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    Moi honnêtement je pense que c’est une bonne chose. Ça permet de plus focuser sur la personnalité et sur la capacité d’adaptation et de raisonnement et pas seulement sur la capacité de la personne à avoir de bonnes notes. Je trouve que c’était absurde de devoir avoir une cote de presque 35 pour seulement être CONVOQUÉ à l’entrevue! J’ai toujours pensé que ce serait mieux de faire une combinaison de notes et de test sur les capacités situationnelles (comme casper) de la personne afin de faire la convocation à l’entrevue parce que de juste appeler aux mems ceux qui ont 35 et + je pense que c’est pas représentatif...
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    I probably have said this a ton of times over the years but it is worth repeating Western (and any other school for that matter) doesn't interview people that don't have a great chance of getting into the school. There is just no point doing otherwise - really bare bones practical aspect of things. If you get an interview you have a solid chance of getting in. You stats are not "bad" actually (particularly when you add on the bonuses with SWOMEN status. You are way underestimating your position here. You probably just have to work on your interview basically - and that is something you can control It isn't easy doing it all again once you didn't get in the last year (another blow to the ego for sure) but they KEEP interviewing you. There is a big hint there ha. Honestly right now stop worrying about the next step - you are wasting brain power that needs to be used to get ready NOW for the interview. Do what ever is necessary to get prepared for that (probably mostly practise) which there are resources to help with including people on the forum.
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    Post-Interview Reflections

    Overall, I really enjoyed the experience - shout out to the UBC Med students and staff who helped create an organized and welcoming environment. It was fun getting a chance to chat and meet some of the diverse interviewees. Also, anecdotally, speaking to a few people that have interviewed elsewhere, they said that UBC was one of the more pleasant MMI circuits they've done. (Also, how gorgeous is that life sciences center? Yeesh!) I spent some time meditating/exercising that morning, and walked into it feeling oddly calm, which was nice (I'm hoping I was able to relay at least a little of that to the other folks I chatted with before we started). As far as how the MMI went; it was pretty much as expected. I'm the type of person that enjoys chatting and engaging with new people, so if anything, the MMI felt like an exercise in that. I found it helpful to walk into each new station with an attitude of, "Cool, that was fun, let's do this" - It takes the pressure off, if you take it a little less seriously, IMO. By the end, I think we were all exhausted - but it's my understanding that it's to be expected, so I'm not too concerned about that dragging down my performance. Overall, felt good about it! I'm on the lower end of the MCAT and GPA stream, so we'll see what happens, but I wish everyone luck, regardless
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    I ultimately decided to accept the offer! I paid the deposit today!
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    I haven't either. Even though it's only a half day of interviewing, we should've seen at least one post. I think the invites for March 8th will go out this week but I could be wrong.
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    Acceptance letter release date?

    I can now confirm this, unfortunately I will expect late March, but as @Chels1267 said that won’t stop me from checking my email every hour of the day! After a conversation with some friends that are in the program at dal, there’s also the chance that they put that in the automated email to shun people from asking. Imagine if they said nothing, they would likely get an influx of emails asking for the dates. If they said early March, people would email them panicking if they didn’t get their letter by March 5th. This couuuld be a way to reduce the amount of emails they get from applicants and their level of panic. Or maybe we thought too much into it
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    Feb 22 DAT thoughts plus more

    Hihi, How's everyone doing? Well... Just wrote the Feb 22 DAT in Calgary. Thought it went decent besides falling a bit short on chem and having to guess on 5 questions. Anyone else find PAT extremely easy???? Saw a girl with alopecia on the temporal part of her head at UofC Testing Center (barely noticeable but I was able to notice it cause I have alopecia at the same spot lollol)... Was wondering if I could get in contact with you in any way. You looked magestic to me lol -the tall & loud arab dude
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    Depressed 3rd Year

