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    The slow decay of dentistry

    Not sure what you’re trying to say here with the 1 home run is better than 2 doubles comment. It does matter the amount of time you spend in dental school because time spent must have some correlation to quality of work and knowledge to safely treat patients, this is why you won’t find accredited dental schools which are 1-2 years in length. Anyway, I’m not saying that ITDs do bad work. I’m saying the system of accrediting their credentials is broken and insufficient to assure that the knowledge and skill of ITDs are on par with Canadian standards.
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    The slow decay of dentistry

    I never said you were a bunch of quacks. The schools that international dentists graduate from are non-accrediated i.e a Canadian agency has not verified the robustness of the curriculum or how complete the education is and if it meets Canadian standards. Tell me what part of that statement is incorrect. “If spending 6 months of our lives on each exam is not sufficient for you, then I don’t know what is.” I don’t know, how about maybe completing a 4 year program at an accrediated school? Or at least 2 years? It doesn’t matter how long you study for an exam, I could study for my driving exam for 10 years but that doesn’t make me a formula one driver. What matters is the ability of the exams to accurately gauge the competency of dentists. I believe there is no way 3-4 exams can replace 4 years at an accredited program.
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    Médecine 2019/Convocations

    4 à 4.3 aussi
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    So for the most part, unless you drop drastically (like going from Bs and As type grades all the way down to like Cs and Ds) you should be fine. The final year is more about maintaining than anything and cant speak to the french schools but McGill does consider difficulty of program and courses (obviously upper year courses and final year require a lot more work and grades might be reflective of this). Also by your final year of university your GPA is unlikely to really rise or fall that much unless you are straight up failing. Try and improve your study techniques for finals and do your best!
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    It's a crappy job, but somebody has to do it
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    Result: Accepted!! Geography: OOP cGPA: 93% (adjusted) MCAT: 520 Degree: BA EC: Research 3+ years with department head, volunteering at various homeless shelters/church youth group leader/big brother etc, employment for the past few years after graduating,, advocacy for single parent financial support (mainly for low-income housing). MMI: I took one of those MMI prep programs. EXTREMELY expensive, but paid off IMO. This is my 3rd time doing MMI. Did very very poorly for my first 2 times but the course paid off. Will be waiting for the rest of the schools to release results - if accepted, I will be choosing the other schools as the 3rd condensed program seems stressful (at least for me). PLEASE NOTE, Dr. Ian Flemming seems like an awesome person. I can tell how passionate he is about his job. Out of all the other schools I applied to, he gave me the impression that he's the most caring. Extremely impressed with how much time and effort him/his team spent interviewing us - very grateful !!
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    TIME STAMP: 9:00AM Result: Admitted with Condition (MDCM) cGPA: 3.80, pre-reqGPA: 3.4 MCAT: Not submitted ECs: Lots. Year: B.Sc. + B. Sc. + M. Sc. Interview preparation : Did 0 preparation. Not a single book. Nothing. Post-interview feeling right after : I had no regrets and I was proud. That was enough for me. Post-interview feeling weeks after : You start to question everything. That's normal. Let it go. Attempt : Fourth attempt IP/OOP/International: IP I never thought I would ever post on here. I was already enrolled for next semester to re-take my pre-requesites and I had paid the tuition for it. I had accepted that I would be refused. It is very hard to summarize a 10 years long journey in a few sentences. I could write a book about my journey, my feelings and my doubts. If I had to give advice to a future applicant, here is what I would say : Before getting accepted, try to accept the idea that it might never happen. Define yourself beyond your medical path. Don't do things because they would look good on a C.V. Live your life. Take every extra year as an opportunity to grow your life. Don't see it as an extra year of suffering and waiting. When you get accepted, everything makes sense. Every doubt you had suddenly turns into sparks of hope. It is very hard to describe. After you get accepted, life feels lighter but you realize that it's another journey that starts. I wish I could explain myself but I had the worst odds against me and I made it. Not because I am unique. Because I was lucky. I truly believe I am. Therefore, if it is your dream, follow your heart and never give up. Never give up. Never ever give up.
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    Un Moyen Pour Préparer Les Mem?

    Bien qu'une préparation ne soit pas indispensable, je te recommande vraiment de le faire. Ce que je te conseille : 1. Prendre une banque de questions de MEMs comme celle-ci https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Xt-tlSCG13ek1JZUZkcG5RMjg/edit (ou n'importe quelle autre banque de questions sur google (MMI questions bank)) et de te pratiquer à discuter du sujet à voix haute seul ou avec quelqu'un d'autre en te chronométrant (7 minutes si je me rappelles bien). 2. Lire, assimiler et mettre en pratique dans la vie de tous les jours le principe d'écoute active. C'est LA technique de communication à maîtriser pour être à l'aise dans les mises en situations avec acteur. Personnellement, je ressentais le besoin de me préparer aux entrevues multiples et c'est les deux choses que j'ai fait. Ça l'a très bien été et j'ai l'impression que c'est ma pratique qui m'a grandement aidé. En plus, l'écoute active c'est une technique qui sert toute la vie, en écrivant ce message je réalise que je m'en sers presque tous les jours sans m'en rendre compte avec les patients à l’hôpital
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