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    TIME STAMP: 14:01 Interview Date: Feb 8th Result: invite cGPA: wgpa of 3.93!!!!!!!! MCAT: above cutoffs ECs: Diverse and long term Essays: who knows man who knows. I wish I could give you guys some constructive advice here bc it’s clear Toronto weighs these heavily but idk what they’re looking for exactly Year: finishing up UG! Geography: ontario heres one for the “lower” gpas! im still shaking about this entire thing was NOT expecting this at all also I filled out an academic explanations essay idk if this is relevant but yeah super excited (and shitting my pants)!!!
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    Our messiah seems to have arrived lmao
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    How much do family doctors actually make?

    Come back when you’re a 4th year med student 300K in the hole and panicking about government funding cuts to doctors and how there’s no jobs, and how you’re about to blow 10K+ on a trans Canada interview tour for a residency position where you will work 90hrs per week for 5 years at the equivalent of minimum wage yet you’re now 30+ with a wife and kid to support in a city away from your family and friends who all have careers and are progressing in their life and meanwhile you’re wondering why the hell you did this to yourself as you eat an expired package of kraft dinner at 4am in a hospital basement while your pager is going nuts because “FYI” Mr. Jones’ K+ is 5.1. At that point, regardless of how much you love being a doctor and helping people, let’s see if you’d still prefer pennies.
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    Me thinks someone has been watching too much Messiah on Netflix....
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    Hi! I graduated from a 4 year degree program and currently taking a gap year. I am taking ENGL 211 with Athabasca as a non-program non-degree student, but I decided to not to apply for the school that required english. However I have passed 30 days add/drop period, so it will leave a "W" on my transcript. I had another "W" from a computer course I took on 4th year. Will a random withdrawal from athabasca university after my bachelor influence my chance? Thank you so much!
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    LOL. Did you just compare yourself to Jesus? This is an obvious troll but also hilarious. Well done. If not, that’s unfortunate for you.
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    Mr. A

    Mes chances pour pharm 2019?

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    Hey! There are many people in medicine with a lisp. As long as you can get your message across, I personally do not think this should be an issue! Be confident and let your personality shine! Best of luck on your interview
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    NOSM 2020

