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    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    LOLOL. Spoke with my brother today who's currently doing dental anaesthesia in the US (DDS in Canada). Sent him the scale this year and was pretty much complaining to him, hoping he'd give his lil bro some "cheer-up talk"... but the dude was like "This just means all of you did bad this year. Like yeah, cool you scored 98th percentile out of everyone who did relatively poor, but that doesn't necessarily mean you deserve a particular raw score in retrospect of previous scores to the 98th percentile. Are the scores the same, if the average for a test was 80 and highest score was a 95, then next year the similar exam gives the average of 60 and highest score was 75? Assuming they have some kind of a cutoff, everyone this year just under-performed compared to previous years. Just study harder man, you know you're better than that" He managed to call me dumb without actually saying it lol.. Tbh his reply made me laugh and I think I'm just gonna use this to motivate myself for this upcoming Feb DAT. It kinda sounds harsh at first but I know he doesn't mean anything bad. The dude's always been kinda hard on me to make me strive further, There really isn't anything to be done, since I'm sure they'll get complaints from people who wrote their DAT this Feb, or even last year November, if they decided to adjust anything. Bad luck this year, hoping to be better this February.
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    People get butthurt about this type of stuff, but honest to god it is the right thing. I have done some work in rural Indigenous communities and one thing that I found to be striking (but concurrently made perfect sense) was that often times Indigenous people want nothing to do with the white man (and by white man, I pretty much mean anyone non-Indigenous). Indigenous people need physicians who truly understand them, and frankly, white people are just too epistemically disadvantaged in that regard.
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    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Yeah^^ but... https://www.facebook.com/Dr.wim.oudshoorn/media_set?set=a.990749924450955&type=3 EDIT: I'm not sure if the individual's post is public on Facebook. Anyways:, summary of the research: "CD and PA tests are neither selective nor sensitive enough to identify candidates who have the potential to succeed or fail" But for the record, I do think that if you actually wanted to do well... you should be able to get better than a 5 on the MDT if you put in the same effort you did in your undergrad classes.
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    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    That’s pretty harsh. All they’re saying that the past few years, the cut-off corresponded to all LOWEST mdt scores of those years. That basically guaranteed that anyone who even ‘touched’ the soap as you said, was able to apply. Since the lowest score went down by one this year, they’re only asking if it’s possible to consider matching it as was done in previous years. That’s it. You’re not invalidating anything lol since McGill’s cut-off to begin with was the lowest score on the test. They could’ve practiced for months, you never know. Maybe they went in shock from nervousness and absolutely messed up. And honestly, maybe their stats are beyond the roof, and just the mdt is stopping them. I don’t think it’s great to tell anyone that a career path they’re pursuing isn’t right for them.
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    How much will I really make?

    Based on what people close to me have said about their graduating classes, new grads have been averaging around 120k in the GTA (but I personally know someone doing more than double this, albeit on more days of the week) but many who work outside of the GTA earn 150-175k+ on average. I would say the sample size is quite decently large that it does reflect an adequate picture. Those who have a busier schedule after a year or two in can earn closer to 175-225k assuming they are not seeing too many HSO/ODSP/OW patients. In the GTA, some offices waive co-pays and/or have associates see quite a few ODSP/OW patients so this will bring the average down. If you can find a position where you are busy and you are reimbursed at or near the fee guide 95%+ of the time, you can definitely hit 200k as an associate. Owning is a different story. Owning allows you to have a hygiene program which increases your revenue and your take home. Additionally, if you run an efficient office, your overhead will decide how much you can take home (but generally many people just take out enough from their corp and reinvest into the office and/or divert their earnings into other streams). You also can decide to keep more procedures in house and/or bring a specialist in which allows you to make a cut as well so the income generally for owners is going to be a significant bump compared to associates. I personally know some of the posters on this forum who are practicing and they have decided to earn the amount they earn as a result of choice. They are happy with their situations as longer term associates. People who I know who are owners are also happy with their situation (financially as well) but know that they have more stress than their associate colleagues. In dentistry, it's up to you as to how much you want to make and it's based on location, clinical speed, procedures you want to do, hygiene program, procedures kept in house, number of active patients, etc. There are no real averages and the sky is the limit. Hope this helps!
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    Something to consider - is your disability ongoing and will it affect your ability to succeed in dental school? Dental school was by far the most challenging part of my life. Undergrad is a cake-walk in comparison. Admissions committees want to know that applicants will be able to make it through without failing out. I’d say that the workload and study-load of dental school is 2 to 3 times higher than that of a science undergrad.
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    Pharmacist to Physician

