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    Prévision et admission Medecine 2019

    Allô guys, si certains d’entre vous se demande encore s’il va y avoir une 3e vague d’offres pr les entrevues et bien non. J’ai appelé la madame de l’admission et elle dit que d’autres invitations peuvent être envoyées mais au compte goutte si certains se désistent. Elle m’a aussi confirmé que la dernière cote de coupure est encore 32.6. Pour ma part je n’ai ni invitation ni refus alors je crois bien rester sur ma liste d’attente jusqu’au refus officiel qui viendra probablement après la fds des entrevues. Voilà pour l’update! Félicitation et bonne chance pour les entrevues à ceux et celles qui y vont
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    DMD 2019

    C’est demain guys
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    Usually yes. But in 2015 UBC released before OMSAS. Hoping it’ll be the same this year
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    Whats the point ?

    this is why people sit on a couch and smoke a doobie
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    Used to be apart of IM? And look how far it has dropped as a specialty :p
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    You should be able to get into Queen's, U of T, or Dal with your GPA and CV. 2nd undergrad would be absurd with your profile.
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    If I had that option I'd pick something that helps me grow as a person and most importantly as un-related to medicine as possible. Once you get in you'll see how valuable that time away from the premed and med bubble is.
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    Western's Strengths and Weaknesses

    Can you elaborate on why? Coming from a schulich dental student, I'd like to hear why you endorse other schools and not western.
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    Laurence Gagnon

    Pratique / Practice MEM / MMFI

    Salut! Je serais intéressée à pratiquer le samedi 20 avril à Montréal. Quelqu'un est dispo?
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    1st year resident take home pay

    They usually reimburse all taxes, since our tuition credit is quite high. The tuition credits run out by PGY3. So you make around 60,000 as a PGY1 in Ontario (you don't pay any taxes given we invested so much for our medical school tuition)! The call stipends depend on your specialty, but 1 in 4 call sounds about right for the majority of off-service in-hospital rotations. I do agree that 60,000 is pretty good unless you live in Toronto, where the rent is crazy high (> 2000 for "1 bedroom apartment" no utilities included).
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    Fwiw step 2 and 3 are hella straight forward. It’s just time to write and cost. Step 1 is the ugly one (and unfortunately the one with most misalignment with Canadian curriculum and the one that matters most for residencies)
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    Being queer in healthcare

    I've seen this happen at a clinic I was shadowing. It sucks, but it does happen sadly.
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    No, only your Biology, Chemistry and Reading scores goes into your AA.
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    Entrevue en podiatrie - 2019

    Moi aussi, je pense que cela dépent vraiment des évaluateurs Je n'ai pas vu les personnes qui étaient rentrer avant moi sortir et j'ai attendu un solide 10 minutes après pour la visite de la clinique
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    Whats the point ?

    If you're worried about the fate of Earth in the future, which is legit, try to think about how important it will be to have caring physicians around to advocate for climate change mitigating policies and to care for those whose health has been harmed by climate change. If that doesn't sound like what you want your role in the world to be that's fine. But don't give into a bleak nihilism when there is always good that can be done to help alleviate suffering.
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    Admission A-2019 physio/ergo

    Si je me fis à la différence des CRU entre 2017 et 2018 du dernier candidat admis sur la liste d'attente pour PharmD, il y a une bonne différence. C'est seulement en 2018 qu'ils ont commencé à utiliser CASPer (dernier admis au PharmD 2016: 32.279, 2017: 30.013, 2018: 29.045). Donc pour moi qui a une plus basse CRU et peut être un peu plus d'expérience de vie que la moyenne, j'espère que ce sera à mon avantage pour ergo. Mais bon. Peut être que j'ai planté mon CASPer aussi. Et pour avoir travaillé avec des gens dans le domaine de la santé qui manque d'empathie, je pense que c'est un bon moyen d'essayer d'améliorer les choses. Bonne chance à tout le monde :-)
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    Entrevue en podiatrie - 2019

    je ne sais pas si j'hallucinais/stressais mais il y avait une évaluatrice qui se forcait à sourire ??
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    1st year resident take home pay

    Around 3600 a month without call stipends, and probably up to 4200-4300 with 1 in 4 call. Then you might get tax reimbursements, but that is your take home every month.
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    Nash--A big wish and good luck for your success in your interview at MacMaster.
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    UBC Post Interview Impressions.

