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    What kind of applicant DOESN'T match?

    I understand the point of view that you are trying to portray. However, there are several factors you have omitted in your assessment that, in my opinion, point to luck playing a larger role than you are inferring. When applying to an ultra competitive specialty (re Ophtho, Plastics, Derm), getting your desired elective at a specific site is challenging. Often times, people will be unable to secure electives at certain schools despite applying several times (sending in an application right as the portal opens for that select week for every 2 week elective slot they have). This is completely random and not in your control. Furthermore, schools will infer interest in the program based on your elective set (which you may have limited ability to decide). Now in ultracompetitive schools, they will only interview you if you have done an elective at the school. Now let’s talk about preceptors. You can be a super star medical student but if you don’t work with the right people, this won’t mean a thing. What do you do if during your elective the PD took a 2 week vacation? What if none of your preceptors are part of the ADCOM? These are all things that influence your ability to match that you have no control over. Now you have submitted your application. Maybe the person reviewing your application doesn’t value your hobbies, research etc. Maybe they are in a bad mood when they read your application...etc The system we currently have has no objective measurements to compare students. We rely on subjective measurements that are easily influenceable by luck. We create an artificial rat race to try and select the ideal candidate, however I would argue that the criteria we use, often time have little to do with your ability to perform your job.
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    Advice regarding bipolar diagnosis

    Hey! Diagnosed bipolar type 2 prior to entering med. It's not all doom and gloom. I am currently managing very well and haven't needed any time off. I also have been able to not ask for accommodations. In all honesty, I'm fairly lucky and my hypomanic symptoms are mild/pleasant. I'm productive, fun, outgoing, I make a good impression, I have fantastic energy, I have plenty of time to do my work and I can generally curb in any impulses to overspend or do anything silly. Depressive symptoms can be...well, debilitating. I manage well now but it wasn't always like that. I assume given the recency of your diagnosis that some recent event you couldn't compensate for happened - that's how it was for me, anyway. Honestly I 100% am with you and your logic for FM makes sense. I share the same perspective: I specifically considered the lifestyle of specialties. Everyone else also does that, everyone else thinks about having a family life and work-life balance. There's nothing wrong with it. I know that long term, I'll be happier if I am able to get regular sleep/don't have to be permanently stressed and working night shifts long into the future. Stability, routine are things that I value and I notice that my mental health is better when I have those. I am able to participate in call (though I haven't had too much experience with it yet), I am able to do the brutal hours on rotations that need it - but I know that's temporary and I truly feel that having to do that long-term would be a huge toll on me. It already does to some extent. It's a toll on everyone of course but unlike the general population, I have to think about whether it might trigger me to relapse and how that would impact licensing and patient safety. It's not worth that risk for me. I anticipate that I will be pursuing family medicine and I think it's mature of you to think about that right now too. It's not "letting that diagnosis limit you". It's understanding what it means, it's understanding how I take care of myself best and it's understanding that I need to pour into myself before I can pour into others. I'm not leaving medicine. I'm every bit as ready and worthy of being here as my peers and if anything, I think sometimes my diagnosis gives me strength. I am better able to build rapport with some patients with mental illness. I'm actually much more mindful than your average person of my own mental health and know how/when to prophylactically take a step back and tend to my own feelings. I actually find a lot of other medical students have depression/anxiety symptoms and don't always know how to handle it. I've been there, done that, and I know by now what works for me and what I need. My psychiatrist has been nothing if not encouraging of me. If you're in preclerkship, you don't have to decide yet. In all honesty, I find it unlikely that tremor will be the biggest concern you will have to deal with. Ride it out, see how medications go. Be careful about UGME/not reporting: I didn't but I was also coping well by the time I arrived in medical school and didn't expect to need accommodations. I was open to the thought if things changed but so far, nothing. That said, it's always better to take a preventative measure, let the school know (especially if you're in the early point of diagnosis and you're realistically not sure how episodes/medication will play out). You really, really don't want to end up taking a hit on professionalism because of something related to mental health if it could have been avoided. DM me with questions if any!
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    Non-QC Applicant MCAT Scores

    Yep, I'm IP Quebec. No MCAT scores. I emailed them, however, I will let you guys know what they said.
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    CRU Sciences biologiques!

