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    Interview Invites date?

    I called UBC MD Admissions about 30 minutes ago and was told that we will be getting an update email this week, but invitations will not come out this week. They are still figuring out when to release them. I hope this helps everyone with the wait! I know how stressful it can be.
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    Interview Invites date?

    I had the most bizarre dream that I was late for the interview, but then I got there and the entire interview was a written response to sexing this jar of fruitflies, and I had forgotten my suit so I just had my t-shirt and jeans. Gracious Lord...
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    Interview Invites date?

    I can’t be the only one wide awake
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    Interview Invites date?

    Let's hope than none of us hear back until Thursday/Friday!
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    See my detailed breakdown of med school interview likelihood here: http://forums.premed101.com/topic/102022-chances-for-mac/?tab=comments#comment-1108472 Good luck.
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    Interview Invites date?

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    Interview Invites date?

    Guys relaaaax. Just be patient haha, we'll get an update soon . If by any chance we don't hear anything today, I promise to give them a call tomorrow and check on behalf of us all.
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    Help with Applications

    Joined 2 hrs ago, posted 2 hrs ago, his only post. Hi Brian.
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    P=MD don't listen to these nerds.
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    Interview Invites date?

    I feel so much empathy for you guys - best of luck to everyone! However, as @ATG4B said, it’s all character building One day you’ll all be in med school and have to deal with the frustration of faculty constantly being 1-2 weeks late on sending marks/schedules/updates, but if you’re even an hour late submitting an assignment, you’ll get an email about how timeliness is a ‘professional’ responsibility. The mystery of bureaucracy is unending.
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    I only applied to UBC and Sprott Shaw Community College
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    Interview Invites date?

    No its all speculation at this point, only thing that's fact is I haven't had a bowel movement in 24 hours due to stress.
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    Realignment of Doctor's Income

    They're going to pay us in Canadian Tire money.
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    Just wanted to say good luck to all of you anxiously awaiting that first week of December! Speaking as someone who received two regrets before being accepted, please be kind to yourselves if you don't receive the email you've been hoping for. It's so easy to dig yourself down into a deep hole of feeling inadequate and that you're not good enough to get in. Be open to honestly assessing the feedback you get from your scores, use it to make yourself better and push yourself forward. For anyone who receives an invite you're welcome to message me about any interview prep or questions about the general process or about UBC (obviously I cannot tell you what questions were/will be on the interview) Good luck!!
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    la marzocco

    quebec and carms

    You can't just ban graduates from a particular province from entering carms outside their province. Quebec medical graduates are more bilingual than anglophones from ROC so that's why they can match ROC as well as to their francophone schools. And tbh, they have to write an English language test for some residency programs in ROC as well (e.g., UBC). If your French is up to snuff, by all means apply to the 3 French schools for residency, no one is stopping you. We need to stop this divisive language. To that end, why not each province administer it's own match then? You really go against the grain of ensuring mobility across the province and ensuring the best match between candidates and programs nationally. To be balanced, I understand @#YOLO's logic, @tere. The report released by AFMC reads: "There is a higher proportion of Quebec graduates who match outside of Quebec than graduates from the rest of Canada who match to a residency program in Quebec." Read the notes please: "Compared to all other provinces, Quebec has the lowest percentage of its matched applicants leaving to a position outside Quebec in 2017; almost 90% of Quebec graduates matched to a residency program within the province." Please stop misinformation and be happy about the vibrant bilingualism this country offers.
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    quebec and carms

    I'm not sure where you're getting your facts, but this goes against pretty much all available evidence. It's disappointing you posted this. The "Quebec Invasion": there were a grand total of 17+2+2=21 graduates of French-speaking med schools matching out-of-province. That's less than the number of USMGs that matched into CaRMS (24). Maybe it's more of a US invasion? McGill is like other English-speaking med-schools, which have lots of graduates leave the province. https://www.carms.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/r1_tbl29e_2018.pdf
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    Recommended Hours of studying per week