    As someone who is in 4th year and Clerkship still going and almost over, I can relate to some of the things you've mentioned. Firstly, there were also times were I felt i was just waiting for one rotation to end and the next to begin. An endless torrent of evaluations, judgement, trying to impress and being "on" all the time. Add in CTU which is essentially all of that but now you feel you are competing against other medical students and being DIRECTLY judged against another and the stress and anxiety about how you do becomes all consuming. What I learnt is that we are our biggest critics, we see our faults more clearly and we fixate on them all too easily. At least for me, the biggest stressor on my well being wasn't my staff, other medical students, or the workload - it was me, I was fixating, ruminating and focused too much on the feedback. I'm not saying that this is you by any stretch, but Its hard to get feedback like this and during clerkship you will receive feedback that is not so great and honestly, not constructive. Find the teaching point (if any) and move on, you've made it this far, you are competent, you are working hard. As for the shy bit, I've had friends receive that feedback - its not because they suck, but its because the preceptor wants to know more about you and your knowledge. We all fear sucking but remember - you are a LEARNER, we are LEARNERS and even when we graduate as residents we are learners and as staff physicians we are life long learners - this is your moment to ask question and inquire. If you get feedback that "you should know this" - fine, go read up on that topic and the next day thank your preceptor and tell them you learnt a lot about that topic. Most preceptors will respond to your questions and like that you take an interest in their specialty. The expectations of you in 3rd year are not as high as you perceive - perceived interest, attitude, and just being chill and fun to work with matter most. Keep your head up, you are doing great, give it your best and somedays it wont be your best and thats fine because again, we are learners. I guarantee how you feel about comparing to your peers/stressors/staff feedback are felt by many medical students and you are not alone. With that said, if you are feeling signs of clinical depression, seek counselling through your school and friends as they can help you through this and give you an opportunity to speak out loud with someone else. Don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions.
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    Well a lot of us have had a very positive experience. I guarantee that if you voiced your opinions to faculty, they would hear you out. To use therapy as an example, it was within days that we had addressed problems to faculty and started to notice a change of attitude and clarifications on what we should and shouldn't focus on. I do agree that sometimes it sucks to get the "use your judgement" but I haven't noticed that at all since last semester, and honestly it truly is just a part of life, and a part of this career. Not everything will be a yes or no situation and I see most of the profs really emphasizing what we should and shouldn't focus on. It really sounds like you have a negative attitude and maybe you just haven't experienced the positives that the rest of us have. In terms of the OSCE, skills lab is the greatest way to prepare and I get fantastic feedback from all facilitators and I think that will be the most useful tool in the future, along with placement. You haven't taken those exams yet so how could you possibly know if we are being prepared for it or not? We still have another 3 years to learn, so yeah, you aren't prepared for it now. I'm genuinely sorry you feel this way. A lot of us don't feel this way and I don't think its fair for prospective students to come here and be led to believe its as horrible as you make it out to be. It's not. A "stink eye" could mean a thousand things and a person could probably do it to you without meaning to. A lot of the people in our class and program are very kind, and a lot of them are going through personal things too. A bad experience with 1 or 2 people for whatever reason does not mean the rest of us are the same. I know everyone has their groups but its just natural to find people you're comfortable with and stick with them. Making friends is incredibly hard, and if you find it difficult its probably difficult for someone else too. I hope eventually we can change your mind about this, and please don't let a few bad experiences with people shape your opinions on everyone else. Humans have always been and will always continue to be imperfect.
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    Hey guys, it looks like we have opposing perspectives here. On one hand, someone is saying it is a very supportive environment, that most of us get along, and it's a challenging, but rewarding program. On the other hand, another claims that many of the students have self-esteem issues, the environment is competitive, and the program is mismanaged. It’s great to have both perspectives. I can’t speak for everyone, but I agree with certain parts of both sides. I don’t want to write a novel, so I’ll just touch on a couple things. The PharmD was introduced to the class of 2022, and it has had its hiccups. However, the faculty is actively taking in our recommendations and making very positive changes to help out the students. The dean and the rest of the faculty are great and really, really care about us. I wouldn’t claim the program is mismanaged, but I would be ignorant to say it’s been perfect. Overall, I’m very pleased with how things are, and I am excited to see the changes they make for future classes so they can succeed even more. As for how we are as a group, that is very subjective to one’s experience. For me, this is the greatest program for how the student association organizes events and makes sure you’re going to have an excellent student experience. I’ve made so, so many friends in my year, and I know others have as well. This program offers everything you need to connect with others and keep that mental health up. Are there people I don’t exactly get along with? Sure. Does everyone like me? Probably not, but that’s life. Overall, I love this community and I would recommend it to anyone. If there's one piece of advice I could give you, is that you should really try to participate in events and put yourself out there because you can really meet a lot of cool, kind-hearted people. We don't really know what others are going through that could influence our experiences with them, so just understand that we are all people who are doing our best, and we all want everyone to succeed.
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    You are asking the wrong question(s). Time & stress management, strong work ethic, being humble and kind, living a healthy lifestyle, having outside interests and involvement in your community will all advance your best interests in the long term. High school grades or courses are irrelevant to your career future! Participate in class, ask questions of the teacher, engage your mind.
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    Feb 22 DAT thoughts plus more

