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    Just got off the phone with admissions office. March 28/29 is not full yet. The rest of the emails should come out by the end of this week, and maybe into mid next week.
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    Longtime lurker here, made an account just for this lol. I just called to confirm if invites are still being sent, and he said all this week and even early next week! The wait is killer
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    UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020

    TIME STAMP: 12:30 MDT Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): MD March 28th Result: Invite! cGPA/wGPA: 3.60/not eligible (submitted AEE) YES, that’s right. 3.60 cGPA!!! wGPA would be 3.90 if they accepted my AEE. MCAT: 510 (3 attempts, 1st attempt being 494) ECs: Very strong on the volunteering side (founder, president of clubs, general manager of non profit organization, volunteer trainer at hospital, worked with schizophrenic and Alzheimer’s patients directly). Very weak on the research side. No pubs. Just volunteered at a lab for a few months. Essays: wrote them the night before! But must have been strong cause my GPA is terrible! Year: Finished UG in 2016. No Masters. Geography: OOP This is unbelievable news for me. I remember when I applied I had no hope for UofT given my GPA being the lowest possible to even apply to the program! I also didn’t do a masters and have very little research experience. I was waiting for a rejection this week. Actually I had been waiting for it ever since. I am posting here to show you all that you don’t need a 3.99 GPA, you don’t need a 520 MCAT, you don’t need a masters or publications. All those things are great, but if you don’t have them, the game is not over. Also, it doesn’t matter where you start. I started with a 2.9 GPA in first year and a 494 MCAT. Any sane human would have told me to forget medicine, but I worked hard and turned it all around. I have 2 interviews this year and I hope to make them count! Good luck to you all. Don’t give up.
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    I don't understand why they cant post an update...they probably answer the same questions so many times lol
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    I wonder when the first big waves of R’s are going to come out? I really hope it’s this week, there’s no need to prolong the suffering
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    Admissions Announcements 2019/2020 Cycle

    Hey all! NB applicant here, I won’t hear back until April but I just wanted to wish all you IP applicants best of luck today!! I’m excited for you all no matter the outcome be proud of yourselves, you made it so far. It’s a privilege just to be in a position to get a letter (although it sure feels like a burden!!)
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    Accepted at 10:06! IP applicant! Good luck everyone!
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    Here you go: Just joking here with the picture above. I don't have a definition. However, there are some medical students who just don't give a good vibe to others. Examples include bad mouthing other services/consultants/nurses/medical students etc. There is also a fine line between being confident and arrogant; and gunners sometimes don't know that line. Some people resume/electives are super focused on 1 specialty and reviewing comments from their other rotations show that they might not be as good/team player/intelligent as shown on when working on the specialty that they are gunning for. In my opinion, if you like one specialty then you should work hard towards it. But also show up on all the other rotations with the same enthusiasm. I hope that helps.
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    Post-Interview Ranking

    Definitely not 50% GPA. there was an admissions video in 2018 that explained the selection formula. The 50% pre-interview file score is comprised of ABS, Essays, LOR. From what I remember, GPA was actually not included in the file score but I could be wrong.
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    Seeing interviewer's notes - red flag?

    I had my interview on Saturday and was told the same thing. I think you may be overthinking it tbh. To me it just seemed like they may want to write things down to not forget it so they can ask you about it or discuss it with each other later? I don't think it was a test. I did however sometimes worried about them circling those life changing numbers on my answers haha.
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    Yes, I think they will send more invites later this week.
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    Ergo avec CRC 32 tremplin vers dmd

    Hello ça me fait plaisir. C'est 10 questions et tu as 20 minutes qu'ils disent au début. Tu ne seras pas coupé (entoucas, j'ai pas entendu d'histoires qu'ils coupent du monde), mais il faut que tu sois capable de répondre de manière concise sans t'étaler et sortir du sujet! Oui, 3 interviewers (généralement 1 prof, 1 étudiant et 1 membre de la direction) et oui ils posent chacun une question à tour de rôle. Pour viser le 100%, tu devrais très bien connaître la profession de dentiste, le programme de DMD de UL et vraiment montrer que c'est à UL que tu veux étudier et nulle part d'autre et que devenir dentiste est ton plan A et que tu n'as pas de "plan B" (genre faut vrm pas dire que si tu rentres pas en dmd, tu iras en med, ou vice-versa). Tu peux dire que si tu es refusé, tu vas faire un autre programme, mais dans le but d'améliorer tes notes pour entrer au DMD éventuellement, par exemple. Et oui c'est faisable, mais tu seras probablement sur la liste d'attente je ne connais pas la dernière crc admise, mais ça doit être dans ces eaux là (32-33)
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    Western interview thoughts 2020

