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    Honestly, unless you didn't really try for your first write, you may not be able to improve much on your verbal. It is up to you, if you have the time to study hardcore, then rewrite if you want, but do not underestimate the power of CASPer and interviews. If rewriting the MCAT means spending less time on preparing for CASPer, you probably should just focus on CASPer. You definitely have a good shot for an interview and doing any more undergrad to improve your GPA isn't very useful at this point. Do not forget that half of the people who get into medical school at Mac will have a lower than "avg" GPA.
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    You seem like you're in the running for an interview. Just nail Casper and you should put yourself in a good spot. Those stats aren't strong enough to put you in a position to expect an interview, but I also wouldn't be surprised if you got one. 3.83/128 is just below the average of 3.84/129. Retaking is really up to you. It's going to cost you a lot of money and a few months of your life. I wouldn't recommend unless you begin scoring consistent 130s in CARS. The last thing you want is for your scores to drop or stay the same. A strong Casper would probably be much more effective in boosting your application. Just imagine putting the hours you'd spend studying for the MCAT into Casper practice.
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    I switched piano teachers after 8 years. My new piano teacher just verified that I had the 8 years of experience that she wasn't present for (mainly because you don't just start playing piano in the Royal Conservatory in Level 8, and I continued playing with her for many years). I kept it all as one activity but clarified in the hours that the piano teacher switched. If they were to question it, I would've just given them the contact of the other teacher to verify.
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    la marzocco

    Where to pay tax?

    You will be taxed as a Quebec resident if you are doing your residency in Quebec as it no longer qualifies as full-time postsecondary studies.
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    What do people wear for class?

    Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on tbh
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    Hey there Congratulations on completing your 5th year, that's already a tough decision to make and demonstrates great determination. As far as I'm concerned you are very nearly at the average in terms of gpa, I don't think it's non-competitive. Cars is a lil below average from a pure stats perspective (though that is a good cars score) but hey! There isn't any reason why you don't have a reasonable chance, prep for casper and hope for the best! I might hesitate regarding more years of undergrad as it becomes progressively harder and harder to budge that gpa for quite the financial cost... but I am not too knowledgeable about this topic. That being said, if you have the opportunity to apply elsewhere that will definitely help your odds, a cgpa of 3.83 can be much higher depending on weighting formulas. With a 128 cars Calgary/Alberta are options. Keep carrying on, you're heading in the right direction.
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    Fake it till you make it I don't think physical exams are that useful anyways
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    Until you see real patients that's how it will feel like. For preclerkship OSCEs just focus on learning what's normal and getting the points so you can pass. As for the JVP, you can watch a few online videos on how to get it but to be honest I'm pretty sure most people make it up to some extent. If you don't plan on going into IM then it doesn't matter. If you plan on going into IM then you'll have plenty of time to practice. IMO it ranks around the same level as bowel sounds and diaphragmatic excursion percussion in terms of actual clinical utility.
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    Can confirm. Finished med school, still not salty or cynical. That was a lot of fun.
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    3.91 wGPA

    It's possible, but would be a huge gamble. But I saw a couple of 3.91s. I got an interview and eventually got in with a 3.92. I likely had a high CASPer score though because I was invited to Mac with a 3.61 cGPA.
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    Interviews 2017 Invite/reject

    I have been stocking this forum since grade 8 and I am super excited to be finally posting here! Good luck to everyone who is still waiting for an email, and for you youngsters reading this don't give up because hard work = good results! Invite Date Stamp: Jan 24 2017, 2:56pm Location: Ottawa Stream: French wGPA: 3.991 Current year: 3rd year ECs: Long term hospital volunteering (5-6 years the general campus TOH, 3 years at Montfort), President and co-founder of research club organizing case competitions on campus, promoting research opportunities etc. Research in one lab with 1 pub (6th author), 2 abstracts (first author) and oral presentation award at one of those meetings. URS scholarship recipient, lifeguard/lifesaving instructor for couple of years, work as medicine unit clerk at Montfort, got 2 pronvinvical volunteer awards etc. PM me if you have questions or want more details! Casper:I really thought I flunked it but guess not as bad as I thought. I was able to complete first 2 questions on all scenarios, and write main ideas on last one but get cut off sometimes on last sentence. I suggest always glancing at the timer and setting yourself cutoffs. Did not prepare whatsoever for the casper.
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