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    Just like with anything in life, people must understand the risks that they are taking. If they didn’t do enough research beforehand or didn’t understand what they are getting themselves into then they have no one to blame but themselves. There are plenty of resources out there regarding Caribbean schools. Lots of posts, blogs, and forums talk about the risks and financial burden of choosing this path. That’s why I never considered applying to these schools. Furthermore, even if I wanted to apply to these schools, it would have been financially impossible for me. The Caribbean school route can only work for middle to high income families. For students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, we can’t even secure the loans needed for the living expenses and tuition. Our credit is just not high enough for that.
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    Looking for summer student

    Hi OP, I'm so glad you posted here, it just so happens that I am looking for a company in the medical field to give me a donation/scholarship to help fund my education. I need a donation or scholarship from a company with a strong reputation that will look good on my CV. This will help your company develop skills in good corporate citizenship. Specifically, I need funds to help cover tuition and general educational expenses, as well as funds for travel to conferences and new clothes. I also need money for more nutritious food and I could use some new shoes and a new laptop. Please send me a PM with the subject "DONATION TO TULLIUS EDUCATION FUND" and then I will give you my email so you can send an email money transfer. Suggested donation: $7000 (I estimate this is what you save by not paying summer students).
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    Seriously i've been waiting for my rejection email so i can finally get this off my chest and stop refreshing my emails. i don't know whats taking them so long to send them out. Their giving us false hope.
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    L attente est interminable guyss!
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    I am gonna triple emphasize how hard it would be to get jobs in the same location if you were in surgical specialties. Hell, it's hard for both to get jobs, period. Ideally, at least one would do a specialty that is flexible, worked primarily outpatient work (so you aren't beholden to a hospital) and somewhat in demand (family, psych etc.).
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    DMD 2019 Waitlist Movement

    I’m up next on the oop list, will let u guys know when/if I get “the” call
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    Congratulations! You must be ecstatic! I'm hoping for some NS waitlist movement.
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    I was accepted off the NB waitlist today with a score of 69.67! my breakdown was: GPA/MCAT - 22/55 (3.9 and 514) Supplemental - 19.67/35 Interview - 28/40 If you'd like to know details about the supplemental, I'd rather discuss it privately. Feel free to PM me!
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    If anyone else here is waiting to hear back from OT at Dal I emailed admissions and we should know by the end of April!
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    Stop using the term CSA. It's racist. CSA sounds sexy, like studying art in Florence. It's an attempt to prop up this group above the mostly brown skinned IMG contingent. It's smoke and mirrors. IMG sounds bureaucratic and coldly accurate, and most importantly doesn't differentiate by race. They're the same thing. IMG is the proper term.
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    DMD 2019

    Je connais personnellement un gars qui a été convoqué aux entrevues avec 30,xxx de cote universitaire l'an dernier et il a été accepté au programme. Il a très bien réussi les entrevues. Selon moi, les entrevues c'est l'étape la plus importante.
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    How much money is TOO much money?

    I think that there are a number of things to consider.... 1) Are you absolutely sure about OT? (it sounds like you are) 2) Whats your timeline? How many times are you open to reapplying to Canada (strengthening your app in the process to hopefully increase those chances)? Or is it a better choice for you to save up before going away? 3) Where you want to work eventually.. and the years and effort it would take to re-certify if you came back to Canada/ When you can be working as a certified OT. 4) Your current financial situation and where the debt of going international would put you? Where you would get loans? But also how/when you may be paying back the student debt with the salary of a working OT? 5) How big the pros and cons are of being away from your home in Canada- Social/Psychological. I was in a similar position- strongly considering going internationally before getting an offer in Canada on my second try. Money is a huge factor in decision making but for me, it was also time away from my social circle and trying to set up my life during those (at least) two years, and also my concerns about certifying in Canada when I potentially came back. For me, it was much more important to be close to my family and friends... so I tried multiple years and improved my app. Sending empathy and the best of luck!
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    Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Ottawa n'utilise pas cote r, ni les cours pris en cegep. Seulement la moyenne ponderee (wGPA) des cours universitaires.
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    English Requirement