    Timestamp: 8:20 AM Interview: Yes GPA: 3.8 in undergrad Context: Lived in small town in Northern Ontario my entire life. BA and MA in Psychology - 25 years old. ECs: Currently work at a not-for-profit. Various clinical volunteer experiences. Research experience, NSERC and a few other awards, one publication and multiple conference presentations. # of previous applications: 0 Interview Location/Date/Time: Sudbury in March Congrats to everyone for putting yourself out there and going through this process!
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    This is more entertaining than studying. I don’t even need to go on re ddddd itttt for the Luls now, just hit up good ollll prem101.
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    Je crois aussi que tu as des très bonnes chances de rentrer en médecine vétérinaire, car tes notes du cégep compte encore beaucoup et elles sont excellentes (36!). En plus, tes notes en sciences biomédicales le sont aussi et tu as le droit au 0,5 de l'udem. Alors, il reste à avoir un casper correct et le tour est joué pour toi! Bonne chance quand même
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    Actually yes. There really is no point in you saying you're at a top 5 prestigious medical school while McMaster is ranked at 77th. If you didn't intend to minimize McMaster's standing you would not have even mentioned this. It is completely irrelevant. Additionally you consistently bring up how prestigious these ranking groups are without any consideration for the fact that they might be biased. There is actually a fair amount of controversy over how they rank universities. Just google it there are plenty of articles and a few studies out there. Your point that "residency directors of top specialities in Top 10 universities pay close attention to these rankings when they are selecting their students" is also irrelevant. It actually showcases how they themselves are a bit biased haha. Yes just pick the applicants whose parents paid for their $400,000 USD medical school tuition right? So at least to the vast majority of the people on this forum who are Canadian, this is not something that matters. The top 10 medical programs in the world are mainly American. Additionally a lot of medical students are not going to be interested in highly competitive residencies at Ivy league institutions. Many opt to go into primary care specialties anyway. Your belief that someone with a 4.0 and 520 MCAT is entitled to an interview is just where we are going to have to agree to disagree I'm afraid. Just because someone has a 4.0 and 520 does not actually mean they are "more qualified" to go into medicine. If you truly think that you must have perfect academic scores to be qualified to go into medicine I think that is worrisome. There is a lot more that goes into what makes someone a good physician. MCAT performance isn't really a good predictor of clinical skills/residency performance. From the research I have read on the topic, the MCAT is a weak predictor of performance on USMLE Step 1. Overall I have no issue with McMaster's admissions process. If you look at the statistics they release you would see that many of the people they admit have GPA's of 3.8+ which is very good.Those with lower GPA's usually compensate with a higher CARS score and solid Casper performance. It is fair. This segues well into one of your other points. By omitting EC's and research from the assessment criteria, McMaster is actually creating a more equal process. Not everyone (especially those from lower SES backgrounds) have the same opportunities to pursue impressive feats like volunteering for a noble cause abroad or creating a charity to help impoverished children. It also prevents someone fabricating activities and inflating their hours which absolutely does happen. CARS is the section that non native English speakers struggle with no doubt. But there have been candidates admitted to McMaster who were in the same boat as you. So it's not impossible at all. But yes it's true that one will need to work harder to improve their score. This would be the equivalent of me going to France for medical school. Despite speaking ok French (as it is my second language that I learned in school) I would struggle with their admissions tests. Would I claim that their tests are unfair? Probably not, I'd just have to work twice as hard to better my language skills. Again, CARS tests deductive reasoning/logic. Casper is more of a suitability measure that tests emotional maturity and people skills. A lot of prep companies (but not all) capitalize on the fears and insecurities of students. You can probably find a prep company for any test. Whether an applicants improved scores can really be attributed to a prep company or the sheer amount of extra time they put in studying themselves is debatable. I have known people who hired prep companies and still did not improve much. Your last point about the financial conflict of interest has some merit but does not negate the validity of Casper. One of the people who founded Altus, Harold Reiter is also the man who helped create the MMI process. He's an expert when it comes to creating assessment tools for applicant selection. To an extent Casper is sort of like that. Its job is to filter people who possess characteristics that could be problematic in medicine. McMaster is not the only school to use it. More and more schools are adopting the Casper, and with good reason.
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    I don't understand the point of this post. You're already a medical student, why bother? It reads like someone who still holds a bitter grudge. McMaster have been doing things their way for decades and are a pretty revolutionary school (for example, they were the first to implement PBL which is used all over the world now, probably at your school too). CARS tests deductive reasoning which is a crucial skill to possess in medicine (it's not just memorization) and Casper is more of a filter test. They want to get a general idea of what the applicant is like. It makes lying on an application harder because they don't care if you created some charity or pumped out 100 research articles before the end of 1st year (I'm looking at you son of that rad onc). Also FYI academic institution rankings don't mean anything. It is more to do with the research they pump out. I know of people currently studying medicine at the University of Melbourne & University of Sydney in Australia, both great schools that are ranked as being 17th & 18th in the world for med by QS World University rankings. But they are there because they could not get into a Canadian school with their lower (albeit still fine) stats. I know for a fact they would have been grateful to get into Saskatchewan or Manitoba (which ranks waaaay further down, something like between 400-450 I think). They are shelling out over 350k to attend big name institutions that do a lot of research and are more forgiving to international applicants with lower stats because they are full fee paying. So again, ranking doesn't mean anything. Bashing McMaster for being ranked 77th really isn't doing you any favours. Also the fact that you think applicants with a 4.0 and 520 MCAT are entitled to an interview is concerning. No one is entitled to an interview. People with a wide variety of stats and life experiences bring a lot to medicine.
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    Mosaic green circle?

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    Hi! When you say very low cGPA/aGPA do you not meet the cutoff or do you just feel like it's not competitive? I'm 38 and applied in September to UBC and received an interview invite. I graduated from SFU in 2003 with an arts degree and an ok gpa - not competitive but good enough to apply. I self-studied for the MCAT starting two years ago and wrote it last July. I am pretty sure all of my life experience is what got me an interview as UBC scores non-academic qualities. I know as an out-of-province UBC is probably not an option if your GPA is not great, but if you could get a great CARS score on MCAT then McMaster could be a good option and their program is only 3 years. If I don't get in to UBC this year I will apply again and apply to McMaster as I scored 131 in CARS. Good luck!
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    Don't worry about it at all. If one bank wants anything more from you other than an acceptance letter/ proof of registration, go to a different bank. Medical students are almost guaranteed an LOC unless you have a horrifyingly bad credit score/credit history.
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    Rads Pay

    For those trying to decide between staying in ON, go to another province, or go to the USA
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    Stop feeding the trolls people
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    Mes chances pour pharm 2019?

    En effet, avec un 34.6 et un casper moyen (selon le rang que j'avais eu à McGill) j'avais été refusée direct il y a 2 ans. L'an dernier par contre, j'avais autour de 35.6 et j'ai été eu une offre sans liste d'attente. J'imagine que mon casper était quand même bon. Bref, je crois que pour être safe tu devrais plutôt viser les 35 de CRU, autrement c'est pas impossible mais les chances sont minces.
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