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    Adding Awards

    Personally I’d only add awards and scholarships that you actually accepted, because that is what I’ve generally found people expect to see for awards on a CV in other areas of academia. And it just feels more honest to me. There’s no issue with having only one or two awards. Many applicants invited for interviews will leave that section totally blank. Edit: And after I thought to check, I see the help guide also says not to include them. So there’s your answer! https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/help-guide-2018-2019/
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    Curious as well! Very! But I respect the cyber anonymity.... One thing I'll say, I am super impressed so far and I think we have a really awesome cohort, everyone is so real and also fun!
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    Étalon de cotes USherbrooke

    J'ai eu 36,094 pour un 4,0/4,33 en sciences biomédicales si ça peut vous aider Cette cote comprend le 0,5 pour bacc complété.
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    Étalon de cotes USherbrooke

    La cote de certains programmes ont changé significativement cette année. Biomed par exemple voit un 3,95 correspondre à un bas 35. Si vous avez eu votre CRU, il serait apprécié de le post sur ce forum pour recadrer l'étalon.