    hey bb its me, i couldnt keep my eyes of you during the test. i was trying to bend the hole punches in my mind but all i could think about was you bending me around. so im probably not going to do well on the exam. maybe we can have some study dates and prep for the next write. maybe we can study each other as well. i have alopecia in other places too which you can explore.. hmu you 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92754426853277974311395143574172219759799359685252285745263796289612691572357986620573408375766873884266405990993505000813375432454635967504844235284874701443545419576258473564216198134073468541117668831186544893776979566517279662326714810338643913751865946730024434500544995399742372328712494834706044063471606325830649829795510109541836235030309453097335834462839476304775645015008507578949548931393944899216125525597701436858943585877526379625597081677643800125436502371412783467926101995585224717220177723700417808419423948725406801556035998390548985723546745642390585850216719031395262944554391316631345308939062046784387785054239390524731362012947691874975191011472315289326772533918146607300089027768963114810902209724520759167297007850580717186381054967973100167870850694207092232908070383263453452038027860990556900134137182368370991949516489600755049341267876436746384902063964019766685592335654639138363185745698147196210841080961884605456039038455343729141446513474940784884423772175154334260306698831768331001133108690421939031080143784334151370924353013677631084913516156422698475074303297167469640666531527035325467112667522460551199581831963763707617991919203579582007595605302346267757943936307463056901080114942714100939136913810725813781357894005599500183542511841721360557275221035268037357265279224173736057511278872181908449006178013889710770822931002797665935838758909395688148560263224393726562472776037890814458837855019702843779362407825052704875816470324581290878395232453237896029841669225489649715606981192186584926770403956481278102179913217416305810554598801300484562997651121241536374515005635070127815926714241342103301566165356024733807843028655257222753049998837015348793008062601809623815161366903341111386538510919367393835229345888322550887064507539473952043968079067086806445096986548801682874343786126453815834280753061845485903798217994599681154419742536344399602902510015888272164745006820704193761584547123183460072629339550548239557137256840232268213012476794522644820910235647752723082081063518899152692889108455571126603965034397896278250016110153235160519655904211844949907789992007329476905868577878720982901352956613978884860509786085957017731298155314951681467176959760994210036183559138777817698458758104466283998806006162298486169353373865787735983361613384133853684211978938900185295691967804554482858483701170967212535338758621582310133103877668272115726949518179589754693992642197915523385766231676275475703546994148929041301863861194391962838870543677743224276809132365449485366768000001065262485473055861598999140170769838548318875014293890899506854530765116803337322265175662207526951791442252808165171667766727930354851542040238174608923283917032754257508676551178593950027933895920576682789677644531840404185540104351348389531201326378369283580827193783126549617459970567450718332065034556644034490453627560011250184335607361222765949278393706478426456763388188075656121689605041611390390639601620221536849410926053876887148379895599991120991646464411918568277004574243434021672276445589330127781586869525069499364610175685060167145354315814801054588605645501332037586454858403240298717093480910556211671546848477803944756979804263180991756422809873998766973237695737015808068229045992123661689025962730430679316531149401764737693873514093361833216142802149763399189835484875625298752423873077559555955465196394401821840998412489826236737714672260616336432964063357281070788758164043814850188411431885988276944901193212968271588841338694346828590066640806314077757725705630729400492940302420498416565479736705485580445865720227637840466823379852827105784319753541795011347273625774080213476826045022851579795797647467022840999561601569108903845824502679265942055503958792298185264800706837650418365620945554346135134152570065974881916341359556719649654032187271602648593049039787489589066127250794828276938953521753621850796297785146188432719223223810158744450528665238022532843891375273845892384422535472653098171578447834215822327020690287232330053862163479885094695472004795231120150432932266282727632177908840087861480221475376578105819702226309717495072127248479478169572961423658595782090830733233560348465318730293026659645013718375428897557971449924654038681799213893469244741985097334626793321072686870768062639919361965044099542167627840914669856925715074315740793805323925239477557441591845821562518192155233709607483329234921034514626437449805596103307994145347784574699992128599999399612281615219314888769388022281083001986016549416542616968586788372609587745676182507275992950893180521872924610867639958916145855058397274209809097817293239301067663868240401113040247007350857828724627134946368531815469690466968693925472519413992914652423857762550047485295476814795467007050347999588867695016124972282040303995463278830695976249361510102436555352230690612949388599015734661023712235478911292547696176005047974928060721268039226911027772261025441492215765045081206771735712027180242968106203776578837166909109418074487814049075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88774276626368418306801908046098498094697636673356622829151323527888061577682781595886691802389403330764419124034120223163685778603572769415417788264352381319050280870185750470463129333537572853866058889045831114507739429352019943219711716422350056440429798920815943071670198574692738486538334361457946341759225738985880016980147574205429958012429581054565108310462972829375841611625325625165724980784920998979906200359365099347215829651741357984910471116607915874369865412223483418877229294463351786538567319625598520260729476740726167671455736498121056777168934849176607717052771876011999081441130586455779105256843048114402619384023224709392498029335507318458903553971330884461741079591625117148648744686112476054286734367090466784686702740918810142497111496578177242793470702166882956108777944050484 Xoxo kiss kiss
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    Little vent

    its not worth it that much...do something else tbh
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    Look better for what exactly? Med school? Will make 0 difference, as most high school things do. Do what makes you happy and enjoy the experience.
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    I think what makes it even more difficult is the fact that UofT has very few posters on the invite/regret thread every year. I think it's because the invites come on a rolling basis. Other schools have a lot of posters because everyone is notified on the same day.
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    I'm not going to try and change your mind, and it's not the right time/place for that as we're here to try and help the next batch of first years with their questions. I'm just giving my opinion on things as well. But if you want to go for a coffee or beer or something sometime, reach on out and I'd be down to hear more about your experience Best of luck to everyone applying this year, reach out if you need to!
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    DMD THREAD 2020

    Oui c’est pour Udem la cote que j’ai dis. Et, ma source c’est un agent d’admission qui me l’a donnée.
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    Ergo avec CRC 32 tremplin vers dmd

    Coucou! Avec ton 32 de crc, si tu as une très bonne note au Casper, tu pourrais avoir une entrevue pour le dmd (des gens avec 36 mais un mauvais casper n'en avaient pas, alors que des 32 avec un bon casper en avaient...)! Si t'as une entrevue, les notes comptent plus vraiment par la suite, donc pratique toi et parle à des étudiants déjà au dmd/ à des dentistes qui pourront t'aider à bien te préparer... (ça dit que ça compte pour 60%, mais les entrevues sont tellement notées dans les extrêmes, que c'est faux). Je te souhaite d'avoir une entrevue Pour ce qui est d'ergo, je pense que c'est le programme le plus "représenté" dans notre cohorte cette année! C'est un bon tremplin pour dmd Après 1-2 ans , ou peu importe combien d'années, tu as des chances d'être admis (e), mais ce n'est pas le seul bon programme pour faire un tremplin, surtout à ULaval, vu que les entrevues comptent tellement, la provenance des universitaires est assez diversifiée (physio, kin, ergo, nut, mathématiques, medvet, biologie, pharma, admin.....)! bonne chance hésite pas si tu as des questions
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    Site selection?

