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    What’s beyond speculation is that queens has given us the biggest striptease out of any medical school in Canada
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    Les études de médecine vont être difficiles peu importe où tu vas étudier. Autant mieux choisir une université où le programme te plait et où idéalement tu es près de tes proches. Être près de sa famille / amis / copain / copine n’a pas de prix pour toutes les fois où on a besoin de leur support moral et de se changer les idées. Et bon la réputation des universités n’a absolument aucun impact sur le résultat du CaRMS et ne devrait même pas être une considération dans la sélection à moins que vises faire une résidence à Harvard. Un MD canadien c’est un MD peu importe où tu l’as obtenu.
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    Acceptance letter release date?

    Couldn't agree more. The admission process starts back in August basically and we are told we are going to find out in March. Yes a lot of things have changed due to COVID-19 and there are a lot of more pressing issues in the world at this moment, I understand that. But that still doesn't take away from the fact being accepted into medical school is important for the individual and the healthcare system. I have not seen any sense of entitlement on here whatsoever. Are we tired of waiting? Yes. Are we frustrated with the situation and having very little distractions? Absolutely. But by no means does that mean we are entitled. No individual here is demanding that they know whether they are accepted or not. I think the fact we are all confined to our homes with little else to distract us with is a major contributing factor to the frustrations built up. But this isn't the admissions committees fault, we recognize that this pandemic is completely out of their control. So to be deemed as entitled because we're disappointed that the fate of futures has been delayed for a month is quite uncalled for in my opinion. At no point has anyone blamed or attacked the admissions committee. Obviously we all want them to make the correct decisions when the time comes for admissions letters to be released. It just sucks to have to wait when you originally believed you would know the answer.
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    Acceptance letter release date?

    Acceptances are life changing. And it is good to have a forum where you can tap to others in the same situation and feel supported. But as I said, there are many priorities that med schools have now and only limited capacity to deal with them, and unfortunately acceptances are not as high as other things, and for good reason. This pandemic is life changing, not just to medical students but applicants to all programs, jobs seekers, etc. I just get irked when people are frustrated with admin for a problem they did not create, and it is well within their rights to delay things. I see entitlement a lot in medicine, and I come from a background where that is not present and so I challenge it without hesitation. I too took many years to get where I am, and understand the process is arduous, stressful, long, and bogged down. I wish nothing but the best for all of you, when the time comes. It is not easy for anyone during these times, so lean on family and friends (virtually hah), and try to stay sane as best as possible. We’re all in this together, facing our individual and collective challenges. Again, good luck to y’all.
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    DMD 2020

    De ce que j'ai compris personnellement, ta note sur 30 dépend des résultats de tous ceux qui ont fait le TAED, comme ça, la difficulté devient pas un facteur pour ton résultat parce qu'il est ajusté en fonction des autres. C'est comme un peu la cote R, il faut que tu te démarques pour avoir super bon. Mais au Québec les unis demandent 15/30 pour perception ce qui est un peu en bas de la moyenne et pour dextérité, 5/30 c'est atteignable à moins que tu aies cassé le savon hahaha si t'es visuel moi j'ai compris avec cette image là
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    DMD 2020

    oui je parlais bel et bien des résultats du TAED:) L'année passée, les résultats étaient sortis le 9 avril. Si on y ajoute 2 semaines, ça donne environ le 23 avril!
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    Acceptance letter release date?