    Met l'emphase sur ton Casper c'est probablement ça qui ta pas fait rentré. But still, continue ton dure travail à l'école et surtout laisse toi pas démoralisé par le forum les gens disent n'importe quoi.
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    GPA Not Counted Past a Cut-Off?

    Agreed. Although the average entrance age increase has a lot more to do with the fact that a couple of years ago they stopped allowing 2nd and 3rd year undergrads to apply (you need to be in 4th year UG and graduating or higher) to apply now.
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    The slow decay of dentistry

    Not sure what you’re trying to say here with the 1 home run is better than 2 doubles comment. It does matter the amount of time you spend in dental school because time spent must have some correlation to quality of work and knowledge to safely treat patients, this is why you won’t find accredited dental schools which are 1-2 years in length. Anyway, I’m not saying that ITDs do bad work. I’m saying the system of accrediting their credentials is broken and insufficient to assure that the knowledge and skill of ITDs are on par with Canadian standards.
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    Does University Ranking matter?

    Especially in Canada, NO. The best professional school is the one that accepts you.
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    Don't worry ... I didn't apply those measures and I brought the accepted average DOWN TO 3.9. You're welcome - G
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    OP has an above average CARS and an average GPA when compared to the accepted applicants, not the interviewed applicants. They can be below average on CASPer and get an interview for sure as the interview pool will have lower average CARS and GPA scores
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    Advice regarding bipolar diagnosis

    I do not have bipolar disorder, but I am a new psychiatrist--I can comment superficially, at least, based on my experience as a trainee having worked with individuals with bipolar. I have noted that there are plenty of people in high demand careers, including medicine, with severe and persistent mental illness diagnoses. Also, a number of individuals with bipolar are high functioning, but maintaining that level of function closely correlates with close followup, strict medication adherence, family/social support, and maintaining excellent sleep hygiene. It is a tall order to fill, no doubt, without adding the stressors that come with medicine. First and foremost, you need to get on medications to stabilize your mood episodes and need to have open and frank conversations with your psychiatrist about your future, your hopes, your dreams. You will likely require accommodations even in medical school, best to get these discussions going ASAP. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater yet regarding ophtho. Good luck and all the best to you. LL
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    Pharma 2020 UdeM

    Non! Il n'y a pas encore de distinction "en cours de bac" vs "bac terminé" pour les 4 autres doctorats de la santé!
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    MMI/Panel practice (mostly Skype)

    I'm interested!
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    I think as long as you can get someone to verify your activity, it should be fine. Also make sure to write your description on the ABS strategically to maybe highlight the experience?
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    Historically yes to 18-19 as an RC cutoff. My guess is scoring below 18 on any section puts you in hot water. Last year they changed their website to say they look at all sections instead of being more specific.
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    Funny enough I know someone from Ontario who got into UBC and McGill first round but didn't even get an interview at Western and was waitlisted at UofT lol
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    CASPer - TECT en ligne

