doing some group therapy. Or if you do 20 minute medication management appointments, you could increase your volume by fitting 3 units into an hour instead of the 2 units that typically fit into a psychotherapy hour (with 10-14 minutes for paperwork and buffer between patients). I suppose if you wanted to, you could also do IMEs but I don't think I really want to do that. I'm sure I could talk to some staff and do more accurate math but those are some numbers that I've run.
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    Don’t lose hope! We were given a deadline until June 14th to make a decision. After this time period I assume they will be rolling out more letters!
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    MD Financial 2018 Backpacks?

    please anything but the gray
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    Even my advisor said we get the bonus. Talk to your advisor again or maybe give Scotia Customer service a call?
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    First Aid, Pathoma

    First aid step 1 covers most of the basic science you should ever know and definitely more than most Canadian curriculums cover. It is not "over hyped" unless youre at Mac or something where its really far off to the wayside with basic science. Most Canadian curriculums are yes, closer to step 2 material..but i find that it'd easier to actually understand step2 material and guidelines and treatments.. When you actually understand the pathophysiology.
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    My personal account advisor said yes we get that, too bad each advisor can be so inconsistent but that’s life.
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    1) You're comparing financial investments to taxation? You understand one is voluntarily and going into something I know vs. involuntary and going into something I may not know/agree with? 2) All those issues you named. Why do you want to solve them via taxing the successful people of society? Why not first get rid of all the public sector administrators who make 6 figures doing nothing all day? Why not give the public sector a sharp pay cut? Why not cut useless social programs that exist only to satisfy social justice warriors? You realize how much government waste there is? Until you first take ALL of that and funnel it directly to those people, you cannot argue for more taxes. But lemme guess... it's totally okay for the public sector to get a giant raise (as they have even this year) while the private sector is underpaid and doctors face pay cuts. It's totally okay for admins to make their 130k (of tax money) with mega benefits. But god forbid a doctor makes good money (with 0 benefits). 3) Do you ever wonder why capitalist nations attract so many immigrants and communist nations had people fleeing in droves? Or why cuts to X field (ex. 90s for doctors in Ontario) led to a giant exodus to USA? The profit motive is strong and you citing inventions from the bronze age doesn't help your argument as to why it doesn't matter now.
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    Why even pay? As Karl Marx (who these guys worship) said "To each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."
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    Physician political orientation

    Great point, why do we even bother paying people differently at all? Let's take it a step further and just pay everyone in society the same rate! Then everyone will be healthy, right?
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    So I'd like to have a practice (full time) where I can control when I come to work and when I can go play golf or sleep in whenever I don't feel like working. I know family medicine is one. Any other specialties/sub-specialties that allow you to be that lazy?
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    That's a very good statement, I am standing with a cGPA of 3.79, pGPA of 3.85, best yr GPA 3.91 and I think my LOI was decent enough, though not very sure about my interview but haven't heard from admission committee yet, so where is my application lacking I can't tell..... this very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!