    Totally echo this!! To everyone waiting, just know that all admins and med school staff are incredibly bogged down right now with intradepartmental matters. COVID threw everyone and everything (including all of the med classes) in for a loop .
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    Tu te bases sur ceux qui évaluent des critères qui sont importants pour toi, tout simplement. Puis-je te rappeler que tu as affirmé que le concept de réputation n'existait pas? On t'a juste dit que c'était faux. C'est un fait, et ça n'a rien de pathétique. On a jamais dit que l'externat avait aucune importante, loin de là. Comme dans n'importe quoi, plusieurs facteurs pèsent dans la balance. Certains plus que d'autres, c'est vrai, mais de là à dire que ça n'a jamais aucune importance... sorry, mais non. Et PERSONNE n'a dit ou même insinué que ton chat est mort si tu étudies à Sherbrooke ou Laval. Évidemment que c'est pas la seule chose qui est prise en compte, ni même que c'est important. Mais à deux candidats égaux, pour certaines universités (probablement plus hors QC), ça se pourrait que ça change quelque chose. Non, mais en même temps tu es capable de comprendre que pour quelqu'un d'autre, ça peut être quelque chose qui pèse dans la balance, même si c'est pas dans tes ''2 facteurs importants''. Personnellement, je vise psychiatrie aussi, et je n'aurais pas choisis Sherbrooke pour cette raison. Parce que j'ai envie de faire de la recherche dans ce domaine durant mon MD. Pour moi, ça change quelque chose. Tout comme la vie étudiante. Chacun ses critères. Chacun y accorde l'importance qu'il veut. Pour d'autres, la réputation est plus importante. Ça n'a rien de pathétique.
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    Au risque de me répéter, encore une fois, je suis d'accord avec tout ce que tu dis; je pense que tu as simplement mal compris mon message. Il n'a jamais été question de quelle université offre la meilleure qualité d'éducation; si tu relis mon message, tu verras que je les ai classées en terme de réputation et non basé sur la réputation (il y a une nuance !). Il s'agit d'une simple observation de quelles universités sont les plus réputées, mais il n'a jamais été question de si cette réputation est corrélée à la qualité du M.D. ou de son importance en tant que critère de sélection. Aucune université n'a été dénigrée, donc je trouve simplement que tu démarres au quart de tour. C'est le lecteur qui choisit de faire peser ou non cette réputation sur son choix, et ça, c'est personnel. Si tu trouves que qualifier une université de moins réputée comme équivalent à la dénigrer, alors c'est peut-être toi qui accordes plus d'importance à la réputation qu'il ne faudrait...
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    It's the only option that is realistic at this point. Now if only they'd come to that conclusion several months ago when it still would have been possible for them to give the written, and we would all be fine right now. I've been saying it this whole time. They needed to push out the written exams in March before the shit hit the fan. And now it's too late.
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    legit jme demande pk c'est toujours ce thread-là qui barre en couille à chaque fois
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    DMD 2020

    Je te le souhaite vraiment! Et pour la question, désolée, j'ai aucune idée...
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    DMD 2020

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    DMD 2020

    Je crois que Med.E parlait des résultats du TAED, sorry j'ai pas spécifié. Mais au niveau des réponses, je sais pas Médecine sort le 13 mai, faque normalement c'est après médecine que ça sort non?
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    Does anyone know if it is required to write the number of hours for each activity/ volunteer experience for the resumes in the OT applications (i.e. queens and u of t)? I noticed many people wrote 600+ etc., but I did not include that in my resume and kept it one bullet point for each. Also, does anyone know if taking a 3/4 course load would affect the chances of getting into the ot program for ontario schools? i'm worried the 3/4 course load on transcript would be affect my application.
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    I don't think IM said anything that came from a place of malice. This process is long and gruelling but we shouldn't look at opinions that differ from ours,as an attack. Hope everyone is keeping safe
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    Thank you for this!!
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    Acceptance letter release date?

    Pretty bold you of you say what I highlighted in your last post. I don't see any evidence of entitlement here, not a single person has said anything dramatic or unwarranted towards the admissions committee. Given the fact that Dal normally releases decisions in March and should have been mostly finished before all this started here in NS, I think everyone's been demonstrating that they understand the circumstances pretty well, considering the significance of decision letters and the fact that other schools in more impacted provinces (McGill) have been able to stay on track with releasing theirs.
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    Comme ça a été dit par un résident plus haut, la ''réputation'' c'est pas vraiment important à moins que tu vises Hardvard ou une autre Ivy League. Tant mieux si c'est ton cas, mais ce n'est pas le cas de la majorité. Quand je dis que ça n'a aucune importance, c'est relativement. Il vaut mieux se forcer à l'externat, faire des électifs, de la recherche, etc. que de miser sur le nom de ton alma mater. La vie étudiante, c'est un critère beaucoup plus valable, parce que ça aura un réel impact sur la santé mentale de la personne. C'est aussi un critère plus important, car tu ne peux pas modifier la vie étudiante de ton uni, tandis que tu as le contrôle sur ton externat et indirectement tes CaRMS. Je ne dis pas qu'il faut choisir son université pour les party : je dis simplement qu'il faut éviter d'enfler artificiellement l'importance du nom de l'université. L'externat et le CV sont très très importants. Il y a des gens de Sherbrooke/UL qui ont matché en plastie, orthopédie, chirurgie cardiaque (une place à McGill), et plus, des spécialités très très contingentées. J'ai vu même des gens de UL/UdeS matcher en psychiatrie à McGill. C'est très possible si la personne ne minimise pas l'externat. Je pense qu'on devra juste agree to disagree Mon but est de rappeler l'importance de l'externat, bien avant le nom de l'université et de ne pas faire peur aux gens qui sont intéressés par UdeS et ULaval. Anyway, ils vont vous redire tout ça au pré-clinique.
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    Carrière Physiothérapie

