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    haha I gotta say I'm very curious if I've met you guys at orientation yet not sure about scholarships at McGill, but some schools award them once the semester starts, so it could still be possible..?
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    It’s awesome that’s youre interested in medicine so early! There is really no wrong way to go with extra curriculars, do stuff that interest you that you would consider continuing and growing in for the long term. Leadership is another great thing to develop in your senior high school years. Make sure you keep your grades up but also have fun and keep your interests open you may end up liking something more than med!
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    Home/Tenant Insurance

    You're so responsible.
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    Desired salary vs work hours

    Depends how important money is to you I think everyone has a point where earning $1 more doesn't make a difference to their happiness, but having a day off per week can make a huge difference to your happiness For example (just arbitrary numbers), but I could make $150k as an FM doc working full-time, but I'd be happier working 4 days per week and making 80% of that (125k), and as I get older, I may even be happier working 3 days per week and making 60% of that (~100k) Leisure time is so important to me
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    If you want to go to an Ivy for medical school, getting a solid GPA is a must, i'd recommend Mac Health Sci, the reason is getting a high GPA is easy. No one can ever dispute a 4.0, ever, grade inflation be damned. However, a lot of people have 4.0s and you need strong ECs and a strong MCAT. The MCAT has very little to do with where you did undergrad, and Hsci gives you the free time to actually be successful at ECs. I do think Mac Health Sci is still the indisputed best "premed" program for both Canada and the US. Now the people who tend to go to Ivies are usually a special breed, in the sense that they are just all around superstars, you find they often come from UofT life sci, not because UofT Life Sci is easy, but because they were actually at the top of UofT Life Sci and somehow manage to fit in ECs etc. So all in all, there isn't too much strategy when it comes to going for those top tier med schools. You are either are hot stuff or you aren't, so I wouldn't worry too much about where you do your undergrad. One advantage of both Mac and UofT is they both have opportunities to do research as an undergrad and both can set you up for success, UofT especially, if you are a superstar and incredibly ambitious, you have the city at your feet. At the same time you can easily get overwhelmed by it all in the city and sometimes a smaller town is better for you to really have a handle on things. Canadian med school graduates almost NEVER go to the US for residency. This is the most common question we get, the explanation is all over this forum, but all you need to know is that people do not go to the US for residency. If you want to be an American doctor, go to the US for med school. If you are equivocal, then you can go to the US for fellowship.
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    Strictly speaking, if going to a US medical school is your only goal going into undergrad then, yes you're correct that Western Med Sci would be easier an getting in AMCAS 4.0 GPA Are you not planning on applying to Canadian medical schools?
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    Essay Questions

    Just use my answer above. Hahaha
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    I got a youth pastor to write my letter of recommendation and it didn't stop me from getting in. I think people are generally pretty respectful about religious activities when grading your application.
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    No one will judge you. UofT is very inclusive and is proud of it. One of the docs working with me said he had a reference letter from his rabbi. The letters are all about describing you as a person in the eyes of others. If this reference is doing justice to you, and shows you in a positive light - use it. It is also recommended you use references from different aspects of life, so it sound it will be beneficial as the other ones are school/research specific. Best of luck!