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    Blacked out Med bags

    Hello everyone, Mr Duck here coming in with another catch from the pond of an alternate galaxy in which time runs in the future. I have seen a vision, a dark vision, and it is real. The vision I saw is a new bag, all black (black rims, tinted windows, all that jazz) with no more red decals. This will be newly distributed to all MD2022 students. Word on the street has it that MD2021 students will be able to join in on the fun too. Sincerely yours, Mr Duck
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    Kylamonkey did that, she was even mentioned in a macleans article if I recall.... you seem to know what small town living is like—and if you likely have a job, why not do it? It’s another adventure...just read the IP criteria for all the schools with a fine toothed comb. Good luck from one previous Ontarian to Albertan who took the chance on moving 10 years ago. I don’t regret the move at all. Most spontaneous decision of my life, but extremely fruitful (got into med school and met my spouse out here!).
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    Queens Waitlist 2018

    It was bound to happen. I want you all to know that you’re not a failure, you may have just been delayed. Being on the waitlist is a good thing because they obviously liked what they saw, just the competition is so great, they cna only have so many. Last year I was straight rejected after my interview. That hurt, but it made me want to work even harder this year. I knew my interview was holding me back, especially after getting a second interview, so I focused my energy in it as much as I could. Queens definitely gives a huge amount of points to interview post interview, so reflect on what happened. Were you so nervous it affected how you could think, speak, etc. Any nervous ticks? The difference between my two interviews was nerves and structure. Practice makes perfect theybsay, and although you won’t perform perfectly during the interview (I didn’t), I knew I performed better than last year. Refocus your energy and improvement and continuing your ECs. Refine OMSAS descriptions if you can. But for now, take this time for yourself, feel the feelings you need to feel, and spend time with your family and friends. Enjoy this summer and really go hard in August for OMSAS. I wish you all the best of luck next year.
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    One of our members, forget her name at the moment, did exactly that - and got in.
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    Blacked out Med bags

    Rescinding my acceptance. Just kidding, what was your personal opinion on the blacked out bags, Mr. Duck?
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    Blacked out Med bags

    I'm super excited for Ottawa, but a little sad I don't get a red bag (favourite colour lol). Is there any difference between the 2021 and 2022 bags, or will they not be following the different colour each year theme?
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    The slow decay of dentistry

    The schools there are accredited. Standard of education and care in Australia is high. No patient would mind. The concern is that: 3 exams can not replace a 4 year education from an accredited school
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    UofT/UWO Waitlist movement

    fyi i called uft today and they have still moved a total of 12 spots incase anyone was wondering
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    Thoughts on BS/MD programs?

    Honestly, no. I think it helps establish maturity to go through university, coping skills, emotional and social skills, various research skills and opportunities that can further increase their ability as a investigator. Further more, the application process can help establish perseverance, I’m an example hah. work experience after a degree helps further development. Also you may find most people in QUARMs come from well off families, and hence we lose the ability of being able to relate to patients who come from low income or adverse conditions. I definitely am going to be a different clinician than if I got in earlier in my undergrad career. I didn’t have the same opportunities that most QUARMs matriculates have. Medical applications already are biased towards people who have more $, we don’t need more of that, we need more life experience. I found that people in my previous career who got into it right away didn’t appreciate the privilege of their job as much as people who had various lower income jobs before getting in. Government is so cushy lol.
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    Waitlist Support Thread 2018

    I wish they would just shorten the waitlist so people can start preparing for next year's application if they have to.
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    Well up to you. Could do a second degree to increase gpa, or move. Would you be happy being so far for that amount of time from family and friends? Has residency requirements changed in the oast? Are your stats really that competitive as an IP? Do you think the job is ok and would it last two years? All things to think about.
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    Considering how competitive Ontario is it's not the worst idea, but I'm unfamiliar with west coast admission requirements. You could also contemplate moving to NB for IP status for Dal, but that would give you a more narrow window than the north would by your description.
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    Admissions Médecine 2018

    De mon côté, RBC m'oblige d'être inscrit au cours pour activer la marge. @docdurrr
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    Low First Yr GPA,

    They only count the years you've completed so if you apply in 4th year, they would only drop 3 worst FCEs. After undergrad is complete, then 4 FCEs.
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    NAQ - Overcoming adversity

    That sounds like a tough, life changing experience - and relevant too, given the situation with overdoses in BC. When I was 17, I almost died by suicide and spent over a month in the hospital. It shaped who I am today, my passion and drive and helped cement the narrative about me in my application in the context of my mental health related work. It’s a tough call whether to put in significant experiences. I oscillated with adding it, some years I left it off, and in more recent years I included it. Do so only if you are comfortable and feel like you can explain it in the character limit. Consider your other entries, does it reinforce the other things you’ve been involved with? Does it add a dimension to yourself in the application? Do you have a verifier for it? Think about how it shaped you, and go from there. FYI, I included it in my last application and I got in this year for class of 2022.
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    Low First Yr GPA,

    I think the worst classes are dropped irrespective of year but you get to drop one more FCE for every year you do. So if you're in third year, you get to drop your 3 worst FCEs, 4th year 4 worst FCEs. And someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm under the impression that 1 FCE is equal to 2 courses so by the end of 4th year you can basically drop 8 of your worst grades. This is what I understood from reading their FAQs multiple times over.
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    NAQ - Overcoming adversity

    While I am not currently an applicant, I have thought about this section myself for when I do apply. I personally understand the feeling of not wanting to take advantage of your family’s history, circumstances, etc. However, if you feel you have been negatively impacted, or experienced immense personal growth from these experiences, I would include it and any examples of how that is the case. If you feel that the point you’re trying to convey still is not there after your revisions, I would not include said experiences.
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    First Aid, Pathoma

    I got Toronto Notes. I used it during pre-clerkship and clerkship. I wouldn't say they are complete garbage, I found that it was quite useful. It tends to go more in depth than your usual textbook, but I found it useful to cover areas that I wasn't planning on specializing in. Using Toronto Notes will help you pass your MCCQE pt 1.
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    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Deferrals from last year could be counted, 104 is just confirmed class mates. So we can be over 105 with deferrals from last year.
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    I second the practicing with strangers. You can also record yourself, I personally found that helped me to identify quirks I shouldn't be doing (e.g. that's how I noticed I fidgeted with my hair so I did half-back for my interview). If you know any doctors you could ask they randomly fire loaded questions at you and see how you answer, or just get friends or family to. My brother would randomly ask me questions from the mmi book with no warning when we hung out and that helped me personally because it gave me an avenue to practice. We are all different though so things that helped me may not help you! If you haven't read any resources that could help you too. I read Doing right and one book about MMIs that had a bunch of current topics in it (it was a UK book but still relevant).
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    Definitely practice wih med students, that helps a lot. I also used MD consultants for one session which was with UOT students., but there are other options out there. Practicing with strangers helps because they tend to be more objective.
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    Queens Waitlist 2018

    FYI for those still on the waitlist "Class is full" email was sent out today