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    List of Canadian-friendly USMD Schools

    Posted this in SDN/**DELETED** as well, but thought I might most this here as well since there people might not visit both sites concurrently. ***NOW UPDATED WITH THE NEW MSAR released 3.22.2018*** The new MSAR values are given at the top of each school's description with a heading MSAR 2018. Note that this means using MSAR values released on 2018. They're for class entering fall 2017. Hi fellow non-Americans, As noncitizens, we face greater difficulty than Americans - there are schools that flat out reject any international applications, schools that say they accept but never really interview anyone (looking at you, Tufts and Baylor), and schools that are super friendly towards us. Of course, they're all on MSAR, but unless some screams MSAR at you you won't look at it. It took me a while to come up with a list via MSAR, supplanted with wisdoms of **DELETED** and SDN. I'm now writing to share that with you so you won't have to go through same process. Everything here is based on 2017 MSAR, and things can change. So go buy that MSAR and start looking at it! Applying is just one aspect. There's also the financial problem - US MD schools are quite expensive, and we can't get federal financial aid. No FAFSA for us. Probably don't have a cosigner to get private loans, too. So unless you can come up with a brilliant way to fund half a million dollars, your acceptance is going to be rescinded. That's not nice - so something definitely to think about before applying to 40 schools. There are schools that will provide some sort of funding - loans, grants - to non-Americans, but there aren't that many. Keep this in mind before sending your application. Ontarians can take OSAP and loans with co-signer from CIBC, RBC, TD, etc for max $250,000 CDN and ~$40,000 OSAP. No clue about other provinces. Quoting [USER=334945]@Goro[/USER], International students need to be Harvard/Stanford calibre. While this may be an exaggeration (sorta), do keep in mind that if there is another American candidate that's exact replica of us, he/she will probably get in over us. Higher stats, ECs are expected from us. Sucks, but that's life. Also doesn't help that most of international-friendly schools are clustered near the top. Few quick points: Public schools are less likely to take in internationals than Americans. Go for private. Kentucky loving Canadians is a notable exception to this. Top schools are more likely to take in internationals AND give financial aid. Forget about Texas and California. Schools taking 1 international students are excluded on this list. Quoting [USER=432540]@gyngyn[/USER], they're likely to be inside candidates. He recommends 3 or above. There are couple schools taking 1-2 internationals on this list, though it's mostly because they've taken more in the past. When it says 'no Aid', its for Canadian/Internationals. Not for Americans. When it says 90hr/1yr/Bachelors required, that's for International students outside of US/Canada. If you're Canadian or internationals student who went to US undergrad, dont need to worry about this. US Permanent Residents = US Citizens DACA = for the most part, international students Thos with CoA ??? = I couldn't find the total cost of attendance. I might've written total tuition costs next to it. Also keep in mind that CoA is just an estimate! Schools providing Financial Aid: These schools are willing to provide some form of financial aid to international/Canadian students, whether in forms of Loans or Grants. Mostly rich schools high up in the ladder. Albert Einstein College of Medicine MSAR 2018: 3.82/515, 5 International Matriculants. 3.83/516, 5 International Matriculants. CoA $290K. Has an escrow requirement: 2 year for Non-Canadians, half of 1 year tuition for Canadians. Financial aid is available through Einstein Scholarship and College Loan Funds. Requires 1 year post-secondary education in US/Canada. Columbia (Vagelos) MSAR 2018: 3.87/519, 5 International Matriculants. 