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    Awesome ECS but your missing the basics. Standard advice is going to be kill the MCAT and aim for a high GPA. Easier said than done. Is it possible? Yes? Realistic? No. It would be more realistic to basically start over with a second undergrad. Is that really worth it given you seem to have found a good place in the humanities? Doubtful. If you're considering other careers, go for it. For some reason most answers tend not to include that in their answers. Medicine is cool but it it isn't magical, and the idea that 99% of people fall in love with ISN'T what your life will actually be like. So unless you've found someway to ensure that medicine is going to be what you want it to, the opportunity cost is relatively high for you. The decision to pursue medicine especially at a higher cost shouldn't be based on medicine alone. You have to compare it with other equally likely opportunities, given your starting position.
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    Prereq GPA

    This happened to me before, I just wrote about it in the comment section and they analysed it with the right number (I double checked with them afterward when I got my ranking).
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    no submit button, just add all ur documents, and ur good to go!
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    saw some guy doing this and the invigilator told him to stop
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    bearded frog

    Pediatric Rheumatology

    Can't comment on adult rheum but peds rheum is fairly specialized, but basically required at any pediatric tertiary care centre. Your ability to practice outside of cities with these centres is limited by patient volume, however. In terms of fellowships, their are only a few a year across the country but usually you can match if you want. At this point if you're willing to work anywhere you can probably get a job but you might not be able to get a job in the specific city/hospital you want. The kinds of problems and patients you see will also be relatively different. Pediatric rheumatology's bread and butter are the juvenile arthritides, autoimmune stuff like lupus, and vasculitides. Adult you'll see these and a lot more degenerative stuff. Also consider that most of the pediatric pts you see will just have JIA or kawasaki's, where your adult patients are much more likely to have comorbidities and be more complex which can be good or bad.
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    The person I talked to on the phone today said that McGill doesn't have an A+ so even if you put it in the workbook, it will be automatically converted to an A!
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    Should I fight for marks??

    I inquired about every single final exam I ever took, and make sure I understood why I lost every single mark I obtained. Part of that is of course to make sure nothing was missed but also just because I really wanted to know what I didn't know so I didn't make that mistake again. This was allowed by my school so I used that rule repeatedly - I was polite, but I was firm as well. Don't feel bad about trying to understand what people think you are doing wrong - education only works when you get that feedback, and the entire point of a degree is to educate yourself. People - TAs and professors included - make mistakes, and I have seen some pretty bad ones on my tests in the past.
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    Pediatric Rheumatology

    Right. Quebec doesn't have "real" tertiary centres. Thanks for the reminder.
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    CASPer done...thoughts?

    So it seems that they recycle questions... I got a question this year that I got in a previous year (4th time now). As always, I ran out of time to correct grammar, or finish a sentence. I have 3-4 sentences that ended early li (like that.)
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    I seriously don't think anyone on this forum believes you are legit. You reek of bs and from what you wrote you have a nearly non-existent understanding of the healthcare landscape. Prob some high schooler with a ton of free time on hands or a classic example of delusional coping mechanism on display.