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    What do people wear for class?

    Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on tbh
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    OMSAS Verifiers

    Exactly what I did, unless it was a previous co-worker who no longer worked at the establishment.
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    Not confident in Physical Exam Skills

    Don`t worry. You`ll learn and practice more than enough when you are in clerkship. Many of the physical examinations they teach are pretty much useless. examples: thyroid bruits (more of an urban legend than anything else), renal bruits, lung percussion etc... when you have ultrasound, liver size scratch test, spleen castel sign or whatever that is You`ll realize that often, doing an exam doesn`t change the management anyways. e.g. A patient comes with pneumonia. You don`t hear the lung bases. You suspect a pleural effusion. You can do your different physical exam manoeuvers, but you`ll ask the x-ray anyways or see it with ultrasound if you have one. Therefore, doing low sensitivity and specificity physical exams at a time when we have technology is truly a waste of time. BTW I don`t ever percuss anything nor check for the JVP. In fact, I was never able to see the JVP on physical exam. Learn that kind of stuff for exams/OSCEs and old staff who will pimp you on that kind of stuff, but keep in mind that many of the physical exams taught are basically obsolete or useless.
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    If he really wants to f*** around with eyes he should go to med school and become an ophthalmologist. Someone's gotta poke eyeballs all day long *shudders*... I couldn't do it, would give me the heebie-jeebies all day. To answer your questions though, I'd say yes by and large dentists make more than optos. And I do think dentistry (at least the dentist role) is far more resistant to automation than optometry is, since from what I understand at least in Canada (and Ontario) optometry is pretty limited to examination & diagnosis. Actual treatment, management, and certainly operative procedures is usually relegated to ophthos. The scope of practice of optometry is quite narrow.
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    Other than OSCEs, there's no objective evaluation of my physical exam skills - we go see patients every week, but it's just me and the patient so I can't even gauge how my skills are. It just feels like I'm doing the motions (i.e. placing a stethoscope on the chest, lungs, listening to sounds that all sound the same to me, not being able to tell the difference between dull and resonant on percussion to find organ borders, palpating the spleen but I never know what I'm actually feeling), I can never find the JVP Any tips?
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    OMSAS Verifiers

    never heard of it happening
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    Climate in Diagnostic Radiology

    Hi there! I will try to answer some of this out of residency itself is a bit of a trick question as most of us (by most I mean 90%) do fellowships which most places look for in candidates now. You can locum fresh out, and some do find jobs but fellowship is by far the norm. for the over a million - usually is a lot as that is a trick by the government. When you bill you have both technical and professional fees. The technical fees cover the costs of your equipment and staff. If you run certain clinic types your technical fees are huge - but it goes to cover the your US techs, your building, equipment..... I know some people in the "millions" range but most of it goes towards that. The technical fees often don't cover the true cost of the exam either so you subsidize it from the professions ones. US techs earn 80-100K a year and for every rad in a clinic often you need 4-5 of them. You can see where money is going ha. More cuts are coming. Coming to all the high paid ones. similar but better in a few other provinces for now. getting a big city job can be a challenge - you need the fellowship and patience there. there is trade off between income and vacation - 10 weeks plus or minus isn't unusual but I will point the more vacation you have the busier the non vacation time tends to be. The first several years out of residency/fellowship can be extremely brutal. Early days, late days, weekends and call...... it is a ton of hours. People look forward and see rads paid the same as everyone else but working hours that are comparatively "inconvenient" Non competitive? well less competitive I would say ha - kind of simple I think if not wonderful - people realize now radiology has long hours, a lot of call and weekend work, with continuing cuts, and even the work during the day is extremely busy. As an example as a fellow now trying to basically work like staff I have a standard 9 hour shift where I might get 10 minutes to eat lunch at my desk. They rest is pure maxed out reading.
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    Applied: Queen’s and UK schools (PT) Accepted: Queens PT & UK schools Waitlisted: Queens PT (#20) Rejected: cGPA: 3.10, sGPA: 3.76 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: -Feel that my references were strong; 1 from prof, 1 from a PT I worked with for a year. -Waitlisted last year so I worked on improving specific areas. Felt that my application was stronger this year, but answers themselves could have been better looking back. -Volunteer/work: Cardiac & stroke track support in an outpatient program, orthopaedic clinic assistant in a hospital, private PT clinic, sports med clinic, worked as a kin, research project in undergrad, personal training since 2014, inclusive exercise assistant for special populations.
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    OMSAS Verifiers

    I was told that this is more so that the applicants do not "make up" verifiers. It's a lot easier to fake an email than an email, a phone number and an address.
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    OMSAS Verifiers

    If you participate in a hobby with someone else, for example a group setting, you can use that person. Or if it is an individual activity that you've shared with people, say at events etc, you can use the organizer. If not, it would be understandable to use someone unrelated to the activity but who knows of your participation.
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    Climate in Diagnostic Radiology

