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    Registration for MD2024 Class

    Just got it right now! **edit got sniped by Isgb2s lol but double confirmed**
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    2020 uoft dentistry waitlist

    Got off the wait list this morning! I am IP.
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    Registration for MD2024 Class

    Haha christmas came early! I got it too just now. WOO!!!
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    Registration for MD2024 Class

    Just got the email confirming registration!
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    James Nystead

    ENT Salary

    Nope, just middle aged ladies in the case of derm and ENT private practice lol
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    Hello folks, I am starting my residency in FM in July in Québec. I am interested in having a diverse practice varying between outpatient clinics, hospital medicine, ER shifts ...etc. (I heard even that some family physicians practicing in rural Quebec are doing sub-specialization in oncology, OB-GYN, drug dependance ...etc which will be interesting for me too) I have a couple of questions regarding the flexibility of FM practice in Quebec vs in Ontario : 1- Which province give family doctors more flexibility in their practice regardless of the remuneration and the geographic location ( rural Quebec vs rural Ontario / urbain Quebec vs urban Ontario ) ? 2- If both provinces are similar in terms of flexibility of practice, which province is better in terms of remuneration for family doctors ? Some facts: - I have family and friends in both provinces, so no absolute ties in any of the two. - I care more about having a diverse practice more than living in urban vs rural location - I am able to practice in both English and French - Trying to avoid doing an R3 but will be willing to do it if necessary Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to ask for more details if it will help you better answer my questions Thanks,
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    Using Youtube for medical education..

    lmao, since we do "problem based learning" and don't have any lectures (we're expected to read chapters from textbooks like Harrison's), 90% of my medical education comes from videos, especially for the foundational sciences.
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    MCAT score and Transcript received?

    Mine never updated! I just kinda had to trust the system, but it worked!
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    Supplemental Application Question

    I'd be interested to know the answer to this as well, similar situation (graduated in 2016). If you could do me a solid and let me know what they say, I'd really appreciate it OP!
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    Result: Waitlisted (Accepted off the Waitlist - 26 May) Timestamp: 10:16am 4YRS/2YRS: 3.40/3.90 MCAT: 512 (128/128/129/127 CARS ) ECs: I felt like they were decently well-rounded, student leadership, research for years in the hospital including retrospective and systematic reviews, and running a clinical trial, and in a lab, lots of volunteering with kids and vulnerable populations. Some awards and presentations at conferences and posters. I also had part-time jobs throughout undergrad, including working in a pharmacy for over a year. I did a second undergrad to boost my GPA, so a non-trad student. I also had a rough first couple years in university (hence why I posted my 4year/6year GPA) and I want to tell everyone not to be discouraged if you're in the same boat I was!! I'm not super familiar with this website but will try to answer any questions anyone has about my education/grades/ECs Interview: Honestly felt pretty bad when I walked out of it. The MMI had my head spinning it went by so fast, and I felt like I didn't answer a single question "correctly" (however they determine what's good??). The panel was a lot nicer for me, but I've heard people who say it was aggressive so it really depended on the interviewer. The people who interviewed me were super nice and really friendly, so it was a nice change after the MMI. Goes to show you that you shouldn't use your feelings as a gauge on whether you'll get in! In-person or Virtual: In-person Year: Undergrad complete (2018 and again 2020) Geography: IP I was accepted off the waitlist and am super excited to attend Queens for the class of 2024!!
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    2020 Waitlist Thread

    Same words go: if anyone STILL gets in (1 more month!) please post it here! COVID year, super unpredictable. Not over until Aug 31.
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    I think the issue with what you’re saying is that you’re dumping taxes and overhead into the same bin. They’re not the same. When talking salaried incomes, you’re right that people don’t tend to deduct the taxes and we just talk gross income. Everyone understands that the true take home pay of a 100k salary is less after tax. But lets say you have a small business generating 100k in gross income/billings - what does that mean? Is that a good income? A bad one? You can’t tell from that information alone, because before you can calculate the owner’s personal gross income, first you have to deduct expenses from the business gross income. If you make 100k in earnings and you run a small business out of your home with no employees, you’re going to have a much higher pre-tax net income than someone who makes the same but has an employee and rent to pay out of those billings. The ‘gross income’ of a business owner is the ‘net income’ of the business itself (assuming the owner has no other income streams). If you want to usefully compare the income of someone who runs a small business to the income of some who is ‘salaried’, you need to deduct the overhead first, so that you’re actually comparing each person’s true gross income after expenses. Similarly, if you want to compare the true incomes of doctors, you also need to deduct overhead, because different types of positions or specialities have different levels of overhead. That’s why we tend to talk about it this way.
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    Dr. Shqipe

    2020 Waitlist Thread

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know (and future years looking at trends) that I got in yesterday! Thank you all again for the incredible support and being there for each other and myself every step of the way from interview invites to the waiting and the OMSAS button controversies. Each step both good and bad was a pleasure to experience with you all! I wish you all incredible luck and please know my inbox is always open if you wanna have a chat! Once again thank you all <3
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    Documentation for CPSBC

    Just checking that we didn't need a criminal records check at this time? My friend in nursing had to get one done, and it made me wonder if thats something we needed to submit already #momentofpanic
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    Everything online

    That does make me feel a bit better, thank you.
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    Everything online

    agreed, I know that almost every person I talked to was not happy with online cbl compared to in person - yes it's easier to slack off and not do much but really, cbl is an excellent time to actually try to learn something and apply it properly with immediate feedback from your team and tutor. Plus cbl was a key way to meet people in the class that you probably wouldn't have had a chance to meet another time. For those saying anatomy wasn't useful because of the volume of people: if you find 5 people standing around a cadaver with free reign to explore a hard place to learn, get ready for 5+ people standing around an OR table trying to see the anatomy on a live subject with procedures going on because I can promise you it's no easier, especially when you're the MSI3 up against residents and fellows who also want a look. I'd also say that while people talk a lot about flex, most of the people in my class are working on very interesting projects they would have never had access to without dedicated time, not just research but community building, education, health promotion, etc. Flex and basically the entire med curriculum is going to be as good or terrible as you make it, and if you're deadset on not showing up and just getting through then you're probably going to come out a bit jaded. All this to say, I hope the 2024's are excited for whatever the upcoming year will end up looking like. I'm sure it's going to be great at times but potentially isolating and crappy at other times. If all else fails, just remember that you never have to take the mcat again and hopefully it will make you feel a little better
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    Congratulations! If you have Facebook join this group (UBC Medicine Class of 2024): https://www.facebook.com/groups/686057832219267/?ref=share We’re you able to attend the zoom townhall meeting on Tuesday? Faculty and staff went over a lot about how courses will be delivered, and emphasized importance of being at your site ready for first day (August 24). I believe a recording will be emailed soon, as long as you’re receiving emails. If you’re not getting any emails yet you can contact Shirley Li. What site are you going to? Best of luck getting settled.
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    Hey everyone - I received an offer off the waitlist only this past week. I was wondering if there is any word on when the start date for classes are? Desperately trying to get everything sorted and there's a lot of info I don't yet have access to!
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    PharmD 2020

    Je suis #77 universitaire et je confirme que la liste n’a pas bougé cette semaine
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