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    Western Waitlist Party 2019-2020

    Final update: I received an email from Schulich notifying me that the waitlist is officially closed yesterday Thank you to everyone on this thread for being so supportive. I truly appreciated every one of your replies/reactions to my questions and thoughts. It made the wait a lot easier Good luck everyone. Hopefully next year is our year!
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    PERSISTENTLY Please enjoy red salmon - it's savoury texture engages numerous tastebuds, like yellowfish.
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    Ongoing Activities Mistake?

    I wrote ones that were cancelled due to COVID were ongoing as well! On a few I just put a little note that said suspended due to COVID. I think it’s fine especially since we would have every intention of continuing once the restrictions lift! I’m trying to not think of my app anymore!! It’s submitted and out of my hands at this point lol!
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    Ongoing Activities Mistake?

    Hello ! i have the same situation lol I’m just hoping my verifier will explain that bc of covid it’s cancelled and that I’m planning to return after restrictions are lifted
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    SCRAMBLE Sweet crêpes, raspberries, apricots mixed beautifully - lovely eating!
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    SUDDENLY Suddenly, Ursula's dream delivery emerged - nice, lovely, youngsters!
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    TRUTHFULNESS Tom really undertook the health finals under legal necessity, effectively speedily, suddenly.
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    DELIGHTFUL Don’t ever live in golden homes today, Friday, unless lost.
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    Le nombre de convocations vont pas augmenter, mais basically ils donnent une chance aux gens avec des cotes faibles de quand même se faire convoquer s'ils ont des bons CASPer (et ainsi éliminent des gens avec des grosses cotes mais avec des mauvais CASPer), ce qui est quand même juste à mon avis!
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    SUNSETS Swimming underwater never seems efficient Ted said.
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    SUCCESS Sleep under cozy covers! Enjoy summer sunsets!
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    SARSAPARILLAS Seeing a respectful student and parents, Andrew returned inside leaving Lily alone. Success!
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    SMELLS Savour mushrooms. Eat linguine. Love sarsaparillas!
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    HYPNOSIS His yard pleases nobody Owen, seems it smells.
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    HEALTH Have exciting and Lovely tantalizing hypnosis!
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    DEVILISH Don’t eat voraciously, it’s ludicrous, it’s sabotaging health.
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    YEARNING Your ears are red now, it’s not good.
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    EMOTIONALLY Emotion may offer truth: it's often never a lie. Like yearning.
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    ENVIABLE Evelyn, never vulnerable, is a beautiful lady emotionally.
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    LOL who told you that it's important? The one that I see people using predominantly for professional purposes is Twitter, that's the one where a lot of people who do advocacy congregate. Even so, the three main actions on there seem to be: 1. complain. 2. brag. 3. suck up (e.g."wow what a wonderful lecture by Dr.X!"), none of which are helpful
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    Self-employment on ABS?

    I use to run a small business. I put it under employment. My verifier was someone from the small business branch of the Province of Ontario who helped entrepreneurs
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    Self-employment on ABS?

    To me, this is « self-employment », which would go under “employment”. As for a vérifier, why not a customer, a user of your services or product provided.
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    NAQ section review

    Hi there! I'm pretty busy with school right now so can't review your NAQ, but based on the blog posts I've read by the admissions team, they want you to put more emphasis on the description of the activity (e.g. your responsibilities, skills) and less reflection on how the activity demonstrates qualities that will make you a good doctor. This is the direction I went when writing my NAQ! https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2014/12/15/naq-myths-debunked-part-1/ Also, huge congrats for being close to the OOP cut-off! That's super competitive
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    Admission PharmaD 2020 Ulaval

    Salut! Pensez vous qu'il va y avoir une mise à jour de la liste d'attente ce vendredi malgré les vacances de la construction ?:)
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    Admissions MD Laval 2020

    Salut! Je me demandais, à la suite des offres faites aux collégiens aujourd'hui et hier, la LA collégienne à bougé de combien de places? Merci!:)
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    First Semester

    Edit: Congrats for being so self-disciplined.
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    Our medical school class was told the same thing by the residents ahead of us - it's residency that trains you to become a physician. Medical school is but an introduction to the breadth of the field - the role of the student is too dissimilar from that of the resident or attending to serve as direct job training. ralk posted on this previously: https://medicalblarg.blogspot.com/2016/01/underpants-gnome-theory-of-medical.html
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    Class president...the popularity contest where you elect someone in the first two weeks of school when you dont even really know everyone yet. Most of the roles are chores, and the most qualified people dont end up wanting to waste their time with them. You can be involved outside of medical school too.
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    GIVE-UP Gloves in velvet expand using persistently.
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    Update: UdeM a confirmé que tous ceux qui ont des cotes R supérieures à 33.000 sont admissibles pour être invités aux MEMs (les invitations se font à partir de 50% cote R - 50% CASPer)!
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