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    Salut, Je te recommande d'explorer le continent marchés du travail. Je sais qu'à l'université Laval (et possiblement Sherbrooke) l'offre. Je crois que c'est une option qui pourrait convenir à ton parcours!
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    DMD application 2019

    If it's your dream, you should apply every single time you are given the opportunity. There is one thing you need to learn about this process : no one knows. Some 4.0 students don't get interviews while some 3.4 get in. Why? How? Who cares? If you don't apply, your chances of getting accepted are 0%. If you do apply, your chances of getting accepted are more than 0%. Apply.
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    ah, that was a bit long but no worries let's see if we can figure it out - first off they will only take under their current rules your best 10 courses on your last year so if you are at 3.8 with that you are fine. They never do anything with a wGPA so that just doesn't matter. No where does it say you cannot take a special year after a masters degree. So to recap: 1) they will look at your best 10 courses in that year as it is overloaded 2) completely irrelevant 3) shouldn't matter either as per their policies. and absolutely contact them to confirm, and in particular to plan out that special year to make sure it will count (since you only get one etc).
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    When you do 100 consecutive passages without getting any questions wrong. Then and only then should you write the MCAT.
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    3.7 GPA

    Regarding your GPA I guess what you want to hear is this : yes, you could get in with 3.7. The GPA is only one of numerous factors that play a role. Therefore, it is very hard to compare 'your' 3.7 to 'another' 3.7. It is not exactly a strength, nor a weakness. Don't let it limit you. Regards extra-curricular : I did not do anything amazing. I just pursued my passions, mainly running and writing. In the process, I was lucky enough to get involved in unique experiences. I did not participate in them to get into medical school. I just did it because I was passionate about them. A lot of people kept telling me that I was wasting my time pursuing them. That I should be studying instead or focusing on research and clinical work. Volunteering in a hospital, being VP XYZ of a student association or having participated in a run for cancer. Don't get me wrong : they are all amazing and noble experiences. I did the 'usual' volunteering that we mostly all did. But did it make me stand out when compared to people with 4.0 GPA, 4.0 pre-reqs and 10 x more hours of volunteering? I doubt. Good luck !:)
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    En tout cas, examsoft a l'air de dire que windows et surface pro sont tout à fait supportés... https://www.examsoft.com/dotnet/documents/sitehelp/sysreqs.aspx J'espère que cette info est connue des gens qui répondent au sondage!