    Everyone needs a different amount of time to study to achieve the same result. Some people are just better at memorization, others are better at reasoning, others are better at sports or socializing. All I can say is that study as much as you can handle. If something is unsustainable, re-evaluate your path. Don't underestimate the power of a strong work ethic either. If you are able to pull this schedule off long term, it will pay off in the end. Employers want people who have a great work ethic over someone who is smart but lazy. Even if one day you decided not to go to med, if you earn a med school level GPA, you can change directions quite easily to a different career path.
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    I think we have gotten off topic. I understand totally that you are not wealthy despite having a higher than average family income. However I can also give you an example of a 20 yr old in my medical school who had two parents as doctors and multiple classmates who’s parents bought them bay street condos to use while in school. I am going to make a few points I think we can agree on: 1) On average, medical students come from wealthier backgrounds than the general population 2) If you do not come from money you may find it hard to socialize with most of your classmates outside of school 3) Invariably there will still be some people with similar interests and backgrounds to yourself you may find by joining clubs etc 4) if all else fails make friends outside medicine. Join university groups that interest you. You don’t need to be friends with people - you are here to learn medicine.
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    With a name like Dr. Kneebone I hope he is in orthopedics
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    Interview Invites date?

    I agree with @Potentiate and @Neurophiliac - you never know what is going to happen! Yes, there are a lot of steps taken to standardize the process, but at the end of the day it’s up to the judgment of the 3 people who score your NAQ. I have definitely started doubting my own application too, especially the more I read these forums and the longer I wait. I’m also a non-traditional applicant (33), so time is precious (my first time applying) and I’m only at 86.7% - so not expecting a stellar AQ. Most of my school was completed back when there were pre-req’s, but that doesn’t mean anything now. Much like you, I am hoping that my NAQ is what sets me apart. EC: I worked for 7+ years as an assistant branch manager in the banking industry before I went back to school. Finished up my degree and did an extended honours research project at the BC Cancer Agency, where I stayed on for a year as a project manager on a NCI/AACR funded project. I have a lot of community involvement/life experience (since I’m old!): hospital/hospice volunteering, patient advocacy, advisor on patient privacy, guest lecturer, trained chef, volunteer cook at homeless shelter, peer health counsellor, board member on foundation, studied opera since I was 16, travelled to 35+ countries, speak 3 languages. I have NO IDEA what NAQ that will translate to! As I say, anything is possible and no one is guaranteed anything at this stage in the process. And for those of us who get an interview, the process gets even more mysterious and unpredictable! I’m just trying to make it through next week
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    Struggling in Med School ...

    99% of people who match to internal were not co-chairs. Preceptors are often hard to get a hold of. There is nothing in your story that is worrisome. Also, uderstand that imposter syndrome is quite real. Even with my PhD, productive clinical research, and recent awards in my field, I feel inadequate and unprepared. It's a feeling that is hard to shake, no matter what.
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    Mes chances pour pharm 2019?

    Tes chances sont bonnes, qu'est-ce que tu veux qu'on te dise d'autres xD
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    DMD 2018

    Voici ce que je crois comprendre sous toute réserve, cela ne changera rien à la cote r minimale pour être convoqué au MEM car le Casper arrive seulement à la fin du processus. Voici ce qui est écrit sur leur site Une première sélection est faite, fondée uniquement sur l'excellence du dossier scolaire établie en tenant compte de la cote de rendement au collégial (CRC). Environ trois candidats par place disponible sont convoqués à une entrevue de type mini entrevues multiples (MEM) qui a lieu un samedi ou un dimanche du mois d'avril. Une deuxième sélection est faite, fondée sur le résultat à l'entrevue MEM, laquelle peut être éliminatoire. Un score global est ensuite établi pour chacun des candidats retenus selon la pondération suivante : MEM : 50 % Dossier scolaire : 40 % Examen CASPer : 10 % Donc ils convoquent exactement le même nombre d'étudiants aux MEM qu'antérieurement et si je comprend bien uniquement sur la base des résultats scolaires. Donc pas plus de chance qu'avant. Le CASPER pourrait donc aider davantage la cote r de 35 qui a bien performé au MEM à se frayer un chemin dans les admissions. Bonne chance, je suis un peu dans la même situation que toi.
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    I'm not sure why social events involving drinking are considered markers of wealth. I would say at my med school not drinking was very much an exception. Generally speaking, EtOH is the centre of socialization in the Maritimes and NL.