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    First time posting here! My name is Donavan, I'm a first year resident and I recently started a YouTube channel about residency and medicine! I made a video talking about how much Canadian residents' are paid, and estimated the amount of weekly hours typically worked (which vary a lot depending on the specialty). There are no deep secrets here, but one thing that I learned being a resident is that the extra money on-call does add quite a bit to the total. I wanted to stay objective - in no way am I personally complaining or bragging - but I did include my thoughts at the end of the video. Would love to hear if you have any thoughts, questions or feedback!
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    Income and Lifestyle

    ridiculous thread I hope your preoccupation for money won't result in patient mismanagement for monetary gain
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    Income and Lifestyle

    This thread is so comical and sad....a family doctor makes in the top 1% of income earners in Canada...so if you are struggling so much....what about the 99% of Canada...which make up 99% of your patients...this thread is exactly why its dangerous to let in 20 or 21 year olds to medical school from third or fourth year undergrad with no sense of the realities of the working world...
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    Lactic Folly

    Income and Lifestyle

    Yes, students who have worked in other careers prior to medicine often express a greater appreciation for the security and privilege it provides, compared to many other people who also work difficult hours in less desirable occupations for much less pay and job security.
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    Income and Lifestyle

    Most family doctors already lead an unbelievably good life, the fact that you have no boss, run your own small business that basically can't go bankrupt, choose your own hours, make 350k gross a year.... Please, contact CBC stat, your story must be heard....
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    Good luck everyone!

    Good luck to everyone this cycle! Who wants to prep for interviews soon? I do not want to be applying again! These applications are draining!!!
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    Does this depend on the program? I heard from a resident that he was still paying tuition
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    No tuition for residency, the money does get taxed.
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    As others said, September 15th is merely a suggestion for when the reference request should be sent out. For all they care you could send it out on September 30th and as long as it's in by October 1st you are good.
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    September 15th is a recommendation from OMSAS to make sure references have received the link to the form. October 1st is the deadline for submitted references: https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-dates/
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    I would lean towards being "Received" by the deadline...
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    I've heard UofC also doesn't have much pre-carms elective time, something on the order of 10 weeks, of which much of it is early in clerkship? I'd write the USMLE Step 1 after first year, but i'd be careful about stretching yourself too thin. a 3 year school is a huge challenge in and of itself, trying to match to derm and apply to both Canada and the US at the same time? That is really taking the cake if you manage it. I would study and write the Step 1 right now, but take things in small bits, try to figure out your specialty choice, and look into options for maybe doing a masters or somehow extending your time to 4 years especially if you can get more electives and you become serious about the US. I would look at every derm program in the US that you are interested in's website, and go contact them to see if they accept Canadian electives and ref letters, some may, some may not. Don't forget that matching derm in Canada is tough already and you realistically need to limit your specialty choices down to two as soon as you can.
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    Income and Lifestyle

    I don't mean to put it bluntly but do you think the Ophtho or Derm aren't working full time or rushing patients out? The examples given above for derm seeing a patient every 5 minutes or ophtho seeing a 10+ patients an hour and then bringing them back in 6 months to repeat the whole process. Or how about during surgery rounds when you go through 20+ patients in 1-2 hours. In a fee for service model if you can't extend your work hours then you have to work more "efficiently". It's not necessarily sloppy either. It doesn't take that long to look at a rash or an eyeball. The patient can give a 2 minute or 20 minute story about their progressively declining vision when they watch TV... but if it's a non-significant early cataract with no other ocular findings then it's goodbye. In family practice if patient comes in for med refill - print the prescription, give them their test result, 5-10 minutes is plenty. Each day should have 20+ of those patients per day.
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    MCAT Received Status

    Awesome glad to hear it worked out! Dal is honestly so great with their emails - super responsive.
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    Income and Lifestyle

    Okay, so your main complaint is, 250k is not enough? You are a business owner, there are plenty of tax benefits that come with it. Honestly, I'm not exactly sure what you expected when you applied to medical school, but in my estimation anyone making 250k is making plenty. You also simply cannot have it all. No, you cannot live in Bridal path, drive a ferrari, have a spouse who doesn't work and send two three kids through to private school while making it to the golf course with your buddies every weekend. Look around you, a lot of healthcare professionals are struggling with a supply glut, some doctors cannot even find jobs, the vast majority of people work unstable jobs, fixed hours, have a boss that they may or may not get along with and still make only around 60-80k a year. If this is an issue for you, again, go to the CBC, please let the world know. Your struggles sound so real..
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    I would say during MF5 i.e. after first year. Basically, right before clerkship. If you are serious about going to the US, i'd do an enrichment year, make your degree a 4 year degree. The reason is, you want more elective time to go to the US to do them, you also need more time to study for your USMLE Step 2 CK.
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    Income and Lifestyle

