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    ? No one forced them to uproot their lives. They can keep re-applying and improve their applications like the rest of us.
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    Worth applying with 128 CARS?

    ha, which reinforces the notion that really we don't know much yet about how this will be applied - or even if the phrasing is perfect on the website. For Western not having a lack of information on how things are run is rather novel - I am sure it will logical but even they will be seeing how things pan out somewhat in real time.
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    I want to begin studying at home and skipping lectures. My university (I'm first-year med) posts the lecture recordings online, so I can review the videos the next day at a faster speed and take more detailed notes I think. How do you take notes when doing so? I've got a hotkey to pause when I miss something, but was wondering if you take notes on the PDF or elsewhere. Do you make flashcards simultaneously? I just need to find a more efficient way to study the material than listening (and missing the profs' details). Looking for advice from the Premed101 heavy-hitters, @Bambi @rmorelan @Vendar
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    We establish and fund residency positions for the same purpose that we train Canadians in Canadian undergraduate medical programs. They don't exist so that Canadian citizens and permanent residents having trained *anywhere* can obtain a Canadian residency. That IMG seats exist reflects provincial policies aimed at recruitment, generally for underserviced areas with ROS contracts attached. These are legitimate policy choices and I very much doubt the courts will take any of these "rights" claims seriously. Then again, I also thought that talk of using the Notwithstanding Clause for something as trivial as ensuring Toronto City Council has 25 not 47 members was unlikely...
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    Failures always complain lmao IMG should be banned completely so people can't shortcut their way in with sucky marks and downgrade the profession as a whole