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    Queens Waitlist 2018

    ACCEPTED OFF THE Wait LIST OMFG FRIGGGG YESSSSS IVE WAITED 5 long OMSAS cycles for this shit yeaaaaaaasss. Thank you everyone for the support and memes. Will edit later.
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    I finally got the call from Western yesterday!!!!! I was on high waitlist!!! Ahhhhh!! I am so happy.
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    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    I got in. I was expecting a call and checked my email after seeing someone on here post that they had an email and no call. I'm still in shock. 3.955 GPA. For those looking at the timestamp stuff, go back last year, we did the same thing and it doesn't mean anything. Edited: My timestamp was 7:45am. I know it looks like this is the case this year, but go back to our discussion last year and you can see that the pattern eventually breaks.
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    Queens Waitlist 2018

    ACCEPTED OFF THE WAITLIST OMG. surreal, I'm shaking May 22; 11:07am PST
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    Je viens d'appeler à l'admission. Les réponses devraient sortir ce soir pour certains et demain soir pour les autres. Il reste d'autres acceptations, LA et des refus. Bonne chance à tous !!
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    What is everybody using at med school?

    I've tried both and found that the iPad Pro has better hardware (Apple Pencil, longer battery, better display) and software (Notability, and although the surface has desktop Microsoft office with full features, I prefer the simpler mobile versions). With the iPad Pro, I was torn between using Notability vs OneNote. Notability has superior annotation, functional auto-sync to pdf, OneNote has better organization, infinite scroll in both x and y planes. So rather than choosing a compromise, I've ended up using both: Notability for in-class notes and OneNote for studying. Let me demonstrate what that looks like: Downloading the pdf/lecture file is easier on iPad (vs laptops) because you open it in the browser and tap "Open in Notability". This iniates multiple steps at once; it downloads the file, opens it in Notability, creates a pdf back-up in google drive that gets updated in real time as you take notes. All with one click. After class you get this: Then after class, you just tap the share button on the top left corner and with one tap save it in OneNote. Later when you're studying, you'll have room the ability to add additional subpages if necessary (Notability doesn't have this, see example below) and make additional comments/add resources on the side (see example below). You can also still annotate further: This system has worked beautifully for me so far. Let me know if you have any questions!
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    I disagree. Experiences, references, interviews, and essays are what set applicants apart. If 95% of admissions was based on GPA, then what stops people who have no real interest in pursuing a career in the OT or PT field from applying as backups? While a 3.86 GPA is harder to achieve than a 3.73, who are you to say that those with a higher GPA have "demonstrated better ability to succeed in the graduate program"? It goes without saying that clinical placements are a huge focus of the programs (and profession) as well, and the soft skills you gain from volunteering are also valuable in preparing you to become a clinician in the field.
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    OOP Wait List Scores

    ACCEPTED OFF THE OOP WAITLIST!!!! (Score 78.07) Three MCAT attempts, two application cycles, a low GPA in my first two years, lots of hard work, a Masters degree and several tears later...so so honoured to receive this offer. For anyone still on the waitlist, I’m holding out hope for you. The wait is excruciating and I’m here to encourage you if I can in any way.
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    Monica Geller

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    I posted my stats, but wanted to post here as well. Last year I was immediately offered an interview (rejected from everywhere else) at McMaster but than spent the summer on the waitlist (unsuccessfully) so I know how that feels very very well. Took this year off - was rejected from A TON of jobs in the healthcare field (which really hurt following the waitlist drag out and ultimate rejection) and ended up working 2 part time jobs: 1 in a high volume upssclae restaurant one at a healthcare start up. While my GPA is on the lower side of things My ECs refelect my "take opportunities where they arise" so while I do have a couple long term consitant things on their I also have summers doing only semi related lab work that allowed me to travel. Funnily enough in my panel interview they LOVED that I work as a hostess (short high volume client processing but making sure you are effecient and accurate). Any thing can help just look for skills everywhere! This round I was rejected across canada, but ended up getting a interview from queens off the waitlist (that I didn't even know I was on) and just got an acceptance off the waitlist!!! I am definitely more of an atypical case so just wanted to post to give people some hope, it is possible with a bit of (read: a ton of) luck!! just keep trying and dont give up just yet, use it to stregthen your resolve and start looking for any opportunity! *sorry for the long post, I just know how hard this is and hope it helps someone
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    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    @Hungry Hungry Hippo what’s your SIN number???
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    Med 2018

    T'es pas mal silencieux depuis le 16 mai
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    You might struggle with the diversity and inclusion courses in OT/PT with an attitude like this. There are a ton of reasons people are not able to achieve good marks in classes that have to do with race, disabilities, gender, class etc. Additionally, this "equity" wave is helping support the diversity and inclusion that we as OT/PTs are meant to be supporting. If you think that this is harming the profession, you might not be cut out for a program that instills and values equity and diversity itself.
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    GPA should only be used to get you in the door. However OT and PT are not your average graduate programs. In most graduate programs the emphasis is certainly on academics. The graduate PT/OT programs are as much about academics as they are about learning practical clinical skills sets. PT and OT as clinical professions require so much more than the ability to achieve at an academic level so GPA should not be the only deciding factor for entry. As an Allied Medical Professional with many many years of clinical experience here and abroard, as well as university lecturing, clinical tutoring; examining for entry-to -practice exams and some admissions work, I can sincerely say that good marks are NOT always a good predictor of good clinical skills. Good clinical skills require many attributes: -the ability to relate to people often in their most vulnerable state with empathy and caring -the ability to think on ones feet and make critical decisions. -the ability to relate to other members of the professional team and to work as a team. (To name but a few skills....) Sadly, I have, in my clinical practice and mentoring days, seen many students who had been admitted to programs where academic performance was the sole determinant for admission to a program, who failed miserably to connect with their patients on any level often leading to a complete breakdown in patient-practitioner trust. In reality, you achieve a lot more in patient care with compliance which in so many ways, stems from trust. Gotta look at the big picture.....
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    Queens or UofT MAM