    Ha medicine - just full of painful waits. Honestly by the end of fellowships (with at least 2-3 similar painful waits) you start getting desensitized. I wonder if that is why some admins are a bit tone deaf to this sort of thing.
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    Western interview thoughts 2020

    yeah you never know for sure - so it is important to just do your best regardless of the interview style. Interviewing is always awkward for both parties, and interviewers can just put on a persona to deal with that. Still none of that sounds bad :).....
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    Western interview thoughts 2020

    wow im impressed u remembered the exact # LOL meanwhile heres me repressing any memory i had of interview
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    Les invitations pour les MEMs du 25-26 Avril 2020 sortiront dès le 30 mars 2020.
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    Wow they are REALLY dragging this on!! Thanks for the post though haha at least we can sort of keep our hopes up
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    Hi everyone, Alison here. I just found this thread- better late than never. Great conversations and ideas! I applaud you for the open conversation about all of this. Perhaps going to CBC wasn't the best route, I'll fully admit. Hindsight is 20/20, though, and back then I felt so stuck and frustrated with the situation. Here is what actually happened: - As @A-Stark mentioned, yes, I took a leave for mental health from IM residency. I have and will always be open about this as I feel mental health and burnout have, unfortunately, become so engrained in the life of medical residents/practitioners...it is an issue that I know is being worked on. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Episode and GAD. I took that time on voluntary leave to go to therapy, start meds, and recover. - What people probably don't know is that I was very torn between IM and FM during CaRMS and had very strong references for both. I sought advise from my department and the academic advisor, and was told to rank IM #1 as the transfer to FM would be a very good possibility. I even remember the advisor saying: "From a 5 year program to a 3 year, it's much easier". I won't call it bad advice, as it was probably true at the time, but I acted upon that, ranking IM at Dal first, followed by all FM programs. I got my top choice in a very competitive year for Dal IM because I was very involved in medical school, had a solid application, and great references. - I never failed a rotation, and passed all exams/evaluations throughout medical school and residency. On paper, everything was great during my first year of residency, with really solid feedback from staff on evals. I prided myself on teaching clerks, and enjoyed the MTU and the people I worked with. Personally, though, everything was crumbling down. Towards the middle of my second year of residency, my performance did, admittedly, stumble a little bit- preceptors noted lack of self confidence, and my knowledge/recall skills were not up to par in some areas- but, I still managed to make it through without failure or red flags. - I realized that IM was not a good fit for me while I was on voluntary leave after much (much!!) self-reflection. To that point, I had built my resume headed towards Allergy & Immunology. I enjoyed parts of A & I and had great preceptors/mentors. However, it kind of felt forced- I didn't love it, and maybe (as mentioned) I was looking for everything to be 100% perfect, but it just did not feel right. I know beggars can't be choosers, but I always felt there was something better out there for me. I felt perhaps family medicine would be a better fit for me, my health, and my "generalist" interests. It was a conflicting time for me and I think my thought was I had come so far and worked so hard, if I had to stay in medicine, then I'd thrive better in FM. - When I came back to my IM program after voluntary leave, I asked for a transfer to FM. This is where the system really showed lack of support. I requested rotations in FM, and was able to do 1 while waiting for a transfer opportunity. Both my psychiatrist and academic advisors supported doing rotations in FM or "FM-friendly rotations" like GIM; however, there was a clear understanding that continuing IM like nothing had happened would negatively impact my mental health and risk deteriorating while working in an area that wasn't a good fit. The Postgrad department would not allow me to complete more rotations in FM due to funding/availability reasons (very reasonable!); they wanted me to jump back into an ICU rotation, which I felt uncomfortable with given my mental health history. Unfortunately, the postgrad department especially was not supportive or accommodating of my mental health, and I felt somewhat ostracized. I was asking for an olive branch, sure. I felt getting back slowly into IM while waiting for a transfer would be a good compromise, but it wasn't an option with them. It was almost like they wanted me to return from leave and act like