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    May 14 Countdown

    The final wait has been the worst part of the application process so far. I can't properly concentrate on anything else knowing my life could be so different in a month.
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    May 14 Countdown

    Well said. Its strange knowing my dreams could come true in 31 days. I know to some people that'll sound dramatic but I think the people on this forum would understand. I'm trying not to get my hopes up because my interview didn't go amazingly well but I can't help it. Its truly torturous.
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    I cannot believe I finally get to post this!! Result: Accepted (MD PhD) (April 11/2019 @1:00 pm EST) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: 90.5% MCAT: 514 Year: Finishing M.Sc. this summer. (1st-time applicant) ECs: Diverse: leadership, community outreach, advocacy for refugees and newcomers, lots of research, arts/sports/music... (msg me for more details). Geography: OOP Interview: I felt okay coming out of the MMI, then a month later I doubted all my answers (initial impression: ~9/10 stations went well, one was really iffy).
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    Prévision et admission Medecine 2019

    Allô guys, si certains d’entre vous se demande encore s’il va y avoir une 3e vague d’offres pr les entrevues et bien non. J’ai appelé la madame de l’admission et elle dit que d’autres invitations peuvent être envoyées mais au compte goutte si certains se désistent. Elle m’a aussi confirmé que la dernière cote de coupure est encore 32.6. Pour ma part je n’ai ni invitation ni refus alors je crois bien rester sur ma liste d’attente jusqu’au refus officiel qui viendra probablement après la fds des entrevues. Voilà pour l’update! Félicitation et bonne chance pour les entrevues à ceux et celles qui y vont
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    You should be able to get into Queen's, U of T, or Dal with your GPA and CV. 2nd undergrad would be absurd with your profile.
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    Just got my acceptance letter for the University of Alberta! Good luck to everyone !!
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    CaRMS 2019 Prelim Data

    This is still not a good result. Carms is restrictive. it is a government run lottery that often forces you to take a career you dont want all while telling you to be grateful for them giving you the opportunity. screw that. USMLE
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    May 14 Countdown

    Friends, this is a reminder that there is less than 1 month to go xd
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    Usually yes. But in 2015 UBC released before OMSAS. Hoping it’ll be the same this year
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    UBC Post Interview Impressions.

    Here's something for you to digest in case you have nothing better to do, (accuracy not guaranteed): Offers release date: 2018 May 11 (Friday) 2017 May 12 (Friday) 2016 May 11 (Wednesday) 2015 May 8 (Friday) 2014 May 15 (Thursday) 2013 May 15 (Wednesday) 2012 May 15 (Tuesday) 2011 May 12 (Thursday) 2010 May 14 (Friday) 2009 May 15 (Friday) 2008 May 15 (Thursday) 2007 May 16 (Wednesday) 2006 May 15 (Monday) Over 10 years ago, the offer release day had been around mid-May for a few years. I think beginning in 2015, UBC had moved up the release day to sync with those schools that release earlier in May. But with this year's interview invites being sent so late, anything could happen!
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    Just 4 more weeks of obsessively checking emails and the forum knowing there will be nothing there.....! We can do this!!!
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    May 14 Countdown

    Anyone else been having nightmares of being rejected? I seem to get one almost weekly at this point.
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    Looking for summer student

    MMI Scenario #3: You have a physician friend who alongside other physicians started a company looking to develop medical courses. Your friend has admitted that they do not have much skill in terms of grammar, editing, and polishing PowerPoints. He said "not to worry lads, there's an untapped reservoir of premeds all looking to add something juicy to their CV. We can hire them for free because what other choice do they have! In fact, we can sit around and do nothing while they rummage through a textbook/papers and create the PowerPoints for us while we do nothing except collect the cheque!" You have decided to meet with your friend, enter the room and talk to him.
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    @pyridoxal-phosphate has a great point. Think about everything that you’ve done that may potentially help paint a picture of who you are. You’ve mentioned music and sports, but are there perhaps other things that you can also include that may not be medically related? Perhaps certain accomplishments? Unique experiences? Or perhaps things that were not good to go through, but they contributed to your maturity (such as adversity, either medically related or not)? I would recommend getting a pen and paper to write down and brainstorm everything you can think of. Then see what is potentially relevant; organize these activities into categories. You probably have to still work on ECs, but it may be less than you think. I also agree that your MCAT and ECs are more important. You have a good GPA that adcom can work with .
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    DMD 2019 Waitlist Movement