3.87/519, 7 International Matriculants. CoA $380K(!). Has financial aid, although significant amount of it is in loans. Requires 3 full year + Bachelor's degree in USCAN. Duke MSAR 2018: 3.88/519, 0 International Matriculants (!!). 3.85/516. 3 International Matriculants. CoA $310K. Has financial aid in forms of Need-based grant. Requires 1 year of post-sec Ed on USCAN. MD/PhD is only for Americans. Dartmouth (Geisel) MSAR 2018: 3.74/515, 4 International Matriculants. 3.78/515, 5 International matriculants. CoA $344K. States that it can provide 'need-based financial institutional scholarships and loans'. Requires 3yr of post-sec Ed in USCAN. Has a reputation for loving nontrads. Harvard MSAR 2018: 3.92/519, 6 International Matriculants. 3.92/518, 16 International matriculants. The most international-friendly school. CoA $370K. Aid is available with a unit loan. 1Yr post-sec ed on USCAN, although states that 'without Bachelor's in US/CAN rarely accepted.' Mount Sinai (Icahn) MSAR 2018: 3.87/519, 5 International Matriculants. 3.84/519, 4 International matriculants. CoA $290K. Aid is available ($31500/yr) + Merit scholarships. Loans for 3/4th years via Mpower. Couldn't find education requirements. Northwestern (Feinberg) MSAR 2018: 3.91/520, 0 International Matriculants. 3.9/519, 3 International matriculants. MSAR says 1, but NW says 3 on its page. wtf? CoA $350K, Aid is available. 3Yr post-sec Ed on USCAN. Stanford MSAR 2018: 3.86/519, 5 International Matriculants. 3.89/518, 5 International matriculants. CoA $352K, aid is available in forms of Grants and Loans. Need to show proof of 1 year of tuition. 1Yr post-sec ed on USCAN. Vanderbilt MSAR 2018: 3.91/521, 7 International Matriculants. 3.9/520, 6 International matriculants. CoA $350K, aid is available. 'Recommend' 1yr Post-sec ed on USCAN. Yale MSAR 2018: 3.88/521, 11 International Matriculants. 3.89/518, 10 International matriculants. CoA $355K, aid is available with a unit loan. 3Yr post-sec Ed on USCAN. Johns Hopkins MSAR 2018: 3.94/520, 8 International Matriculants. 3.92/519, 9 international matriculants. CoA $320K, aid is available. 1yr post-sec Ed on USCAN. Schools that won't provide Financial Aid/Canadian Only: These schools will only accept Canadian applicants in additions to usual Americans. They will not provide any forms of financial aid. Some may have escrow requirement. George Washington MSAR 2018: 3.72/511, 4 Canadian Matriculants. 3.72/511, super low-yield chool. 2 Canadian matriculants. CoA $320K(??). No aid available. Has a weird 'special International MD program' for international students, designed for said students to leave US and practice in their home country. Probably not something you're looking for. Regular MD is only for US/Canadians. Mayo - MN MSAR 2018: 3.91/517, 0 International Matriculants. 3.85/513. US/Canadians only. 2 Canadian matriculants. Only for MN - AZ/FL dont take Canadians. CoA 330K. No aid available (need-based aid available few years ago, need clarification) Michigan State - Public MSAR 2018: 3.68/507, 3 Canadian Matriculants. 3.71/507. US/Canadians only. 3 Canadian matriculants. CoA $330K. No aid available. Is hot in news these days. NYU Langone MSAR 2018: 3.92/521, 0 International Matriculants. 3.9/520. Not just Canadians, but also Canadian PRs. Maybe this is why there are other non-Canadians in their MSAR. 2 International matriculants. Willing to provide Merit scholarships but no other forms of Financial Aid. CoA 335K (4yr pathway) . No aid available. Maryland- Public MSAR 2018: 3.84/513, 3 Canadian Matriculants. 3.85/515. US/Canadians only. 2 Canadian matriculants. CoA $380K (!) No aid available. Virginia Commonwealth - Public MSAR 2018: 3.74/511, 2 Canadian Matriculants. 3.74/511. Super low-yield. 4 Canadian matriculants. CoA $275K. Canadians are essentially considered as OOS Americans. No aid available. Wayne State MSAR 2018: 3.74/509, 18 International Matriculants. 3.76/508. US/Canadians, and any international student who went to Wayne State as undergrad. 8 International matriculants. CoA $350K. No aid available. Central Michigan - Public MSAR 2018: 3.74/506, 4 Canadian Matriculants. 