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    Why do people want this so bad ?

    I think theres a lot of doubts in every profession. I sometimes browse other professional forums and see career switchers all the time. One of the reasons you see a lot of dissatisfied people in medicine is because its a career that requires so much sacrifice in the beginning and the rewards don't really come until later, so if there are any people who are dissatisfied, they find it very challenging to switch, which means the only way to vent is to be somewhat dissatisfied. Additionally, with medicine, your skill set is not easily transferable to other professions. In other fields, the rewards come as you go, and people who are dissatisfied are unlikely to advance in these careers, so people make career move switches with ease. Medicine requires a leap of faith, you essentially need to commit to it before you have even experienced it. Most people don't really experience the grind until mid residency. I think everyone goes through something of a initial grind phase in premed, which you are usually passionate enough to get through, a honeymoon period when you enter medical school, a gradual settling back to reality in clerkship a smaller bump in first year of residency then a gradual decline until one becomes staff. Then it varies, the grind continues in academics, whereas in community most people settle into some sort of grove, but generally people are happier as staff. Personally, i try to keep my expectations lower, ultimately, its a job like any other and its important to keep reminding yourself that. As far as most careers are concerned, medicine is really a top job.
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    MCCQE 1 Study Tips

    Hello everyone, I am an IMG preparing for the MCCQE 1 exam. I am wondering what resources do canadian medical students use during their clerkship to help them prepare for the LMCC 1 exam? Thanks.
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    HOMEWORK Having older medical employees work overtime ruins keenness.
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    Hopefully, this will ease some anxiety: 1) It really does not matter at all when your status changes - it's highly dependent on when your file reviewers finish evaluating your application... Don't overthink this. 2) Referees are checked after interview invites are sent out. In fact, I know of several people who had some of their references contacted AFTER they got an acceptance letter. It's a random process for the most part, as far as I understand. 3) Last year, the last interview date was March 3rd (I think), so there's a relatively similar amount of time to "prepare". Realistically, you can't change who you are as a person within 3 weeks - just be yourself and don't overthink it! Good luck everyone!
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    While it’s nice to be positive not everyone gets in. There is life beyond medicine and honestly for most it’s probably better
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    Anyone's Application Status Changed Yet??

    Interviews are later this year. March 2, 3 and 16.
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    What would those of you dissatisfied with medicine have done instead? I have extended family in engineering, law... the dentists on this board also speak of their challenges.
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    Why do people want this so bad ?

    There are always pros and cons to any career. Everyone has different preferences, priorities, and aspirations. Value and worth, these concepts can only be answered by the person themselves. What may be worth millions to one person might be worth nothing to another. Medicine isn't the only profession where people can strive for years and years without fruition. Many entrepreneurs in business work decades until they have a successful product to market. Lawyers can take years to become a partner in a well-known firm. Accountants take numerous exams and years of auditing to become chartered professionals. Other careers are just as difficult and can take just as much sacrifice. Personally, I think having the ability to practice medicine is a privilege and honor. Not many careers have the opportunity to care, heal, and relieve suffering. To me, it is a dream worth sacrificing for. And being in medical school now, everyday I feel so grateful to be here. Compared to my previous career, I feel so much happier, excited, and motivated. Having spoken to quite a few docs myself, I find that there is dichotomy of views --some love their jobs, some hate it. For the ones that hate it, perhaps this has to do with pursuing medicine for the wrong reasons, or that they haven't had the opportunity to pursue any other career prior to entering medicine, or maybe its burn out. I'm not sure. But for the ones that love it, it's more than just a job or a career. It's a calling. I had a tutor that told me once, "I have been practicing medicine for almost 50 years. I can't think of anything else more fulfilling and rewarding. If I could go back in time and do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat."
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    I have no money, even with loans and selling my family's house I cannot afford it. Plus I heard that residency chances except for US MDs are very low as well
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    Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Does this school waitlist?
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    Poster presentation

    Yeah I know no one teaches you these things lol, I only found out when I looked up how to cite my posters and subsequently noted the distinction at conferences. Really it makes little difference, the involvement on a poster is taken much less seriously than the order on a published paper
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    UBC chilliwack also has an excellent track record of matching residents to ER. If you perform well and impress during residency, you can work in CGH ER post-residency without +1
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    Vancouver vs Toronto vs Edmonton???