    Would recommend summer online Athabasca ENG 211 and ENG 255!
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    Médecine 2019/Convocations

    Salut ! Un etalon a ete fait ( sur excel) et selon cet etalon, un 3,6 vaut 30,168 (sans le 0,5) - je me suis basee sur deux donnee calcule par l’uni de ma cohorte ! (Normalement cest lineaire)
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    GPA dilemma

    I got an interview at McMaster, but, I am not in, so take this with a grain of salt. I applied with a 3.69 wGPA and have 2 C-s on my transcript. I also only got a 128 on my CARS section. If you prepare well for the Casper you can more than make up for a weak GPA.
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    7 mai 2018
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    Prévision et admission Medecine 2019

    Oui, jusqu'au 9 avril à 9h
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    Prévision et admission Medecine 2019

    Moi j’ai eu une convocation 1ere vague à Laval, mais toujours rien de Sherbrooke. Je crois que la 2e vague avait jusqu’à demain 9 avril pour payer. Donc on aura peut-être des nouvelles demain ou mercredi.
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    L'an passé, les réponses ont sorti le 19 avril! La faculté publie la date officielle quelques jours avant sur leur site !
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    UOttawa Medical Students AMA

    What areas in research does Ottawa have strengths in, specialty-wise?
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    Yup! Most banks just need your acceptance letter, and you'll later need to provide proof of enrolment. Some branches want that proof upfront, but you can definitely start shopping
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    Your program can absolutely refuse to release you and block your transfer. I can only imagine what life would be like for the resident thereafter
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    Congratulations Waitlistmovement Im on the NB list as well, can relate to all the stress hahaha
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    PT Abroad

    2 weeks
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    Ergothérapie Laval 2019

    Bonjour, J’ai appliqué en candidate collégiale avec une cote R de 32,863. Je te souhaite bonne chance et au plaisir!
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    Starting with a 2-week elective

    If this is your first rotation ever, I would hope that the expectations of your preceptor(s) would be relatively lax. One way to stand out, in my opinion, would be to develop excellent history taking skills, as this would be (likely) your primary role. Being extremely thorough, yet direct with your questioning, is something that you will do continuously throughout your clerkship, and so developing good habits now will serve you in the long run. I'm not sure what your derm rotation is like, but I did a 2-week selective in derm a month or so ago, and it was entirely private practice. You will see a lot of psoriasis, eczema, actinic keratosis, some skin cancers, etc. Knowing how to treat those, and describe them accurately with appropriate terminology, I think, would be the difference between a good clerk and an outstanding clerk. Lastly, ask to do things in the clinic like punch biopsies. It shows you take initiative, and it's also probably the most exciting part of the rotation if you ask me. Best of luck!
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    Really? What PGME do you interact with? Because I can 100% see it.
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    Dental Program Admission Chances

    You can find the admission stats for previous years on UBC's website. There are two steps to the admission process. For the first part they look at your GPA, DAT and CASPer scores. If you're competitive enough you get an interview. After the interview only your interview score if looked at and if you do well, you're in. Extracurriculars aren't considered at any point of the admissions process. They can be useful to incorporate into your answers during the interview if you get one but it's not necessary. As for how much GPA matters, nobody really knows but looking at trends from previous years it seems like it used to be about 50/50 GPA and DAT. If you had a low GPA it was possible you could make up for it with a very high DAT and vice versa. But now CASPer is thrown into the mix and it's hard to say how much it's weighed. Imo, GPA and DAT should still be the focus, don't bank on doing well on CASPer to make up for things. As for your chances, I have no idea. UBC uses percentages so I'm not sure what a 3.2 translates into. Also you need to take into consideration that they'll drop your worst year when determining your average. I don't think it makes a difference when you take your pre-reqs. What you should do is determine your GPA in a percentage with the worst year dropped, make some comparisons to the past entrance stats and then assess from there. Keep in mind that you'll need to put in a lot of work to do well in the science pre-reqs and the DAT if you don't have a strong science background and are just now making the switch.
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    I simply do not understand the whining from CSAs. If you want to practice in Canada, then keep applying in Canada and get in on your own efforts. Do not rely on sub-standards of other countries to have a smaller chance, or skip undergrad to have a shorter route. Perhaps try a different career in health care if you can't get into Medicine. IMG spots should remain (limited, of course), but for people who are truly IMGs. A person who was born somewhere else, did their entire education there, and then immigrated to Canada should have a chance to match, if their skills and training are equivalent. In this instance, they didn't take an easier route... they did what they could, and as a result, they deserve a chance.
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    Pass/Fail Course?