    You should check with the World education service and convert ur Egyptian degree to Canadian grades. What the WES says is ur GPA is how ur GPA will be interpreted. Don't bother completing your pharmD if it takes years to do, it won't help your application. https://applications.wes.org/igpa-calculator/
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    Yeah you usually can depending on how large the hospital is. For smaller ones you may find it harder to work less as there needs to be coverage and your pool of docs is smaller. At larger community hospitals there is always a hungry young doc ready to mop up what you don’t want
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    Dalhousie does the same thing and has for a while. All Indigenous Maritime, and African-Nova Scotian applicants are offered a seat provided they meet the minimum cutoffs in each area. I also agree that it’s absolutely the right thing to do and is needed. And it shouldn’t be thought of as “token seats” in any way imo.
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    You still have flexibility to do more or less. Perhaps not to the extremes, but the flexibility is there. Most people aren't working <40 hours because...well you're not making money. In hospitals, you can see consults faster and get more work done. Or, you can do them slowly or cut off after a certain time, to leave the remaining work to the next guy coming on-shift. Outside of the hospital, internists can choose to do additional outpatient clinics, or not. Likewise for other specialties. You might be a general surgeon covering calls in your call group. But you can choose to have a hemorrhoid banding/ lumps and bumps clinic, etc.
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    Looking from trends from previous years it seems UofT releases their IVs in batches
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    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    yes please!! I'm not sure how/where to start one but I would definitely sign it!
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    How much will I really make?

    Personally, I'd say expect to make what you put in. Let's face it, the GTA is saturated for almost every profession. But, if you have the desire to make big money, you'll be able too given the right work schedule and procedures. Ownership is the way to go if you want a bigger cut and salaries closer to 7 figures but be aware of the challenges (such as insurance reimbursement, higher cost of living and wages for staff, etc.). I've been part owner at two practices in the GTA for the last few years and its been stressful. The minimum wage increase really hurt our bottom line this year and we've had an increase in practices opening up around us. Now, there are 3 practices in our plaza, with another plaza being built across from us with another 3 planning to open there. I can also see the impacts of ITDs flooding the market, and its really increasing competition for associateships. But, at the end of the day I'm happy making substantially more than the average Canadian. I'm still paying off student loans, my practice loans and I have a mortgage. But it doesn't give me sleepless nights, although I can see how others would be worried. Ownership isn't for everyone and the risk/reward isn't really what I expected while in dental school so be realistic about your goals. A few classmates of mine thought they could make 300k+ within 5 years by opening up practices outside the GTA. Wasn't as easy as they thought and are stuck with practices that aren't getting patients and they have a large loan accruing interest. As an associate you don't deal with that type of stress so like cleanup mentioned, you'll be able to pay bills, live a really good life and have some luxuries so don't be worried OP. Also, seeing that cleanup has mentioned family med being great in the GTA, I have a friend who went to the states for the physician assistant program. He ended up staying there, opened up a few private practices and makes close to what I make here (accounting for the exchange rate). He only had two years of schooling and almost no student loans compared to me. If you want to make money, you'll make it in other fields in healthcare too, dentistry isn't everything folks!
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    How much will I really make?