    This number is likely to be the overall number of seats in Montreal campus (Med-Ps included). Each cohort is about 175-180 students, so 152 students in Montreal would make sense with 25 students in Gatineau for next year.
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    Being in your 20s

    You get a brief respite in your early 30s, then it’s all downhill until you are 50. Then the party starts. https://www.businessinsider.com/age-people-feel-most-least-happy-chart-2017-11
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    They interview 180 people and accept 96. From previous years stats if you are in the top 20 of the waiting list you are pretty much guaranteed to get in. Which means 64% chance of acceptance for people who got an interview. They usually end up taking more than 20 people from waitlist so chill guys haha
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    It doesn't matter if you don't know specific facts about conditions diagnoses, etc. that you can easily look up, with the expectation that you do so when you need to. Obviously once you see a case of X you should read about it "read around cases" so that the next day you can demonstrate that you can appropriately source info. The knowledge that we are looking for is how to appropriately act and assess patients, how to interact with nurses and allied health and colleagues, when and where to find accurate and appropriate information to guide your practice, stuff you can't just google or look up on pubmed/uptodate. When I have med students or even elective students I will ask them a question about a specific question or disease with the assumption that they don't know the answer, and that is 100% ok and you are not expected to know unless we already discussed it, but then I work backwards through the question and try to get them to come up with the answer on their own, based on the basic physiology/anatomy, etc. Stuff like "should we order a NPS on this child with likely viral triggered asthma". The answer is usually no, but its a difficult question to answer, so my next question is what is a nasopharyngeal swab, and if i don't know that I explain it, then I ask how the result would affect their management, if it was negative, vs flu, vs other virus, etc. And usually they can work through it and the point is to demonstrate their problem solving/reasoning skills. I can't answer this as I haven't been involved with reviewing LORs. Ask about their program? At some point you will have to make a rank order list and decide which programs you will prioritize, so you should ask questions that would help you make that ranking. Don't ask specifically about ranking, but you can ask things like "What kind of applicants does the program look for" or "what kind of applicant would excel in this program" etc.
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    DMD THREAD 2020

    Allo, merci bcp pour tes reponses sinon tu penses quoi des gens qui amenent pas de lasagne a leur collegue en DMD ? Penses-tu ils meritent d'etre dans le programme ?? Merci d'avance pour la reponse ca m'aiderait beaucoup hihi P.S. sss
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    Yeah I’m done uploading everything. On their website it says that you can upload a scanned image or a PDF or a word document so I think scanning it would probably be your best bet!
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    GIM FAQ thread

    Hey! Thank you so much for doing this! I lol'd at the pun *After typing this up, I realized it is actually quite long, so I apologize in advance. Feel free to PM me any answers that you think should be private. If instead of typing out an answer you prefer to chat, I could PM you my number and we can talk then I could post a summary of your reply for others to see* Right now, I'm a PGY2 in internal medicine and I am very much torn between GIM 4 year vs GIM 5 year vs maybe ICU. I feel that I am mostly leaning towards completing the 4-year GIM program and starting an outpatient clinic in the GTA (somewhere between Mississauga to Scarborough, so pretty flexible) with a group of other IM, GPs and peds residents. Ideally, I would also have a hospital appointment somewhere to do some inpatient medicine. I'm kind of at a loss of what to do though, especially that by now most of my co-residents have already booked all their electives for PGY2 and 3. Here are my thoughts and please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong (I've bolded my questions if that helps): There really is no big difference between the 4 and 5 year GIM programs other than the fact that the 5 year would allow you to work in an academic centre and maybe allow for more elective time to pursue an AFC like thrombosis. (Would you still be able to persue an AFC with the 4 year program?) Being in an academic centre allows you to have residents that can take call and you have easy access to several subspecialties that you can refer even slightly complicated patients to. This is a great plus, but comes at the cost of the academic centre taking a certain percentage of your billings (I heard this can be anywhere from 20-50%). Is that billing part true? Does the 5 year program have an exam in addition to the royal college exam that we now write in 3rd year? Billing, finding a community job and starting a clinic is otherwise the same between the 4 year and 5 year program. Is that true? I enjoy procedures and don't mind call (at least right now), but feel that as I get older I would rather not do overninght call, because it makes me feel that I'm shaving years off of my life. I am interested in ICU partially from the procedures point of view and partly because I've heard they can bill a significant amount From a procedure perspective, right now I'm very comfortable with paras, thoras, central lines and some chest tubes. I'm not sure though if I was in a community hospital doing an overnight shift (or moonlighting), if I would be able to intubate a decompensating patient with an even slightly difficult airway (All my glide scope intubations have been very straightforward) or float a temp wire for someone in heart block. Is this fear out of proportion with reality or is this a skill that I would be able to pick up over the next 2 years of residency? Is this even a skill I would need as an internist working in a community hospital? Many senior residents that I have spoken to have suggested that if I am consider a 5 year GIM program that I might as well just do ICU, since it opens up further avenues of employment. This doesn't seem like a bad idea, except when I think of why do the extra work as an ICU fellow? I looked up the billings of ICU attendings when the Toronto Star article was released and I was actually underwhelmed with a lot of them compared to what I expected/saw GIM docs make in a busy community hospital. Obviously this doesn't take into account other modes of funding and the fact that many only do a couple of weeks of ICU a year. When I asked similar questions on other forms. I've been quoted things like 300-500/year for GIM docs working in clinics 5 days a week before overhead. Is that inline with what you see/know? I get the sense that doing an ICU fellowship for the sake of being more comfortable with intubations and dealing with sick patients is overkill, especially if the billings are not as great and the lifestyle isn't as fabulous as that of a 4/5 year GIM doc. Any ideas or general sense of what the Job market would be like for a 4 year GIM doc at a community hospital in the GTA in 2 years? I know it's hard to predict, but I can't imagine it would go from "You will definitely find a job right now" to "We are 100% saturated as is the case with ortho" in 2 years? How difficult was it to get a job lined up and is that something you only really started to look into during your 4th year? Thank you so much in advance for offering to do this FAQ. I'm sorry again for asking so many questions. I am kind of at a loss of who to turn to, so seeing this post actually made my day, especially with the timing of it.
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    Casper question