3.7/504, US/Canadians only. 5 Canadian matriculants. CoA $384K(!!) the most expensive school on the list. Wants ties to Central Michigan. Being in Canada doesn't count. Schools that won't provide Financial Aid: These schools will consider all international applications, but will not provide any forms of Financial aid. Some may have escrow requirement. Boston MSAR 2018: 3.83/518, 11 International Matriculants. 3.81/516, 11 International Matriculants. Low-yield school. CoA $350K. No financial aid. Requires 2 year of post-secondary education + prerequisites done in US/CAN. Rosalind Franklin MSAR 2018: 3.62/518, 9 International Matriculants. 3.63/511, 8 International Matriculants. Low-yield school. CoA $300K. No financial aid. Needs Casper. Requires 90hr of post-sec Ed on USCAN. Emory MSAR 2018: 3.79/515, 3 International Matriculants. 3.79/515, 4 international matriculants. CoA $320K. No financial aid. Requires 32hr of science coursework on USCAN. Georgetown MSAR 2018: 3.8/513, 9 International Matriculants. 3.74/512, 5 international matriculants. Super low-yield. CoA $370K. No financial Aid. Needs foreign transcript evaluated. Medical College of Wisconsin MSAR 2018: 3.79/511, 4 International Matriculants. 3.76/515, 1 international matriculants. CoA $275K. No financial aid. Requires document supporting your ability to pay up $254K. 90hr of ed on USCAN. Casper required. Wants to see shadowing. Canadians beware New York Medical College MSAR 2018: 3.63/511, 4 International Matriculants. 3.65/512. 4 international matriculants. No secondary = super low yield. CoA ???. No financial aid. Escrow requirement of $239K. Prereqs must be done on USCAN. Bachelors' strongly recommended. Penn State MSAR 2018: 3.82/510, 2 International Matriculants. 3.82/509. 1 International matriculants. CoA $285K. No financial aid. All prereq must be done on USCAN. Penn (Perelman) MSAR 2018: 3.88/520, 1 International Matriculants. 3.87/518. 6 International matriculants. CoA ???, Tuition only is $240K. No Financial Aid. Gives good amount of scholarships but disappointing from such a rich school 1yr ed on USCAN. Pittsburgh MSAR 2018: 3.86/517, 3 International Matriculants. 3.85/515. 3 International matriculants. CoA $330K. Escrow requirement of 2-yr tuition. No financial aid. 1yr + prereqs done on USCAN. Saint Louis University MSAR 2018: 3.89/513, 12 International Matriculants. 3.87/512. 11 International matriculants. CoA $295K. Escrow requirement of $210K. No aid. Requires TOEFL or SAT as test of English proficiency. Jefferson (Sidney Kimmel) MSAR 2018: 3.74/514, 5 International Matriculants. 3.75/512. 9 International matriculants. Super low-yield. CoA $308K. No Aid available. Requires Bachelors from USCAN. SUNY-Upstate - Public MSAR 2018: 3.73/513, 7 International Matriculants. 3.75/512. 8 International matriculants. CoA $367K. No aid available. Requires 90hr post-sec ed on USCNA. Likes Canadians SUNY-Stony Brook - Public MSAR 2018: 3.82/514, 9 International Matriculants. 3.8/514. 3 International matriculants. CoA $370K. Needs 'Affidavit of support' for this amount. 1yr post-sec ed on USCAN. Tulane MSAR 2018: 3.64/511, 4 International Matriculants. 3.62/511. 5 International matriculants. CoA $355K. No aid available. Casper required. Hawaii (Burns) - Public MSAR 2018: 3.82/513, 2 International Matriculants. 3.76/510. 2 International matriculants. CoA ?? No aid available. Prereqs recommended to be done on USCAN. Kentucky - Public MSAR 2018: 3.83/511, 6 International Matriculants. 3.82/512. 8 International matriculants. Known to love Canadians. CoA $371K. No aid available. Need document supporting ability to pay 2 yr tuition. 1yr on USCAN. Application status changed from 'accepting all Canadians/Internationals' to 'Case-by-Case' for all Int/Canadian applications. Not sure of the consequence. Virginia - Public MSAR 2018: 3.91/519, 8 International Matriculants. 3.9/518. 2 International matriculants. According to my advisor's medical handbook, they treat Canadians like OOS Americans. What's up with Virginia and Canada? CoA 335K. 90hr on USCAN or UK. Washington University @ STL MSAR 2018: 3.91/521, 9 International Matriculants. 