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    LOR Question

    Hi, I'm a bit confused regarding LORs for U of C vs U of A and U of T. According to U of C's manual they would like each of the 3 referees to speak to a different set of attributes. While for U of A and U of T, I understand its just 3 generic LORs? In that case, would the referees have to produce 2 different letters (one for U of C, and one for the other 2 schools) or would the letters made for U of C suffice for the other 2 schools as they combine to speak to a comprehensive list of attributes? I figure its a lot to ask the referees to produce 2 sets of LORs but would really appreciate advice from past applicants on how they dealt with this? Thanks!
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    OMSAS Reference

    As long as one of your references is predominantly focussed on your character (rather than academic) then you should be fine. The titles that your referees hold do not matter, it's their ability to comment on your capacity to work as a physician that counts.
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    yeah on a year to year bases it doesn't change anything. Excellent summary (I would just add the children are already out - and the spouse is greatly reduced as well)
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    Owning a clinic vs working for a clinic doesn't change your tax burden in any way. Owning a clinic means you are in charge of your own overhead, whereas working for a clinic owned by others usually involves some sort of arrangement for the clinic to cover your overhead for you, typically by taking a share of your billings. You get taxed on whatever is left after overhead either way. If you're a particularly good manager of your own clinic, you might be able to pay less overhead than if you worked for a clinic you don't own, but any savings are likely to be very small. Physicians can save money on taxes in various ways by incorporating, but this can be done without owning your own clinic. The net earnings pre-tax are unchanged, while the amount saved in tax is going to be variable and depends on what corporate taxation laws are taken advantage of, and how. Using the $230k figure as an example, taxes would take about $85k in Ontario (which is about middle-of-the-pack in taxation rate). Various deductions available to everyone - such as charitable donations, RRSP, childcare or medical expenses - can reduce this a fair bit on their own. RRSP contributions alone can reduce overall tax burden by at least $10k per year. Holding money in a corporation can allow for income deferment, which over time could reduce the overall tax burden somewhat. Income splitting with a spouse or child is also a fairly common practice to reduce overall tax burden, but is almost certainly being phased out by the current federal government. In any case, none of this has anything to do with owning - or not owning - the clinic where an FP works.
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    What do you mean FM has a 'salary' of 300K? Of course clinic owners make more....................they have equity and their share of 'overhead' is much less than the doctor working and paying about 25-35% in 'overhead.' Based on my experience; a family doctor working in a non-FHO model; who is working 5 days per week for 48-50 weeks per year; seeing about 35-45 patients should be able to gross ~$350k. THIS WILL VARY WIDELY; Take off say, 30% overhead, and you are down to $245k; take off expenses such as licensing fees, malpractice, and miscellaneous. A reasonably hard working family doctor should be able to pull in $220-230k ALL IN .............................. NET..................... BEFORE TAXES...................... Anybody who is much higher or lower is an OUTLIER. And the above doctor is working RELATIVELY HARD.
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    I think you have to submit essays in the language of the stream you are in. Also you can listen to RECORDED lectures of any language. However, you cannot attend the lectures of the opposite stream (people were doing this and it was deemed a professionalism issue. Repeated professionalism issues get put on your record and can get you kicked out of med). keep in mind not all lectures are recorded and all of your practical and small group learning will be in French. Really only apply to French if you are for sure comfortable doing all of medicine in that language.
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    late post, but posting for future students: Accepted/ off the waitlist GPA: 89.7 best 2yrs DAT (AA/RC/PAT): 25/2122 Interview performance (personal opinion): think it went well, lots of laughs as well as "that's insightful" comments , did a lot of research into professional codes of ethics, research and volunteer opportunities at UWO that related to my own that I could speak to, but admittedly got so caught up in that I did not speak about myself as a person beyond my passion for dentistry. ABS: lots of extra curriculars and research, dental and denture clinic exposure IP/OOP: IP Year: completed undergrad in 2016 - Got the call on aug 1st, around 12:15ish after a month long prep of American applications, running around for LOR's and adding to my PS, etc. etc. was going to spend 2500$ on American applications THAT night as I prolonged them as long as I could to hold out hope, so glad I did can't wait for O-week!
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    I've always found selling residency positions to saudis sketchy and morally off. though it inconveniences the residents, both the saudis who are getting shipped back to their despotic desert hellhole, and their colleagues, who have to shoulder the call, im pleased that this miscarriage of sense is abrogated. maybe we should sell residency positions to countries that dont have shitty governments. oh wait, those countries tend to have good residency programs.
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    GPA for med

    I think you should apply, doesn't mean you'll get the interview but you might. Plus, McGill gives you your rankings in the case you are rejected, which means you'd know where you're application needs improvement. There is also a 10% circumstance factor on your GPA, so depending on your program and what you did during your undergrad (work, volunteering, sports, graduate studies, etc), your academics score could be higher than someone who has a 3.9 GPA in some other circumstances. At worst you'll lose 100$ but you'll get some useful insight on what to improve.
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    Will I ever be ready

    The highest yield thing you can do is have a normal social life.
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    OOP Chances?

    I found that worrying about your chances is not worth it. Even if someone said you did not have a shot, what's the point? You should apply no matter what. An acceptance results from a mix of hard work, dedication and lots of luck. Keep up the good work !
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    Salut, je me suis informé aux admissions et si tu es recruté dans l'équipe Carabins pour UdeM ta cote est bonifié de 1 point. Ça peut faire toute une différence
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    General OMSAS doubts

    1. Totally fine for OMSAS 2. Mention that in the Other section of their info, with what language they speak. Alternatively, is there someone else you can put down that's also associated with the volunteering? 3. I thought formal education was taken out this year. Anyways with the cut down entries, I would save the space for something else. I'm sure you can demonstrate that you speak French through another activity 4. It's no problem. Just enter their separate contact info 5. Yes you can describe your involvement with that, in Research if you got a publication out of it, or Extras/volunteering if not 6. Generally no, unless something came out of it which you continued after the course ended
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    UofT personal essay

    What about criteria required, if any. I note that you are asked to provide an example “of a time” when critical analysis changed the way you considered an issue. Therefore, you will not be referring to “times”, rather to a specific example that comes to mind, presumably early on in your work - as seemingly, it would make no sense that it occurred later on. In any event, I’d be happy to review your work product and give you constructive feedback.
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