nothing had happened. I argue that depression is a chronic disease and it's not something you can just get over in 4 months. - I applied for a transfer at every FM program across the country. It was difficult and consisted of many conversations with postgrads, but the bottom line was, with the exception of Dal, I was considered an out of province resident. As such, priority was lower, and I will say this: FM programs across Canada at the time were getting inundated with transfer requests- it was crazy! - I met my husband in this same time frame, who lived in BC. I moved out there and pursued a transfer to UBC FM in BC. The town we live in has a FM residency program, and a local FP advocated on my behalf to UBC to add me to their program. Things were actually looking promising as my application was solid (I had great references from my FP rotation), but again, a stringent system prevented it from going through. That FP has since closed his practice and moved, unfortunately for the people of our city. - After this, I continued to pursue transfer to FM anywhere, everywhere. I applied to the second round of CaRMs the following year. I asked to do FM rotations at other academic centres, but again, priority was given to their home residents. CaRMS round 2 snagged me 5 interviews at out of province schools, but to no success- I was told FM was so popular, it was nearly impossible to match to an out of province school, and Dal had a number of transfer requests to FM at the time (I was told at least a dozen). Eventually time passed and I timed out. I withdrew formally from residency, and you know what? I was content and at peace with that. In the meantime I was establishing a new life in BC for myself, and had discovered an industry I absolutely love and continue to work in to this day. - I don't regret anything about my journey. Yes, CBC skipped a lot of the details. The thing that makes me most sad is the fact that I received many, many messages from medical students and residents across Canada after going public with my story, who were battling the same inflexible system. Shortly after my story came out, a student at the U of T committed suicide due to CaRMS. Sure, perhaps medicine wasn't a great fit for me (and it took me a while to realize this), but I cannot imagine what going through this would've been like for a resident who has the passion for practicing family medicine and only realized it after CaRMs. It really does take a toll on mental health. Residency shouldn't be a destiny; life happens, change occurs- like any other career, one should be able to change their mind without having to face such monstrous road blocks. My application wasn't perfect, but when I was in medicine, I will say I was a good practitioner and had the references and feedback to support this. I prided myself on patient care, and if you knew me, you'll know that I can establish rapport with most. I advocated for my patients whenever I could. I never failed a rotation and my knowledge competency only stuttered due to depression & anxiety I was experiencing at the time. I really did want it to work. I don't wish to defend my decision, but hope this explains things. I get asked from time to time if I want to go back- I don't. I don't miss it at all. I feel selfish and guilty sometimes due to the taxpayers dollars spent on me and the lack of FPs in Canada- I wish I could have made it work- but life goes on, and it's my life. I've met several other individuals who've left medicine since, so I'm not alone. I haven't kept abreast of the goings on with medical residencies and CaRMS since I left, but I do hope that others found strength in my story (even though I left in the end), and hope they continued to push for their transfers. More importantly I hope that mental health and burnout are at the forefront of discussions at every program in Canada, and are better accommodated when they occur. If you are suffering from it, PLEASE do not be ashamed to get help. I'm glad I did, as it's led me to a path of contentment and fulfillment. Alison
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    please end our misery
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    I think it would be on the 25, they just didn't mention specifically since it possible that it get delay but it's a safe bet I would say
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    Got an email from the RC today saying that exams will go ahead - they are offering a refund for anyone who needs to cancel due to quarantine or inability to travel, and that it will not count as one of your attempts.
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    UofT 2020 Applications DISCUSSION THREAD

    Here's to hoping we'll get some closure today...
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    Status: IP applicant first try! Timestamp: 10:01am NL GPA: 86% MCAT: 513 ECs: long term and diverse with volunteering, mentorship, and leadership! Interviews: MMI felt mostly good and traditional felt really good! honestly just in shock and so grateful
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    Acceptance letter release date?

