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    I CANT BREATHE. I CANT BREATHE. ACCEPTED. 5th time applying, 2nd time interviewing , IP Guys never fucking give up. I have two undergrads, I'm doing my masters, I redid 4 of my cegep classes (yes i was 25 and hustling it in cegep). 3,8 science GPA. IM OFF RUNNING SOMEWHERE SCREAMING THAT IM HAPPY. PM me for anything.
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    sorry for the late post, been busy pinching myself and crying all day!! TIME STAMP: ~14h30 pm (heart attack since 9 am)  Result: Admitted with condition !!! pre-reqGPA: 4,00 (redid my 4 basic pre-reqs at Athabasca, Thomson Rivers), old pre-req GPA was 3,01 MCAT: Not submitted Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): This was my 4th time interviewing at McGill, so I felt confortable with the process (I could've basically rehearsed their ppt slide), so I was a lot more relaxed and went in there being 1000% authentic (cheesy I know but its true). Felt like I was great in 3 stations, 1 below average and the rest pretty average IP/OOP/International: IP Comment : I've been applying to med school for 7 years!!! This was my 4th interview at McGill, I was straight up refused all 3 cycles before being admitted this year with no WL. Anyone with refusals, I know it sucks, I know your hurt. You need to keep trying and you need to push through if this is what you want. If anyone wants to chat PM me!!!
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    2019 Interview Waitlist Thread

    Hi all, there has been nothing really to say on this thread recently, and I was just finally coming to terms with having to apply again this year but... I just got this email from the MD admissions officer: Needless to say, I gladly and quickly accepted the offer. In case anyone is wondering, the timestamp is March 27, 11:36 am (only 3 days before the interview date), and the email came from edgew@mcmaster.ca and was addressed to the same email that I got the original waitlist letter to. So there is still hope for us, I have even heard of people being called in on the day before the interview, so keep your phone online and keep your volume up. Wish me luck
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    Little late, but was overwhelmed with the joy and excitment during the day. Result: ADMITTED WITH CONDITION Sci GPA: approx 3.60 --> after retaking several courses. 6th application, 3rd interview - DO NOT GIVE UP.
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    Just to be clear : I don't want to rub salt in people's wounds. Rejection is hard no matter the circumstances, and it's OK to be upset. I was upset last year too. However, it is important to remind ourselves that in Quebec, we are lucky to even be allowed to apply to Med School straight from Cégep. All other Canadian schools (with some very rare exceptions, i.e. in a very limited stream at Queen's I believe) require applicants to have completed a degree. I wish everybody success, but if things don't work out this year, here's an opportunity to become a better applicant the year after and to want this career even harder. I'm almost 30 and I like to think that there's no deadline to become a physician. This helps me enjoy the journey.
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    Just talked to them and confirmed there will still be one more wave next week
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    To those who got refused

    Even though she doesn't speak about medicine per say, I found her message valuable and thought I'd share it with my fellow candidates. It might help some of you cope with rejection and to not give up on your dream even when it seems unattainable.
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    TIME STAMP: 8:30PM EST (I believe it has been there since this morning) Result: Accepted pre-reqGPA: 4.0 MCAT: Submitted MMI: Felt great! Year: BSc - 2014 and MSc - 2016. Researcher since 2017. IP/OOP/International: OOP
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    Wow that was one heck of a sleep. I fell asleep and just woke up!!! TIME STAMP: probably sometime during REM?!?   Result: Admitted with condition !!! pre-reqGPA: 4.0 MCAT: Not submitted Feeling About MMI : wow I walked out of there thinking I was destroyed. I thought I will be rejected for sure.  IP/OOP/International: IP  Comment : I am in tears. I am going to slap myself to make sure I am awake!
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    I still haven't heard back. Anybody in the same boat?