    At current mortgage rates that is 4K (because to own that house you need a down payment - ideally 20%. More of course if you are just jumping into at crazy low amount down. 1500 a month on food? Guess there is a lot of eating out there? Leasing two cars - I mean convenient but leasing is always going to be more expensive. Particularly short term leasing (2-3 years). effectively 36K saved a year not nothing I would say. Where is your spouse in all of this? Obviously a second income, even a modest one would solve most of the problems you mention above. If not working, why is child care needed? (one thing not talked about is loan repayment if required - as much as I am saying things are reasonable here, that is an expense that cannot be ignored of course if present) You are absolutely right that it is a very expensive city, and probably in a housing bubble on top of that or close to it. I would agree that if wealth is your primary goal then living there isn't the most logical thing to do. Still In TO the vast majority of people are not earning anything even remotely close to 250K a year. There lives are not terrible deprived wastelands. Some of this is philosophy and those no right or wrong answer. I still say with your model above you will need up retiring earlier than most, and having no loss of income in retirement. That isn't horrible to say the least. Also the mortgage payment will likely fall relative to your income over time (it will always be 4K a month, your income will not stay at 12.5). Over time things will get easier.
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    Top 10s

    You are correct that the UofC application doesn't have a specific "ECs" section. But the point of Top 10s is not to state all the ECs that you have ever done, it is to outline the Top 10 most impactful experiences and how they have shaped you as a person. This doesn't have to be volunteer activities, it can be single moments in time that have really impacted you (family struggles, single day activities, etc). If an EC/Volunteer activity doesn't make that list then there isn't really any point in mentioning it in my opinion.
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    Some clinics have portable ECGs. A patient could be having a heart attack in the absence of traditional MI symptoms, sure, but your training should be preparing you to properly evaluate and refer, not evaluate and then refer anyway because you're thinking of the worst case scenario. 85% of chest pain causes in the ER not being threatening is exactly why ERs are swamped. The FP should be able to reasonably differentiate between cardiac and non-cardiac chest pain. Referral to a neurologist can take months. On/off headaches in the absence of any other findings again need proper evaluation. A family doctor should be well equipped to deal with headaches. If red flags are present, then of course more urgent referral and imaging is needed. If you refer everyone out or order every single test to rule out every potential diagnosis you are not doing yourself, the patient, or the system any favours. This is where your differential diagnosis and pre-test probabilities come into play.
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    Time Stamp: April 12, 2:00PM With tears in my eyes... ACCEPTED!!!!!!!! (OOP WL) GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 515 Essay: I tried my hardest on this section bc im not very confident in my essay writing but ended up having to rush it more than I thought I would have to due to work. Weakest section by far really recommend taking extra time on this!! ECs: Research for a couple of years in Biology and Humanities (no pubs but impact was significant curriculum changes to 2 large uni courses), curriculum design assistant (published 2 interactive books), digital media assistant (mostly videography), undergrad TA for 2 terms,1300+ hrs of paid mentorship and tutoring, Crohns/Colitis volunteer, some unique placement experiences, cofounder of a startup. Interview: First interview of my life so I had a lot of trouble sleeping the night before. I felt like most of the sections were okay, 2 stations I felt really good on, but there was a station I completely bombed because I didnt read the prompt correctly and there wasn't enough time to save it. My total score was 77.63 I am a non-trad applicant and ive worked through so many failures and uncertainties its hard to describe how amazing this feels. I was put on academic probation after first year because I couldn't handle this idea of trying to out-compete my peers, the anxiety was too much and I was too scared to reach out for help. It took a break from uni for 1.5 years for me to be able to face my fears and accept being vulnerable/reaching out for help. I told myself that if this didn't happen for me this year, I would have to start pursuing a realistic backup. At a time where my family has been struggling, being able to call my momma and update her with this is unbelievable. This process almost feels like its designed to test your constitution constantly, I can't tell you how many times I nearly gave up. Don't let the process make you forget your own intrinsic value in this world, we all mean so much more than an application!!!
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    Interview Selection 2018 Cycle

    Time stamp: 12:14 EST Result: Interview wGPA: 3.9 MCAT: 510 EC's: Hospital volunteer for 3 years, Companion for Oncology Camp for 4 years, Board of Directors for 2 organizations, Therapeutic Riding, Research Publication, etc. Currently working in the realm of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety. Essay: Really happy with my essay Year: Non-Student but I have a Master of Public Health IP/OOP: OOP- Strong Connection. Lived in the Maritimes for a number of years
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    Interview Invites 2017 Cycle

    Time stamp:15:54 (Atlantic Time) Result:Invite GPA: 3.8 MCAT: 508: 127,127,128,126. EC: Rushed through it. 3 years work experience in rural area, President student club, vice president student council, co-founder of a tech start-up (medically related), Volunteer as part of medical team for boxing tournaments, avid cyclist. No research! Didn't have enough time to fill out my Awards section. Essay: Obviously this got me the interview. Even though I did it last munute, I spent 4 days outlining the essay and finished it the day before. It was edited by a friend who knows me well. My essay was very Personal;I used it to tell my life story and my longterm goal in medicine. No physical Maritime connection, but wrote about how my life and work preferences connect me to the maritime. Year: Bachelors complete Ip/OOP: OOP I decided to post this just to encourage people with my kinda stats to apply. I didn't think I stood a chance, but I pushed myself to apply last minute.