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    To all my friends who are eagerly and impatiently waiting like myself, whether it is Friday Monday or Tuesday let’s take our mind off of it a little bit; I came across this and it really helped me, I hope It can come your nerves down a bit as well. This man was a personal hero of mine!
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    I just got mine at 2:50 PST. It might still be going... I have never received an invite from UofT before and historically received my rejects around week, hence the negativity in my previous posts. Was a pleasant surprise to receive the email. Will update with stats when I get to a computer.
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    Omg you freak me out every time you post haha. Good luck!
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    Hey guys, Nothing to be scared of, just thought results are coming out next week and it’s good to get this thread up and running. Accepted/Refused/Waitlisted: cGpa: sGpa: thoughts on MMI: IP/OOP: Year/degree if obtained: Good luck everyone one
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    TIME STAMP: 2:50PM PST March 19th, 2019 Interview Date: Apr 7, 2019 Result: Interview (MD) cGPA: 3.75 wGPA: 3.8-ish (I don't really know how to calculate, UBC does percentages and counts credits differently) MCAT: 522 (131/128/132/131, after many retests...) ECs: PM me, or dig through my old posts. Variety of things, some long term but mostly entry-level service-industry jobs, some random gigs, and basic level clinical research work. 2 abstracts, 1 undergrad thesis, no pubs otherwise. Some sports, but not competitive. Essays: tbh I wrote them the night before they were due. I absolutely hated writing the essays each year, it was like pulling teeth... I also have received rejects every year right around this time so I kinda went into essay writing thinking it was futile (I pretty much only did the rest of OMSAS because I was already applying for Queens) To anyone reading this - I do not recommend doing that. I did, however, relate each prompt to my personal story, life, experiences and lessons learned and perhaps this year's prompts allowed me to relate, and thus write, better. OOP, BSc 2017
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    Do you resonate with mine
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    Timestamp: 1:45 March 14 Accepted OOP GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 515 ECs: diverse Interview: felt great Deposit paid but may withdraw in two months... we will see. Curious who else is in my position
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    I'm a midlevel OMFS resident at a MD-integrated 6 year program in the states and went to a US dental school. I was accepted to both UofT and Western in my application year but decided to head down south, and I don't regret it at all. I can tell you that many people I know that went to Western and UofT have struggled to match to OMFS. Most are stuck doing multiple non-cat years or just gave up. Your overall chances of matching to a US OMFS program out of a US dental school are better than from a Canadian dental school (though its still super difficult right now to match w/o US citizenship or permanent residency. You need to crush the CBSE). For the most part, OMFS programs in the states will expose you to a much broader scope of OMFS, in additional to exposing you to fellowship opportunities. This is not taking into consideration dental school tuition fees, which can be a deterrent to come to the states.
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    Dr. Optimist

    Entrevues médecine 2019

    @Kiki-Mora Oui les CRU sont vraiment differents UdeS et Ulaval. Pour UdeS ma CRU est 3,645 et Ulaval 31,562. J'ai envoyé un courriel à Laval et il m'a dit que les CRU sont calculés très différemment pour UdeS et Ulaval. Ils ajoutent 0,5 si vous avez terminé un baccalauréat et 0,5 si vous avez terminé une maîtrise. Je ne sais pas avec UdeS comments ils faire.
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    DMD 2019

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    One more day guys/viewers/lurkers
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    I had a bunch of activities from high school and got 2 interviews. My advice is if you don’t put activities on your ABS, for all the adcoms know, you were sitting at home playing video games so you should essentially include everything unless it’s controversial in some way or a very small activity that could appear like padding such as volunteering somewhere for a day. If you are short on space, feel free not to include high school activities, but if you have room I would suggest including them.
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    If you have nothing more recent/better to fill the spots, I see no harm. Especially if you’re applying as a third year, you could be like 20? You just haven’t had as much time to acquire post high school activities compared to other applicants. I had several high school activities on both my third and fourth year applications and got interviewed 3rd year and accepted 4th year.
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    I think 26th too, but I hope Friday !!
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    Thank you very much ! Fingers crossed !!!!
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    Oh, i'm sorry to hear that, I hope it goes well this time around ! What about last year ? When was the answer given ? Also, do they send an email right away or we're gonna have to check it on Minerva ?
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    Another possibility: MDCM comes out Friday :O since dent is coming out probably wednesday (as per another post on DMD). I need to stop thinking about these possibilities.
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    45 new, and graded credits
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    so close now!!!
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    Mellow Pharaoh

    Weird EC's?