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    We are almost there, now we are at the last stretch. In about 12 hours from now, we will be starting to get our results. It is safe to assume that most of us are going to go through some roller coaster of emotions. I just wanted everyone to remember how much hard work and effort we all have put into this application. Remember that you are an amazing applicant and attending the McGill interview is already an amazing achievement. Whatever the result is tomorrow, we don't have control over it and it is already determined. Keep your head up high and let's hope for the best!
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    Good morning friends, welcome to doomsday
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    Bonjour, je vois que plusieurs personnes dont moi avons reçu des refus et CRU selon des calculs hors du commun. Je vous conseille à tous de demander une révision de votre dossier ou de tous écrire à l’admission afin qu’on ait un impact, car j’ai lu et reflechis sur le sujet et il y a certainement une erreur dans leur calcul cette année à 100% ! si on peut signez une petition je suis partant il ne faut pas rester silencieux nous avons donnés milles et uns efforts pour en arrive où nous en sommes ! bonne journée
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    Just got my rejection. Thank you everyone for making this process a bit more bearable and good luck!!!
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    TIME STAMP: ~12:05 (Didnt check from 11:26-12:05)  Result: Admitted with condition!! pre-reqGPA: ~3.7 MCAT: Not submitted Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): I walked out of the building thinking I could have done so much better and was wondering about redoing my pre-reqs for next cycle. I did/said some things that I felt, in hindsight, were very stupid. Was sure that I messed up 1-3 station really bad (incomplete, misunderstood, not enough content). I felt really good about 3-4 stations. Trying to keep it vague. But, everything I said or did was entirely me. I showed my true emotions (confused, worried, happy) while being professional this time. I suppose they really look to see if your behavior is genuine or not. IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: Never ever give up on your dreams! Im a reapplicant and last year was especially brutal after my post-interview result. The post by Hoopdreams is what got me through the summer and what pushed me to do better. I don't think I can say it better than them. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions on what helped me improve myself this year! For those still waiting, good luck and keep your head up high, it is almost over! For those in waitlist, never lose hope. Last year, the waitlist moved to 27-28, so we never know how far it can go. For those refused, don't let this setback get you down in the long run. It is perfectly ok to be upset or cry but then get back, brush off the tears and crush life. Medicine is all about resilience and perseverance! So show them what you are made off!
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    I think what Bambi is trying to say (and correct me if I'm wrong), is that this a long arduous process for some. I have applied 6 times to medicine at McGill and have received 3 interviews (including this cycle). After each rejection (pre MMI or post MMI), I have constantly tried to improve my application each cycle (whether that's completing more undergrads/education, retaking classes such as basic sciences, improving and reflecting on myself). It's okay to feel sad and discouraged, but don't let this feeling make you feel like you cannot become a physician. It's much easier said than done but I encourage you to take some time to go through your emotions, get back up and continue persevering if this is what you truly believe you want to do. Should you need to complete an undergraduate degree (if the French schools don't work out this cycle), then I encourage you to reflect a lot and do things you love and are passionate about. From experience, McGill seems to appreciate and invite students with a holistic applications /well-rounded. Although my grades weren't super competitive, my Casper and CV have significantly helped me get to interview stage in recent years. I wish you all the best of luck in your French interviews!