    Un physio débute à l'échelon 4 de la grille gouvernementale, soit 28.69$/h (la convention syndicale est en négociation, donc ce devrait être plus de 29$/h d'ici peu), pour 35h/sem. Les cliniques privées offrent souvent la même base avec parfois un bonus de 10% car il n'y a pas de bénéfices marginaux comme au public. Par contre, les cliniques privées offrent habituellement de rembourser la cotisation annuelle de l'ordre (690$/an) et un budget pour la formation continue (varie entre 000 à 2000$/an). Les horaires au public sont de 8h à 16h, du lundi au vendredi, les fériés sont payés si tu as un poste, sinon, les premières années ou tu fais des remplacements, il y a des bénéfices supplémentaires (au privé, les bénéfices ne sont pas payés). 4 semaines de vacances payées par an. Un désavantage du privé, tu es aussi payé à l'acte, donc si un patient annule d'avance et pas remplacé à ton horaire, tu n'as pas ton plein salaire (à négocier à ton contrat... certaines cliniques ne paient pas du tout, d'autres offrent un plancher de base proche du salaire minimum). Horaire au privé est variable avec des soirs et des weekends pour couvrir des événements sportifs si la clinique est associée à des équipes ou des événements. Pour ce qui est d'être propriétaire, c'est très variable en fonction du type de clinique (franchise vs indépendant), grosseur, lieu, nb d'employés, emprunt bancaire initial, proprio seul ou en groupe... donc dur à dire, mais les premières années, il faut s'attendre à un salaire moindre qu'un salarié employé car tu es, en tant que propriétaire, le dernier payé! Si tu as d'autres questions, tu peux m'écrire en privé (ou tous ceux et celles ayant des questions sur la physio!)
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    DMD 2020

    Oui comme ||PM|| a dit t'as des bonnes chances d'être admis, plusieurs personnes que je connais se sont fait accepter directement sans liste d'attente avec une CRU aux alentours de 35.5.
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    Acceptance letter release date?

    I think everyone knows that the delay is due to COVID-19 and that there’s a lot going on, but that doesn’t mean decision letters aren’t important too. Getting accepted to medical school is such a life changing thing, and many people are waiting on this to make other life changing decisions. It’ll happen when it happens but I think this forum helps people deal with their anxiety by talking to others in the same situation
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    Petite recherche, pour ceux que ça intéresse: le QS World University Rankings calcule des scores pour les facultés de médecine basé sur la réputation comme employeur, la réputation académique, le h-index citation et le nombre de citations par article. https://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/936992/university-subject-rankings/2020/medicine/compare/396/417/337/1758 Turns out que dans le monde, en 2020, McGill est classé 21e (79.4 / 90.3 / 91.7 / 84), UdeM dans le top 51-100 (69.3 / 92 / 92.9 / 65.5), ULaval dans le top 201-250 (62.2 / 85.1 / 93.4 / 47.4) et UdeS dans le top 401-450 (54.9 / 67.7 / 81.8 / 37.6). Pour quelqu'un comme moi qui veut faire de la recherche, et faire des collaborations à l'international, c'est clair que ça change quelque chose. Superficiel ou pas, qu'on soit d'accord ou pas, si le nom de l'Université fait une différence dans ma visibilité, ça a un impact. Pour quelqu'un qui veut aller pratiquer ailleurs, si l'employeur ne connait pas l'université de nom, vous pensez qu'il va se baser sur quoi? Ça a un impact. Pour un étudiant international, c'est important aussi. Ce débat est pointless. Personne ici n'a dénigré quoi que ce soit en se basant là-dessus. Ni que c'était forcément un indicateur de la qualité de l'éducation. On dit juste que ça peut peser dans la balance au moment de choisir. C'est un fait.
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    Oui mybad haha, j'avais complètement oublié ça !
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    I made a poll for this in the hopes that it would help estimate the number of panel interview invitations/waitlists/rejections... Conspiracy gang, feel free to answer this to help you speculate (and also decrease response bias in my very scientific, rigorous study lol...)
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    Moving away