    We should get a pool going.. who has bookie experience?
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    Whats the point ?

    You're catastrophizing. Mostly it sounds like you shouldn't apply to medicine if you can't handle uncertainty, risk, and hard work. For everyone else out there, AI isn't going to replace any doctors. The tech field tends to over promise and under deliver when it comes to the field of medicine. EMRs are mostly terrible. Breast cancer detection algorithms in mammography have a negative impact on patient care. IBM Watson has been a complete failure. If physicians in any field could be replaced, most of society would already look drastically different. Don't buy into the hype.
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    May 14 Countdown

    I know its easy to see other premeds as competition but the truth is that we're all going through the same struggle together. I think back on all the years of hard work I've put into this and all the obstacles, failures, rejections I've endured and I just want it all to be worth it -- for this year to be the year. But I try to remind myself that everyone else has put in the same work and gone through similar hardships. Hopefully, we all get good news on May 14th.
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    May 14 Countdown

    Well said. Its strange knowing my dreams could come true in 31 days. I know to some people that'll sound dramatic but I think the people on this forum would understand. I'm trying not to get my hopes up because my interview didn't go amazingly well but I can't help it. Its truly torturous.
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    May 14 Countdown

    The final wait has been the worst part of the application process so far. I can't properly concentrate on anything else knowing my life could be so different in a month.
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    I cannot believe I finally get to post this!! Result: Accepted (MD PhD) (April 11/2019 @1:00 pm EST) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: 90.5% MCAT: 514 Year: Finishing M.Sc. this summer. (1st-time applicant) ECs: Diverse: leadership, community outreach, advocacy for refugees and newcomers, lots of research, arts/sports/music... (msg me for more details). Geography: OOP Interview: I felt okay coming out of the MMI, then a month later I doubted all my answers (initial impression: ~9/10 stations went well, one was really iffy).
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    February 2019 DAT Thoughts

    The exam isn't really that bad if you're smart about it. I probably spent 2 weeks studying the DATcrusher notes, watching videos, and practicing the PAT on paper before taking all the practice tests on crusher. There's also a really good DAT Princeton review book I picked up from chapters which I used for anything I needed more information on Bio. And for reading, I also used IQ publications which was okay. If I spent a little more time, I think I could have scored higher. Regardless I'm content with getting a 25AA.
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    May 14 Countdown

    Anyone else been having nightmares of being rejected? I seem to get one almost weekly at this point.
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    Where to go

    If you really want a residency in Ontario, do med school in Canada.
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    Where to go

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    Withdrawal from French Stream

    Yes Im one of the 2 ^^live your dream posted. So if I get an offer, I will definitely not accept. Good luck .
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    UWO Invites/Regrets 2019

    Invite Was invited last year too but messed up my interview completely. Best two year avg: ~90 DAT: AA: 21 RC:18 PAT:22 Strong ABS: -many shadowing hours with several dentists, and other dental specialties (ortho, perio, pediatrics, oral surgery) -lots of work experience -involved in research regarding dentistry -various volunteer experiences
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    UWO Invites/Regrets 2019

    Invite IP 4th year undergrad Best two year average 90.7% DAT: 22AA 20 RC 19 PAT ABS/PS: Overall felt confident about it, took time to make the personal statement thoughtful and clear. For the ABS felt pretty well rounded but research was probably my weakest section (didnt have much to put for it). Leaning towards accepting UofT but will be doing the interview regardless to keep options open.
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    Lol this is kind of sexist towards men and imo a little disturbing that some physicians think that way. I completely understand empathy is important in medicine but I think it is much more important for a physician to be clinically competent and advance the medical field than being empathetic. No amount of fuzziness and empathy will cure bacterial infections and cancer patients. Plus we need people who are empathetic in medical school but we also need people who took challenging courses in undergrad and want to make new medical advances (whether this person is a man or woman is completely irrelevant)
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    Neuro, Kiné, Nutrition?