    Praying this is them just trying to deter us from asking every few days hahaha! thanks for contacting them
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    They’re coming out now! Do we post stats here or in the big thread!
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    Post-Interview Ranking

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    Right? I also just have a nasty habit of moving my eyes to whatever is moving in a room. It makes studying in public hard, and makes not looking at evaluator's papers harder lol.
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    It should be only 3 more days max of waiting though, so it's almost over
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    Acceptance letter release date?

    Admissions over the phone said: near the end of March.
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    Salut à tous! J'ai été refusé l'an passé en sortant du cegep avec une cote R de 35,4. J'ai terminé mon cegep avec 35. J'ai maintenant 13 crédit à l'université dans un programme avec une bonne cote à l'UdeM. J'ai 3.9 de cote z, ça équivaut à combien en cote R? Je pense que le Casper c'est bien passé, mais rien d'exeptionnel. Selon vous, ai-je de bonnes chances d'être accepté?
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    got an interview. looks like they are coming out today
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    Post-match depression

    Residency goes by quickly. Faster than undergrad, faster than medical school. You'll be so busy most of the time you won't have time to mope. If you are really invested in your relationship with your girlfriend, there are ways to make it work. You have 4 weeks of vacation to spend with each other as well as taking a couple of personal days to see each other on weekends sounds nice even if short lived. Plus there's things like skype/facebook messenger/whatsapp for the times you need her through the week. You will slowly adapt to a new life in your new city and make new lifelong friends. I would know because I was in your situation at the beginning of residency as well. I was homesick every day and it only hit when I started living here but slowly but surely I got used to it, made new friends and started a new life. I still am not happy being far from home, but it's a lot better than when I arrived.
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    Medicine after law school

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the questions you asked, but I just thought I'd say that when I interviewed at Calgary med, one of the guys in my group was actually a criminal lawyer. Maybe hearing that theres others could be any extra encouragement you need :))))
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    Traditionally the results come out on the Tuesday after the last interview weekend, but last year's came out on the Monday. Some years they were staggered where someone received an offer the day after some people.
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    Your final transcripts including winter 2020 final marks must also be sent to the university by June 15th. Because acceptances are sent out May-July then I assume this means your winter 2020 marks are factored into your gpa.
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    voici ce que je me souviens Début mai genre 2-3 Première vague admissions et refus Mi-mai 2-3 jours après que les réponses de médecine soient diffusées 17-18 mai: deuxième vague d'admission, grosse vague de refus Fin mai 27-28 mai, dernières offres d'admission, les derniers refus et les offres de liste d'attente.
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    Why Queens

    I think theres a few threads that IMLove has not linked that also speak to why Queen’s is the best Medical School in Canada. 1. Community spirit. Queen’s has one of the smallest and tightest knit community. Having graduated 2 years ago, I still have events with the classmates that have moved to the same city as I have. Furthermore, graduates keep fond memories of Queen’s and are always ready to help out if you reach out. This community feel extends further than just Kingston. When I speak with attendings that graduated from Queen’s, there is an instant connection there. 2. Administration: Queen’s is one of the best run Medical Schools in the country. The curriculum is outstanding and they constantly modify it to incorporate feedback from prior years. Dr. Sanfilipo is a gem and actively engages the medical student body through Town Hall Meetings where he will update the medical students about what is going on in the medical school. Dean Reznick was great too (he is stepping down this year). He would host every medical student at his house for dinner with his wife by groups of 10. 3. CARMS: Probably a little early for you to start thinking about this but Queen’s consistently has one of the best matches in the country. This is not only with respect to match rate but also when looking at success rate for competitive specialty. 20% of my class matched to the Top 5 most competitive specialty for that year. This is no fluke, the medical school is invested in the success of each medical student and helps you achieve your goal. 4. Kingston: Best student town in Canada. Everything is walking distance which means that you lose no time in traffic or for your commute. 5. Salaried Physicians: Queen’s is special as all the staff (99%) are salaried. This means they are not feeling forced to see as many patients as possible and will allow you to take your time with patients and will offer great teaching. 6. Preparation for LMCC: Pretty much all schools will prepare you for the LMCC but I felt Queen’s did a great job. We write the NBME after each block (this might have changed since I went through). The LMCC Part I and II were a joke. I got 93 percentile and 96 percentile with limiting studying. I would say a large part of that is due to the approaches I learnt at Queen’s. I have graduated 2 years ago and my 4 years at Queen’s were the best years of my life. If you have the opportunity to join QMED, I would grasp it with both hands.
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    Acceptance letter release date?

