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    Cap in number of Electives

    i oppose central planning in most forms, including this one
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    So, if GPA plays a role as a tie-breaker, then essentially it doesn't play a significant role in the pre-file review and just meeting their cut-of wGPA is enough? Kinda sucks to know that GPA isn't worth anything but a cut-off these days. :/ If CASPER and ABS is really worth a lot, it kind of troublesome, since a subjectivity bias can play a big role when these are being evaluated. Oh well, just got to follow the procedures and hope for the best.
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    FAQ: What are my chances?

    If you hit a weighted GPA like that, then definitely Ottawa and Toronto are a fair shot, and with that stellar MCAT score Queens would be a great shot as well. While GPA is slightly above average for Mac and Cars are at average, a good Casper could snag you an interview!
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    The Ups and Downs of Clerkship

    Too much reading. However, made me think of this tumblr I read when I started clerkship (now old and not updated, but many classic LOLs here). http://whatshouldwecallmedschool.tumblr.com/
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    Hey BobSmith, I'm gonna be real with you and give you advice that will save you a lot of heartache. I will preface this comment with the context that this is coming from. As someone who has been applying for literally half a decade, I've come to truly understand the nature of this beast. My advice is to stray away from what you're trying to do. In all honesty, you'll spend countless hours trying to determine your chances and worrying about your chances. Maybe you'll come to the conclusion that you're a highly qualified candidate. But be warned, even the highly qualified candidates may not make it. This process is extremely unpredictable. Maybe one year you'll get an interview and it'll build up your confidence only to have it crushed the next year when that same school which placed you on the waitlist the year before decides to not even offer you an interview despite you making your application better. In all honesty, the best thing to do is to ensure you have the minimum to be considered and put your best foot forward. It will save you a lot of stress and anxiety. And FYI queens is a black box. Nobody knows and if they do, they're part of admissions and wont spill. What I can say is that their website in past years has explicitly stated that once you reach the interview stage, your MCAT and GPA are no longer factors. If it's still there, then it'll still be the case. GL
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    I responded to your PM, but for the benefit of everybody, there isn't a specific section for publications. If I recall correctly, I put my publications in the "additional information" box at the very end.
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    ABS Long Term Activity

    I think its fair game to include hours since you started the activity.
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    Hi everyone, I'm very new to this forum; loving it so far! I'm an older student (40), having just completed a BA (GPA 3.69), and am beginning a BHSc at the same university. Given my transfer credits from the BA to the BHSc, my GPA is currently 3.90. I work full-time (in health care, transcribing reports), and have continuously throughout my studies. I also have four children. I am going to be preparing an application to med schools once the BHSc is complete (I am about half done, with transfer credits). My concern is the EC's. I literally have none. As mentioned, I have a full-time job (10 years) and four children; is that an appropriate angle to tackle that part of the application? I'm really trying to decide if pursuing my dream is "worth it" in the sense of the time and money involved. Thoughts?
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    Comments section for Referees?

    I'm not sure about this year, but last year, OMSAS wouldn't let me send the referee email with an empty comments section, so I just wrote something brief like: "Dear Dr. XYZ, Thank you again for agreeing to write a letter of reference in support of my medical school application. Please let me know if you have any questions about the referee process. Sincerely, Mew".
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    Success Stories- Non Trad Style!

    I graduated from the Industrial Design program at the University of Alberta. My undergrad consisted of product design, furniture design, visual design, painting, drawing, sculpture and art history. For my electives, I was the odd one out in my program because I took science courses. I loved biology, biochemistry and organic chemistry. I even took science and engineering courses extra in my degree because I found it so fascinating. Near the end of my undergrad, I was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of tumour. Going through surgery and later radiation therapy was my source of inspiration to become a doctor. While all the other students designed cars and new types of MP3 players, I designed cutlery for individual's with Parkinson's Disease, toilet-aid devices for bariatric patients, toys that doctors could use to communicate with children, etc. For every design project, I tried to incorporate my interest in medicine. Unfortunately, my GPA was not that competitive and meeting the requirements for medical school was a uphill battle. I was constantly questioned about the jump from design to medicine. But, I kept at it and I was accepted into UBC this year. One of my goals is to contribute to the field of medicine by integrating my unique background in industrial design with my career as a physician. With my industrial design skills and knowledge as a physician, I will be able to improve existing medical equipment/tools and invent new ones. It isn't so much of a jump from design to medicine - think about prosthetic design and surgery. Medicine is becoming such an interdisciplinary field and I want to make the bridge between multiple disciplines. Go non-traditionals!
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    Success Stories- Non Trad Style!

    Another success story here I got pregnant in high school and had my daughter in the middle of my last year of high school. I was determined that being a single mom wasn't going to stop me from pursuing med school and went right into university when she was 8 months old. I spread myself too thin in my first degree and only had a 3.55 gpa, so after applying twice I took a year off to improve my application, work, get married etc. I applied a third time, but my MCAT scores didn't get released and my application was rejected without even being reviewed. At that point I couldn't handle another rejection, so I took a few years off to have my two younger girls and let my husband focus on his career. This year was my first time applying in 4 years and things had changed a lot since the last time I applied, but I put everything I had into my application, prepared for the interview and went in knowing that I had done everything I could. I just got my acceptance to UBC today and it feels incredible.
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    Success Stories- Non Trad Style!

    Hi all, after 5 applications to UBC, countless rejections across the ocean, states and canada, and three interveiws at UBC I am in!!!! 42 years old, 21 yrs as paramedic. Still in disbelief, have printed off acceptance letter so it is in black and white......Rachel
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    I'm sort of confused about how I can incorporate something that has been a significant experience for me on my application. Both my parents have permanent illnesses, and I have been heavily involved in their care. How can I incorporate this into my ABS? or should I just maybe use them as inspirations for some of my answers to the essay questions? Thanks in advance!