    Je suis en 2e année de neuro et c'est bien côté. Tu peux aller te chercher un 35-36-37 de CRU facilement si tu étudies bien. Le cut off a été boosté dans les dernières années et a dépassé nutrition. Mais comme mdent dit, c'est beaucoup plus avantageux de prendre un programme que tu aimes si tu veux des bonnes notes!
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    SO SO SO SO SO excited to get to post in this thread! TIME STAMP: 12:01pm PST Accepted SMP (First choice!) AGPA: ~84MCAT: 503ECs: Mostly did things that I loved, lots of travelling, hiking, sports, hobbies. Hospital volunteering for 2+ years, board of directors for a volunteer organization, regional harm reduction coordinator for a volunteer agency that distributes necessities and harm reduction to the homeless. Volunteer and employee for organization teaching children with autism athletic skills. Solid employment history, currently senior consultant for a natural health consulting firm. Message me for more info! Only really started heavy volunteering after undergrad (graduated in 2015)Geography: IPInterview: Came out of it with a massive smile on my face and just a crazy feeling of gratitude to have been there to have that opportunity. Definitely got mixed up on a station and felt I said the wrong thing. Told myself if I didnt get in that I was still just so grateful to have had a shot. I didn't realize fully I wanted to do medicine until my second year of university. Applied twice and rejected pre-interview. This was my first interview. If you feel like your grades or MCAT aren't high enough DON'T GIVE UP!! It may take a few tries but don't ever give up! Excited to meet all you!!
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    Hello everyone, I graduated from Western in 2012 and went onto Case Western (Cleveland, Ohio) in the US for dental school. I graduated in 2016 and have been working in Ohio as a dentist. I know that this forum has been really helpful to me, so I really wanted to give back. Please let me know if any of you has questions about US dental schools. I will do my best to reply in a timely manner.
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    Queen's released their acceptances on SOLUS the night before the actual decision day, so I found out unexpectedly while being neurotic on pm101 in my apartment. I remember the bunch of us on here who found out early had a jolly good time on the decision day anticipation thread. I think that night's sleep was the most peaceful one I ever had...
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    Je sais c’est quand meme plate, en plus il est conscient de cet handicap la et fait beaucoup d’effort pour mieux s’intégrer en société, mais le pharmD est un programme très élitiste et ils ne pondèrent pas le dossier d'un étudiant qui applique en fonctions de ses difficultés personnelles. Vraiment dommage pour lui honnêtement, il a étudié si fort!
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    ah d'accord je comprend. c'Est triste pour lui, la personne a 37 de cote et tu dis il est brillant ... c'est totalement absurde. un autiste ne peut pas etre un pharmacien alors?? a ce que je sache en lui donnent une offre d'admission, la faculté lui offre pas un travail à temps plein... c juste une offre pour etudier ... apres la graduation au moin, il pourrait ouvrir sa propre pharmacie et travailler, s'il trouve pas de travail à cause de son handicap...
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    pharmD vs Nut

    Hi, I am a student in dietetics at McGill. The following is my own opinion and might not be fully accurate! I wouldn't suggest anyone to go in dietetics, it's not as fancy at it looks from the outside. First of all, dietitians are very low paid. If you plan to work in Quebec, the starting salary is only around 37-40k a year. Considering all the effort it requires, PT/OT are by far better options. Second of all, dietitians aren't as respected as they used to. This is caused by contradicting opinions between dietitians and other health care professionals such as doctors. Dietitians mostly base their recommendations on a diet's sustainability and long term benefits, whereas doctor like to see fast results. This is particularly true for the ketogenic diet. There has been an increasing amount of doctors promoting this diet for weight loss although scientifical knowledge about the subject is quite limited. Furthermore, this diet is highly unsustainable and can lead to severe ED. The whole issue about this diet makes dietitians look too narrow-minded.(if you want to know more about it, search about : "Dre Evelyne Borduas-Roy" or "Isabelle huot") Finally, getting a job in a hospital depends on luck and you might end up working at gyms and not having a stable salary. Running between many gyms or clinics is not sustainable since you are considered as an independent worker. In conclusion, if the domain really interest you, then go for it! If you are looking for a calm and stable job don't choose dietetics.
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    Rejected IP 91.3% DAT (AA/RC/PAT): 23/23/19
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