    it's very context specific for each scenario, but overall for rule breaking- think of it like this, they're asking you, as a doctor, would you break the rules? as a med school student, would you break policy? you have the explore all possibilities in the scenario and gather as much information as you can and use "if/then" approach. You should try to assist the customer as best you can by looking into all possible options.
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    Suggestions for Choosing My Electives

    Home school was BC as well also applied to IM/FM back then. There are a lot of really good electives in BC that would be useful for IM/FM. At this time you probably already scheduled all your BC electives. Can consider doing ~6-8 weeks of OOP with IM/FM split, in a city/program that's relatively higher on your non-UBC list. I think ultimately it will be up to your decision re: whether you like IM or FM more, GIM vs subspecialties, lower mainland vs. mid-sized/rural community, etc.
  28. 1 point

    Balanced MCAT

    I do because I did! Honestly, no one really knows how much they factor in the MCAT. It could also depend on how your GPA balances with your MCAT, or it could not. Hopefully it works out for you, but if for any reason it doesn’t, I personally think your 125 CARS is good enough (so, most likely it would have been a different reason given that scenario). All the best!
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    I haven't seen anyone post here for the March 8th dates? Anyone else?
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    1. Get your P.Eng, 99% of applicants don't have it, practicing engineering is similar to practicing law and med - quit calling yourself an engineer before that 2. Do a grad degree, it will lower the cut off, broaden your options 3. Study for MCAT 4. Stay in Alberta longer to be considered IP 5. 79 is around a 3.2 ?
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    UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020

    LOL idk about another ethnicities but it's pretty common in Chinese names. Like Wang/Weng/Wu/Zhang/Zheng
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    I haven't heard about this. Wouldn't it be weird if they start timing you after you start talking? Is one of the interviewers timing you or some other person? Idk, doesn't seem true but I haven't interviewed at Western before so I don't know. I also think they would've mentioned that? They might cut you off if you talk too long though (but I think that's the case for any panel interview)
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    Thanks so much for your response! Please do keep us posted if you call. Given the interview date is soon approaching, I really hope we hear soon!
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    In my experience a focused history and physical means two things: it's efficient and you ask specific presentation and diagnosis relevant questions as part of it. As a med student you are still expected to do a "complete" history and physical for general specialties, and even as a senior resident I still (and am expected to) ask screening development questions on every child I see. Efficiency comes with practice, for instance you can do a screening examination of an infant in about a minute, all while im taking a history, and being flexible so as not to annoy patient/family. It takes a LOT of practice but you get there. The idea of a "focused" assessment is that you are not just using all the default questions you learned in med school but are tailoring your questions to your differential as you do your assessment. For instance in a respiratory distress case with asthma is on the differential, I'm asking specifically about previous puffer use, episodes of wheeze, nighttime cough, exercise tolerance, history of allergies and eczema, family history of asthma, allergies, and eczema, smoking in the home, pets at home, previous flooding/mold risk in their home, proximity to factories, etc. When I review with med students prior to reviewing with staff, I have them go back and ask these questions so that when their reviewing with staff and saying these are all negative, and therefore you can be confident that asthma is unlikely. This is extrapolated to anything, I recommend taking two minutes to look up the differential on a patients presentation prior to assessing them (if it's appropriate to do so, IE physically look at the patient to ensure their not in distress, but this is more your senior's job to not assign a medical student to an unstable patient). The best letters are the best letters, regardless of the source. In an ideal world if you want to go to a specific program you will do a late elective there and ask for a supportive letter and work your butt off, but its better to have great letters from your home program then mediocre ones from all over the place. I would still talk to your preceptors on electives and explain that while its early in clerkship this is the only electives you will have so if they mind pushing you a little bit in order to write an effective letter, considering the early context. And hopefully when you apply programs will understand that your electives were early and consider that appropriately.
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    They still looked at the scores. To practice in the states the threshold was to just pass.
  36. 1 point
    Thanks PlsLetMeIn02 for the correction! All advice I had gotten about a masters was that it would not really change a gpa, so it's great to see someone further in their program actually getting a boost!
  37. 1 point