3.89/521. 8 International matriculants. CoA 335K. Escrow requirement. No need-based aid available (Merit aid is). 90hr on USCAN. Cornell (Weill) MSAR 2018: 3.87/519, 2 International Matriculants. 3.78/519. 5 International matriculants. CoA $355K. Escrow requirement. No aid available. Lona Linda MSAR 2018: 3.83/508, 17 International Matriculants. 3.86/508. 10 International matriculants. For SDA, super devout Christians. CoA ??? $225K tuition only. No aid available. 1yr on USCAN. Howard MSAR 2018: 3.45/502, 5 International Matriculants. 3.41/502. 9 International matriculant. HBCU. CoA $304K. No aid available. 68hr on USCAN. Case Western / CCLCM They'll accept starting next cycle. Since Case used to have a reputation of international/Canadian friendly, I'm adding them back on the list in advance. No idea about CCLCM though. MSAR 2018: 3.82/518, 7 International Matriculants. 3.81/517. CoA $356K. No need-based aid, though Merit Aid is possible. CCLCM covers everything. UCLA Makes to the list with stunning NINE internationals for fall 2017! Maybe I should've applied. But I like snows... MSAR 2018: 3.85/517, 9 International Matriculants 3.79/508. 2 International matriculants. Their MCAT went from 508 to 517, so..yeah. big jump there. Unsure about Financial Aid, though you should be eligible for Geffen scholarship (merit based) That's it. MSAR says 71 schools are willing to take International/Canadian applications. After some analysis, the list comes down to 42 for Canadians and 33 for internationals. There are schools that have taken more in the fast - ie. Utah took in 3 internationals 2015-2016. They aren't included in this list as none made it last year with only 5 interviews. Or schools like Duke that took a couple for 2016 but none for 2017. Schools not listed here and listed 'accepts International/Canadian applications' are likely to just shred your application and take your $$ as donations. Chicago (Pritzker) apparently 'used' to be int-friendly. None made it for class matriculating 2016. Your call. Wrote this up while dodging my PI's smoldering gaze at me, so there may be typos here and there. Point them out and I'd be happy to fix them up. Feel free to rip me apart if something's not true, and good luck.
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    Inputting Number of Hours on Application

    Yes I too am confused by this and I think this is new this year. Would like to know the answer too. Maybe will call OMSAS tomorrow about this situation and will report the findings.
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    This is literally the worst example. If you watched the Winter Olympics recently you would have heard about this story: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/4035507/how-a-skier-who-can-hardly-jump-made-it-to-the-olympic-halfpipe/amp/ There is always an alternative way to achieve your goal. I am quite concerned about your ability to demonstrate empathy. Medical school admissions are not black and white. Having been on the interview committees for medical school selection on a few occasions, I can assure you that there is a greater portion of luck involved in the whole process than you may think. There is generally a handful of amazing applicants that are easy to identify, a handful of terrible applicants and the rest fall into the middle where how you rank them would most likely vary significantly from interviewer to interviewer. The fact you are so sure that you will be accepted into a Canadian Medical School before even applying is a little concerning. My only suggestion for you is to try and develop more tolerance and humility before interviews come around. Also, please keep in mind that if you get into medical school, many of your staff will be IMG’s. If you come into interactions with them with this mindset, you will burn a lot of bridges. Finally, if you do get into medical school, you will soon realize that medicine is not as prestigious as you may think it is.
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    Undergrad Program?