    I grew up in Toronto, lived in Montreal, now live in Edmonton. And visit Vancouver regularly and have stayed up to a month there at a time. The quick summary is Toronto's best strength is its diversity of people and what experiences they bring to the city. Its really a unique city because of this that you will not find in most cities in the world. The night life is good, and because everybody is always working you can do anything at almost any time. Being eastern seaboard you are also close to a lot of other Canadian and US cities. The downside is Torontonians do not realize there is more to Canada than Toronto, unless they actually leave for a good solid 3 years. This means they never realize the terrible flaws of city and the lifestyle: cost of living is way higher and not proportional to what you are getting, you live to work....for all the talk about the great things of Toronto you will not have much time outside of work to enjoy it, you get to enjoy some of the longest and shittiest commutes in the world, and generally you make less money for the same job. Its like NYC, except not even close to as awesome, and with a lower standard of living. Also, Toronto's "nature" scene is laughable. It frequently gets hot AF in the summer, and recently with climate change the winters are pretty mild. Also Toronto people are....as can be expected for a big city with "center of the universe" attitudes. Vancouver is awesome for outdoor lifestyle. Its awesome for seafood and Asian cuisine and activities (superior to Toronto easily), its very close to good US cities like Seattle. Its got great summer activities and winter activities ridiculously close to the city. The night life is not too great, and dies by like 11pm. The weather is generally good but there is definitely lots of rain happening for most of the year. It tends to wear on some people. The big problem is cost of living, rarity of good jobs, and the surprising lack of quality in public services, ex: healthcare. When I first went there I really wanted to live there, but then the realities of living there started to become apparent. Edmonton is my chosen home and where I have happily lived for the last 5 years. Its not quite deadmonton anymore IMO....it has grown by a lot in the last 10 years and is now about as happening as Ottawa. Minus Parliament hill and some of the cool museums of Ottawa. Thanks to climate change its winters are not as atrociously cold as when I first visited it 8 years ago. Its actually one of the sunniest cities in Canada and has almost 0% humidity constantly, and no more snow precipitation than Toronto. We don't get "big snow dumps" and almost never get the slushy snow. Only the white fluff. The summers....they're amazing. Coming from Toronto I wasn't used to how clear the skies are so especially the first few summers I was staring out of my sunroof at every stop light. There is lots of nature and outdoors stuff happening right in the city (the river valley) and a few hours away at the Rockies and in Banff/Jasper/Lake Louise/etc. The people are quite down-to-earth people too: they're not trying to be another NYC wannabe. The biggest reason I like Edmonton though is the standard of living is quite a bit higher. You get paid more and your cost of living is far lower. The quality of public services is very good: I much prefer working with the resources in this healthcare system than Ontario, BC, or especially Quebec. The cons: its -20C today and when these days happen they definitely suck, the drivers on the road suck (though not life-threateningly negligent like Toronto), there is way too much country music in the nightlife here so I avoid it like the plague, though there is now some ethnic diversity its definitely not as much as Toronto, and other than Calgary, Edmonton is quite far from any other major city. At the end of the day home is wherever you make it. Each place has its pros and cons and no place is clearly superior to any other. Most of the people on this board are connected to Toronto and will think its the only choice, but after leaving Toronto behind for the last 9 years I'm pretty happy with my choice. Every time I go back (my parents still live there) and catch up with my friends I'm reminded how much better my lifestyle is in Edmonton, and how much more progress I've made in life in AB that I couldn't have made in other provinces. So for me I'll be the sole Edmonton supporter here. EDIT: in terms of the "world-class" health care institutions in Toronto....70% of that is self-hype. Its in Toronto, Toronto is best in Canada, so everything is best in Toronto right? No...not really. There is a lot of things done reasonably well, but its not a leader in everything by a long shot. There is also the issue of opportunity, because many of the people in these institutions are not very collaborative and are quite cut-throat even. There's a constant struggle to survive. You have to balance resources with opportunities in choosing where you want to locate yourself for your career. I personally have done much better in my career than I could have ever dreamed of by leaving Toronto behind.
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    U of T medical student convicted of rape