    Premièrement, NE PAIE POUR AUCUN SERVICE DE """"COACHING"""" CASPER EN LIGNE. Ces services-là sont complètement inutiles (et chers) à mon avis, et même le fait de recevoir du feedback pourrait te nuire en plus, vu que des fois avec du feedback tu auras tendance à le suivre et perdras donc toute ton originalité!! Honnêtement, je crois que le test CASPER est fait pour que toute personne avec une capacité à raisonner (même average) puisse réussir - il suffit juste de montrer tes valeurs et de décortiquer toutes les situations en utilisant une approche qui respecte toutes les parties impliquées. En gros, si tu sais comment montrer que tu es une personne qui sait relever et explorer tous les points de vues possibles lors d'un dilemme éthique, c'est SÛR et CERTAIN que tu vas bien t'en sortir. Deuxièmement, cherche des sites de simulation CASPER gratuits (oui, y'en a) et pratique-toi souvent pour te familiariser avec le genre de questions qu'ils vont te poser et aussi pour améliorer ta vitesse de frappe. Un conseil que je peux te donner, c'est d'utiliser une méthode que j'appelle PPRDJ - donc : Problème (relever le problème PRINCIPAL, et quand je dis principal c'est vraiment le problème CENTRAL que tu dois relever) Points de vues (faire ressortir tout ce que chaque partie impliquée pense de la situation) Responsabilité (c'est quoi ton rôle dans le problème - ex: "en tant que coéquipier, ma responsabilité serait d'assurer que le travail est complété à temps, mais aussi d'assurer une relation harmonieuse entre les membres de mon équipe") Démarche (ce que tu vas faire pour réaliser ton objectif) Justification (pourquoi tu fais ça et non une autre action) Évidemment, tu n'auras PAS le temps de faire ça à chaque question. Dès que tu fais ça à la première des 3 questions, tu auras déjà répondu à 90% de la situation, et les autres questions consistent vraiment à dire tes propos personnels. Dans ces questions, POUSSE ta CRÉATIVITÉ au max, sois ORIGINAL, ils vont vraiment aimer ça. (source: j'ai fait ça et j'ai fini dans le top 15% des CASPER à McGill Med-P (pourtant je n'ai pas eu d'entrevue à cause de ma cote R et de mon CV), et j'ai été accepté directement en optométrie/pharmacie avec une cote average. now pourquoi j'ai pas été accepté en médecine? parce que les MEMs sont une completely different beast comparativement au Casper :'>)
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    Pro tip: Don’t be a gunner. Staff and residents can smell the stink of a gunner, and it’s not pleasant. Make your moves towards a competitive specialty only once you know for sure what that specialty is all about and why you’d want to do it over any other.
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    USask vs UCalgary and UoA

    I have no skin in the USask Med game, but feel like we need to look at the facts. No school in Canada is an auto-admit school, this isn't Law, you could have great stats and still be rejected for a horrible interview. As far as Stats, go read the CMES 2018 report, Saskatchewan actually doesn't have the lowest admitted MCAT stats (they didn't report grades); it's the Maritime provinces(all 4 of them for the MCAT) . As far as the % admitted Sask isn't even the highest, it's NB>NWT>NFLD>NS>Yukon>PEI>Sask. So really, if you desperately want to find some MS1s/schools to bash (which you shouldn't do), look at the Maritimes... And yes, I know those schools look at ECs, but guess what, their stats are still lower, and acceptance rate higher, than USask. I think the numbers>hearsay/feelings. This whole perspective has a ring of "Me, me, me" that misses why schools have IP bias in the first place; for the good of the province, which isn't going to be "Fair" to everyone. Most provinces don't fund medical school seats out of the goodness of their hearts, or to provide some "lucky" individual a lifelong good income and secure career. They fund seats to provide Doctors for their province, from the most desirable cities to the fly-in fly-out communities. If I was a Saskatchewan/Manitoba/NFLD taxpayer and I knew that I was paying $10,000s (if not >$100,000) per medical student (through the course of their education) I wouldn't be happy to learn they were jumping ship as soon as they graduated. This also means if the UofS starts to notice a pattern of people going to Uni in Saskatchewan, then leaving after graduating Sask Med, their policies could change. Also, just as a FYI since people may not have this actively on their mind, what you write on the internet is forever and can be tied to you, so be mindful of saying anything that would be objectionable/unprofessional. If you've shared information on how your cycle went, more unusual (higher or lower) MCAT and GPA, etc, all can identify you to someone down the line.
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    The Nontrad Rant Thread