    I have a friend at UBC dentistry and he tells me that living on a campus on the other side of the country isn't as difficult as it seems. He flies home around twice a year (once for the holidays and once for reading week) and so he just has to organize his reunions with old friends around this timeframe. With that said, I've heard that you can easily make new friends by finding people from the same province during orientation
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    I think it moved two spots today! It's now at #28
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    Je ne suis pas certain de saisir en quoi la réputation devrait être considéré comme un facteur important (peut-être pour ceux désirant faire leur résidence à l’international?) dans le choix de l’université sachant que les 4 universités offrent le même diplôme à la fin des études en médecine.... De plus, à partir de l’automne prochain, McGill va ouvrir un campus de médecine entièrement francophone en Outaouais donc ton affirmation que les cours à McGill sont donnés en anglais est seulement vrai pour le campus de Montréal.
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    Faster than last year, slower than the year before!
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    Dr. A

    DMD 2020

    avec un casper moyen 35.5 c'est bon pour udem dent. Donc, oui t'as des bonnes chances
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    DMD 2020

    Salut! Pour ceux que ça intéresse, pendant qu'on attends le mois de mai... -> Refusée à UdeS, CRU: 34.941 -> Convoquée à Ulaval en Médecine -> Pour udeM: j'estime que ma CRU est d'environs 35.5, incluant le bonis de 0.5 (je suis en fin de BAC à l'UdeM). Casper: Moyen Pensez-vous que j'ai des chances d'être au moins sur la liste d'attente pour med dentaire? L'année passée je sais qu'il y a des gens qui ont été accepté avec moins, mais ça dépends toujours du casper... Bonne chance à tous!
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    Tout ce que je sais, c'est qu'en terme de réputation (donc de stéréotypes), McGill > UdeM > UdeS >= ULaval (UdeS et ULaval à égalité avec un léger avantage pour UdeS). Encore une fois, je ne parle qu'en terme de réputation et de ce que j'ai souvent entendu dans mon entourage. Quelqu'un qui va à McGill en médecine, ça impressionne plus, mais ça ne veut pas dire que la qualité de l'éducation y est supérieure par rapport à l'UdeM (je dirais même que c'est le contraire). Maintenant, si on fait fi de la réputation, ça dépend de ton learning style. Faut prendre en compte le fait que McGill et ULaval donnent plus de cours magistraux à style classique (même s'il y a aussi de l'APP), alors que UdeM et UdeS sont réputées pour s'orienter vers l'APP (donc si t'aimes apprendre avec beaucoup d'indépendance, en 'active learning', faudrait aller vers ces universités). Évidemment, il y a aussi le fait que les cours à McGill sont en anglais.
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    I applied too! I asked the school about pre-requisite grades and they said its just if you have it or not they do not look at grades (I had two classes that satisfied one of the pre-requisits and they said it didn't matter which one I used because they are both over that base average requirement). I'm in the same boat as you if thats any comfort my cgpa is 3.61 :/ but my friend who got in said last year 3.6 is when then offered interviews. Also with the french, all the text books are english and some of the teachers actually teach in english. My friend finished her first year and did school before uni in french and says it really isn't bad. Hope you get in!
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    What am i doing wrong?