    Imposter syndrome as a premed

    ha as others pointed out the imposter syndrome. There are still times when I feel like I am way too stupid to be a doctor - usually when I a make a mistake ha (which happens regularly). Just about to be staff and that doesn't matter. Trained at a great school, great residency, fellowships at Harvard affiliated schools........and that doesn't matter. At what point will I think I am good enough ha - will even being staff at a major teaching hospital do it? Part of that is we just hold up in some fashion doctors as been much more than we overall are. Even smart highly educated people are still fallible. In other words what you are feeling is common, kind of expected, but also something you have to guard against - you can mentally set yourself up for a bad result if you believe you deserve a bad result. But you don't deserve a bad result at all...... Also isn't about what you "deserve" - at least not in abstract terms. It is about what you earned and determined by multiple highly rigorous advanced selection systems keen on getting top candidates. You deserve what you earn, and you earned 4 interview spots (and that isn't something done by luck alone). You left in a sense with a weird situation (which I understand) where the schools themselves that know way more about what is required than you (greater experience, and assess to more information) and think you "deserve" a strong chance of being a doctor - and you are disagreeing with them ha. I mean logically that is actually a bit nuts, but logic isn't the only thing going on Deep breath - have some faith that the system selected you for good reasons and carry on.
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    Is family medicine really that bad?

    Actually, I could see this scenario happening if you are a junior staff who doesn't understand numbers: With tax credits and getting 65k fully as an R2, you would maybe see a similar amount into your bank account(not actually due to deductions, but lets go with it) Now you're a fresh staff, tax credits run out. You work pretty hard, and have a complex patient panel, lots of mental health, marginalized populations, etc that you cant whip out in 10mins, maybe seeing a bit more per day then you were during your residency - a residency that didn't prepare you that well for billing, for managing longer patients more quickly etc, maybe coddled you as some do with # of patients to see per day....maybe you're locuming for clinics where you're not fully booked.... so you bill 180k for that year. At 30% overhead-split, your gross-take home is 126k. Then you pay taxes and you're left with 87k. 87k versus seeing that 65k-ish. "Only slightly more than residency" Only way i can rationalize it, if you're actually working decently busy like you would in an ambulatory clinic-only setting like you would in R2. verses making 120k gross and then having taxes taken, could be plausible if you misunderstand how numbers work..and only look at what $$ is in your account. Realistically, many people finishing FM will barely break 100k in their first year in their bank account after overhead, taxes and licensing fees, because they haven't adapted the business aspects to their clinical practice etc. Same reason you see some FM residents on off-service rotations like IM and Psych, taking ages to do a consult out of their depth, but then see some who are able to get down to the pertinent issues quicker, write up a SOAP faster, and get to their clinical decisions.
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    U Alberta 2020 Invites/Regrets

    For the RVSP form, it says to upload a photo and to look at "photo submission requirements" yet I can't seem to really find the instructions - could someone clarify what kind of photo I need to upload here? LOL - edit: nvm - you had to actually go to the MD candidates website to find instructions, which aren't on the google form
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    bearded frog

    CASPer Test Answer Length

    I've actually scored casper, and would suggest NOT leaving the third question blank. Everyone gets 5 minutes and you are expected to manage that time. If you're still on the 2nd answer by 3:30 or 4:00 then jump to the third one, write a quick sentence or two, and go back to finish two if you have time. Even just answering the question with one line at least is worth something, whereas a blank is nothing. You get one score for all three questions in the scenario, but two great answers and a blank doesn't look as good as a great answer, a good answer and an ok answer.
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    Phd2Md's Advice On Interviewing Well

    Hi everyone, This community has been a great resource for me, so I've been looking for a way to give back. Ever since D-day (aka May 10th for my fellow OMSAS warriors), I've been getting lots of PMs about interview skills. Partly because I got multiple offers, and partly because on my A/W/R posts I noted how well the interviews went. Rather than answering each PM separately I figured I'd make a post to point people towards so that others might benefit in the future. I'm not an interview god, I didn't know how to interview before I started, and I wasn't confident in my skills going in. However, the people I practiced with did compliment me quite a bit, and during my interviews several interviewer remarked on how well the conversation was going. I'm pretty sure that interviewers aren't supposed to give you any sort of feedback, but mine did. At the end of my Western interview, my interviewers spent about 10 minutes talking about how perfect I am for Western and vice versa. During my U of T interviews, one interviewer ended the conversation by saying "good job buddy", another by saying "you're an amazing story teller", and another with "this was the most engaging conversation I've had today". So while I'm not a natural interviewee, and I was quite nervous about the whole interview process, things went well. Bellow is why I think it went well for me. It may work for you, it may not. This is a case study with n=1. There's nothing magic about it, there are no secrets. There are, however, golden basics rules. Follow them, they work, and don't tell yourself that you can skip the hard work and figure our how to interview by "cramming" for a week. For MMIs: -Find a good medical ethics book (ie: Doing Right, and some basic CanMEDS resource) -Find a good person (ie: a med student or anyone who interviews well and can give feedback) -Read the book, practice with the person (realistic role play), take their feedback and edit your answer. I couldn't always find someone to practice with so sometimes I would pretend someone was in the room, time my self, and hope others didn't think I was hallucinating. -Wash, rinse repeat on a regular basis (I did 1-2 hours per day for a few weeks). Only time will make your comfortable, confident, and cunning at MMI. See attachment for the Big List of MMI Questions, do as many as possible. For traditional interviews: -List ALL of your interesting personal stories (including ABS) -create a cool narrative (even if its short) for each one -incorporate a CanMEDS characteristic into each one (don't force it, it should be obvious from the way you tell the story) -Look up the top health/social news stories of the last 2-3 years and develop an opinion/narrative about those -Practice with someone (realistic, timed, role play), or alone (but still outloud) if need be -Wash, rinse repeat on a regular basis (I did 1-2 hours per day for a few weeks). Only time will make your comfortable, confident, and cunning at traditional interviews. See attachment for the Big List of Traditional Interview questions, do as many as possible General: -Start doing realistic practice early, even if you're still new to interviews, and do it frequently. -In my opinion you should start prepping for MMIs before you prep for traditional interviews, because the MMI "mindset" (fair, balanced, thoughtful) will be invaluable for traditional interview questions. -If you can walk in confident and calm, you've won half the battle. Practice this every time your practice interviewing. -Learning to interview well is a life-changing experience. It teaches you how to connect and interact better, it teaches you how to summarize sell your personal brand in a short period of time, it teaches you how to see what's important in someone else's eyes, and as a PhD student who is about to defend, it taught me how to make my research meaningful to pretty much everyone. Best of luck to all the MD hopefuls. If you have questions, please post in this thread instead of PMing me. If you have a question, chances are someone else will too, so it saves me from having to answer it multiple times and helps more people out. Plus, someone else might have a better answer than me. PS: I don't know who the original compiler/poster of these "Big Lists" is, but if someone does please link them so they can be credited for their awesome work Big List of MMI Questions.pdf Big List of All Traditionl Interview Questions.pdf
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    UofT- Changes to the Admissions Process