    getting a bit heated here and thus distracting. Putting my foot in here to stop any further escalation. Think happy thoughts people
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    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Accepted off the waitlist to Hamilton campus (timestamp 12:53pm EST) !!! This was tied for top choice of schools I interviewed at, really feeling lucky right now!
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    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Accepted off the waitlist (timestamp 11:07am PST, 2:07pm EST) My solus status was waitlisted, never changed to pending
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    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Got the email!!! Had to read it 20 times to be sure Timestamp: 2:07
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    Queen's or UofT Med?

    Here are the complete stats for Queen’s this year in terms of discipline as well as location after first Iteration. To the point made earlier about Toronto having more people gunning for competitive specialties, I disagree. If you look at Queen’s this year, only 23% of the class went into Family Medicine. In contrast 35% of the class matched to a EROADS specialty. If anyone can supply this thread with a similar comparison for UofT this year, it would make this debate more objective. My goal here is not to diminish UofT, I think it is a great school with a lot of advantages. However, often times, these forums end up being very Toronto centric and I hope to demonstrate that other schools are superior to Toronto in certain key aspect of training.
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    Applied: Queen's, McGill, Dalhousie (All PT) Rejected: McGill, Dalhousie Accepted: Queen's SGPA: 3.72 Experiences: 2500 hrs working as kin in physio clinic, ~100 hours working as exercise instructor for seniors, ~100 hours volunteering at physio clinic + ~100 hours volunteering at spinal cord rehab centre, competitive triathlete, worked at summer camp for 5 years, leadership/mentor roles in undergrad. This was my THIRD year trying to get in to PT school! I know it can be devastating not getting in, but keep working towards it if you really want it. In those 2 years, I took a few online courses through Athabasca to hit the GPA cut-offs for Queen's, and also worked/volunteered to boost the resume. Keep working toward it if it's what you want!
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    Lol thank you for taking the time to write out this very long, very detailed, very passionate, essay-like response to this topic. I stand by everything I said in my original post. Have a nice day
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    I believe, and have received feedback from multiple OT programs, that admission committees are looking for well rounded applicants (academic success, work, life, and volunteer experience). However, I think another important piece that they’re looking for is professionalism. This forum is used to share information with prospective OT/PT students in what I think should be a respectful and professional fashion. Let’s not call someone out, who could maybe be a fellow colleague one day, and discredit their successes.
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    Queens or UofT MAM

    It seems like your argument is that Toronto is a better school because, according to your stats, people accept their offers at a higher rate. I think you are grossly mistaken to infer that desirability equates a better education. There is a multitude of unaccounted factors that could explain the stats you have presented aside from quality of education. The most notable factor would be hometown. It is well known that there is more applicants to medical school from the GTA than anywhere else in Canada. It would therefore make sense that these applicants would prefer to stay at home for medical school. In contrast, very few applicants come from Kingston and therefore not many people have ties to the community. Couple in the fact that a smaller city with a reputation of being WASP, won't be the most desirable locations for people of other ethnic backgrounds. This probably accounts for a large part of the difference in accepting offers. I'm also curious as to how much time you have spent in Kingston in order to judge that there is "nothing" to do. Although Kingston is small, there is more than enough things to do to stay busy throughout medical school. I think your advice would be much better received if you spoke to the strengths of your program without trying to discredit other programs. At the end of the day, if you want to quote stats, you should quote stats that are relevant to a medical student. I fail to understand how the number of people who have accepted or rejected an offer is of any relevance to your education. It appears that you are implying that people off the waitlist are B-list applicants, which is complete non-sense. I have been on selection interview committees multiple times and the difference between applicants who are accepted or high on the waitlist is negligible. If there is any stats that are useful to people deciding on where to do residency, it's how well the school matches through CaRMS. If you would like to supply detailed stats in this regard for UofT, we could gladly discuss relevant stats.
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    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Congrats everyone who got in today! The upper years have our final exams currently but I can make myself available if you have any questions Support, and some people who received offers today also received offers from other schools who they were on the waitlist for. There's still hope fam! I know how hard it is at this point, but historically a decent chunk of offers are still made over the next few weeks.
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    DMD forever

    médecine dentaire 2018

    Demain, nous aurons des nouvelles sur les admissions/refus/LA du Doctorat en médecine dentaire de l'Université Laval. Je nous souhaite merde à tous !!! En espérant que l'attente ne soit pas trop longue et que les décisions d'admission soient disponibles dès le début de la journée comme pour les convocations à l'entrevue. - Une personne qui croise les doigts pour que son rêve d'enfance se réalise enfin et qui ne réussira probablement pas à dormir cette nuit !