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    well sure....but those are all based on particular criteria. Then you have ask yourself if any of that has anything to do with actually training as a doctor. The first one was based on QS rankings that is produced by an arbitrary scale - at least somewhat arbitrary. For instance: Academic reputation (30%) This is a bit self fulfilling and not narrowly measured on medicine in particular. In particular it is not reputation of the school in training specifically medical students, and bigger schools will always have an advantage there. The measured outcome of the training at all the schools is the same so you would think the reputation would be the same - well no because yeah TO has many many other higher reputation programs than Ottawa does pulling things up. That has nothing do with again medical education. Employer reputation (20%) Totally meaningless here. There is not difference worth talking about between getting a job based on your medical school. For starters that is finished with 6 years ago or longer in some cases. Faculty/student ratio (10%) Also meaningless for med school. A bigger hospital system would in theory have more staff but so what? International research network (10%) Despite we the focus we seem to have locked into to research, it does not really impact anything related to med school. The CARMS match rates are basically the same between all the schools which is the only place it matters really, despite widely different research approaches etc. Citations per paper (10%) and papers per faculty (5%) there is that research bias again (and I am rather academic in mind set - I still think it is not really all that important relatively speaking) Staff with a PhD (5%) They all have MDs. Adding the phd is showing that research bias again - seeing the pattern Proportion of international faculty (2.5%) and proportion of international students (2.5%) Not important at all. Ok was all of that useless - maybe. But in any case it isn't nearly as dramatic as to rank these places extremely far apart as they are. People that do ranking, create this systems.....sounds like a great way to get free lunches and take trips while feeling important. In terms of actually anything of use? That is another matter. I will say this much - I am at Harvard now, and I am teaching regularly Harvard medical students as an instructor. They don't seem any different than the people I taught in Ottawa. oh any why 30% 20% 10% and so on for the categories? Who knows - it is all just something that was made up and sounds reasonable. Doesn't mean it is right, certainly doesn't mean it is based on actual science etc.
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    Hey Guys, I started a YouTube channel about getting into medical school and also talk about premed tips and tricks. I started it because I didn't have much useful advice going through uni and many people online weren't really supportive or always put me down. Once I got accepted, I wanted to actually help people get in without just crushing their dreams. If you guys are interested, just leave a comment below and ill leave the link. Otherwise, if no one is interested, you can disregard it. Just one thing I do want to say: no matter what people say, no matter what people tell you, know you WILL succeed if you work hard. Many people told me that I would not become a medical student and I still kept pushing and here I am today in medical school. Many people still tell me my videos suck and it just reminds me of my days as a premed student where people told me my grades weren't good enough or I wasn't smart enough. Push away from the BS and just keep going. Believe in yourself and YOU WILL SUCCEED!
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    Stress Survey

    Maybe post this in Medical Student General Discussions?
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    Stress Survey

    Did it; note you didn't have my racial group there so maybe put other next time (middle eastern)
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    The slow decay of dentistry

    Not liking that 0 in there.....although I cannot say I have heard any differently.
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    Yup. Keep in mind that with their weighting formula your GPA (once you get to the interview stage) is worth only about 15%. And the average of people who receive interviews is likely lower than 3.87.
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    thats average, that means a significant amount of the class have lower that have gotten accepted even if you pull a 4.0, its not gona raise your GPA by much, but if you screw up , your GPA can plummit very little upside very big downside for just one school
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    No definitely not just for Mac. I got an interview with 3.73, and there are people even with lower gpa’s.
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    DISINTEGRATES Dominant interstellar species is not too entertained; General Rath assassinates their earthling subjects.
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    That's stupid. If an ER doc can't see the bread and butter of ER they should be let go and replaced with someone who does.
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    well that is just stupid in my opinion ha. If you cannot do the normal stuff of the job then you should be somewhere else
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    Dropping out of Dental School

    If you want a lucrative lifestyle and prestige, perhaps you should consider careers outside of healthcare.
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    Verifiers Already Contacted?

    I think it is a good thing. In the past, when I hadn’t heard back from verifiers, I didn’t get an interview. When I heard from verifiers, I got an interview
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    Ditto! === Time stamp: Thursday, March 15, 12:51 PM Result: Regrets GPA: 3.95 MCAT: met cutoffs ECs: Varied! See previous posts. Essays: Worked on them for a few weeks! Year: Finished MSc in 2016. Working research scientist. Geography: IP It's worked out for the MD/PhD stream at other schools for me but posting for stats reasons. Just goes to show that interviews elsewhere do not guarantee interviews somewhere else. Nor does being competitive in one stream (MD/PhD) equate to being competitive in another (MD). The process is a random one too. Good luck to everyone! Don't give up.