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    Your insights are highly appreciated

    @cristinayang I can't stress how important it is to always remember that not getting into medicine isn't a failure on your abilities or character. Setting aside the realization that you can make a difference in any role, many people don't get in on the first or even second try. I certainly didn't. You only see the success stories but there's easily tons more that are still going through the process. Don't let other people's success discourage you from achieving your own in the future. - G
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    Wow Seeing all the years you applied and never gave up hope, thank you for sharing your stats and your post. You give all of us hope and Congratz!!!!!! I got Refused this year, third interview at McGill so this one definitely stings, pre-reqGPA: 3.21 MCAT: not submitted MMI: well felt better then 2018, and better then 2017 but time will tell once we get stats in July Year. 5 year concurrent two bachelor degree -2015 + M.Sc -2018 + working for two years If it helps anyone here were my stats for the last two years - Fall 2018 Result applications Your MMI performance ranked: 105 out of 298 On the science prerequisites, you ranked: 260 out of 298 Your final rank: 157 out of 298 Fall 2017 Result Your MMI performance ranked: 143 out of 290 On the science prerequisites, you ranked: 245 out of 290 Your final rank: 189 out of 290 To all those experiencing rejection for the first time, or if its the second rejection or third after being waitlisted last year I would like to extend words of comfort and to know that you are not alone in this with every year you will only grow as a person, you will become more resilient, you will become even more prepared to undertake the career of a physician, in the words of Martin Luther King after the last no will come a yes, maybe not next year or the one after that but if you keep at it and improve your application little by little you will get there or maybe life has other amazing things in store for you that are coming. For now it is ok to take time to process, to be sad, to feel frustrated. Once rankings come out you will know if its your MMI or prerequisites, ( I know I will have to re-do mine if I want to re-apply again and have a shot and now that they are officially expired I should be allowed to take them and will have to figure out how to balance work paying for student loans and juggling classes by night perhaps that I still need to reflect on and decide) I have met awesome people through this forum, some of which are now friends, I have met people who interviewed with me 3 years ago who are my friends to this day ( they didn't get an interview this year despite getting one two years in a row) and they are the most amazing and deserving people I know and some of the most genuine. For now I have ordered a bucket of fried chicken coupled with binging on friends. Stay strong to all those rejected, feel free to PM me and I will send you some adorable animal pics and words of encouragement just as others have done for me that are bound to make you smile and brighten up your day. Congratz to all that got accepted and on your perseverance for a lot of you. And those that got rejected you have come such a long long way already, do know that and how incredible you are <3
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    Great. I'm am so excited to FINALLY get some closure, no matter what the outcome.
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    Please tell me i'm not the only one on edge because of ^this news. I don't care if I was rejected at this point. I just need some closure to help me move on.
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    Filling this out late, but I know everyone is anxious and the wait is horrendous so wanted to share my stats for other's future use. Time stamp: March 18th 2019 1:28 pm Interview date: April 7th, 2019 Result: Interview (MD) Year: Graduated MSc, IP wGPA: 3.8ish MCAT: 128,127,128,127 ECs: A lot of volunteering: palliative care, hospitals (adult and children), executive or founder in a variety of clubs, small public health initiatives, peer support and advising (which is my love), grunt work in clinical research. Research: 1 co-first authorship (shared with 3 other people), 2 2nd author pubs, 1 3rd author publication, 1 poster presentation. Essays: honest and heartfelt but also ensured that it matches the UofT clusters. Only interview. Rejected pre-interview: Queens, UBC, Dalhousie, Newfoundland, Ottawa. Been rejected post-interview from UofT two times before. I know the struggle is hard guys, but hopefully it will pay off in the long-run.
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    Médecine 2019/Convocations

    Essayez de donner plus d’info sur votre refus Guys. Par exemple GPA, programme, contingent, CRU estimé selon vous, nombre de crédits cumulés,etc. Dont give up, aussi dur que cela puisse paraître!!
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    Guys, admissions office is saying that theyll likely all be out by the end of today. Hang tight and try to keep busy.
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    I got my refusal at 9:00. It's utterly devastating because we give it our all and seek every opportunity to improve ourselves on an academic and personal level, yet we still get disappointing news. Being a doctor is all I have ever wanted since a long long time, and I worked so hard to get to where I am right now, but it's just not the right time yet. To whomever will receive decieving news today, know that it's not a matter of your competence or capacities. We are all excellent and unique candidates, and a lot of factors come into play, such as luck or having a bad day. Do not lose sight of who you are and keep your chin up.
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    The ambiguity of this process is killing me. I have had to decide if I will be switching into the thesis stream of my masters, instead of the course based that I was in because i have not heard back yet. If I do get an interview and get accepted ill likely have to beg for a deferral and likely pass it up because UofT cannot figure out a better way to do this. My friend with a 123 chem/phys got rejected on Monday. It does not take a genius to get a computer to send automatic rejections for those candidates.