    You're right, UofT and Western have a lot of undergrads who end up in medical school. Keep in mind that these are larger schools with programs that draw more "premeds" to them so rather than self-selection (which they say they do not do) these statistics are probably the result of sheer numbers
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    *Sigh* I wasn't gonna write on this thread cause I thought you were really just a troll... but seeing your reply above it's pretty clear you're actually unaware of how terribly informed, for a lack of a better word that I could use on this forum, your opinion on this matter is. Those students learn real medicine, partake in real clinical situations, have to do the same national tests as every other US MDs, have to fight for the same residency spots (with major handicaps on this regard compared to other students), etc. Let the hospitals taking them in for residency or later as staff worry about whether they do "real medicine" or not. The whole "supreme excellence in academia and extracurricular" thing that you need for CAN Medschool is not inherently necessary to the practice of medicine; it's a product of the fact that about 10x more people apply for the amount of available spots, which artificially increases the expectations of what a Med student should look like. People that reach the Caribbeans are, more often than not, just slightly below the mark for getting into that top 10% (or less) and just prefer to start studying ASAP instead of spending a whole Med program long lifetime of reapplication cycles to get into a CAN school. When in fact, of all the people that I have known that have talked to me about their experience as patients, not a single one mentioned about they were amazed by their doctor's list of extracurriculars or scholarly achievements, but rather the deciding factor in every conversation about whether they liked their doctor or not was about how much they felt that their doctor truly cared for them and treated them with empathy and respect as a human being. Excellence in extracurriculars/grades have nearly 0 correlation with this. "Pardon me if this sounds arrogant, but I am very haphazardly going for medicine now because I feel like I shouldn't have to share the profession with people who are less qualified than me in terms of ALL admission criteria. " This was probably the most agreeable part of your writing. For the sake of your future patients and their families and your future colleagues, please follow your heart and reconsider being in this profession.
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    Thanks - I wasn't aware of this page and will definitely check it out!
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    Is the Medical Profession Deteriorating?

    forget haphazardly, if i were you, i'd give up on medicine entirely.
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    This post frustrates me to no end because it assumes equal opportunities for all students who apply to medical school. You have an immature understanding of the world if you're going to assume that cultural, socioeconomic or health factors shouldn't be taken into consideration when determining an arbitrary level of "excellence". While you're correct in saying that hard work and persistence are important, so is financial stability and wellness. If you have an issue with practising with others who may have taken a different route and can't come to terms with the fact that people have different paths than you, perhaps you should reevaluate your definition of service in medicine.
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    I know this is probably a troll post but personally I would rather see hard working, altruistic, genuine, IMG's land residency in Canada over the handful of narcissistic CMG's with a god complex who probably lack in bedside manner and think the world revolves around them.
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    ECs count very very little. Research might help a bit but is generally not cared about in non competative settings or just a check box in most competative programs. Elective performance trumps everything. In my experience what mattered was: 1. Work ethic 2. Likeability or how well the person fit into the program 3. Knowledge
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    With an average casper score your chances are actually really good.
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    CASPER help plsssssssss

    No. That is a violation of international law, my main man.
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    I respectfully disagree. This seemingly popular belief of "resident pay is low because staff pay is high" or vice versa is a non sequitur. The pay staff physicians receive is representative of their skill and their contributions to society, and is fairly deserved. It does not retroactively render residency pay irrelevant, since staff pay is payment for work done as staff, not as residents. We have a professional degree which, as you said, is getting harder and harder to attain by the year, and work experience/set of skills that are really quite exclusive, in a field which is essential and relevant to people's lives in a constructive way. If we need to put ourselves further into debt to make ends meet after all that (and clearly, with all this credentials inflation you mentioned, many of our cohorts are now filled with non-trads with families and even more degrees), we are underpaid, period. You cannot justify this with a fair pay that comes only after years, no matter how high it is. I agree it's good to learn good financial habits. It's better if we can learn it while actually being able to save anything meaningful. I do agree with the limited supply idea as far as it applies to within medicine. Healthcare system is overburdened, residents are cheap labour and will unfortunately likely continue to be. If a raise at resident level means a cut at staff level, I'm sure most residents would opt to endure the status quo. That being said, there should always be an effort to draw the resources from outside so that staff physicians are not hurt by resident raises. I could not care less about what happens to the pay in other industries. To stay still in a zero-sum game means your cut of the pie is eventually taken from you, as all current staff physicians must know so painfully well from their terrible negotiations with the government. I hope that the residency associations across the country realize this as our situation is essentially just a micro version of theirs. Definitely look at the staff pay down the line. Counting your blessings is a great way to stay sane. But I will not be told that what I am getting is fair when it isn't.
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    AAAAAA just got an email from admissions today!! Accepted off the OOP waitlist at 2:30PM EST. Super excited to be coming to Winnipeg in the Fall Best of luck to everyone else who is still on the waitlist, don't give up hope!
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    MCAT - CARS Only

    I've done it!