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    Just got my acceptance letter for the University of Alberta! Good luck to everyone !!
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    Just 4 more weeks of obsessively checking emails and the forum knowing there will be nothing there.....! We can do this!!!
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    I cannot believe I finally get to post this!! Result: Accepted (MD PhD) (April 11/2019 @1:00 pm EST) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: 90.5% MCAT: 514 Year: Finishing M.Sc. this summer. (1st-time applicant) ECs: Diverse: leadership, community outreach, advocacy for refugees and newcomers, lots of research, arts/sports/music... (msg me for more details). Geography: OOP Interview: I felt okay coming out of the MMI, then a month later I doubted all my answers (initial impression: ~9/10 stations went well, one was really iffy).
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    UBC Post Interview Impressions.

    Here's something for you to digest in case you have nothing better to do, (accuracy not guaranteed): Offers release date: 2018 May 11 (Friday) 2017 May 12 (Friday) 2016 May 11 (Wednesday) 2015 May 8 (Friday) 2014 May 15 (Thursday) 2013 May 15 (Wednesday) 2012 May 15 (Tuesday) 2011 May 12 (Thursday) 2010 May 14 (Friday) 2009 May 15 (Friday) 2008 May 15 (Thursday) 2007 May 16 (Wednesday) 2006 May 15 (Monday) Over 10 years ago, the offer release day had been around mid-May for a few years. I think beginning in 2015, UBC had moved up the release day to sync with those schools that release earlier in May. But with this year's interview invites being sent so late, anything could happen!
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    En effet, c’est très imprévisible, mais ce qu’il faut savoir c’est que cette personne a fait un excellent test CASPer.. Sinon, des personnes ayant des meilleures cote R que la sienne auraient eu une offre avant lui! Mais il fait pas se décourager, clairement on est encore jeune et faire une année de bac pour retourner dans un programme contingenté ca se fait tout le temps
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    May 14 Countdown

    I think we need a common place to build our anxieties even further. Why not here?!
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    They were supplied (they make you use a pen only, not pencil). Good luck, you're going to do great!
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    On peut utiliser la table des étalons ULaval pour convertir son gpa en CRU et ainsi avoir une estimation
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    Entrevues médecine 2019

    Tu peux faire une demande par courriel.
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    UBC PT 2019

    Congratulations to those who got an offer and are accepting their offers! Any lurkers who got an offer but are not going to accept their offers and are going somewhere else please give up your spot! lol I unfortunately got waitlisted and have started a UBC PT waitlist thread, so waitlisted peeps and lurkers, feel free to worry over there.
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    Universitaire, savez-vous s'il y a un moyen de savoir sa quote avant les réponses afin de se situer ?
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    I agree that the medical specialties don't exist in isolation. However, the way I was taught at least framed all the core rotations in context of how that knowledge is useful for a "general physician". Knowing the red flags of common presentations and knowing what field handles what emergencies. The training I received in medical school was not to prep me to be a future psychiatrist or pathologist but instead how to being a functional general doctor. I agree that the broad exposure helps students determine what kind of doctor they want to be but I don't think the curriculum should be structured as one large job fair. We should be producing capable professionals like other professional schools that are capable of independent practice with the option to specialize if needed. Unlike our peers in dentistry, law, etc we are not accomplishing that task because of the split of the CCFP and the Royal College. Perhaps one year isn't enough to be a capable family physician (a position I agree with). However, I would find it hard to believe that a one-year internship would not give you the skills needed to do administrative work, or walk-in clinics, or other low-acuity community work that physicians in the US and other Commonwealth countries seem to do fine with just an internship year. At the end of R-1 I knew that I had a lot to learn and I wasn't perfect but I was also capable of doing a lot of things. Right now we have a system where if someone is unhappy with their program and decides to leave as an R4 in whatever they do not have the ability to do anything in medicine which I think is ridiculous.
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    Unique Situation