    Thanks for input and great point about unpredictability of future trends. Unfortunately, a some people in this discussion jump to conclusion that income is the only factor in OP's calculus. What is omitted in their reasoning is that compensation is just one of the important factors that differentiaties between a good match and the best match. I do not advocate anyone to go into specialty that has 0 intellectual appeal to them, but is highly lucrative - seeing that such path leads to misery is a pearl of wisdom by captain obvious. However, I do advocate for a compatible specialty with a good income over another equally compatible specialty with lower income. Anyway, a lot of anxiety and stress in medical field comes from the needless repression of materialistic self, often mediated by social pressure. Neglecting money/prestige and focusing on naive maximalist idealism is a common trait of an undifferentiated premed, whereas mature physcians embrace the pluralism of motivations and accept colleagues with diverse drives, whether it's lifestyle, intellectual appeal, money, altruism or raw status-seeking.
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    Not confident in Physical Exam Skills

    Look up the sensitivity and specificity of physical exams... Two real reasons we do the physical exam: 1) So the patient feels like you're doing something for them and... 2) To distance ourselves from the algorithm driven world that can be done by an AI/midlevel Overall though, murmurs/basic resp findings/msk findings are of value.
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    When a resident tells you to go home?

    While on the Internal Medicine CTU, I usually send my medical students home early. On week end day calls, I send them home by 4 pm if nothing is scheduled to happen (no admission, no deteriorating patient...) while I stay until 8pm for the sign over. I usually get a positive answer and the student leaves with a smile. Who wants to stay to work if nothing happens ?
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    Not confident in Physical Exam Skills

    Most of the physical examination is garbage. Still, some manoeuvres are well validated and can help you a lot. The JAMA rational of clinical examination is a great resource to know what to look for and how findings and symptoms can help rule in or rule out things. Plus, we get extremely bad physical examination teaching. It is an art that is being lost. I don`t buy the JVP assessment for volume status in most of the hospitalized patients. I think the money is the US guided IVC assessment. If you haven't seen any JVP yet, I am sure you will. Acute heart failure is a common presentation to ER and the ones who get NIPPV will have their neck veins are bulging out.
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    OMSAS Verifiers

    A representative at OMSAS told me to put down the info where the verifier can be most easily contacted. Suppose that (in theory...) an adcom were to email/mail/call your verifier. What info would make this the easiest for he/she? Best of luck to you
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    Fake it till you make it I don't think physical exams are that useful anyways
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    Thats the tricky part. We are, lawfully, internationals, so schools like VCU report us as international statistics at MSAR despite the fact that they consider us on par as the OOS Americans. But then there's school like Northwestern where they say 0 international on MSAR but their website says 7 Internationals. Ugh.
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    Until you see real patients that's how it will feel like. For preclerkship OSCEs just focus on learning what's normal and getting the points so you can pass. As for the JVP, you can watch a few online videos on how to get it but to be honest I'm pretty sure most people make it up to some extent. If you don't plan on going into IM then it doesn't matter. If you plan on going into IM then you'll have plenty of time to practice. IMO it ranks around the same level as bowel sounds and diaphragmatic excursion percussion in terms of actual clinical utility.
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    Most people here would choose dent cause it's a forum consisting mostly of aspiring dental students/professionals. What does your brother love more? Sure, money is important, but he definitely won't be struggling as an optometrist. Why would you even consider doing something you're not the most passionate about when you have an option? There's more to a career than money, especially years down the road.
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    UofT/UWO Waitlist movement

    got accepted a few days ago so its at 15 for sure
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    Any chance for interviews?

    I had a much worse DAT and similar average and was accepted at Schulich just this year. However my CV was strong and was likely the deciding factor. All in all, don’t let people on these forums get you down, give it your all.
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    Firstly, it takes a lot of inner strength to muster up the courage to re-tackle your goals. I commend you for that. It seems that you are willing to refocus your efforts and time to the medicine pathway. This is good! My advice is to take it step by step. Our victories are not won overnight, it will take time and it will sometimes feel like two steps forward one step back. Focus on your mental and physical health while you're refocusing your attention to your academics. For most schools, there is some form of weighting for more recent academic performance, and better yet, some even drop your lowest marks. Take it step by step and resettle in this academic milieu and strive for a higher GPA. Keep up with the extracurricular activities and dabble in things that interest you (it seems indigenous health issues peak your interest?) and continue that. If you haven't tried research, maybe try that during the summer. But your priority should be your GPA and academics. Get that order first Nothing is impossible. Give it your best shot Feel free to PM me if you want to chat more.
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    Francophone applicants

    It's worth a shot, especially if you have a desire to work up north. On OMSAS, NOSM does have a separate questionnaire for francophone students and they say on their website that they give an advantage to francophone students. Here is the selection criteria from their website: https://www.nosm.ca/education/md-program/admissions/admissions-selection-process/ You can also check the admitted/rejected thread but I'd say give it a go, you never know! Goodluck
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    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Just received an offer off the waitlist this morning to hamilton campus! Will most likely accept
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    Waitlist Support Thread

    Timestamp: 11:31am - Accepted off the waitlist! I have accepted this offer, which had a deadline of June 12 at 4pm. So excited! And good luck to everyone on the waitlist!