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    Got it, thank you very much! This truly helps a lot !
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    Hey! The file is too big to attach here. Is there an e-mail that I can send it to?
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    Current pharm student here, feel free to ask or pm me any questions you guys have!
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    It can be at any point in time at their discretion Jan-after the cycle is over.
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    Je pense pas que pharm est aussi demandant que dmd. Leur horaire en tout cas il est tout cute lol mais en dmd c sur que c’est en 1ère annee qu’il est possible d’avoir une bonne cote (comparé à la 2-3-4-5e annee) mais ceci dit ça veut pas dire que bonne cote équivaut à 4,3 lol en dmd quand t’as 3,6 et plus c’est considéré comme très bien. Si t’as dautres questions hésite pas à m’écrire en privé
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    Hey folks, I have a situation, and was wondering what're my chances ( I am open to out of country ideas) I did my undergraduate degree in the sciences, really late I am 30yo. In my first two years, I had a really really hard time adjusting to university courses and my GPA was horrendous. I thought that was it, any chances I had at become an emergency doctor down the toilet. I gave up on it and thought to just finish my bachelors and get a job. In my third year, I drastically improved and my GPA went up (got 3.7/4.0 that year). And in fourth year I managed to get a 3.9/4.0. I took a year off after second year to get some science-work experience (in our school you get course credit for this) and worked as a lab tech in a health lab. I was good at research so I applied for a Master's in medical sciences and am now doing research in a cardiology lab at Schulich school of Medicine (Western). I got a scholarship and am getting awarded at conferences and am doing well in research. But...in the medical school I see doctors all the time, and its just a reminder that was the career I wanted. I don;t want to give up on being an emergency doctor. I am studying for my MCAT at the moment to write the exam in May. I was looking at medical school admissions and it is really complicated for graduate students, plus taking repeated courses into account (I retook a 2nd year course in my 3rd year). My 2 years of undergrad that I messed up puts me at a huge disadvantage since my cumulative uGPA is a 3.2 (based on AMCAS), my GPA in my last two years is a 3.8/4.0 and my grad school GPA is a solid 3.9/4.0. Plus every school has different ways of taking repeated courses into account. Western is out because I retook a course in one of my two top years. I am not sure what to do, I know dal, queens and uofc take the top two years OR top two years + graduate courses. I was wondering if I should give US MD or DO schools a shot? I am also open to the carribean...I know they have a bad rep but I am only thinking of SGU or AUC (top two). Australia/Ireland are out, there is no way I can afford that or my family can. I am almost 35 and can't go back to undergrad. Do I have a chance at being an emergency dr or should I flush that dream down the toilet and go for a PhD-->Post doc route? thanks folks.
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