    So I'm not entirely sure if this is a great idea. But I'm very stressed, as are a lot of others. As a non-trad, I have finally applied to med school after contemplating for so long and oh boy, this process is reallllyyyyyyyyy getting to me. I thought that this thread could serve as an outlet to just RANT and LET OUT ALLLLL YOUR STRESSS (anonymously..kinda..) and maybe you'll feel cathartic (if catharsis is even a legitimate thing). Maybe we can all support each other through this neurotic premed journey. I'm doing this on a whim so if this is a bad idea let me know and I will delete. So I actually don't have anything particular to rant about right now (kinda ironic I know).
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    Non-QC Applicant MCAT Scores

    Don't remember, but I don't think it was immediately. Have you tried contact the office to inquire?
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    You need to spell out your GPA for each of your 1st 3 years for anyone to offer thoughts
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    This assumes that urban trained residents are being adequately prepared to work in a rural environment. I don’t think that is the case, and would be very resentful to a government that forced me to work in an environment I am neither comfortable in or trained in. I would be interested to know what the regulatory bodies had to say about the government forcing physicians to work outside of their education and “scope”... While we’re at it we might as well bring back the rotating internship year and general license, then the government could tell us what specialty we’re allowed to be each year.
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    First time applicant here too. Looks you're good to go - no final red shiny button.
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    You aren't ugly. I realize that came off super smug...my bad. I do agree with you that people who suggest dating apps are either women or guys who have had success with them. Then these 2 groups of people will not understand/empathize because they get so many matches. The harsh reality is that for 80% of guys, dating apps are not the way to go.
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    I'm OOP and UBC has also contacted me a few times about some of my entries. However, as far as I'm aware none of my verfiers have been contacted. Last year by this time I had 4 verifiers contacted and ended up being rejected pre-interview. As much as it is hard not too, try not to stress too much about verifiers. Based on past threads, it does not seem to be a good indication of interview invite or not...
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    New degree? Or not?

    Thank you for your response :). The cut off for Ottawa IP English is 3.85, I called this year and asked Diane before I applied (every penny counts for me). Good luck to you too!
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    Do they call or email?
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    USask vs UCalgary and UoA

    All it represents is who posts on this forum, not who is in the class. there’s quite a few younger and straight out of first undergrad students in the class. Those can be mutually exclusive categories, too.
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    Abandon de cours motif aide

    La vraie raison. Si c'est pas pour des raisons qui semblent valides (outre un désintérêt), c'est pas acceptable!
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    Election Results

    Albertans voting Conservatives has very little to do with racism and a lot to do with jobs. It's difficult for someone who doesn't live in Alberta to understand how much our economy has tanked with the recession and how many people lost jobs. Ask any Albertan and they surely know someone in the oil and gas industry.
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    CRU Sciences biologiques!

    Ça dépend beaucoup des cours! Mais les cours de première année sont généralement à choix multiples. En 2e et 3e années tu auras sûrement des courtes réponses (et parfois à développement, mais c'est rare). Il y a certains cours qui sont entièrement évalués sous forme de rapports de laboratoires, d'autres qui sont à "chaise musicale" (ie histologie) et il peut y avoir des travaux ou présentations à faire dans certains autres cours. Bio UdeM me semble un bon choix, surtout que tu auras un bonus de 0.5 sur ta CRU pour tous leurs doctorats de premier cycle! SI tu as d'autres questions sur le programme de sciences bio n'hésite pas à m'écrire en privé
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    The Nontrad Rant Thread

    Was a fifth time applicant, don’t worry I gotchu. There is another on here who was as well. You can do it :). Just know there are sacrifices that come with getting in.
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    Lactic Folly

    Last minute backup with family

    Given you said there is no overlap between FM and your specialty of choice, is there any other reasonable backup specialty, even if your CV is not geared towards that field? Is FM genuinely your second choice of career? I can't advise on programs, but as you said, FM programs in popular locations will be competitive. There are other less competitive specialties from which it might be easier to transfer into FM than the other way around. With regards to applying to something that is obviously not your interest on paper, I was told once that you can make the point in your personal statement "yes, I like {my first choice}... and I also like FM." Probably our FM posters could comment more on how effective this is likely to be.
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    Thanks for the kind words
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    2019 Interview Invites