    There are two different issues here: first, the quality of education abroad, which was scoffed upon by giving example of UK's UCLan.. Along this line of argument, it does not matter whether IMG was born outside of Canada or is a CSA. Hence the example. The other issue, which seems to be highly emotional for you, is "cheating the system" by studying abroad. CSAs may not work as hard, as you put it, to get to med school, but I bet they work as hard to become a well educated doctors, which ultimately is what matters the most. They still have to jump all the hoops. About "cheating"? For some, manipulating GPA (which is the deciding factor in getting into Canadian med schools) is cheating. Non-Canadians are shaking their heads reading this forum and advice how to manipulate GPA by a fraction to get into just that one medical school because you are not good enough for another. This is normal here, but it is insane. And other tricks! How is moving to another province to get easier admission any better than moving abroad?
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    ha get those vaccinations/verifications - ottawa is really sticky about that. I am not sure what it is last year but the year prior when I was there the tuition was 725 so it is extremely likely still in that kind of ball park. They should be sending you everything you need at some point - particularly with respect to CMPA. Always feel free to contact your new program assistant with all your questions!
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    ID vs. MedMicro

    Does it still exist as its own specialty? I was under the impression it had been collapsed into Pathology. (Medical Biochemistry)
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    Félicitations! Ca semble vraiment bouger au compte goutte.
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    Count me in Oooh interesting. So maybe they send a notification email tomorrow? Or maybe next week? I’m reeeaaaally thinking it will be May 10, but we shall see.
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    Yes. Most real organizations dont take people without real skills. If you have no skills and someone is willing to take you, and your $$$, then its probably not a good organization.
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    What's often left out of a discussion focused on billings/overhead is the amount of work/care that is provided. Hospital-based rads may have fewer overhead expenses than clinic-based; but if patient volumes and higher acuity/complexity are considered, the more intense workloads mean that on an hourly basis, income probably does not differ as much from the other hospital-based physicians that I know of. Given that in a hospital, we all expect: 1) the imaging department to be running as efficiently as possible to accommodate the volume of studies requested and reduce the amount of time patients have to wait for tests 2) high quality interpretations and reports (which obviously take time to do properly) 3) reports to be released as quickly as possible to support patient care this means ++after hours work to keep on top of things on a regular basis. Not on call, but last week was working basically from 7 am to 1 am except for a short dinner break, and then continuing over the weekend as the scanners keep running (we are a bit short-staffed right now). Admin work and meetings (e.g. quality improvement) are also part of a hospital-based practice, but if they can't be scheduled on days off, it means putting off less urgent clinical work to accommodate.
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    Hey! That's how we become competent in surgery!
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    UBC Post Interview Impressions.

    Just digging through the archived emails from last year, the first mention of an offer date came in the April 12th, 2018 email, so whooo knows! Granted the pre-interview email came relatively late this cycle didn't it. Hope everyone's hanging in there - the wait is coming to a close(ish)! Also, LOVE the countdown clock!
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    Positive thoughts! I'm sure you did better than you think. We are our own worst critics. Best of luck to you:) A potential acting station is stressing me out like crazy, no clue why because it would probably be easier than a complex scenario.
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    I still think there should be a "default" type of doctor. I know that the CCFP doesn't want to be seen as second class citizens but what is the point of the generalist training in medical school if it doesn't necessarily lead to anything. I understand the argument that one internship year isn't enough to learn everything but at least give people the ability to work as associates or something. Last time I checked there was still stigma towards FM despite the change to make FM its own specialty so perhaps we should move on and give back flexbility to the students so they don't have figure out what kind of doctor they want to be on day 1.
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    UBC Post Interview Impressions.

    I have a countdown clock on my phone for May 10th, because the pattern definitely suggests that. But if they want to release earlier, I won't complain! We had our interviews two months ago! May the force be with everyone and the odds be ever in your favour. (P.S. Countdown is 29 days)
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    IPS = médecin de famille

    Moi je questionne plutôt le problème de fond. Si on manque médecin de famille, pourquoi ne pas valoriser la pratique, admettre plus d'étudiants et offrir des conditions qui vont amener les étudiants à choisir la résidence en med fam, au lieu de repousser les tâches sur une profession parallèle qui joue un peu le rôle de cheap labor? C'est pas péjoratif, je trouve qu'ils sont compétents et peuvent être très utiles, mais on ne se cachera pas que ce qui les rends attrayants, c'est qu'ils coûtent moins cher au système et sont plus accessibles... C'est bien beau dans l'immédiat, mais n'est qu'une question de temps avant qu'elles réclament davantage. Et si on mettait moins de pression sur le médecin, en terme de quotas, et bien lui aussi pourrait prendre plus de temps pour son patient et avoir une qualité de vie meilleure.
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    May 14 Countdown

    Anyone else been having nightmares of being rejected? I seem to get one almost weekly at this point.
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    Where to go

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    Why is time passing by so slowly
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    Unique Situation