    It's counted towards your credits but not towards your GPA. There might be limits to how many P/F courses you have per semester/year depending on the school. If you just have one, you'll have no problems.
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    Thank you for your hospitality!! Being able to talk to you guys was super calming for me personally. I think the whole process was really well done and I loved how organized it was and that I never had to find my way around anywhere. The only minor thing I would change is that I felt the tour of the dental facilities was a little long, but other than that it was a great experience
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    CRU Sciences biologiques!

    L’ideal serait de connaître les CRU pour 2019. Les IFG de plusieurs programmes semblent avoir beaucoup fluctués (Particulièrement vers le bas).
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    Unique Situation

    I went to a 6 year program straight out of high school and matched to a residency position without any gaps, albeit in the US. I have no regrets, as before embarking on this journey there were 2 things I accepted as possibilities: 1. I would likely match to the US not Canada (but can move back to Canada after training in the US). 2. I would likely be limited to primary specialties like IM, FM, Peds, Psych If you can agree to these 2 terms, then this is a viable path assuming you are a hard worker, self-directed and score well on the USMLE exams. I must say though, I was the exception not the rule bc most people are not hard workers/self-directed. Good Luck
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    Ergothérapie Laval 2019

    Toutes les infos sont là pour les cotes de rendement ! Si le lien ne fonctionne pas, tu as juste à écrire Kiosque Virtuel sur le site de ULaval et de choisir le dépliant Programmes contingentés. https://console.virtualpaper.com/universite-laval/programmescontingentes_2019-2020/
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    DMD 2019

    Le dernier convoqué à l’entrevue en 2018 avait 30,xxx.. Je ne sais pas si on doit assumé qu’il a nécessairement eu 100% à son CASPer? Ça serait le fun d’avoir simplement la note du CASPer du dernier convoqué et la note CASPer du candidat convoqué ayant la plus grosse CRU. Ça permettrais au moins de se faire une idée de l’impact du CASPer sur les convocations..
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    Last year was an anomaly with OOP going to the NB campus, I would be very surprised to see it happen again. Short answer is no, NS residents go to the Halifax campus.
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    I CANT BREATHE. I CANT BREATHE. ACCEPTED. 5th time applying, 2nd time interviewing , IP Guys never fucking give up. I have two undergrads, I'm doing my masters, I redid 4 of my cegep classes (yes i was 25 and hustling it in cegep). 3,8 science GPA. IM OFF RUNNING SOMEWHERE SCREAMING THAT IM HAPPY. PM me for anything.
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    Accepted to Cork 4 years in early March but did not accept because I received an offer from McGill!
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    C'est vrai que 10% c'est très peu, mais je pense que c'est un pas dans la bonne direction. On enlève le poids des résultats scolaires en post-entrevue. C'est tout à fait souhaitable. Je comprend pas trop l'idée d'avoir encore une aussi grosse proportion du résultat post-entrevue basé sur les notes de toute façon quand la sélection pré-entrevue est 100% basé sur le dossier académique.
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    this is great! thank you!
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    Est-ce que ton dossier est encore à l'étude? pcq je pense que je ne reçois plus mes courriels de l'UDEM donc ma seule façon de voir si j'ai eu une réponse serait par mon centre étudiant...
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    I'm not sure there is political capital and will to find funding for more CMGs and I'm not sure if the CFMS will be able to enact large changes on this front. I think students who are in good standing but fall through the cracks repeatedly like Robert Chu are victims of a process that has changed little since he passed. I have heard through the grapevine of other unmatched students passing away that were not as publicized and I am saddened by the fact that the monolith of academic medicine continues to plod along unchanged.
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