    OOP here, nothing yet
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    2019 Interview Invites

    I had a dream last night that we got interview invites... And today it came true! gpa: 4.0/4.0 MCAT: 517 NB applicant
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    PT Applications

    Hello everyone! I know that the ORPAS applications just opened recently and it's a very stressful next few months! Do not be afraid to reach out to others on this forum, individuals you may know in 1st/2nd year, or graduates for advice on essays, CASPer, interviews etc.! We all want one another to succeed. Also, if you haven't already, check out the Canadian Physiotherapy Student on Instagram/YouTube.. he has some great pointers/insight when it comes to applications!
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    Our division head during residency had an MBA and a passion for administration. He started doing a couple half days a year on business topics (incorporation, finances, practice set up etc) which were well received. But that involves someone having to take the initiative to do those kind of lectures and unfortunately, all programs don't have such a person. Personally, I think the RC and CCFP need to step in and require X amount of business training per year (say 6 hours or something). Then leave it up to the programs to figure out how to supply it. As for the lack of human resources knowledge, part of it is probably due to the fact that the academic programs and universities are the major players in allocating residency seats. First, they have no major interest in making sure our human resource supply meets our needs. Second, academia does a terrible job of putting people with business type skills into leadership positions. At my residency university, the main criteria for getting promoted in the administration was publications and research. It was so bad, our division head had to fight the university to get promoted to the leadership position, despite an MBA, experience creating and running a journal and experience leading our national specialty organization. But he wasn't churning out esoteric research papers, so the university couldn't see how he would make a good leader. You end up with guys who are really good at research being put into leadership roles for which they have little to no skillset (or interest in developing that skill set) and as a result, the leadership is ineffective much of the time.
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    DENT-P Personal Statement

    You don't just "come up" with answers. Take some time and reflect on your experiences, you CV, your character traits. Think of what character traits and skills a good dentist possesses and see how you fit in there. Good luck!
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    Changing OMSAS ID on CASPer

    I wrote the CASPer last year and I applied to write it again this year, only this time my OMSAS ID is different and I can't seem to change the OMSAS ID on the account I created last year. Do I have to create a new CASPer account with a new OMSAS ID?
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    This thread has run its course, and is going to be locked. Ian PS: Canadian family physicians are most definitely NOT overpaid, and are critical to a well-functioning Canadian healthcare system. Change my mind.
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    CRU en optométrie

    tu viens de commencer et tu veux changer? c est pas bien optometrie?
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    Federal Election 2019

    What you're essentially saying is you're ok with making the lives of minorities a living hell as long as you get your tax cuts. That doesn't make you any better in my eyes.
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    Médecine 2019/Convocations

    UPDATE je viens de recevoir et payer le dépôt!!!!!! après 4 ans d'université finalement!!! lâchez pas tout le monde <3 j'étais 9e en LA dans le contingent bac connexe
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    Entrer en med avec la pire cote r ever

    Tout est possible. Je ne suis pas une experte, seulement une personne qui comme les gens ici souhaite poursuivre ses études en médecine. Toutefois, je pense qu'une des qualités que tu dois posséder pour entrer mais surtout pour compléter ce programme est la détermination et la persévérance. C'est un très long programme, difficile aussi. Je pense que comme il a été dit plus haut, de réfléchir à tes motivations pour faire ce doctorat serait pertinent. Aussi, 25 ans c'est encore jeune. J'en ai 35 et je dépose une demande cette année, après avoir fais tous mes cours de sciences de cégep, et même de secondaire. Faut voir à long terme dans notre cas je crois.
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    Médecine 2016

    De plus, les gens convoqués n'ont pas accès à leur rang!
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    Étalon Des Cotes Umontréal

    Bah ça serait le fun de participer quand même pour que les gens sachent un peu ce que ça vaut des notes en Droit mettons.
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    ll PM ll

    CRU Sciences biologiques!

    a moi aussi svp jai besoin de conseil haha especiallyyyy comment on etudie pour les cours de bio qui sont a choix multiple?!
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