    Wish they would consider a new degree vs considering your entire academic history for GPA. I get they most likely won't ever decrease their GPA cutoffs, but at least give those people who may have underperformed in their early years of their undergraduate degree (and are not eligible for the wGPA) to embark on a new degree and have that GPA count. As a mature applicant, sometimes I find it so crazy how my grades from when I was 17 have such a huge impact when considering U of T
  43. 1 point

    Scotia Momentum Visa

    I have the momentum with subsequent fee wavers. It took a lot of negotiation to get this though, and I was originally with TD before jumping ship to Scotia.
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    There is no perfect way to do it. As long as you do electives in your specialty of choice at your top schools, you have done the best you can for the most part. Personally I believe there is almost no added value of doing more than 2 weeks of radiology electives at a school. If you are strong, you will be recognized as strong very quickly and it isn't needed. If you are weak, 4 weeks will not save you. If you are average, it will help a bit but your overall match chances would still be higher if you did 2 weeks somewhere else. Additionally, seeing more programs is highly beneficial toward developing your understanding of the kind of program you want to train in. I would recommend doing 2 weeks at UBC and McMaster rather than 4 weeks at a single one. Competitiveness at each school waxes and wanes. Pleasant personality: Don't be annoying, be someone most people would want to have around, be keen Knowledge: Read a lot and make sure you see as many imaging cases as you can in clerkship, especially any ED cases (e.g. chest and MSK plain films) and common surgical emergencies. Network: Get some face-time with staff who are amenable to writing letters Extra work: If possible, find opportunities to do case reports or present at rounds (but don't forget the first rule: don't be annoying) If you have done most of the above successfully, you will likely be able to convert it into a strong LOR.
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    How can we reduce burnout in clerkship?

    Go into it with few expectations and you won't be disappointed. Hold on tight to your memory of true life and your humanity and don't let the scut eat into it, and always know that in the end you will be able to return to the life you deserve. Every time you hate your life in clerkship say to yourself that life is actually more than just this bullshit. Every day you go into hospital tell yourself you are one day closer to autonomy. You don't need to agree to or even rationalize the status quo to be resilient, you just need to show your staff that smile in that very moment they fuck up your day, and not let it shitstain your memory of happiness.
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    What is Internal Medicine residency like?

    It depends on what rotation you're on (i.e. CTU/GIM vs sub-specialty) as well as how many patients you have to see and how big your team is Typical CTU day for me: days start at 8 am (as an SMR more like 7 am) and goes until 5:00-5:30pm on a good day, 6:00-6:30pm on a bad day, with call every 4th day. At UofT we have a standard Mon,Fri,Sun, Thrus, Tues, Sat, Wed.... (with the cycle repeating again) call schedule for CTU. So for the Mon, Fri, Sun week you work about 95-105 hours in that week. For Thursday week you work 48-50 hours (because your post call Monday and Friday). For the Tues, Sat week you work about 80 hours. And for the Wed week you work 56-60 hours. There are some days where you leave at 4-430, but those are less common. Mind you this includes things like handover, morning report/teaching, noon rounds, team teaching, running the list and of course rounding on your patients. Typically on sub-specialty the hours are a bit better (but again depends on what sub-specialty and whether its purely a consult specialty or with inpatient responsibilities). Hours are 8/9am-5pm with call usually being more lenient about 3-5 call shifts in a 4 week block. This excludes ICU/CCU/Cardio. Which is usually 5-7 call shifts in a 4 week block. Hours are about the same as CTU.
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    Must-Do Clerkship Rotations