    Got the call today oop # 6. Good luck guys
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    DMD 2019

    C’est demain guys
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    1st year resident take home pay

    They usually reimburse all taxes, since our tuition credit is quite high. The tuition credits run out by PGY3. So you make around 60,000 as a PGY1 in Ontario (you don't pay any taxes given we invested so much for our medical school tuition)! The call stipends depend on your specialty, but 1 in 4 call sounds about right for the majority of off-service in-hospital rotations. I do agree that 60,000 is pretty good unless you live in Toronto, where the rent is crazy high (> 2000 for "1 bedroom apartment" no utilities included).
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    May 14 Countdown

    Things could be so different, or more of the same
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    I'm anti saudi training.
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    En effet, c’est très imprévisible, mais ce qu’il faut savoir c’est que cette personne a fait un excellent test CASPer.. Sinon, des personnes ayant des meilleures cote R que la sienne auraient eu une offre avant lui! Mais il fait pas se décourager, clairement on est encore jeune et faire une année de bac pour retourner dans un programme contingenté ca se fait tout le temps
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    IPS = médecin de famille

    Moi je questionne plutôt le problème de fond. Si on manque médecin de famille, pourquoi ne pas valoriser la pratique, admettre plus d'étudiants et offrir des conditions qui vont amener les étudiants à choisir la résidence en med fam, au lieu de repousser les tâches sur une profession parallèle qui joue un peu le rôle de cheap labor? C'est pas péjoratif, je trouve qu'ils sont compétents et peuvent être très utiles, mais on ne se cachera pas que ce qui les rends attrayants, c'est qu'ils coûtent moins cher au système et sont plus accessibles... C'est bien beau dans l'immédiat, mais n'est qu'une question de temps avant qu'elles réclament davantage. Et si on mettait moins de pression sur le médecin, en terme de quotas, et bien lui aussi pourrait prendre plus de temps pour son patient et avoir une qualité de vie meilleure.
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    Post-interview thoughts 2019

    If it makes anyone feel any better, last year I thought I majorly screwed up at least 2 stations and still got in. I know the post interview period is torturous but there’s just over a month to go! Hang in there everyone! Wishing you all the best on May 14 and look forward to meeting you in August :)!
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    Right off the bat, I'll say that the one big thing I'm very glad I did was dedicate a couple months to the MCAT without having a full-time job. I know a lot of people need to hold a full-time job whilst studying for the MCAT, but personally I am so glad that I took a very light work schedule in the summer (less than 20h per week) and then spent most of my days just studying. That way my days weren't too super long. I wrote the MCAT at the start of august and started studying at the start of May, including a whole week of where i didn't look at my books at all and just read the Harry Potter books haha because #mentalbreak. MCAT made my summer kind of sucky because it was like I was just in another semester, but it paid off (I got 130/127/130/128). The MCAT is an exam where volume really matters. The more questions you do the better prepared you'll be. The more you study the better you'll be. Even when I was at work I had a random MCAT question website on one of the computers, and I'd do questions when I had a spare second. For verifiers/listing experiences/finding references, I would start as early as possible. Make a note on your phone and just list (without details) all the activities you can think of. I found that it seriously helped because at some point I would randomly think of something I'd done when I was 17, so I added it to my list. Then later in the summer I properly compiled it onto OMSAS. For LORs, I reached out super early. During winter break I believe. I gave them like 6 months notice KNOWING that they definitely wouldn't start my LOR anytime soon. But I reached out anyways, and then every couple months I sent a friendly reminder email. Hope this reply helps a bit and is not too confusing, I'm not going to reread what I wrote because I'm too lazy