    Firstly, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to write that and providing your perspective. As for the descriptions provided here, they are nowhere near complete. I'm still debating on whether or not I should include these EC's and how to do so (mostly leaning on including them at this point). As a result, I'm still in the development phase and the descriptions here are pretty much just a from the top of my head culmination of things that pertain to this extracurricular activity. In fact, I'll change my initial post just to make sure nobody else gets a false conception that those descriptions are my final drafts. Sorry if you got the wrong perception that these were the finals drafts or anything close to it (pretty sure a lol in an EC description would be good grounds for rejection xD) With that being said, I like what you mentioned when it comes to looking at the sentence structure, the utilization of specific words, and what you should go further into detail. My only issue with that is the amount of space given. But you may counter this by saying that condensation and reflection upon the activities will help with this aspect (just thinking out loud here). Even then, I will be applying to some American schools and for the description of EC's for some apps, you only have a 100 character limit. But then again, probably will have to do my best with regards to condensation. Overall, thank you for the constructive criticism. I'll be taking in all of the information provided here and input it into how I construct my perspective with regards to how these EC's can be representative of my capabilities and character, along with how that can be reflective upon what I can contribute when it comes to medicine. I'll try to create finalized versions of how I would input these EC's as soon as I can so that I may be able to get some even more feedback so that I don't end up with the situation you mentioned in your second sentence. For now, thanks once again.
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    UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Timestamp: March 18th, 2019 1:29pm Interview: April 7 Result: Interview (MD) MCAT: 519 GPA: 3.95ish? not sure but in that range ECs: Pretty standard, there's one thing I do that really stands out and I've been doing forever, but other than that just tried to give an honest look at what enjoy - including things like fitness, intramurals and hiking and other little things. Essays: Spent maybe 3 days on them, proof-read by one friend, was not overly confident about them. Year: UG - 4th year Geography: OOP Had honestly accepted the L for U of T already since I didn't get invited to Queen's or Ottawa so definitely a pleasant surprise!
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    DMD et pharmD 2019