    Me trying to remain positive.
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    By the end of the 4 years of Dental School, most Canadian trained dentists are far behind clinically and theoretically compared to their Australian and American counterparts. Experience and education are almost exclusively what makes one a good practioner. So if the Canada does indeed want to invest in their best, brightest and highest caliber, then by your logic, they should exclude Canadian trained dentists from that list.
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    GPA chance

    Honestly, when I found out my GPA was only 5.0 on a 4.0 scale, I almost just gave up. I realized my GPA would hold me back so I just grabbed the holy CanMed infinity stones - Cerulean Communicator, Carmine Collaborator, Lilac Leader, Salmon Scholar, Hazel Health Advocate, and a Purple Professional Stone. When I combined my CanMed infinity stones, I was able to overcome my GPA. I hope this helps!
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    I feel like I'm going to throw up... Result: Accepted!!!! Timestamp: 9:22 EST May 8, 2018 wGPA: 3.87 MCAT: met cutoffs ECs: (copy and pasted from invite 2018 thread) Lots of music stuff (RCM for piano at high level, played music/led a band for my youth group for 5+ years, self-taught guitar, song writing but tbh nothing really to show for it). Majored in an allied health profession in undergrad so really tried to incorporate my clinical experiences as much as I could. ZERO research...zilch...nada...nothing. Thought for sure that would make me dead on arrival (in combination with my sub-par wGPA). Had a bit of typical premed stuff - hospital volunteering, tutoring etc... Also tried to include some of my hobbies - stuff you would NEVER expect to see on a professional application lol. When I showed my app to a friend he said "Bro are you sure you want to include that?" I literally tossed them in there because (1) Yes I'm passionate about them (2) I thought there was no way I'd get interviewed so might as well show "all of me."  tl;dr - BELOW average imo (but I guess not the adcom's opinion lol) Advice to future applicants (based on my experience): Be yourself and most importantly be true to yourself. Show the adcoms the person you are, not the person you think they want you to be. Use discretion of course though lol Essays: Spent way too many days thinking about them and not enough days writing them. In the end I'd say I was moderately content with them - some more than others. Advice to future applicants(based on my experience): Be impactful and use stories. Research the school well, find out what qualities they're looking for and show how you've demonstrated those qualities through your story telling. Interview: I was fairly confident walking out, but I knew how I "felt" about it may not have any relationship to how I actually "did." Am stunned that it worked out! Overall, I'd say 3 interviews were rock solid, and 1 was moderately shaky but I think I handled myself well. Advice to future interviewers (based on my experience): It's stated on the forums everywhere but I think it makes a difference. Be a human in there and keep calm. I used PHD2MD's thread (below) to help in prep, but honestly I believe as long as you know yourself well, are prepared to see issues from both sides, and are able to "connect' with your interviewers, you are good to go. Year: Graduated undergrad in 2017 Cannot believe this. Dreams come true. I can guarantee you that I am FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from an exceptional candidate (lower than avg wGPA, meh ECs, decent essays) and yet I landed a spot at U of T Med. I really want to drive home this point (because it is something I truly did not believe for the past 5 years): that you DO NOT have to have a 4.0 GPA, ridonkulous ECs, 10 first author pubs etc etc in order to get into U of T Med. Believe in yourself, and believe in the work you've put in. Best of luck to all future applicants. ....Holy balls I'm gonna be a doctor!!!!!!
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    ha, love - well that is reason enough
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    Refus/invitation MEM

    Je confirme que les refus ont commencé.
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    Why do they wait so long to respond to many of their applications? I understand the need to have a waitlist of applicants in case interview slots open up, but shouln't they be realistic and start sending out more R's? It's mid-March...
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