    If you're going to be practicing rural family med, from time-to-time you'll find yourself dealing with a ridiculously unstable patient without any back-up. You'll be the most qualified medical practitioner available, at least until the helicopter gets there. So ya, doing some ICU would be a good place to experience the basics of resuscitation. As the med student on ICU, you'll often get stuck with the really stable, going-to-the-ward-but-there's-no-bed patients. Don't settle for that! Ask to be assigned to the fresh, unstable patients with one of the residents or the fellow backing you up. And be keen about going to emerg consults, rapid response calls etc. That's probably the best way for you to get the most out of that sort of rotation.
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    Interview Insight and well wishes

    Hey Forum, Tomorrow marks the first day of interviews for the 2013/2014 application cycle and so I thought it would be appropriate to give you my interview 101s. Here's what I would do: 1. Meditate, relax, go for a run - do something that calms you and gets your mind off of tomorrow. 2. Be comfortable with your application and what you said. Know your ABS and your life from all aspects: education, hobbies, jobs, friendships, etc. 3. Know your personality - strengths and weaknesses 4. When you look at ethical dilemmas think critically about your answers and listen to feedback form other's perspectives. 4. Come to the tour and presentation - we need you to know why we have the best school!! 5. Be positive - you have an interview because you're a strong enough candidate to be in med school. Now show them how awesome you are! 6. wGPA is not the deal breaker after the interview, so 3.85 or a 4.0 is not going to give you a great advantage. You're all in the same boat. 7. Expect to see a lot of incredible candidates - remember, they think the same thing about you. Don't be intimidated, you're merely looking at a reflection of yourself. 8. If you still don't think you've prepared enough - have a quick read of some sample panel questions below (Note: they are not from the uOttawa site, the reference is at the end) 9. Call your family or closest friends. Talk to them about your stress and let them calm you down. If they don't, let me reiterate, you've got this! 10. We've all be there before, and all the current med student understand your position. When you come to your interview, we know you'll be nerves, and we want to help settle those for you. 11. Don't change your life schedule. If you workout normally, don't skip, if you got to bed at 12, don't change that. Be yourself, and enjoy yourself. 12. Dress professionally - there are threads on this site dedicated to what constitutes professional wear for men and women. 13. Give yourself some extra time to make sure you're not late 14. BRING YOUR ID! 15. Bring some water (I can't remember if they give you some) and make sure you've eaten some food before your interview - this will help settle your stomach (maybe avoid seafood ) With this said, I wish you all the best!! GP Extra - some questions to think about Disclaimer - I cannot confirm nor deny that any of these question will or will not be asked of you on your interview day. I also cannot confirm nor deny if any of these questions were asked to me, at any of my interviews Sample interview questions for medical students • What have you been doing for the past year? • Why do you want to be a doctor? • What aspects of your life do you think you will change when you become a doctor? • What do you find satisfying/ dissatisfying about where you live? • Describe your childhood and adolescence. • How do you think your life would change if you entered medical school? • Describe an ethical decision that you had to make and how did you deal with it? • What do you feel will be the most difficult problem facing society in the next few decades? What are your thoughts on privatization in Health Care in Canada? • If I asked your friends to describe you as a teenager, what would they say? • What was the most difficult decision you have ever made? • Describe a situation in which you had to work as a member of a group and things were not working out. • What do you feel is the biggest problem in the world today, medically? • There are 300 applicants who are equally as qualified. Why should we choose you? • What steps have you taken to acquaint yourself with the role of a physician? • What do you think are the most pressing issues in medicine today? • What do you plan to do if you are not accepted into medical school? • How do you feel about rural medicine? • What are your positive qualities and what are your negative qualities? • Describe your relationship with your family. • How do you think your role as a physician fits in with your role as a member of the community? • Describe your personality. • Of what value can you be to our school? • What are the best and worst things that have ever happened to you? • Which life experiences do you think make you a good candidate for medical school? • If your best friends were asked to describe you, what would they say? • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? • How do you cope with stress? • You are living in a small rural community and your neighbour comes to you with a relatively minor medical problem. She is on social assistance and does not have health insurance. The medication you prescribe is not covered by social assistance. Her brother, however, has health insurance and she asks you to fill out the prescription in his name and sign his health insurance form. What do you do? There is no way to subsidize the medication. • If you plan to have a family, how do you plan to balance work and family? • Name the three most influential books that you have read. • What do you do in your spare time? • What are you specific goals in medicine? • What stimulated your interest in medicine? • What schools have you applied to and why? • What do you intend to gain from your medical education? • Why do you think so many people want to be physicians? • How do you plan to finance your medical education? • Tell me about yourself. • What are the steps to set up a medical clinic. • Describe an ethical dilemma you may face as a physician. • What have you been doing lately? • Tell us about a satisfying experience you've had at work or school. • Tell us about a dissatisfying experience you've had at work or school. • What sort of person do you get along with the best? • What sort of person do you find the most difficult to get along with? • What do you think will be the biggest problem in the world in 10 years, medically? Public Resource: http://www.mun.ca/cdel/career_students/medicine_questions.php
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    UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020

    right? lol like its a yes or no question, wdym unavailable??
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    The Ace of Spades

    GIM FAQ thread

    Not the OP or in GIM, but the billing "tithe" is definitely a thing at academic centres. The academic centre I trained in took 10-20% of all billings (even stuff you did *IN YOUR OWN PRIVATE CLINIC*) to go into the Department of Medicine pot.
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