    You do not have a unique situation. You are simply looking for a shortcut that is a guarantee. It is a guarantee to nothing other than a big waste of your parent’s money. Do what we all did. Go for your undergrad, study hard, be focused, develop time management skills and good study habits. Become a competitive applicant in terms of GPA, while you create a C.V. with Can MEDS competencies. Throw your hat in the ring, apply, re-apply as often as required, while having a Plan B. The other approach is the fool’s way of fooling himself, his family and spinning your wheels.
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    Second bachelors

    I did a second one, gave me the chance I needed to get in. Second bachelors, especially fast track programs are great because you're done earlier, and you potentially can get another career out of it. But that is the rub, you want to pick something that the career it leads to is something you'd be interested in doing, because the reality is many applicants do not get into med. Another major thing to consider is WHY didn't you do well in the first degree, and make sure you fix that for the second one. Otherwise waste of time or money, unless you just want that second career. Schools like Ryerson, Toronto, and others have fast track for Nursing (which is somewhat subjective in grading), where as programs like Public Health/Occupational Health and Safety are marked more objectively via exams. Take some time to figure out what you think is best for you, look at alternative careers, and go from there. Medicine is a marathon, not a sprint. Good luck :).
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    A "few years ago" is what?... 2011? 2015? 2016? 2017?! Frankly, a "few years ago" excuse is a cop-out in 2019. This behaviour wasn't excusable back then, and it definitely does not hold up now. You may not have intended to frame it this way, but by saying "But yes it is appalling what has occurred in the past here" you are 1) excusing/defending the past and 2) making it sound as if it isn't a problem anymore. Students were protesting just 2 years ago for the administration's lack of action on racism. A culture of racism doesn't miraculously disappear in 2 years. Also, let's not deny that Queen's has a systemic problem, and holds a reputation for being white and elitist. It's not just "some" students who've been implicated, faculty members' racism have been publicized as well. I can only imagine how many more profs and students are only "subtly racist", but not racist enough for those affected to make a formal complaint about it. *after thought* I don't mean to suggest Queen's Med students are perpetuators of the systemic problem because, as we know, most of us go to which ever med school accepts us. But I think recognizing the problems of one's new community and trying to be part of the solution is an important part of being a good physician. If not for compelling moral reasons - at least for your CV and CaRMs sake. lol.
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    UBC chilliwack also has an excellent track record of matching residents to ER. If you perform well and impress during residency, you can work in CGH ER post-residency without +1
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    Current pharm student here, feel free to ask or pm me any questions you guys have!
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    cDAT Nov. VS Feb.

    This is NOT true. DATbootcamp is for the American DAT, don't believe everything bootcamp says because most of it does NOT apply to the Canadian DAT. The Canadian DAT is offered twice a year and everyone in the entire country writes the SAME version on each of those dates. They grade your performance based on how everyone did on that specific date, not historical performance like on the American DAT. This is evident because on certain versions of the Canadian DAT, a maximum score of 24 or 25 might be given in a certain section for the entire country. You can see all the statistics on DATCrusher's site as PimentRouge pointed out.
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    Plus basse cote R collégien ayant reçu une offre avant la liste d’attente: 33,599. Source: page de la Faculté de pharmacie de l’Université Laval, un commentaire de l’administrateur de la page (voir publication de la faculté annonçant la sortie des premières offres aux collégiens pour le pharmD). C’est à ce moment précis que je regrette de pas avoir appliqué, moi qui avait une cote R de 33 et qui pensait que la cote R monterait vu qu’à l’UdeM c’était beaucoup plus haut qu’à Laval et que le monde de MTL seraient plusieurs à s’essayer ici... Cote R sucks definitely, c’est comme la pluie et le beau temps, totalement imprévisible...
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    did anyone do the McMaster MMI today for OT?? Thoughts?
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    February 2019 DAT Thoughts

    I'm pretty upset with how this turned out. I used only DATBootcamp which I would NOT recommend using if you're studying for the Canadian DAT. They falsely advertised saying there were no differences between the Canadian and American DAT and I trusted them. Long story short, I found out in the middle of the real DAT that we are only given 50 minutes instead of 60 minutes on the American DAT. They basically told me to *** off, tried cleaning up their mess by hiding everything that happened, and never apologized. RC: 15 (Thanks to DATBootcamp) Biol: 19 Chem: 20 PAT: 19 AA: 18
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