    Personally, I never believe in intoxication defense in cases of rape. While substances may diminish your senses and perception of the world around you, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to sexually assault another even under substance influence. In this case, the perpetrator should never be allowed to practice medicine again.
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    NOSM Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Timestamp: 10:25 Interview: Yes GPA: 3.57 Context: OOP, aboriginal EC: very varied. Music, advocacy, student groups, Heart and Stroke Foundation, bilingual interpreter at hospitals, former high school teacher Non-trad?: Yes and mature applicant # of previous applications: 0 Interview location: Thunder Bay Honestly had said to my friend the other day that I essentially donated money to OMSAS. So I'm very thrilled that I got an interview at the only school I applied to in Ontario. Good luck everyone
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    DMD 2018

    Les gens qui répondent, pouvez-vous partager vos réponses pour en discuter? :)
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    Cote R

    DMD 2018

    Je vais réitérer mon invitation d'écrire les réponses sur le FORUM et pas en mp, si possible, afin de pouvoir ouvrir une discussion générale. Peut-tu copier ton message et le publier ici ? Concernant tes réponses : 1. En effet, il faut suivre les règlements. C,est un peu comme si un patient viendrai avec la carte d'assurance maladie de qqun d'autre et il aimerait que tu lui prescrit des meds ( antibios, narcos ?). Par contre, se présenter à la banque alimentaire c'est un signe de détresse en soi. Alors, ta réponse semble juste. Il faut éviter de trop demander aux supérieurs, car pour le CASPER il veulent voir ton autonomie décisionnelle et si tu peux faire un choix par toi même , sans faire appel , tout de suite à qqun d'autre. Comme MD , tu va essayer de travailler en COLLABORATION avec les autres pour résoudre les défis que tu dois surmonter. Alors, comme leader , c'est toi qui doit orchestrer le tout. 2. excellent pour la deuxième réponse. Court, précis et bien articulé. 3. C'est parfait de faire un lien avec ton propre vécu. Sincérement , c'est cela qu'ils veulent voir dans le CASPER. Bravo ! Maintenant, pourquoi pas mettre tes réponses sur le FORUM et ainsi tu aurais encore plus de rétroaction et des suggestions constructives ?
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    bearded frog

    MCCQE 1 Study Tips

    I found "Essentials for the Canadian Medical Licensing Exam" to be pretty good, and more relevant/specific than Toronto Notes.
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    MCCQE 1 Study Tips

    toronto notes, uworld for step 2ck, kaplan or first aid for step 2ck, step up to medicine, peds, gyne, psych handbooks.
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    Not sure where you saw "just". Yes I think Toronto notes is enough to pass. Reading AFMC Primer on top was a little overkill.
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    MCCQE Part 1 New Format - How to Study

    lolll "just" the AFMC Primer.. it's 500 pages... Is the Toronto Notes by itself enough?
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    I have no hard evidence of that statement! It's just been something a few of my classmates have tossed around the grapevine. I agree it would change studying significantly so if anyone finds out for sure it may be helpful to know
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    I used Toronto Notes and AFMC Primers for PHELO and it was more than sufficient.
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    That is not true! I have been in contact with the UofOttawa Admissions team and although they do not explicitly state in the OMSAS manual, they require three letters as part of the application (2 from sciences and from from non-science). The reference letters are considered with the ABS and are certainly relevant in making interview decisions.