    Rien de nouveaux guys? Ps : gars qui stresse à fond lol
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    Good luck this week everyone
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    Once a sociopath always a sociopath. Just do better than them in school and in your career.
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    I feel like I should post mine for future applicants as well :-) Time Stamp: March 14, 1:36 pm AST Accepted, IP NS GPA: 3.7 (or 3.8...I can't remember) MCAT: 513 Essay: started it really early, went through a lot of iterations. Tried to really focus on answering the question as directly as possible. I tried to keep a common thread throughout to make it readable, but I still don't think it was my best piece of writing. In the end felt it was best to answer the question posed as thoroughly as possible rather than create a beautiful piece of writing, but I really don't know what the best approach is! Similarly to gellycell, tried to be honest about my weaknesses as well as strengths. ECs: about 7 years of research with a couple publications, conferences, some scholarships and awards. Volunteering with several local community organizations (some long term, some just in the past couple years). Some sports/athletic stuff and a couple hobbies. Interview: I felt really good after it, better than my previous interviews. A couple stations felt like I could have done stronger, but none felt terrible. Focussed on answering questions succinctly and as clearly as possibly because I can be a rambler when I'm nervous! Year: done master's, working. Anything else...I think that's it. I'm not sure if my background would be considered traditional or not. I was overjoyed to get my acceptance, it made the perseverance and hard parts of applying totally worth it. To those on the waitlist or reapplying, keep up the good work! One of the best things for me was all the great stuff I got to experience when I got waitlisted. Embrace the experiences that come your way and seek out more that bring you joy. You have so many good things ahead of you. 
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    Thank you! For my essay, I heavily focused on my weaknesses, my mistakes, and particularly my mental health challenges (which can be a bit of a taboo subject for some). I've encountered a lot of premeds (and MD candidates) who thought you had to be some sort of flawless, super strong, multitasking hero to be a doctor. That asking for help meant you couldn't "handle it." I just wanted to prove them wrong lol. And that weaknesses aren't shameful, instead, they help shape who you are and help you to be more well rounded, empathetic and understanding of the people around you because everyone has them.
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    Hi - although your distressing past experiences have left an impact on you, you have evidently had the strength to move on and make a fresh start, developing satisfying interpersonal relationships and succeeding in gaining admission to medical school. You should be commended on rising above your previous experiences and living well as a way of overcoming the actions of those who tried to put you down. If you let them hold you back now, it would negate the gains you have made, effectively letting them 'win.' You may be surprised - people may develop more moral conscience as they mature, and could regret their previous actions. However, even if they don't, you don't need your classmates to successfully get through medical school. Interacting with people going through the same experiences as you is not necessarily a blessing, as it can also mean competition. Most schools will have student advisors and students from upper years to provide guidance. For emotional support, you have your family and friends outside medical school. Don't worry about socializing in medical school - your goal is to become a doctor, so just pass your exams in pre-clerkship and conduct yourself professionally throughout your clerkship rotations. Maintain a polite distance from your former classmates and if anyone instigates trouble, they can be held accountable for lapses in professionalism. However, hopefully nothing of the sort will happen, as again the teen/early adult years are a period of maturation, and if nothing else, people at this stage should be more reluctant to be involved in anything that could harm their careers. There will be other students in your medical school class, and hopefully you can find a like-minded individual or individuals, but if not, it is not a big deal. The four years are busy and will be over before you know it, and then you can make a fresh start in residency.
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    Preparing meals in med school

    I fluctuate between starving and too busy to notice I'm starving. On occasion I eat something super quick (eggs and toast). It's a sad life. I miss my mom.
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    Studying to be a good clerk

    I don't remember the last time I took a BP...
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    Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Hey which paid prep service did you use?
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    Accepted/Rejected/Waitlist Thread

    TIME STAMP: 9:00AM Result: Admitted with Condition (MDCM) cGPA: 3.80, pre-reqGPA: 3.4 MCAT: Not submitted ECs: Lots. Year: B.Sc. + B. Sc. + M. Sc. Interview preparation : Did 0 preparation. Not a single book. Nothing. Post-interview feeling right after : I had no regrets and I was proud. That was enough for me. Post-interview feeling weeks after : You start to question everything. That's normal. Let it go. Attempt : Fourth attempt IP/OOP/International: IP I never thought I would ever post on here. I was already enrolled for next semester to re-take my pre-requesites and I had paid the tuition for it. I had accepted that I would be refused. It is very hard to summarize a 10 years long journey in a few sentences. I could write a book about my journey, my feelings and my doubts. If I had to give advice to a future applicant, here is what I would say : Before getting accepted, try to accept the idea that it might never happen. Define yourself beyond your medical path. Don't do things because they would look good on a C.V. Live your life. Take every extra year as an opportunity to grow your life. Don't see it as an extra year of suffering and waiting. When you get accepted, everything makes sense. Every doubt you had suddenly turns into sparks of hope. It is very hard to describe. After you get accepted, life feels lighter but you realize that it's another journey that starts. I wish I could explain myself but I had the worst odds against me and I made it. Not because I am unique. Because I was lucky. I truly believe I am. Therefore, if it is your dream, follow your heart and never give up. Never give up. Never ever give up.
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    CaRMS 2019- secound iteration

    Nothing from Memorial, Dal, or Western so far (IMG here).
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    The med students at the interview mentioned that responses typically come out at the end of the target week so it will probably be more the 28th or 29th
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    UofT 2019 Application Discussion Thread

    I got the rejection today around 2pm. That's it for this year.
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    UofT 2019 Application Discussion Thread

    Almost everyone I have asked in person is still waiting. Looks like most will be rejected unfortunately
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