    Hi. I'm the one that wrote the post "PA is not a stepping stone" - sharing it as an opinion piece on my blog - And I've iterated over and over that this is a personal opinion and not one representative of ANY PA programs. So if there is beef you have with this opinion (my opinion), its best you take it up with me directly, rather than antagonizing the PA programs. As referenced by another individual who posted here - the sentiment I expressed comes from the small profession trying to establish itself in Canada. Of course we have colleagues that were once PAs and became MDs in Canada. Those MDs are often our biggest advocates too once they are practicing because they know the potential impact a PA can have on a practice and its patients. Each individual journey is different, but telling admissions committee saying you hope to one day become an MD would not be helpful for your case. ____________ To address the rest of your post - Sometimes I hesitate to even post in replies like these, but this warranted a response IMO for two reasons: First, your post is not helpful in answering OP's original question. What you wrote was a rant against admissions methods, in a public anonymous forum that anyone looking to learn more about the PA profession can read. Instead of a helpful post, you used the opportunity to rant, where you spread gossip about the admissions process. You could have focused on suggestions that were constructive and helpful instead to OP's question but didn't. Second, your post is full of misinformation, and is not an accurate representation of what's happening with PA admissions or the PA programs. The reasoning behind admission criteria and their admissions process PA programs is confidential and not shared with the public. You can speculate and complain about a process you think is a joke, because you may not understanding the reason why admissions committees choose to use a certain format. Members who contribute in the group do so with the intention of helping, providing information, while also respecting the confidentiality of the PA Admissions Process. ____________ I'd be open to speaking to you and the individuals you've talked to expressing concerns further, whether DM on this forum or emailing me.
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    St. George vs. MAM?

    If you are accepted to the St. George campus, you will receive the survey after.
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    I kinda want a transparent backpack. Some avant garde post-modernistic design backpack
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    À ben y penser, je ne crois pas que les unis vont prendre le temps de regarder les notes. L'université, qui a décidé d'accorder la possibilité de choisir Mention/échec est sa façon de présenter son indulgence envers les gens qui sont défavorisés en ce temps de crise. Le fait de passer par-dessus la mention succès pour regarder la note serait contradictoire à ce que l'université a fait. Il y aurait donc injustice pour ceux qui ont des situations difficiles en ce moment... Mais après, ça reste de la spéculation...
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    Scared about Interviews

    I have noticed in your post that you use a lot of extremes to describe your situation: eg. “I have always been I ignored”, “I could never keep friends...”, “I will definitely tank my interview...”, “no confidence, no sense of self”. Maybe that is truly how you feel right now, but I would find it unlikely that everyone has always ignored you and that you have never maintained any relationships. So I would recommend reflecting on some things that you are grateful for. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it could be the support of family, the understanding of professors, or your amazing dedication to school and extracurriculars. Second, perhaps you can consider appraising your situation with more balance. This can be as simple as avoiding the use of extremes, like “never, always, none, everyone.” Although it may feel horrible sometimes, there is likely a silver lining and you can appraise the situation by trying to see both sides. Maybe no one noticed you in class in the morning, but you worked with some friendly people in your ECs in the afternoon. So acknowledge when good things happen and avoid seeing a situation as “always“ like this, or “never“ like that. Third, if things don’t turn out how you hope, then take things into your own hands! As I’m sure you’ve learned in psychology, people with an internal locus if control uphold the belief that they have control over their lives and subsequently they show greater resilience when faced with challenges. So if no guy seems to ask you out, then why not ask them out instead? If you don’t feel like you belong, then maybe try exploring another group. If people are not taking the initiative to get to know you first, then why not take the initiative to make the first move? At the end of the day, the interviewers will be looking to understand how you overcome challenges and that you are capable of working cordially with others. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone and you don’t have to be the life of the party. So this might be a good opportunity for you to re-appraise your situation, reflect, and take the initiative to make changes for the future. Because as a doctor, you will likely face countless other challenges and the interviewers will want to see that you have the ability to question your own beliefs and to take the initiative to improve for your future patients.
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    TIME STAMP: 10:55 Result: Admitted with condition Pre-req GPA: 4.0 MCAT: Not submitted Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): First interview after facing many reject over the years. I felt good about 7-8 stations but was convinced I screwed up royally on 2-3 of them. But with time, I started doubting everything I did until today Year: 2nd undergrad finished in 2018 IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: To anyone reading this, it was my 6th time applying. After my first bachelor (with a disastrous GPA), I was even told by an advisor I could never get into med school. But I kept reading success stories on the forum about people who did a second bachelor and who got in. Thus I went down that road, which was not easy by any means, but it was all worth it. Do not get discouraged by getting a reject, keep improving yourself, do stuff that matters to you and which will show the adcoms how everyday you strive to become a better version of yourself and how big is your resolve to get into med school. Do not let a reject define who you are at the moment. You'll get in, I believe in that. It's just a matter of time. Congratulations to everyone who got in and for those on the waitlist, it's not easy to be patient but it will pay off.
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    The slow decay of dentistry