    OP, I understand the practical concern behind your question, but I think ultimately your question comes out of a need for reassurance. Will you still be able to live and provide for your family on the 'lower' end of the payscale as an associate? Sure you will. You won't starve. Not at all. The question of how much you can 'expect' to make in year 1, 2, 3, 10 years from now is not a question anybody can reasonably answer. It truly does all depend on how hard you want to work, what kind of dentist you want to be, where you want to live. No one is messing with you when they say that incomes are extremely, extremely variable. Dentistry is an odd duck in that sense. I think everyone goes through these money/financial woes for the first few years of practice and then they strike some balance between how hard they want to work and what income they receive, once they begin to understand the grander realities of the field, what they are willing to sacrifice for income and what they are not willing to sacrifice for income. At some point everyone hits some sort of sweet spot where they think "If I earned more, that'd be great. But if not, that's okay too. I sure wouldn't want to do XYZ in order to earn more." I guess I'm coming from the perspective of tough love here. I get what you're saying, everyone wants black & white. Everyone wants someone to say "Hey, guess what? You're going to achieve everything you want right now and the world will be your oyster," but even if people did tell you that, I don't truly think it would assuage your anxiety. The assurance of "It's going to be okay" really does have to come from within. A faith/trust in the path and decision you've made. Everybody's ability to stick to their guns varies. I can say that as a dentist, you will be able to provide for your family. What I cannot answer is if you think the amount of work and stress you deal with will be 'worth' the financial reward you receive. Because that is the true question you're asking, but unfortunately it's a question no one can answer. If you want nitty gritties, I think anyone earning 200k+ as an associate their first year out is either a) working like a dog (6 days a week) or b) doing some reaaaallyyyy shitty and/or unethical dentistry. But certainly, if you work long hours/many days, are at a busy office, and/or do high end procedures, you can earn a 250k+ income as an associate. There are way more people in the typical 120-175k range on a normal (4-5 days a week) work schedule. That is a good income. You can provide for your family on that income. You won't be buying a 5-bedroom house and a new BMW every few years, unless you want to put in the work to a) own a practice or b) work a lot harder. You have to decide for yourself if that's what you want to do for the income you want to earn. There are dentists who earn high 6 to low 7 figures, through any number of means, but there is no set 'path' to that end point, and not many people do it, or even want to do it. If people want a more consistent, reliable, typical work schedule with a higher income right out of school, family medicine really is the way to go especially in the GTA.
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    Your debt paid off

    It depends on the province. Alberta and one (i think) other province gives you interest free status during residency. I paid off my Canada loans with my LOC and left my Alberta ones alone because they won’t be in repayment until I’m done.
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    Bac biomed après biochimie

    Il me semble que y’a un stage de 15 crédits obligatoires en biomed à la fin.. c’est comme un stage de recherche je crois. Tu es obligé de le faire pour gradué comme ça vaut 15 crédits. Quelquun peut confirmer?
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    1st year Queen's PT student here to help

    You should be answering these application questions the way you feel is best and that best reflects you. There is not much room to talk about yourself but think about what these programs are looking for in a person to become ideal healthcare workers. My GPA was a 3.81 and I got into Western and Queen's 2 years ago.
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    While there may be no method to the madness, in the past few years, a trend has emerged where Graduate Steam applicants tend to be given the later interview dates if applying to the MD stream. If you applied to the MD/PhD, those interview dates are the earlier 2 dates.
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    Maybe because they're in med for the last little while and have talked and seen the lifestyle of residents and attendings? You would be surprised how many of my classmates didn't know the lifestyle or job prospects of some fields of medicine, Surgery being a great example, and how they're turned off from it now. Stress of the job hunt and prospects is real for any person or major. But back to your point, many pre-meds definitely have a romanticized view of medicine, and honestly believe it's the one thing that'll keep them happy. Meanwhile, burn-out rate of physicians/residents is super high and still increasing, administrative responsibilities are increasing, sacrifice to personal life can be large depending on your field. @PhD2MD has actually been a great resource on the forums, and talks good shit. I wouldn't be so quick to say they are dissuading as they are simply bringing to light some things. If anything it's just informing people, it's not like their job prospects are dependent on that person getting in or not. Having a back-up plan is key, and for most working people, it's not the job that keeps them happy but their outside of work life. Having been part of the work force as a non-trad, that's the big thing. Good luck to OP and everyone else.
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    Queens MD Invites/Regrets 2018

    Result: Invite! Time Stamp: Jan 31. 2:57 PM Interview Date: TBD wGPA/cGPA: 3.97 Year: 4th year Undergrad MCAT: 518 (131/126/130/131) ECs: See previous posts Geography: IP Can't believe I finally got an interview here. It feels so fuckin good to finally feel rewarded after writing the MCAT 5 times over 4 of the past 5 summers. I'm also shocked that I'm sitting here with 3 interviews after spending my past 5 years telling myself Ottawa will be the only shot that I'll get.
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