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    Having a first author paper in Nature/Lancet/NEJM/etc. is IMPOSSIBLE as an undergraduate - most of those papers have 20 authors minimum and span multiple centres. I challenge anyone to find me a top impact journal article with an undergrad first author just for the fun of it
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    Achieving a first author in a publication like Nature is a big thing in the science world. That is near impossible as an undergrad. Being included as an author in publications shows your sustained involvement in research. Good on you if you can achieve it in Undergrad. Publication is not a requirement for medical school applications, It is however a way to stand out and maybe have your application ranked higher by the human reviewers.
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    Out of curiosity, what makes you think all journals below Nature/Lancet/NEJM would be treated equal? I would not think a publication in something like Annals of Internal Medicine or Circulation would be looked at the same as a publication in Canadian Medical Education Journal. Nor would CMAJ or other middling journals that the admissions committee has heard of possibly reviews for, publishes in, or at least occasionally reads. At my institution at least, the dean of admissions is open about the fact that impact factors matter to them when they are looking at applicants' publications.
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    Deciding between three specialties!

    Yes, there are always the 1-2 people everyone talks about who did a single elective and somehow managed to match derm/other competitive specialties, but that isn't at all the norm. Certainly, those people have something about them or their application that stands out, whether it is exceptional research in another field, exceptional extracurriculars/other facets of their application, exceptional people skills, or exceptional connections. If you're really interested in derm, why would you not set yourself up for the best possible chance of success by doing a reasonable number of electives in the specialty? There's an eight-week cap anyways, so you couldn't do more than 4 even if you wanted to. Particularly since it seems like your school gives you many more elective weeks compared to other schools (I assume UBC). The regional bias is real, and perfectly good candidates struggle to get interviews every year.
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    may 2020 lmcc 2 toronto study partner

    anyone interested in study partner for May 2020 lmcc 2? please PM me thanks
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    Hey, looking at the average for last years incoming class you have a really high chance of getting an interview even being an out of the province student
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    Hey James, I was basically going to write what pyradoxal-phosphate wrote. The only time it mattered was when U of T required a grad applicant to have a first author pub prior to the application deadline in order to be placed in the grad pool. But that was recently removed from requirments. GPA and MCAT are the real deals at first. And then it's about being able to write and talk about your experiences. A "big edge" can come from all avenues and they are usually about things you love and enjoy doing. With your particular case, I think your research accomplishments are awesome as is and I dont think you need to stress hard about getting that first authorship. I am only an applicant as of now, but I know many people who got in here in Canada without any publications or even research in general. Cheers
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    GPA > 1st author
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    100% does not matter at all
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    I don't believe it will by any means make or break an application. Will it make you look good? Yes. I would say you've definitely displayed a potential for scholarly activities with your co-authorships. There are many more matriculants that don't even have a single authorship. Don't go crazy trying to get that 1st author pub, rather I'd continue to seek opportunities to remain involved in research. Best bang for your buck. GL.
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    Je crois avoir déjà vu quelqu’un qui était en agronomie rentrer en medvet (mais je n’ai aucune idée de ses stats). Toutefois je ne sais pas l’udem utilise quel étalon pour convertir les notes d’agronomie comme le programme se donne juste à Laval! (Genre il le compare à quel programme)
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    Nov 2 DAT thoughts

    I read both. I'm not a biology major, I'm a Kine major.
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    MDCM 2020 Application

    Don't give up. When I was re-doing my own pre-requesites while doing my second undegrad, I felt the same way. You are wondering if all the efforts you are putting are even worth it. It's extremely hard to stay motivated, even for medical students. In my class, many, many, many students have been rejected 2, 3, 4 times. Just remember that your hard work will be rewarded. If it's your dream, then it will happen at some point. When I was applying, I had shared how I felt during the process. See the post linked below. Everything that you are feeling is normal. Let me know if I can help. Good luck!
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    DMD 2019

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    DMD 2019

    Dépôt DMD !!!!
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    Mes chances pour pharm 2019?

    La CRU du dernier admis à partir de la liste d'attente était de 34,51 (source- porte ouvertes de l'Université de Montréal, les statistiques divulguées par la faculté) - tes chances sont donc tres bonnes avec un bon casper ! Le dernier admis n'avait pas nécéssairement le meilleur CASper (puisque c'est une cote combinée).
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    Mes chances pour pharm 2019?

    Tes chances sont bonnes, qu'est-ce que tu veux qu'on te dise d'autres xD
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    Étalon Des Cotes Umontréal

    Ce qui n'est pas professionnel selon moi c'est la façon dont tu réponds à une personne qui a posé une simple question. Et svp, arretez de penser que tout l'univers souhaite aller en médecine.
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    Étalon Des Cotes Umontréal

    Lol voir que quelqu'un répond ça! C'est la fin de session pi ça paraît!
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    Étalon Des Cotes Umontréal

    Oui, mais si t'as le choix, j'irais à UdeM parce que Sherbrooke convertit pas les GPA sur 4 et Laval très peu. Si t'as 3.9/4 en physio, ça devrait quand même aller, mais t’es mieux de mettre toutes les chances de ton côté et aller à UdeM.
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    Cru Bio Udm

    c'est genre 67
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    Étalon Des Cotes Umontréal

    Je viens tout juste de recevoir ma CRU et note aux MEMs donc j'espère que ça aidera un peu. cGPA de 3.57/4.3 en génie mécanique. Refusé post-entrevue. CRU: 35.061 MEM: 81%
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    Étalon Des Cotes Umontréal

    Si c'est comme l'année dernière, tu dois compléter ton doctorat au complet. Même chose pour les programmes de 4 ans (enseignement, génie, etc)
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