    Currently looking for associateship position and this thread was a very depressing read LOL. Quick comment about finances: people constantly give examples of "your income will be ___ if you try to pay off your debt in 10 years, which is basically the income of a teacher/nurse/etc." Is this perspective actually accurate? Excluding OSAP, there is absolutely no pressure to pay off your debt - the bank LOC does not convert into a loan, and all you're forced to pay is the monthly interest (which for me is currently about 750 dollars a month on a 230k debt). In fact, very few other careers offer (potentially) lifelong access to a 350k LOC - of course this should be handled extremely responsibly but its still a beneficial thing to have. Others have also not considered the small (but still relevant) effect that tuition credits will have on helping you make a bit of a dent in your loans early out of school. Dentistry is an opportunity to make a higher income and it's honestly up to the individual to decide what they'd like to do with their earnings. A fixed 80k/year salary is not the same as a 150k salary where you can choose to pay off your debt (or not). It's like being offered an 800k mortgage by a bank - it's a blessing to have this option, though you may choose to rent instead. Not everyone is presented with this option or this choice. From how I look at it, dentistry is not a golden ticket with a guaranteed 6-figure salary and comfortable lifestyle. Nothing in life gives that kind of guarantee. And personally, I don't feel entitled because I'm a graduating dentist - I don't deserve a specific income and lifestyle. I am fortunate to have grown up in a country which has offered me the opportunity to become a dentist and a line of work which is rewarding and challenging. I am also fortunate that I have the option to do any and all of the things which were mentioned in this thread - I could move to the US, work up north or in Alberta or Saskatchewan, go abroad and help people, own 20 clinics or none, work 3 days a week or 7, I can make make bad or good financial decisions. I have OPTIONS - it's up to me what I do with them. I grew up in a poor immigrant family and I don't think people realize that having these options and opportunities is a blessing in and of itself. People are speaking about working at McDonalds... you have the opportunity to choose between being a Dentist and a McDonald employee, I would hazard to guess that a lot of McDonald employees do not have a similar choice. I realize that I speaking from a place of doey-eyed optimism and that I haven't experienced the (probably very difficult) realities of the real world. Take what I say with a grain of salt.
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    Doing A Masters During Medical School

    Do not do a masters in Med school. Poor financial decision. Get somewhat paid and do it in residency. I did this. Residency is the best time to do a masters. Not before. Not after. In Med school you make no money. As staff your masters likely will result in a pay cut as you can’t do as much clinically. Residency is the time.
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    2019-2020 UofT MD Essay Topics

    I would recommend you use the strongest/most relevant experiences. If they happen to be the same, especially if UofT says that they evaluate the ABS/statements and 4 essays separately, it should be fine. I personally took anecdotes from the same activities used in my 3 statements throughout my 4 essays (in addition to answering the question, providing personal insight/stories) and had no problems being accepted to UofT Best of luck!
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    I find it LAUGHABLE that all of you are going into this field for the MONEY. I, for one, am choosing to go into this career to ENJOY the unique and uncomparable experiences of the field of dentistry. I CAN'T WAIT until I get the opportunity to develop carpal tunnel, chronic back-pain, arthritis, crippling depression, and overwhelming debt. How can a 9-5 office job at an accounting firm POSSIBLY compare to the daily spectacles of vomit comets splattering on to my brand new $9.99 plaid Joe Fresh button up or the humbling feat of crying myself to sleep everynight with the haunting words of cute little 5 year old Sally from church echoing through my mind as she tells me "Dentists are all med rejects." Can't ask for a better way to spend the next 40 years of my life.
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    Accepted IP. Second time applying, wait listed last year. MCAT: 508 (124 / 129 / 125 / 130) GPA: 3.7 Like most people I thought the interview went OK but not amazing. Non-traditional applicant with another professional degree. Limited ECs / volunteering in recent years although a fair bit while in undergrad.
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