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    Is it worth it? That depends entirely on how badly you want to be a physician and whether there are alternative careers from which you would find a comparable level of satisfaction (both professionally and in your personal life). It's possible, but definitely an uphill battle. I graduated from my first degree with a lower GPA than yours, spent the next 6 yrs making up for my failure during my first degree (ECs, MCAT, GPA), and will be starting med school in the fall. I kept going because the value that I assigned to being an MD is greater than the time and dedication that I sacrificed (and will continue to sacrifice). Have you calculated your weighted GPA for each school? Is there a strong upward trend? This will determine how much more work you have ahead of you. Think carefully about what it is specifically about being an MD that appeals to you, and how you might be able to achieve your goals through another route.
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    Here's the overview of the curriculum at uOttawa. Clerkship starts in Year 3 with core rotations that happen at your home school. During Year 4, at uOttawa, there are 10 weeks of pre-CaRMS electives. Like @PhD2MD said, you can book your electives anywhere in Canada. Students normally book electives to schools that they would be interested in attending for residency.
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    Change in # of sketch entries?

    couldnt have said it any better. Some people simply have too many amazing experiences that wouldn't fit the new scheme if it turns out to be true. The main issue with OMSAS is that unlike any other application in the world, you are only allowed 150 characters per activity. Which is incredibly small on its own! No other application is this small. Besides, most other schools offer unlimited activity spots for employment, so I really dont know where omsas is going with this thing?
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    Tips for prepping CASPer

    See the lower section of first post in:
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